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Easy, error-free electronic record-keeping, reporting and compliance

NAPA Logbook main view

One-stop solution for fast and accurate record-keeping

As regulations become stringent, providing accurate and timely information to authorities is becoming essential for seafarers, ship owners, operators and managers. Omissions and delays in compliance can lead to hefty penalties or, in some cases, impact vessel operation itself.

In this complex environment, digital tools for record-keeping can take some pressure off, enabling crews to quickly complete entries with ease and accuracy while allowing shoreside teams to monitor and review information in sync with onboard action .

With approval from top Classification Societies for MARPOL and major Flag States recognizing the benefits of electronic logbooks, NAPA Logbook can be a one-stop solution for easy and accurate record-keeping, monitoring, reporting and compliance – onboard and onshore .

Still wondering if your fleet should switch to electronic logbooks? Here are some immediate benefits it’ll create for both the crew and shoreside teams.

Why NAPA Logbook?

NAPA Logbook has been approved by more than 20 major Flag State , including the world’s largest flags, such as Panama, Liberia, the Bahamas, and Malta. It also has received DNV’s type approval for MARPOL record-keeping . Discover why the NAPA Logbook is trusted by over 10,000 users globally, onboard and onshore .

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For crew onboard: Faster, easier and error-free entries

Research shows NAPA Logbook could save up to 78% of the crew’s administrative time , reducing workload, the need to duplicate entries, and the chances of error.

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For teams onshore: Standardized data and easier reporting

NAPA Logbook not only reduces workload onboard but also makes reporting, data auditing and analysis easier for the shoreside , unlocking new insights that got previously lost in unshareable paper logs.

However, conveniences are just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the real value NAPA Logbook can bring to your fleet’s efficiency and operations.

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For the Future: Critical link to unlock fleet’s untapped data

Right now, 90% of data generated on board ships never leave the deck. Which means, everyday operators are losing out on valuable insight that can improve safety, performance, and efficiency. A massive chunk of this data is currently hiding in paper-based logs.

Having visibility to a multitude of function reports and daily operational logs, NAPA Logbook immediately frees this BIG DATA by connecting to NAPA Fleet Intelligence. With cloud technology, your logbook data no longer remains held up onboard – it can interact and be combined with:

This helps identify new efficiency opportunities, creates new scope and possibilities for ship owners and operators to analyze and optimize operations by making the right data connections that previously were not possible.

NAPA Service Agreements

Find out how napa safety solutions customers can benefit from customizable life-cycle services provided by napa.

Symbol Logbook

Flag state approvals

NAPA Logbook is currently approved or accepted by flag states listed below to be used as ship’s official logbook as replacement for the paper logbooks, subject to flag state-specific requirements being met. Some flag state also limit the types of logbooks which can be electronic. Please contact us for details.

Approved flags

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Additional solutions with NAPA Logbook

Electronic checklists.

NAPA Logbook can be extended with an electronic checklist module. The checklists can be used for any kind of operational checklists , such as arrival, departure, bunkering etc. Moreover, the checklist software application is possible to install on Windows tablet computers and provides a portable solution.

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Status Board

Efficient data monitoring onboard is a key issue for the crew in order to secure transparent communication . NAPA Status Board is an  electronic whiteboard that can be installed on a larger screen in key locations onboard the ship, to make it easy and efficient to monitor key data from various systems onboard. This includes manual input systems such as NAPA Logbook. 

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NAPA Logbook system is designed to be used together with the shore based NAPA Fleet Intelligence (NAPA Office) system. The NAPA Fleet Intelligence system is used for synchronizing the data from vessel to shore and distributing the data to the end users through a web portal based solution. NAPA Fleet Intelligence can collect and combine data from various sources such as onboard flow meters, torque/thrust meters, automation systems and navigation systems or meteorological services.

Further reading

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Let’s talk rubbish: what MEPC79 means for garbage, ballast and carbon

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NAPA Electronic Logbook approved by the Liberian Registry    

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NAPA Logbook awarded DNV type approval for MARPOL electronic record keeping

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NAPA Webinar: MARPOL record-keeping and NAPA Logbook

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NAPA helps BC Ferries join the e-log revolution

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Carnival Corporation and NAPA sign extension to service and product agreement for all Carnival brands

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Bored of paperwork? Join the revolution of electronic logbooks!

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Download NAPA Logbook brochure

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Napa auto parts account login.

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Account login | napa auto parts  .

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CA certified sustainable wineries in Napa County

savings in energy costs & rebates

1st Vineyard

climate action + social equity certification

gallons of water saved

Napa Green is the leading sustainable winegrowing program providing comprehensive, systematic soil to bottle certification for Napa County growers and vintners. In 2021, Napa Green was the first sustainable winegrowing program globally to completely redevelop the Vineyard certification standards to focus on climate action, regenerative carbon farming, and social equity. Our members stand as leaders exemplifying that caring for nature and community elevates quality and experience for employees, customers and community, now and in the future.

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Climate & Wine Symposium

Sustainability leadership means thinking systematically.

Join us for all six events at Charles Krug Winery Carriage House from April 5-20, 2023 to gain the most insight, connections, and opportunities for action and impact. 

Lunch and wine are included.  


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Napa Green is one of only four sustainable winegrowing programs nationwide offering the opportunity for comprehensive soil to bottle certification in both the vineyard and winery. 40% of all of the certified sustainable wineries in CA are in Napa County. These wineries implement more than 120 sustainability and stewardship standards to:

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To stay up-to-date with the  Napa Green Newsletter .

What is sustainability, caring for the health of.

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employees & Community


Caring for the resilience & health of



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Natural Cork is a Win for Planet and People

Natural cork is the most sustainable wine closure. Did you know that cork is made from the bark of cork oak trees? The bark cannot be harvested until the oak tree is 25 years old, and is then harvested every nine years, using ancient harvesting techniques. The bark harvest actually prolongs the life of the trees, which can live from 100 to 300 years.

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Down to Earth Month: Green Team Sustainability Leadership at Stagʹs Leap Wine Cellars

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars has been Napa Green Certified from Soil to Bottle for over a decade. As a part of their commitment to continuing improvement, they have established a cross-departmental “Green Team” to engage and empower employees.

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Down to Earth Month: Going Green Energy & Incentives for EV Chargers

Energy efficiency is a core priority for Napa Green Wineries, both for conservation and cost-savings. Maximizing efficiency is especially important when considering the installation of solar renewable energy. As we say, “We don’t want to solarize inefficiencies.” The more efficient the operation, the smaller the scale and footprint of the solar array, reducing the price tag.

 Elizabeth Vianna

Napa Green Champion Sponsors

Thank You to Napa Green Champion sponsors who support our work and community. To become a champion of Napa Green please reach out to Napa Green Executive Director, Anna Brittain .

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Napa Green Stewardship Sponsors

Napa Green is grateful to our sponsors, who help fund our expanding operations and programs. If you are interested in becoming a Napa Green Sponsor or Donor please reach out to Napa Green Executive Director, Anna Brittain .

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Regional Partners

The Napa Green program is proud to work with local industry and environmental groups, regulatory boards and the wine community to protect and enhance the Napa Valley.

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napa booking report login

Sustainability involves thinking systematically, integrating resource efficiency, green purchasing, climate action, and social equity into all aspects of day-to-day business.


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action plan

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Making an exceptional wine requires stewardship and attention to detail. The same is true of achieving Napa Green Winery certification.


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We loved seeing so many of our incredible Napa Green Certified wineries at @nantucketwineandfood and hearing some of their talks on sustainability and climate action at this event. Cheers to all you do @cakebreadcellars, @aowinery, @farnientewinery, @etudewines, @cuvaison_wine & @rombauervineyards!

Https Napa2 Transactisiq Com Aspx Login

Ask by: galo ahumada, created at: 2020-05-26 08:00:08.

Check these details and Https Napa2 Transactisiq Com Aspx Login Page information here. If you are a first time user you will need to register your account or create a new one, otherwise you can login on Https Napa2 Transactisiq Com Aspx Page with your previous login details. These results are more helpful for you as these are anti checked and also verified by the system. You just need to open the Login page links nd enter your Login details like Login Id and Password and submit the information. If you face any issue in your Https Napa2 Transactisiq Com Aspx page Login, you can contact us from our Contact Us Page.

Napaaccount : Login

Napaaccount : Login


Genuine Parts Company Richmond Va Login, Online Bill Payment and ...

Genuine Parts Company Richmond Va Login, Online Bill Payment and ...


Napaaccount Website - Login - napaaccount.com | IPAddress

Napaaccount Website - Login - napaaccount.com | IPAddress


Napa2.transactisiq.com - Site-Stats .ORG

Napa2.transactisiq.com - Site-Stats .ORG


Genuine Parts Company Richmond, Va Login, Bill Payment ...

Genuine Parts Company Richmond, Va Login, Bill Payment ...


Storefront genpt login Results For Websites Listing - SiteLinks.Info

Storefront genpt login Results For Websites Listing - SiteLinks.Info


Genuine Parts Company Richmond, Va Billing Information and ...

Genuine Parts Company Richmond, Va Billing Information and ...


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