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AIM Business School provides specialised higher education across essential business functions, all with clear articulation pathways into our premier MBA+ program.

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Choose from 18 training products that will develop you into a more confident and effective workplace communicator, better able to present ideas and influence others.

  • Digital Marketing

This range of 11 training products will enable you to take full advantage of the marketing function and leverage digital technologies to reach and build your audience.

Discover the fundamentals of finance and how to effectively and responsibly manage the financial resources of your organisation with this suite of 11 training products .

  • Health and Effectiveness

A catalogue of 9 training products that enhance your personal productivity, build your resilience to stress, and teach you how to promote positive mental wellness.

  • Human Resources

Learn to strategically manage the most versatile organisational resource with this selection of 17 training products , exploring the key essentials of human resources.

  • Leadership and Strategy

Explore the full functionality of leadership with these 46 training products , from managing people and performance on the frontline to developing long-term strategy.

  • Project Management

Become a reliable leader of projects, able to utilise proven methodologies and practise agility in response to the unpredictable, with these 15 training products .

Public Sector

From government finance to building strategic intelligence, mastery, and insight, these 6 training products will fully equip you for leading in the public sector.

Utilise this suite of 12 training products to become a more engaged and productive salesperson, expert at prospecting and closing deals that profit your organisation.

Lead your organisation to sustained success in the Digital Age with these 6 training products that discuss and examine the most impactful technologies emerging today.

These 6 training products will ensure you have the skills to effectively plan and present training sessions, customised to the specific needs of your organisation.

The Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing provides you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in any role within this functional area. (Online, 18-24 Months)

The Diploma of Digital Marketing prepares you for the latest industry trends by targeting omnichannel, performance, and organic marketing. (Online, 12-18 Months)

The Diploma of Social Media Marketing will teach you how to effectively implement successful social media marketing strategies. (Online, 12-18 Months)

The Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety will equip you to manage risks effectively, apply relevant WHS laws, and contribute to WHS within the workplace even as contexts change. (Online, 12-18 Months)

The Diploma of Human Resource Management is designed for professionals who already have strong foundational knowledge of HR management. (Online, 12-18 months)

The Certificate IV in Human Resource Management will prepare students for supporting HR functions for a business unit or across the wider organisation. (Online, 12-18 Months)

The Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management is designed to enhance management skills while providing the expert insights needed to be an effective leader. (Online, 18-24 Months)

Whether you’re seeking your first managerial role or you are an existing manager, this Diploma of Leadership and Management will provide you the skills to lead with confidence. (Online, 12-18 Months)

The Diploma of Business precisely explores the essential knowledge areas required to operate effectively in the Australian business landscape. (Online, 12-18 Months)

The Diploma of Project Management will help you learn to reliably plan, lead, and execute the end-to-end delivery of projects and ensure you are best positioned for a successful, enduring career in project management. (Online, 12-18 Months)

The Certificate IV in Project Management Practice is designed to develop project management skills and knowledge allowing participants to add value to their organisation. (Online, 12-18 Months)

The Microcredential in Mastering Social Media Advertising is for any digital marketer who is looking to step-up and excel in their capabilities, to utilise social media as a valuable channel to drive personal and organisational success. (Online, 8 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Strategic Social Media Marketing is essential for anyone who is using social media to promote a business, product, or service and is wanting to learn the skills for developing and implementing a social media strategy. (Online, 8 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Personal Health and Wellbeing at Work will enable particiapnts with the ability to understand and evaluate the factors that impact personal health and wellbeing, both in their personal life and work environment. (Online, 8 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Planning and Prioritising provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to plan and prioritise work related tasks. They will also gain the skills and knowledge required to self-asses performance and share plans with key stakeholders. (Online, 8 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Applying Critical Thinking In The Workplace is for anyone who is looking for the ability to identify potential risks and opportunities, evaluate alternative solutions, and make informed decisions that are based on data and evidence, rather than intuition or personal biases. (Online, 12 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Managing Organisational Change is for anyone looking to develop and implement the strategies needed for individual and organisational success. (Online, 12 Weeks)

The Mini MBA in Communication will empower you towards becoming a more influential leader through effective communication and collaboration. (20 Hours Online + 2 Days On-Campus Workshop or Virtual Workshops and 2 Short Courses)

The Mini MBA in Digital Marketing empowers business leaders with the skills needed to evolve their business practices and adapt to changing environments. (20 Hours Online + 2 Days On-Campus Workshop or Virtual Workshops and 2 Short Courses)

The Mini MBA in Health and Effectiveness will provide the functional expertise needed to better recognise problems that arise in your workplace, build your resilience to stress, and promote mental wellness in your organisation. (20 Hours Online + 2 Days On-Campus Workshop or Virtual Workshops and 2 Short Courses)

The Mini MBA in Human Resources empowers Australian business leaders with the skills to evolve their business practices and adapt to changing environments. (20 Hours Online + 2 Days On-Campus Workshop or Virtual Workshops and 2 Short Courses)

The Mini MBA empowers Australian business leaders with the skills needed to evolve their business practices and adapt to changing work environments. (20 Hours Online + 2 Days On-Campus or Virtual Workshops)

The Mini MBA in Project Management empowers Australian business leaders with the skills needed to evolve their business practices and adapt to changing work environments. (20 Hours Online + 2 Days On-Campus Workshop or Virtual Workshops and 2 Short Courses)

The Mini MBA in Public Sector Leadership will provide the functional expertise to navigate the nuances of leadership and management when working in government. (20 Hours Online + 2 Days On-Campus Workshop or Virtual Workshops and 2 Short Courses)

The Mini MBA in Sales empowers Australian business leaders with the skills needed to evolve their business practices and adapt to changing work environments. (20 Hours Online + 2 Days On-Campus Workshop or Virtual Workshops and 2 Short Courses)

The Mini MBA in Training will provide you with the expertise needed to identify the unique training needs of your learners and design and deliver workshops that effectively meet these needs. (20 Hours Online + 2 Days On-Campus Workshop or Virtual Workshops and 2 Short Courses)

The Microcredential in Marketing for Managers from AIM Business School introduces the theories and principles of marketing required to meet the needs and wants of customers and discusses how to utilise effective business systems and practices to achieve an organisation’s objectives. (Online, 7 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Managing Financial Resources from AIM Business School introduces you to the foundations of financial management. (Online, 7 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Human Resource Management from AIM Business School examines the links between business strategy and human resource management. (Online, 7 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Business Decision-Making and Analysis from AIM Business School explores the theories and principles of strategic decision-making. (Online, 7 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Leading, Managing, and Developing People from AIM Business School teaches students to become comfortable and competent in addressing major management issues. (Online, 7 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Managing Operational Improvement from AIM Business School addresses operations in organisations across the globe. (Online, 7 Weeks)

The Microcredential in Managing a Project-Based Organisation from AIM Business School teaches students to become comfortable and competent in addressing major management issues. (Online, 7 Weeks)

The Microcredential in The Agile Business Future from AIM Business School empowers students to utilise fit-for-purpose Agile methodologies to deliver organisational value. (7 Weeks, Online)

The Microcredential in Cyber Security and the Cloud from AIM Business School equips you with the practical understanding and knowledge required to drive value through the effective use of cloud-based technologies. (Online, 7 Weeks)

Graduate Certificate

This course from AIM Business School was made with managers in mind, specifically those seeking to enhance the broad-spectrum leadership skills that will support their career development into senior management. (Online, From 4 months full-time)

This course from AIM Business School develops your understanding of the key disciplines that drive business success in our rapidly digitising world, while allowing you to explore critical specialised functions of interest. (Online, From 4 months full-time)

This course from AIM Business School is for individuals seeking to lead their organisation’s transformation programs and become the resident expert at surviving and thriving in increasingly turbulent business environments. (Online, From 4 months full-time)

This course from AIM Business School is designed for entrepreneurs, both new and experienced, who are seeking to build the skills and knowledge needed to ensure success when establishing and growing new enterprises. (Online, From 4 months full-time)

This course from AIM Business School is uniquely built to develop comprehensive strategic management and leadership skills that support a wide range of HR roles and enable superior people management. (Online, From 4 months full-time)

This course from AIM Business School focuses on developing vital leadership skills and perspectives that are applicable in every industry, enabling aspiring managers to successfully transition into effective team leaders. (Online, From 4 months full-time)

This course from AIM Business School imbues students with a philosophy that embraces problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership as the keys to establishing continuous improvement and sustainable organisational success. (Online, From 4 months full-time)

This course from AIM Business School explores the marketing frameworks and develops the skills that individuals in leadership positions require to become effective and well-rounded sales and marketing executives. (Online, From 4 months full-time)

This course from AIM Business School is designed to enable you with enhanced capabilities and build new knowledge around contemporary Project Management principles and practices, regardless of your current experience. (Online, From 4 months full-time)

Graduate Diploma

This higher education course from AIM Business School is designed with the senior manager in mind and provides a solid grounding and depth of understanding of a broad range of theory, practical business strategies, and applications. (Online, From 8 months full-time)

The TEQSA accredited MBA+ program from AIM Business School is Australia’s premier business degree. Backed by AIM’s 80-year heritage, students will gain a highly impactful, flexible, and accessible education with unmatched graduate outcomes. (Online, From 12 months full-time)

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AIM Communication Short Course

Presenting with Impact

Any idea, no matter how great it is, will only be accepted if it is presented effectively. With the skills and confidence to properly engage your audience, you will be empowered to inspire and drive change.

The Presenting with Impact short course provides you with the essential skills you need to create and deliver effective presentations, learning how to define your purpose, finesse your message, and tailor it to the needs of your audience. With a focus on proven delivery techniques and opportunities to practice your skills, you will gain the confidence to deliver presentations that leave a lasting impression.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you’ll be able to:

> See the full 2 day agenda for Presenting with Impact in our newly expanded Course Guide  

Course Overview

Upcoming Dates for Presenting with Impact

AIM Certificate Presenting For Impact

Learn it. Earn it. Share it.

By completing AIM’s Presenting with Impact course, you will receive a certificate to recognise the high standard of learning and skill development you have attained. Print your industry-recognised certificate of attainment or share electronically to demonstrate your ever-growing value to employers and peers.

Included Online Courses

Presenting with Impact also gives you free access to the following online courses valued at $4125:

> Effective Communication > Implementing Innovation and Continuous Improvement > Project Management Fundamentals

Delivery Mode

On-Campus Workshops – 2 days face-to-face workshops

The benefits of studying in a classroom setting include being able to share first-hand experiences, ideas and questions with peers and our expert facilitators. You’ll study alongside like-minded people and strengthen your network.

Virtual Classroom - 2 days virtual sessions

Utilising highly accessible digital capabilities, virtual classrooms provides the benefits of live learning — working with peers, asking questions with immediate answers from facilitators, and stimulating deeper discussions — with the flexibility of online learning.

Delivery mode

“For somebody new to the industry that I’m in, the wealth of knowledge I gained from the AIM facilitators is invaluable.”

Additional Information

What's Included?

All students receive:

On-campus students receive:

Please advise AIM when booking if you have any dietary or accessibility requests.

Virtual students will require the following:

Payment Options

We require full payment to be made upfront prior to attending the training. Payment options we offer include:

If you would like to spread the cost of your training out our finance partner Zip Money can offer you a line of credit with 6 months interest free and flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options. For more information on this, visit Zip Money

Aim Our Facilitators

Our Facilitators

AIM facilitators are experienced practitioners with a robust mix of academic and practical expertise. We believe the education of the future managers of Australia to be a highly important task. Who is better placed to teach the art and science of management than those with current, daily real-world experience?

Our motto: By managers, for managers.

In-House Training Solutions

Contextualising training engagements for your industry or organisation maximises relevance and increases the transfer of learning into the workplace. Develop team cohesion and achieve your specific business objectives through a shared, in-house learning solution.

AIM’s experienced learning designers develop both accredited and unaccredited learning engagements to build the critical competencies you need for success. Join over 500 organisations creating compelling and engaging AIM tailored learning solutions for industries including Government, Health, Financial Services, Mining, Manufacturing, Construction and more.

> Request an In-House Training Solution consultation

Aim In House Training Solutions

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Advanced Communication Short Course

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Our Vision: To maintain our position as the most relevant leadership development organisation and future skills trainer in Australia.

Our Purpose: To use our 80 years of experience to prepare Australia for success in a rapidly changing environment and empower people with the skills and confidence to seize the future.

Our Vision: To be the most relevant future skills training business in Australia.

Our Purpose: To prepare Australia to succeed in a rapidly changing environment and enable people to seize the future.

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presenting with impact

Smiling man shaking hands

Smiling woman shaking hands

People near board

Presenting with Impact

Anne MacKeigan

Presenting with Impact

Are your sales presentations more like a Gettysburg Address or a Gettysburg Oration? Few people know that President Lincoln was actually the secondary speaker at Gettysburg. The program for the dedication of the Gettysburg Cemetery, four months after the famous 1863 battle, listed Dedicatory Remarks, by the President of the United States after Oration, by Hon. Edward Everett, the main speaker. Everett spoke for two hours, Lincoln…two minutes. In a letter to Lincoln written the following day, Everett praised the President for his eloquent and concise speech, saying, “I should be glad if I could flatter myself that I came as near to the central idea of the occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes.”

A sales presentation doesn’t carry the gravity of the Gettysburg Address. But many are all too frequently akin to Everett’s painfully long oration in that they bore and confuse the prospect, lack a compelling argument, and provide too much unsolicited information more than they excite or arouse curiosity. Worst of all is that most lead to a “THINK-IT-OVER” and not a decision. Don’t believe it? Just ask yourself when the last time was that you got excited about a proposal or presentation for which you were on the receiving end. Are yours that much better than everybody else’s?

If you want to present with impact, and create a curious, stimulated audience, here are some tips; a few are taken, with respect, from our sixteenth president:

President Lincoln made one small mistake in his address. He said, “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here.” I guess he was right about Edward Everett’s oration. If you want your sales presentations to be memorable and lead to action and not boredom then try something different. Take some tips from Abe Lincoln; he might just have been the best salesman ever!

Learn more about improving your presentation skills, here!

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How to Succeed at Relating to Anyone

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Sandler Webinar

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Leading Learning Logo

Leading Learning

The Community for Learning Leaders

Presenting for Impact Free Speaker Training

If you would like to increase the educational effectiveness of presentations delivered as part of your virtual conferences, webinars, online workshops, and other online events, you are in the right place.

“Presenting for Impact” is a presentation skills training program that provides approximately 50 minutes of recorded content along with exercises and supplemental resources to help presenters deliver more impactful learning experiences—ones that effectively support a learner’s ability to gain and apply new knowledge or skills.

Designed to be used during presentation development, the course explores key takeaways from the science of adult learning (andragogy), highlighting methods that support learning and those that hinder it. It offers practical tips and strategies that can be integrated into presentations of any kind.

Who is it for?

The target learners for the program are subject matter experts charged with delivering effective presentations for courses, conferences, Webinars, and other learning experiences. The focus is primarily on recorded online content, but the lessons and tips apply to all types of learning experiences.

While designed to help improve the performance of presenters, the program is equally intended to meet the growing need for learning businesses to improve the educational impact of their offerings – an essential part of competing in the post-COVID world of online events and education. Providing training for presenters is one of the most direct ways to address this need .

We view “Presenting for Impact” as realistic presenter training . It’s not about making presenters more charismatic or teaching them to use technological bells in whistles. For most of us, our presenters are just ordinary people who happen to have significant subject matter expertise. They aren’t going to be the next Tony Robbins, nor are we going to turn them into technical whizzes. But, we can make sure they have a solid understanding of how to create educationally effective presentation. That may not be as exciting, but it is infinitely more valuable for most learning businesses.

What does it cost?

For individual presenters, it is free. If you decide you would like your presenters to participate, we will provide you with an enrollment page link you may share with as many of your presenters as you would like. If you would like to host the course on your own learning management system (LMS) or provide a dedicated version of it on our system, there is a modest set up fee that varies depending on the number of presenters and the options selected.

If you would like complimentary, no-obligation access to review “Presenting for Impact” for possible use in training your presenters, simply complete and submit the form below. You will be enrolled automatically . Please note that if you are not already subscribed to the Leading Learning community list, you will be added. You may easily unsubscribe at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top half of man's head surrounded by question marks for presentation skills training FAQ

Here are some of the questions we are commonly asked by people interested in “Presenting for Impact” as a way to provide presentation skills training.

Who created the course?

Presenting for Impact was created by Celisa Steele and Jeff Cobb, the co-founders of Tagoras and Leading Learning. Steele and Cobb have worked in the business of adult lifelong learning for more than 20 years, including many years running their company Isoph, where they led the development of many online courses for organizations in the business of continuing education and professional development. They are also frequent presenters themselves, have studied adult learning deeply, and strive to improve continually their own application of adult learning principles to their presentations.

Why Is It Free?

While we believe that it is appropriate to charge for learning experiences that deliver significant value – as we believe this one does – the circumstances of Presenting for Impact are somewhat special for a couple of reasons.

First, the initial version of the course was funded by a Tagoras client, a large healthcare organization seeking to improve the educational impact of the continuing education presentations delivered as part of its online courses and events.

Second, “impact” is core to our mission at Tagoras and, by extension, Leading Learning, and we feel that help presenters better understand and apply adult learning principles is one of the most direct ways to increase the impact of adult lifelong learning experiences.

Given those two factor, we feel it is appropriate to offer the standard version of the course at no charge.

We’ve tried presenter training and/or providing tips for giving better presentations before, but it is hard to get presenters to engage. Why will Presenting for Impact be different?

While organizations often tell their presenters that good instructional practices are important, it’s much less common for them to provide training content that actively models these practices and that is designed to accompany actual development of a presentation. Even when they do, communication about the training is very often not consistent or persistent enough.

The very fact that an organization invests in providing a professional offering like Presenting for Impact sends the signal that excellent presentations are a top priority. This message by the fact the training is delivered through learning management system where additional resources and support can be provided and progress can be tracked. The system provide automated reminder notifications and we also provide organizations with e-mail templates to support consistent, compelling messaging about the program. Finally, Presenting for Impact goes well beyond telling participants about good instructional practices to modeling them consistently throughout the program.

Our presenters are busy people who either volunteer or don’t get paid all that much. How do we help them understand that presentation skills training is worth their time?

Some approaches to addressing this issue include providing continuing education or professional development credit for participating in the program and publicly recognizing those who have participated. Additionally, we recommend positioning the training as a benefit or an expression of gratitude toward your presenters. The knowledge skills they will gain will be valuable not only for the presentations they deliver for your organization but also more broadly in their professional live.

presenting with impact

What amount of continuing education credit or contact hours is the program designed for?

For organizations that want to issue credit for the program, it is designed to offer two hours of education. Approximately 50 minutes of this is on-demand video content and the remainder is the average time that would be required to engage with and complete the activities in the program.  

We onboard our presenters and instructors in a tailored way. Can Presenting for Impact be customized to our needs?

The core content of the program can easily be supplemented with resources and support that are relevant to your organization. These may range from downloadable documents, to custom on-demand video content, to live sessions, to facilitation of dedicated discussion environments for your participants.

Our training is highly technical and specialized. Do the best practices of instructional design still apply?

It’s a common misconception that training that involves demonstrating highly technical skills or engaging participants in hands-on practice is somehow exempt from fundamental instructional design practices. In reality, the opposite it true: presenters need to be well-grounded in the fundamentals of good presentation design before layering in the additional components that more technical and specialized training may require.

Does the program cover how to use PowerPoint more effectively?

Presenting for Impact is not a PowerPoint skills workshop or a tutorial on how to use the features and functionalities of slide programs. It does, however, address how to design educationally effective slides no matter slide software a presenter uses.

Request Review Access

Naturally, the best way to determine whether “Presenting for Impact” is a fit for your presentation skills training needs is to see it in action. Just use the brief form below to request complimentary review access.

Have other questions before requesting access? Contact us.

presenting with impact

Target Training GmbH

Presenting with IMPACT

Presentation skills training.

' title=

Maximize the impact on your audience.

' title=

Sharpen your delivery skills.

' title=

Engage with stories.

This hands-on workshop is aimed at coaching experienced presenters who want to perfect their presentation skills. It is essential you have concrete examples to work with and improve, as the practical application of theory, tips and tricks and techniques of your presentation is at the heart of the coaching process.

“Presenting with IMPACT is about developing, designing, delivering and debriefing your presentation. Through a series of simple reflective questions you’ll identify what you really want to achieve and develop the tools you need to capture your audience’s interest.” Scott Levey

Your outcomes

Modular Delivery

Face to face delivery, training content.

Customized for specific audience

Supported by guided learning / elearning, adapt and intergrate in existing program, flexible group size, for more information about this training.

Your personal data is safe with us and you won’t be entered on any mailing lists if you submit this form.

“We chose Target Training and Presenting with IMPACT because I believe that this goal-based method for creating a presentation is fundamental to training how to present. The training was really interactive, and I have heard great things from our teams.” N.W., European Sales Training Manager

Our client is the world’s leading provider of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and industrial ID readers used in manufacturing automation. Machine vision is used for detecting defects, monitoring production lines, guiding assembly robots, and tracking, sorting and identifying parts. Headquartered in the USA near Boston, they have offices in more than 20 countries and has clients throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Contact us for more information, let’s talk training solutions.

Are you responsible for organizing training and development solutions for individuals, teams, or your entire organization? Are you looking for ideas and options? Would you like to learn about what works, what doesn’t, what others are doing, and where to start? We have 25+ years’ experience in implementing B2B training solutions. Projects large and small, we’ve done it all, helping hundreds of organizations and thousands of employees succeed globally.

Get in touch

Designing Presentations with IMPACT

Presenting audit findings and recommendations to decision makers, presenting in a virtual environment, our solutions.

Target Training GmbH

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presentation target training


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  1. Presenting with Impact

    If you want to present with impact, and create a curious, stimulated audience, here are some tips; a few are taken, with respect, from our sixteenth president

  2. Presenting with IMPACT

    Learn how Target Training's presenting with impact seminar perfects your skills and maximizes the impact on your audience