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What is a project report?

Importance of a project report.

Different types of project report

Status report, risk reports, executive reports, issue log reports, academic reports, what is the purpose of writing a project report, what are the elements of a project report, summary of the project, current status, quality criteria, recommendations and notes, common mistakes committed while making a report, too colorful, pages of rambling, not enough information, do not cater to the specific audience, tips to write a good project report.

How to write a project report?

Project report for new business.

Engineering project report


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58+ Project Report Samples

A good project report includes a detailed introduction, acknowledgment, executive summary , and even an introduction management system. However, no matter how successful your student or small business projects can be, you can never replicate the same progress when you never wrote the weekly, hourly, or monthly progress. Our project report samples feature content for college and school projects and professional IT, software, construction, and engineering works. Ensure a smooth process for replicating your successful project or simply monitor your technique, process model, and more with our following templates.

project report samples

Project Report Template for Investors

project report template for investors

Project Report Gantt Chart Template

project report gantt chart template

School Project Report Template

school project report template

Monthly Project Report Template

monthly project report template

Simple Business Project Report Template

business project report

Weekly Project Report Template

weekly project report

Weekly Project Management Status Report Template

project management weekly status report

Project Status Report Template

project status report

Project Report for New Business Template

project report for new business

Simple Project Management Report Template

simple project management report

Petty Project Report Template

petty project report

Project Closure Report Template

project closure report

Sample Project Report For Investors Template

sample project report for investors

Real Estate Project Report Template

real estate project report

Project Weekly Status Report Template

project weekly status report

Project Summary Report Template

project summary report

Manufacturing Project Report Template

manufacturing project report

Construction Project Report Template

construction project report

Project Report for Bank Loan Template

project report for bank loan

New Business Project Report Template

new business project report word template

Business Project Report Template

business project report template

Engineering Project Reports

Free project report template.

project report template

  • Illustrator
  • Editable PDF

Mechanical Engineering Student Design Projects

mechanical engineering project report

IT Software Engineering Project Report

software engineering project report

Engineering Project Final Report Example

project report of engineering example

What Are the Critical Points to Consider in Writing a Project Report?

  • Background of the Project – You need to provide a brief write-up on how the idea about the project came to be. You need to logically write the factors that led to the development of the project.
  • Methodologies and Approaches – You need to provide the various procedures that you used in the preparation and implementation of the project.
  • Processed Data – Rather than purely providing raw data, you have to process and give your analysis on the set of data provided. You can use graphical representations in illustrating the significance and value of your information.
  • Evaluation – Provide room for evaluation and assessment mechanisms. Evaluation report templates can give you ideas on how to ensure that your project report includes assessment indicators and criteria.
  • References – Cite your references accordingly. Plagiarism is a crime and can be detrimental to both your personal and company’s reputation.

Business Project Reports

Business development project.

business development project report

Business Retention Project Report

business retention project report

Small Business Development Project

business project final report

Free School Project Report

free project report

Types of Project Report Templates as to Their Terms of Application

Project Status Reports

Basic project status acknowledgement report.

basic project status report

Monthly Status Report for Project

monthly status report for project

Detailed Project Status Report

detailed project status report

Construction Model Project Status Report

construction project status report

Project Progress Reports

Project progress report sample.

project progress report sample

Progress Report on Construction Project

construction project progress report

Weekly Progress Report

weekly project progress report

Project Closure Reports

Free project closure report.

free project closure report

Project and Closure Report

project and closure report

Project Closure Report Example

project closure report example

Project Completion Reports

Final project completion.

final project completion report

Instruction Project Completion Report

instruction project completion report

How to Write a Project Report

Project Management Reports

Project management report sample.

project management report sample

Project Management and Accounting Sample Report

management report for project accounting

Internal Audit Report

project management audit report

Project Evaluation Reports

Post project evaluation report.

post project evaluation report

End-of-Project Evaluation Report

end of project evaluation report

Evaluation Report of Project Performance

evaluation report for project performance

Terminal Evaluation of the Project

project evaluation inception report

Final Project Reports

College final year project report.

final year project report

Final Project Executive Summary Audit Report

final project audit report

Small Grant Final Project Completion Report

final project completion report

Project Final Summary Report

final project summary report

Detailed Project Reports

Detailed draft project report.

detailed draft project report

Detailed Project Report Example

detailed project report example

Detailed Project Introduction Report Format

detailed project report format

Planning Your Project Report

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