BCG Cover Letter: Our Step-by-Step Guide + Examples

Former McKinsey and Bain recruiter

The most common question I was asked as a recruiter, and now as a recruiting coach, is “Do I need to write cover letters for my consulting applications?” This is usually followed up with “And do I need to tailor my cover letter for every firm?”

I think most people hope I’ll say no to both questions, as writing a cover letter can be pretty daunting, and tailoring it for every firm seems way too time-consuming to be worth the effort.

At My Consulting Offer, we’ve helped over 600 clients land offers with consulting firms. Our approach to how to write a great consulting cover letter has, for many, been a deciding factor in them landing interviews.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

Let’s get started!

What Makes a Great Consulting Cover Letter

The consulting cover letter works alongside your resume to show the firms you’re applying to that you have the potential to be a great consultant.

Think of it as a flashy introductory accessory to your resume that highlights your most impressive and unique qualities, and grabs the reader’s attention so they’ll be excited to read your resume.

However, it’s important to get it right. 

A Strong Consulting Cover Letter: The Basics

As a recruiter, I saw way too many examples of applicants who had clearly not put any effort into their cover letter. Getting the basics right, such as ensuring the company name is correct, is essential (but not everyone gets that right). 

On the flip side, I received cover letters from applicants who were perhaps a little too eager to stand out. Poetry and “love letters” were not uncommon but a little ill-judged. The urge to be distinctive should not outweigh your consideration of the audience. Professionalism and appropriateness are key.

The consulting cover letter not only needs to have the impact required to engage the reader, it also needs to show them that you’ve done your research and thought about how you’re a great fit for consulting, and for their particular firm. It must also show how you’ll bring value to the role through your experiences and appetite to learn relevant skills.

You definitely can’t send the same cover letter to every consulting firm you’re applying to and assume that you’ll be successful. You’ve got to show each and every firm that you’re worth an interview.

That’s a lot to think about, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Nail the case & fit interview with strategies from former MBB Interviewers that have helped 89.6% of our clients pass the case interview.

A Strong Consulting Cover Letter: Stand Out from the Crowd

After you’ve got the basics right, you need to identify what the consulting firm you’re applying to is looking for. Consulting firms typically seek candidates with great problem-solving, analytical, creative thinking, communication, team working, and leadership skills. 

So how can you include these in your cover letter while also tailoring it to an individual firm?

We recommend you focus on the firms’ values. These are how consulting firms distinguish themselves from other consulting firms.

You can easily find out what a firm’s values are by either typing “[firm name] values” into your search engine or by visiting the firm’s career page where they typically list these and provide detail on what they mean.

Now think about your own professional and personal experiences. Focus on experiences that you are proud of, received great feedback on, or demonstrate how you overcame a particularly tough challenge. Give some context of the situation, the actions you took, and the outcome that was reached, quantifying the results where possible. Try to ensure they include at least one of the consulting skills mentioned above.

Once you’ve outlined a few stories, you can then see how they might fit with the values of the firms you’re applying to. You may need to tweak some slightly, but you’ll probably find it pretty easy to link your stories to each firm’s values. 

And you don’t necessarily need to address all of the values, particularly if a firm has more than four, as you don’t want your cover letter to be more than a page.

The additional benefit of approaching your cover letter in the way we recommend is that you don’t need to explain your “why” for each firm. It will be clear by how your experiences resonate with their specific values. This shows how you’re a great fit. 

You can find out more about writing consulting cover letters by reading A Consulting Cover Letter that Lands Interviews: Our Complete Guide . For this article, we’re going to break it down by focusing on just one firm – BCG.

Tailor Your BCG Cover Letter to What BCG is Looking for

Step 1: Find out who to address your cover letter to at BCG.

It may differ between offices, depending on size, but you can usually find the key recruiting contact on the career page or by searching on LinkedIn. It may be a recruiter who handles recruiting for your university across regional offices for instance, or perhaps a recruiter who manages experienced professional recruiting for the office you’re applying to. 

Addressing your cover letter to someone specific and relevant helps to show that you’ve done your research and that you care about the impression you’re making. Firms often display their key recruiting contacts on the careers pages of their websites. Alternatively, you could search LinkedIn for roles such as Talent Acquisition Manager, Recruiting Manager, or Senior Recruiter and then locate the relevant person who looks after either the stream you’re applying through (for instance, experienced professional, undergraduate) or the office they recruit for, which is usually detailed in their profile.

Step 2: Create your opening paragraph.

Keep it concise, ideally no more than four or five lines. Introduce yourself and express your interest in applying to BCG and the specific role you’re applying for, which will typically be Associate or Consultant but may be a more specialist role, for instance, within BCG Gamma. You may also want to write a short sentence on “ why consulting ” here. Talk about how your experiences resonate with their values and state specifically which ones.

You can find BCG’s values by Googling “BCG values” or by visiting their “ our people and culture ” page directly. This content gives you a really good feel for how having the right people and developing a unique culture is so important to BCG. 

Scroll down to where they talk about the values driving their culture. There’s a great mini slideshow of their values and what they mean. Here’s a snapshot:

These values are created to be meaningful and inspiring, representing what BCG stands for, and making you want to be a part of BCG’s unique culture.

BCG has more stated values than most other firms, but this can actually make it easier as you can select the ones that resonate most with your own values and the stories you’ve written. I’d recommend choosing three or four, depending on the length of your stories.

Step 3: Organize your stories for the greatest impact.

Once you’ve chosen your stories to meet the values you’ve selected, list your strongest first and the weakest in the middle (although it should still be strong). List your stories in bullet point format and use the value as a heading.

Step 4: End your cover letter by reiterating your interest in BCG and how you appreciate their consideration. And don’t forget to sign off. Electronic signatures are the norm these days, just don’t use a script font here as this can look too artificial.

In addition to this publicly available information about what BCG looks for in its candidates, my colleague Valentin has written an article with the insider perspective on what’s important to BCG . This includes drive, a tailored approach, and the BCG attitude. Check it out to make your BCG cover letter to be extra special.

How BCG & Other Consulting Firms Review Your Cover Letter

As a recruiter for seven years with McKinsey and then a recruiting manager for nearly five years with Bain, both in London, I’ve read tens of thousands of resumes and accompanying cover letters. London is one of the most coveted offices, so applications came in thick and fast during recruiting season and continued throughout the whole year. 

I received cover letters from undergraduate students, postgraduate students, MBA students, and experienced professionals throughout my recruiting career, all eager to impress, but not always getting it right. 

I had letters consisting of just a few lines that didn’t tell me anything about the person, and others that provided their life story across multiple pages. Some were addressed to another company, others had lots of spelling mistakes or poor grammar. I’ve read very entertaining letters (although perhaps not always appropriate) as well as letters that were lacking in any engaging content at all.

The ones that grabbed my attention in a good way, were those that were concise, clearly laid out, showed me that the applicant had done their research on the company I worked for, demonstrated their unique qualities, and told me how they would be a great fit for us.

To make it easier for recruiters who read hundreds of cover letters every year, follow these basic principles. 

And to ensure your cover letter then stands out from the competition, I recommend you use My Consulting Offer’s approach. The more experienced a recruiter is, the easier it is for them to skim through cover letters, so you need to be able to impress them really quickly.

Successful BCG Cover Letter Samples

5 tips for writing a bcg cover letter that stands out.

In this article, we’ve covered:

Still have questions?

If you have more questions about the Boston Consulting Group cover letter, leave them in the comments below. One of My Consulting Offer’s recruiters will answer them.

Other people looking for advice on BCG cover letters found the following pages helpful:

Help With Your Consulting Application

Thanks for turning to My Consulting Offer for advice on case study interview prep. My Consulting Offer has helped almost 85% of the people we’ve worked with get a job in management consulting. We want you to be successful in your consulting interviews too. For example, here is how Afrah Arif was able to get her offer at Deloitte .

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Consulting cover letter guide (for McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc.)

Today we’re going to explain everything you need to know about writing consulting cover letters.

We’ll start by reviewing an example cover letter that got interview invitations from ALL the MBB firms (McKinsey, BCG, and Bain). 

And then we’ll explain exactly how you should write your own cover letter to land consulting interviews. Here’s a full list of the topics in this guide:

How to write your consulting cover letter

Consulting cover letter tips.

Consulting cover letter screening process

Let’s get to it! 

Click here for a consulting letter/resume review with an ex-MBB consultant

Example cover letter (which got interviews at mckinsey, bcg, and bain).

Below is an anonymised cover letter from a candidate who got interviews at McKinsey, BCG and Bain. So you can trust that this template works.

The image here highlights the different sections of the cover letter, but we’ll dive deeper into the text later, and you can also get a downloadable copy below.

Consulting cover letter example

Free download of the consulting cover letter example, here. 

In the next section, we’ll go step-by-step through each part of the cover letter and explain how to go about writing it. But before we dive in, please note the following points about the above template:

With that said, let’s dig into the cover letter writing process!

As a starting point, this video provides a nice overview of the full writing process for a consulting cover letter. 

Now let’s break things down further.

1. Introduction

Example - Introduction

Mary Taylor - [email protected]


Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to apply for an Associate position at McKinsey in London.

This section is a formality. It should simply state the following information:

  • Your name and email address. You can replace your email address with a postal address although those are not commonly used anymore.
  • The date on which you are sending your letter
  • The position, company, and office to which you are applying

Keep it short and sweet.

2. Why you? 

Example - Why you?

I started working as an Analyst at Big Finance in New York in September 2020 and was quickly promoted to Associate in a year and a half instead of the average four years. While at Big Finance, I advised a broad range of clients who constantly gave me positive feedback and regularly asked to work with me again. Before joining Big Finance, I graduated as the top student of my MEng in Chemical Engineering at Prestigious University in the UK. While studying, I received two competitive scholarships and awards. In addition, I developed my leadership skills as the President of the Prestigious University Consulting Club. High energy was essential to lead a team of 5 managing the club and growing the number of members by 20%.

This is your "GOLD MEDALS" section. It is the first section of your cover letter and therefore the most important one.

It should state the TOP 3 achievements of your life to date that are relevant to consulting. These achievements should be as unique and as memorable as possible. When your reviewer reads them they should think "Wow, that's impressive. I want to know more about this person."

To write this section you need to step back and ask yourself "What are the most impressive things I've done with my life so far?" This is not an easy question to answer. 

In our experience discussing this with a close friend can help. It's sometimes easier for them to quickly point out the impressive things you have done as they are an external observer.

In addition, notice how achievements are QUANTIFIED in the example above. Saying you have been promoted "in a year and a half instead of the average four years" is much more powerful than saying you have been promoted "quickly." You should quantify your achievements whenever possible.

This section is your chance to grab the reader's attention. If there's nothing impressive in it, they will stop reading and just scan the paragraphs. So don't miss your opportunity!

3. Why consulting?

Example - Why consulting?

There are several reasons why I want to pursue a consulting career. To start with, I know I will enjoy being a strategy consultant because I have already worked in a strategy team in the past. This was in summer 2019 when I was a Strategy Intern at Big Grocery Retailer in London. In addition, I think consulting is a unique opportunity to comprehensively learn about business management by working on a variety of company situations. Over the past two years, I have started building my business skills while advising clients on financial matters at Big Finance. I now look forward to learning more about companies’ management at McKinsey. Finally, I want to work in consulting because I truly enjoy interacting with clients. Throughout my work experiences I have built a successful track record of developing and maintaining relationships with clients including, for instance, the senior strategy team at Big Grocery Retailer.

Once you have convinced your reviewer that you have impressive achievements under your belt they'll be thinking: "Ok, this person is impressive. But do they REALLY want to be a consultant? Or are they just applying because they're not sure what to do with their career."

The third section of your letter should therefore answer the  "Why consulting?" question . But here is the thing about this question: There are some reasons to go into consulting that you should tell your reviewer about. And some reasons that you should really keep to yourself.

For instance, one of the mistakes candidates commonly make in their cover letter is to write something along the lines of "I'd like to spend 2 or 3 years in consulting to learn more about business in general and then decide what I want to do." This is a HUGE mistake. 

Consulting firms want to hire FUTURE PARTNERS. Not employees who will stay for a couple of years. You can watch the video below for more details about this.

The best approach for your "Why consulting?" section is to write about past experiences that really show you know what you are getting into. The perfect situation is if you have done an internship in consulting or in corporate strategy and have enjoyed it. If that's the case, this is the perfect section to write about it.

But even if you haven't done related internships, there are plenty of angles you can use to connect your past experiences to what you will do as a consultant. For instance:

  • You might have enjoyed working with clients when you were in M&A or in Sales
  • You might have enjoyed structuring and solving tough problems as an engineer

You should use these experiences to say that "working with clients" or "solving tough problems" is something you KNOW you enjoy doing; and you look forward to spending more time doing this as a consultant.

When they read this section, your reviewer should think: "Ok, this person is impressive AND they know what they are getting into."

4. Why McKinsey / BCG / Bain / Other?

Example - Why McKinsey?

McKinsey appeals to me for three reasons. To start with, the different people from the company I have met and worked with all told me they had truly enjoyed their time there. For the past two years, I have worked for Michael Smith, a former Engagement Manager from the London office, who now works for Big Finance. Additionally, I regularly read McKinsey’s reports on financial services and think the insights delivered by Sarah James and others in the Finance practice are truly superior to that of other consultancies. By joining McKinsey, I therefore think I would have an opportunity to work with and learn from the best consultants in the industry. Finally, the fact that McKinsey was selected by Finance Supercorp to shape its digital strategy also played an important role in my decision to apply. This was a first-of-its-kind contract in finance and it shows that while at McKinsey I could get the opportunity to work on truly unique projects.

If you have managed to convince your reviewer that you have an impressive background and that you really want to be a consultant, you have a VERY HIGH chance of getting an interview. 

The only question that's left for you to answer is: " Why McKinsey  / Why BCG? / Why Bain? "

Top consulting firms  have a lot in common. In most regions, they cover the same industries and work for similar clients. They also pay similar salaries, and the career path is more or less the same from firm to firm. So what should you write about in this section?

In our experience, the most efficient way to set yourself apart in this section is to write about three specific elements:

When you write "I've met with Michael Smith," or "I've read report X," or "I've heard about project Y," you are making an argument that's SPECIFIC enough for your reviewer to think: "Ok they've done their homework."

If you stay too GENERIC, your argument will be much less credible. For instance, writing something like "While at McKinsey, I'll be exposed to a broad range of industries which I'm excited about" is a weak argument because you could swap McKinsey for BCG or Bain in that sentence.

In fact, this is the ultimate test. If you can swap McKinsey with another name in your "Why McKinsey?" section you are not being specific enough. You need to work on your paragraph again and mention SPECIFIC people, reports, or projects that you find interesting.

5. Conclusion

Example - Conclusion

For all these reasons, I am very enthusiastic about the chance to work at McKinsey. I am available for an interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Mary Taylor

The last section of the cover letter is a formality again. It should include the following elements:

  • A sentence or two saying that you are enthusiastic and available for interviews at any time
  • Your final signature

So how do you make it easy for your reviewer to put your cover letter on the "Accept" pile? We have put together the 10 tips below to make sure you can achieve this and avoid common mistakes.

Consulting cover letter tips

Tip #1 Don't use a template letter

Writing cover letters is painful. But trust us, reading hundreds of them can be at least as painful. That's why you should make every effort to make your letter interesting and genuine. 

It's ok to get inspiration from templates such as the one we provide in this guide. But every sentence in your letter should be written from scratch.

Tip #2 Keep it to one page

One of the unwritten rules of consulting cover letters is that they should not be longer than one page. The trick to achieve this is to only select the MOST RELEVANT experiences from your  resume  and to summarise them. 

The points you decide to highlight should clearly demonstrate that you would make a great consultant.

Tip #3 Standard format and font

It's tempting to use an eye-catching font and format. But that's actually a bad idea. You only risk your interviewer thinking: "I've never seen this font, it looks really weird. Who is this person?" Your cover letter should stand out because of its content, NOT because of its format.

Tip #4 Not the time to be shy

Your cover letter is not the time to be shy. If you went to Harvard and have three Olympic medals, now is the time to say it! Most of us don't, and that's fine. But the point is that you should really push yourself to bring your most impressive accomplishments forward.

Tip #5 Network, network, network

This might sound surprising, but a big part of the cover letter is  how much networking you have done . Having networked with people from the firm you are applying for pays dividends for multiple reasons. 

First, they might recommend you to the HR team. But most importantly, these people will give you insight into what makes their firm UNIQUE. Then you can quote what you've heard in your cover letter (and name drop the person you heard it from) to show that you really understand the firm you are applying for.

Tip #6 Read, read, read

Unfortunately, networking is not always easy or possible. In these cases, your second best option is to read as much as you can on the firms you are applying for. You should read about the firm's projects, reports, and partners and find pieces of information you are really interested in. 

For instance, if you did your master thesis on electric vehicles, try to find who works in this area at the firm and what they have to say about it. And then mention what you have found in your cover letter.

Tip #7 One letter per firm

One question we often get is: "Should I write one letter per firm?" The answer is YES. But it's not as hard as it might sound. 

Every cover letter needs to answer three questions: Why you? Why consulting? And why this firm? The only paragraph you will need to change in every letter is the one about "Why this firm?" For each firm, you will have to do the networking and reading mentioned above.

Tip #8 Start writing early

Writing an outstanding cover letter is VERY HARD. Most candidates underestimate how much time it takes and start this process too late. You'll need to take a step back and reflect on everything you have done to date to highlight your most relevant experiences. 

This takes multiple iterations. Start early.

Tip #9 Get feedback

In our experience, great candidates all look for feedback and iterate on their cover letter until it's truly as good as it can get. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it.

It’s best to get feedback from peers or consultants. These people will be able to point out which parts of your letter they don't get or don't find impactful enough. If you’d like to have an expert review your cover letter, check out our team of  ex-consultant coaches .

Tip #10 Proofread multiple times

Finally, you should check and double check your letter for typos and grammar mistakes - multiple times. A cover letter is (not so secretly) a writing test and you should really treat it like one.

What consulting firms look for

To get multiple interviews at  top consulting firms , it’s extremely important to understand what those firms are actually looking for. 

The good news is that most of the leading consultancies are looking for basically the same skills. 

To illustrate this point, here’s what  McKinsey  and  Bain  say that they’re looking for in candidates, along with our own translation of what they mean:

What consulting firms look for

There are also a few unofficial items that consulting firms will look for on your resume, and you can read about those in our  consulting resume guide .

Next, let’s talk about the typical cover letter screening process.

Screening process

Now let's talk about HOW your cover letter will be handled once you send it. Here's how it works.

Your application will be sent to a JUNIOR CONSULTANT who recently graduated from your University. They will score your documents based on a grid provided by the HR team. 

Consultants usually have to score 200 to 400 applications in about 2 weeks. And this is sometimes on TOP of their normal project. It's not uncommon for them to leave the job to the last minute and to have to do it on a Friday night just before the deadline.

Why is this important? The point we are trying to make is your application is part of 100 other applications. And the person who will review it will be tired by the time they get to your cover letter. If they don't understand something, they won't Google it. It's your job to make their job easy.

Why consultancies ask for a cover letter

There are two main reasons why consulting firms ask for cover letters.

First, partners bill several thousand dollars per day to their clients. The opportunity cost of interviewing you is HUGE for the firm. Put yourself in the shoes of a consultancy for a second. What are the top 3 questions you want to answer before investing money in interviewing a candidate?

  • Have they demonstrated the skills needed to be a consultant?
  • Do they know what consulting is and what they are getting into?
  • Are they genuinely interested in working for our firm?

If you don't answer these three questions in a structured and impactful way, your chances of getting past the screening process are very low. This is why every cover letter should be structured as follows:

  • Why consulting?
  • Why this firm?

The second reason consulting firms ask for a cover letter is to test your writing skills. Consultants write all the time: emails, PowerPoints, Word documents, etc. They spend about 50% of their day writing. And a lot of the time their job is to summarise very large quantities of information in a succinct way.

This is exactly what you have to do in your cover letter. You have to a) look back on all your past experiences, b) select the relevant experiences to convince the reviewer that you are the right person for the job and c) summarise all these experiences in a way that's easy to read and digest.

Cover letters are a disguised writing test. Candidates who end up getting invited for interviews recognise this early on. Making a good impression on paper is way harder than making a good impression in person.

Are many candidates ready to invest HOURS in writing the perfect cover letter? No. That's the whole point. That's how you can set yourself apart. If you spend enough time making sure that your letter is as impactful as it can be, you stand very high chances of getting invited for interviews.

Another reason that it can help to have a cover letter is to explain anything on your resume that may look unusual to a reviewer, such as a time gap or a non-traditional background for consulting. 

Whatever your unique situation is, if you’re not confident in how your cover letter looks today, then we can help you. 

Get an Ex-MBB consultant to review your cover letter

The guide above, in addition to our guide on  consulting resumes , should go a long way in helping you craft documents that will get you interviews. 

But if you still feel you need additional help, we have a team of ex-MBB recruiters and interviewers who would be happy to provide feedback on your cover letter.

You’ll get feedback on how to immediately improve your cover letter, including what experience to focus on, how to optimise your phrasing, formatting, etc.

Start by browsing profiles for available coaches.

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BCG Cover Letter: 4 Templates and Email

We are extremely careful about providing our readers with the content they need. These samples of BCG cover letters will surely help you. Make sure to insert your personal details at the required places.

Letter Template: 1

Table of Contents

BCG Cover Letter

[ your name]

[ your address]

[ your contact information]

[ recipient’s name]

[ recipient’s address]

[ recipient’s contact information]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recently, I have seen the information for the requirement for the post of [mention the position] in BCG on their website which is [mention the URL] on [mention the date].  I desire to work in this reputed company like BCG and find the requirements posted on the website is absolutely matching my educational background and experience. 

I am interested to work with the team of BCG as I have seen them taking a different approach to every problem. Instead of fixing the issue in the current framework, they would rather look in to the problem from the starting level and resolving it from start to finish. I am very much interested to delve in to deeper analysis in to the career as a [mention the position] and therefore I would like to apply for it at BCG. 

BCG as we know is highly recognized at a global level and well reputed firm and committed to serve with high quality standards. I am confident that I would be able to deliver the best with the support of my excellent educational background and quality experience. I had done my graduation in [mention the subject] from the university of [mention the university name] in the year [mention the year]. It had been [mention the time period] years of program.  

I had also done short term computer course from the well known institute of [mention the computer institute]. Over there, I got the opportunity to learn the latest software program like [mention the software program]. With the help of these software programs, I am very capable of designing projects for industrial activities. 

Regarding my professional experience, I have overall [mention the experience period] years. Initially, I had been appointed as an intern and I got the opportunity to work with excellent performers of [mention the company name]. 

I deserve to work in BCG in the post of [mention the position] and therefore I would request you to call me for the interview. I will be able to explain further in a better way about my skills and academic background and justify my employment with you. Kindly give me a call at my contact number which is [mention the contact number] for further discussion.

I would be waiting for your response.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,

[Mention your name]

Download Template : ( pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc )

Letter Template: 2

It will be a great opportunity for career growth for me when I would be joining the BCG consulting group. I got the encouragement to apply for the post of [mention the position] as I the requirement for it on the website of [mention the website]. In fact, it is continuously posting the information of this vacant post not only on the website but also in the journal of [mention the newspaper] dated on [mention the date].

I am quite thrilled and excited to see the advertisement as I find it matches my educational background and experience in the field of [mention the field]. 

I am very much aware of the fact that BCG Consulting Group is a reputed firm and recognized all over the world due to its excellent business networks. It is one of the Big trees of the industry and it has 73 offices in 43 countries of the world.

As I know that staff members of the BCG consulting group are highly qualified and well-skilled to contribute in the industry. I would prefer to work with this team who is specialized in resolving the tasks from the grass-root level. 

With my in-depth researching ability, and excellent communication and leadership skills, I will definitely qualify for the post of [mention the position] at BCG Consulting Group. I am highly suitable for the post as I am a graduate of [mention the university name] .

I had been a topper in my college as I had scored above [mention the percentage]. After that, I did join [mention the previous company name] in the position of [mention the position]. I had worked for a period of [mention the time period] years.  Over there, I was performing the tasks of [mention the activities]. 

I do believe that with my qualification and experience as mentioned above, I do stand as a deserving candidate for the post of [mention the position]. For further details, you can get in touch with me on my contact number which is [contact number]. 

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Letter Template: 3

Currently, I am pursuing my master’s program in [mention the subject] at the University of [Mention the university] and an advertisement for the requirement of the management consultant at BCG Consulting Group has actually struck my interest.

I had seen this advertisement on the website of [mention the website] of BCG Consulting Group on [mention date] and found it quite promising for my career. I would love to grow in this industry if I get the opportunity to grow over here. 

BCG Consulting Group is known to recruit candidates who had been bright students in their academic careers and brilliantly performing in their respective fields. I find myself among the brilliant performers and excellent students. I would like to inform you as to why am I very much suitable for the post of management consultant in BCG Consultant Group. 

I would like to inform you that I have been working as an intern in [mention the previous company] for a period of [mention the time period] months. Due to excellent performance, I have been absorbed in the team of [mention the name of supervisor] as a junior management consultant. 

I was responsible for interviewing staff members of the client, assisting my supervisor in preparing the presentations, and arranging meetings with the leaders of different industries. Over there, I had been appreciated for my contribution with my effective communication and leadership skills.

I had been awarded as the best employee of the year in the company last year.  I would like to invest my efforts over here along with the team of BCG Consulting Group who are actually specialized in providing quality solutions by working from start to finish. 

I had done graduation in [mention the subject] from the University of [mention the university] and a 6 months diploma course in [mention diploma course] from the Institute of [mention the institute name]. 

I am confident that with my experience of [mention the experience period] years and academic background, I will be able to do justice to the job as a management consultant in your reputed company. 

Kindly contact me on [mention the contact number] or send me an email to [mention email id] to know further about my interest to work as a management consultant in BCG Consulting Group.

Yours faithfully

Letter Template: 4

[recipient’s contact information]

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am writing this letter to inform you that job posting for the post of [mention the position] in BCG Consulting Group on its website and also the [mention the job portal name] has attracted me and inspired me to apply for it. I find myself perfectly eligible for this post. 

The reason for choosing BCG Consulting Group over any other company for my career growth is due to its unique way of resolving problems. The team of BCG Consulting Group is always focusing on resolving problems from the grass-root level.

The work culture has deeply impacted me and I want to grow in this professional environment with my skills. It will be an intellectual pursuit for me by working in the position of [mention the position]. 

I have taken the decision to apply at BCG Consulting Group because of its global presence in 43 countries and its commitment to providing high-quality services. 

I am very much confident that my educational qualifications and industrial experience of [mention the experience period] is perfect for the challenges faced by BCG Consulting Group in the various segments of the business. I do have the potency to tackle the issues with my analytical and reasoning skills. I am capable of collaborating with the members of the organization and also with the clients of the other industries.

I know how to handle a team of 50 people and provide them with appropriate training for increasing the productivity of the company and boosting the career growth of every employee. I have worked with sincerity, honesty, and following the quality standards of [mention the previous company name] and achieved 100% client satisfaction in the last [mention the experience period] years.

I have earned a bachelor’s degree in [mention stream] with a specialization in [mention the subject] from the University of [mention the university name]. If I am hired by BCG Consulting Group then I commit to doing best. As I am keen to apply for the post of [mention the position], kindly give me a call on [mention the contact number] or send me an email to [mention email id]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Faithfully

{Mention your name]

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Table of Contents

Cover letter for BCG internship (4 samples)

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how to write bcg cover letter

This article will show samples of “cover letters for BCG internships.”

How to write a cover letter for a BCG internship

When writing a cover letter as an intern here are some of the things to include in the letter:

  • Mention your fresh knowledge. Use your recent learning experiences to your advantage; an employer might be more willing to hire you if they know you can help their business acclimate to new technologies or practices.
  • Express your energy and enthusiasm. It shows the potential motivation you will bring to a job as a fresh college graduate.
  • Check your grammar and proofread your letter. It is a way of showing employers your ability to write comprehensive, error-free messages.
  • The first step is addressing the employer with a formal salutation. For example, “Dear/Hello (name of the recipient).” If you do not know the name of the recipient, you can refer to them as the hiring manager.
  • The next step is to state the position you are applying for and how you found the opening. 
  • Make a brief statement about why you’re interested in the position.
  • Since you are a recent graduate, it would help to emphasize your college coursework, internships and other experiences that show your employability.
  • Ensure your qualifications are similar to the job position. 
  • Conclude your letter with a forward-looking statement. For example, “I look forward to discussing the position with you further.”

Sample 1: “Cover letter for BCG internship”

“POSITION: intern

Dear Hiring Manager,

Sensitive to numbers and curious about hidden problems behind everything, I always know consulting is the area I’m looking for and will be good at. A good career path needs a good start, and that’s why I decided to apply for an internship at Boston Consulting Group. The way BCG invests in staff and interns and BCG’s powerful strength to make a real impact on clients fascinate me to join a case team at BCG. I was thrilled by the fact that all first-year associates are paired with mentors, and that in the third year, employees have many options as working at an international office, going back to campus for further education, and even working at other firms yet still paid by BCG. I am confident that BCG can best broaden my views on consulting industry and enrich my knowledge.

Currently, I’m at University, studying. Although, as far as I know, sophomores are not firstly considered, I believe my internship and leadership experience, as well as my strong curiosity, can help me stand out to be an exception. This past summer, I worked for ten weeks as an investment banking analyst intern. At an M&A project team, my major responsibilities were two: first, and second, Being the youngest and least-experienced analyst in the group, I adapted to learn fast about data analysis, decision-making, and communication with clients and government.

Besides consulting and other business fields, I’m particularly interested in gaming sports. Before college, I volunteered in Marathons and Triathlons since my first year at high school. I was responsible for promoting the contests and helping arrange supplies during contests. In my freshman year, I joined the crew team and turned to my new page of athletics. To me, the beauty of rowing lies in teamwork and the sunrise on the lake. Passionate about the sport, I was recruited to varsity after being a novice for half a year. Besides practicing and competing, I was also involved in coaching novices who joined in the spring and recruiting coxswains. Practicing at 5:15 am every day has never been easy, but it let me know how to break the limit when under huge pressure. I believe what I learnt from the crew – collaboration, time management, and emotional adjustment under pressure – will be key to my success in consulting.

An internship at BCG will enhance my professional skills and open the door to consulting for me. From a conversation with, who currently works at BCG as a consultant, I know the open and fairly equal working environment can lessen pressure. As an intern, my experience and academic performance make me a strong candidate. I would actively learn more knowledge and collaborate with other team members to solve clients’ problems. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my qualification with you in person. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Sample 2: “Cover letter for BCG internship”

“POSITION: Summer Internship

To whom it may concern,

I am a first-year Business and Management student studying at the University of Warwick, in the UK. With previous working experience in Executive Research, I am keen to further extend my skills in customer relations management. I hereby would like to apply for an internship at your reputable establishments in London. I believe that, upon review, you will recognize my potential as a cohesive learner and that I would suit your working environment.

My greatest strengths are:

Insightful knowledge in customer interaction and secondary research

Proficiency in multiple languages namely English, French, Cantonese and Mandarin

A strong record of consistent commitment in sports competitions

Solid understanding of east meets west cultural immersion

My keen interest in the consulting sector as well as my brief working experience demonstrates my capability to commit at a professional level. I am confident that my profile will provide me with an invaluable resource.

BCG intrigues me as an organization that is forward-thinking and challenge-driven. As a person, I strongly believe that I can further promote such values within your establishment. I look forward to discussing your objectives and goals as well as how we can cooperate together to accomplish them.

Sample 3: “Cover letter for BCG internship”


I am a first year student studying towards a Bsc in Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science writing to apply for the BCG Insight Programme. Researching BCG, I was impressed by the culture at the firm and the way in which it approaches problems. Rather than try to fit problems into existing frameworks, teams at BCG have a tendency to look at each problem from a fresh and build a solution from the ground up. I am keen to gain a deeper insight into a career as a management consultant due to its intellectual rigor and have decided to apply to BCG because of its global presence, reputation for excellence and its commitment to thought leadership.

I believe that both my educational and professional backgrounds have well prepared me for the analytical challenges that are faced in this industry .Last summer, I gained a three week internship at Credit Suisse working within Fixed Income Strategy. While enrolled on the internship programme, I developed a deeper understanding of fixed income financial instruments by carrying out detailed analysis on the fundamental drivers of their prices using Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, I worked within a team to create and then give a presentation to senior managers developing interpersonal and teamwork skills which are of the utmost importance to BCG as all work is carried out in teams.

A career in management consultancy is characterised by tackling a wide variety of business problems using analytical and reasoning skills to provide solutions for clients. One of the things which attracted me to this profession is the variety enjoyed by working across numerous industries with numerous clients and the opportunity to make a real impact in shaping these industries.

Finally, I have enjoyed looking over the numerous practice cases found on the BCG website specifically the logical approach taken when addressing the numerous frameworks. I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about management consulting and the opportunities that BCG could afford me in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

Sample 4: “Cover letter for BCG internship”

““[Today’s Date]

[Hiring Manager’s Name]

[Company Address]

[Company City, State xxxxx]

[(xxx) xxx-xxxx]

[[email protected]]

Dear [Mr./Mx./Ms.] [Manager’s Name],

I’m writing to you regarding the marketing role that opened up recently. I came across the job description on [Website Name] and was delighted to find that my academic accomplishments meet all of the necessary requirements. I am seeking a challenging but rewarding internship, which is why I was drawn to this exciting opportunity.

As a junior marketing student at the University of Georgia, I have acquired skills in advertising, PR, product development, and market research. Currently, I hold a 3.8 GPA and have been on the Dean’s List every semester. While in the college of business I have strategically focused my coursework in the following areas:

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Management

Survey Research

Strategic Internet Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications

Using my knowledge of the above, I designed a marketing campaign for a local pet grooming business that yielded the highest return on investment based on a budget. The campaign was so well received that I was awarded third place in UGA’s business plan competition.

I would be delighted to have an opportunity to personally interview you. Please accept the enclosed resume and feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I appreciate your time and consideration.

[Your Name]”

Frequently Asked Questions: How to write a cover letter for a BCG internship

Do you need a cover letter when applying for a bcg internship.

No. However, a cover letter is one of the best ways to convey why you are the best candidate for the internship, allowing you to expand on and showcase key skills and experiences.

How long should a cover letter be for an internship?

A cover letter should never be longer than one, single-spaced page.

If you like this blog post, please leave your comments and questions below.

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how to write bcg cover letter

Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Boston Consulting Group

Dear Recruiting Manager:

I first learned of the Boston Consulting Group when I visited the Forbes website and read through the list of “Best Companies to Work for in 2015.” I immediately visited the company’s website only to find myself impressed by the values statement and approaches used sections. Rather than try to mold a client’s problems into an existing framework, BCG deconstructs the problem and finds solutions from the ground up. I have decided to apply for a position as a management consultant at BCG for its well-established reputation internationally and commitment to its nine values.

I believe that my professional experiences have prepared me for the detailed, analytical and interpersonal components of compliance. This past summer, I worked with McKesson Corporation as a Public Affairs intern. During this time, I was tasked with writing draft comment letters, as well as researching and analyzing policies that I later briefed to the public affairs team in the form of a memorandum. Also this summer, I interned with the nonprofit organization Enterprise for High School Students where I designed and analyzed a survey using Qualtrics that was administered to over 300 past participants to gauge the effectiveness of the program in several key areas. Additionally, in previous summers I served as a policy intern at San Francisco City Hall where I was tasked with researching existing policies in the city and working with legislative aides to identify ways to improve them. Also during this internship, I had to establish a task force of government agencies, contractors/developers, community stakeholders, and residents to resolve the issue of construction noise in the city. This required me to research city noise ordinances, identify possible places of conflict between these ordinances and the actions of contractors, and create a compromise between residents, contractors, and stakeholders.

I believe that in addition to my internship experiences and skillsets, I possess leadership skills from a variety of extracurricular activities as an undergraduate that will make me an asset to your company. My optimistic attitude, resourcefulness, detail oriented behavior and unwaivering determination are derived from a variety of life experiences and will be beneficial in the consulting setting.

I look forward to showing you my commitment and preparation to starting a career in management consulting with the Boston Consulting Group. 

how to write bcg cover letter

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Every year, more than 1 million candidates apply for a consulting role in McKinsey.

[ Click here to directly go to the Consulting cover letter sample ]

But only 10,000 people get the final offer. That’s a 1% success rate .

The top 3 consulting companies, McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company , are some of the most selective companies when it comes to hiring.

Most people don’t know this, but they start their selection process by screening the cover letter and consulting resumes.

More than 80% of resumes and cover letters are rejected before the first screening. Less than 15% of candidates get called for interviews in the big three consulting firms.

So, if you think, " How do I become a consultant? How to write a consulting cover letter that gets me the consulting job?” - This blog is for you.

Consulting cover letters are very different from traditional cover letters for jobs. In this guide to writing a consulting cover letter, we’ll tell you everything you need to write on the consulting cover letter to stand out from your competitors.

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • What is a consulting cover letter?
  • What are the things recruiters look for in a cover cetter?
  • How to structure a consulting cover letter?
  • How to write an effective consulting cover letter?
  • 5 tips to write a stellar consulting cover letter
  • Consulting cover letter dample

We’ll also share five consulting cover letter examples to help you get an interview.

What Is a Consulting Cover Letter?

A consulting cover letter is an adjacent document with your consulting resume that helps you introduce your skills and accomplishments to the hiring managers.

It’s an essential part of your application, especially for big three consulting firms, because it’s easy for recruiters to quickly sort bad candidates based on the quality of a cover letter, lack of attention to detail, etc.

However, if done correctly, consulting cover letters is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and get yourself a job interview.

You don’t have enough space to elaborate on your experiences on a resume. But with a cover letter, you can expand on your experiences and explain the reasons for some potential red flags on your resume.

Why do you have a job gap? Why do you have a low GPA? You can explain the reasons for that in the cover letter.

In short, your consulting cover letter is the deciding factor for getting a job in a big consulting company.

What Recruiters Look for in a Consulting Cover Letter?

The recruiters look for a candidate who has excellent communication and leadership skills. They look into the applicant's skills and experience to understand if they have the qualities to become a successful consultant.

Recruiters look for mainly four aspects from a consultant cover letter. These are:

  • Does the candidate have the relevant skills and experience required for the job?
  • Does the candidate have a clear idea of what the company does?
  • Is the candidate interested in working with the company?
  • Does the candidate have excellent communication skills?


If you want to create an outstanding consulting cover letter, you need to address all four points in your letter.

How to Structure a Management Consulting Cover Letter?

A perfect management consulting cover letter must have six distinct elements.

  • Opening Paragraph
  • Closing Paragraph
  • Your Signature

Consulting Cover Letter: Header

This is a mandatory part of any professional letter. The header section must include

  • Candidate’s name
  • Phone Number
  • Your Location

Even if your resume has all this information, you need to add these to your cover letter.

Salutation is an essential part of the consulting cover letter. Never start your cover letter with “To whom it may concern.” It will not get you the job.

Instead, find out who is the recruiter or hiring manager and address the cover letter directly to them.

If you don’t identify who the hiring manager is, you can address the letter to the recruitment team. For example:

Dear members of the BCG Recruitment Team, To Bain Recruitment Team,

Consulting Cover Letter: Opening Paragraph

The first sentence of your consulting cover letter is the perfect opportunity to hook the reader’s attention. And the second sentence should state the role you are applying for and how you learned about the position. The third sentence should describe why you are interested in the company you are applying for.

Do some initial research and craft a personalized and customized opening paragraph for the Consulting cover letter. If you can do that, you will improve your chance of getting shortlisted by 1000%.

Here is an example of the Opening Paragraph of a consulting cover letter:

I am a 4+ years experienced digital marketing professional working with top SaaS brands to help them generate $100M in sales year on year. I’m highly pleased to apply for the Associate Consultant position at McKinsey. I appreciate McKinsey’s leadership and sales practices to provide an outstanding experience to clients.

Consulting Cover Letter - Body

The consulting cover letter body part should explain your key accomplishments, experience, and why you are a good fit for the firm.

Don’t write a generic consulting cover letter body. Research the consulting firm, go to their website and understand the qualities they are looking for. After that, you can start creating the body of the consulting cover letter.

Below is a consulting cover letter example of the body paragraph:


Consulting Cover Letter- Closing Paragraph

The closing paragraph is where you place the call to action to encourage the recruiters to take action. It must be short and to the point.

Here’s an example of the Closing Paragraph of Consulting Cover Letter:


Consulting Cover Letter - Ending Signature

This is a formality for any type of professional letter. There are different types of closing signatures. Such as:

Thanking You Thanks and Regards Best Regards Sincerely Thank You

How to Write an Effective Consulting Cover Letter - Formatting

It’s not enough to have great content for the consulting cover letter; You need to format it professionally to get the most out of it.

Here are some formatting tips to help you create the consulting cover letter:

Keep it Under 1 Page:

The consulting cover letter should not be more than one page. Recruiters don’t have much time to give to one single candidate. And in this time, if you create a 2-page cover letter, the maximum chance is that recruiters will ignore your application.

Use 1-inch Margin:

A 1-inch margin is standard for any professional cover letter. A margin of less than 1 inch makes your cover letter look cramped. A 1-inch margin ensures enough whitespace to make the letter easily readable.

Use Professional Font:

Always use a professional font in the consulting cover letter. Some professional fonts are:

  • Times New Roman

Also, ensure to keep the font size to 12 points. It makes the cover letter very easy to read.

Save the Cover Letter in PDF

Make sure to submit the cover letter in PDF format. It ensures that your cover letter format is intact, no matter who views it.

10 Tips for Writing a Consulting Cover Letter

Writing a solid consulting cover letter allows you to present your candidacy to the hiring managers. Here is a list of tips for writing a stellar consulting cover letter.

1. Research the Company Requirements

Interviewing candidates is expensive; it takes time and money to get excellent people on board.

So, the company also wants to ensure that the candidate they are interviewing is interested in the job.

Therefore, consulting firms look for signs that:

Use your cover letter to showcase that you have all the signs that a consulting firm looks for in a candidate. This will set you apart from the rest of the candidates.

2. Link Cover Letter To Resume

Your cover letter should complement your resume and strengthen your candidacy.

Start the cover letter with unique experiences and skills to hook the recruiter’s interests.

In resumes, there is less space to explain anything to the recruiter. You can complement it by going into detail about your achievements and skills in the cover letter.

Here are some points consulting firms look for in a consulting cover letter:

3. Don’t Use a Standard Cover Letter Template

Writing a cover letter is difficult. It takes a lot of contemplating and self-reflection to make it right. You have to edit and rewrite the cover letter multiple times to make it interesting.

Some candidates try to use standardized cover letter templates to avoid the pain of writing a cover letter.

This is a big mistake, mainly if you apply to prestigious consulting firms. The recruiters in these organizations are experienced in identifying a standard cover letter.

Don’t write a consulting cover letter for the sake of it. Write the cover letter to make each sentence count and help you get closer to your dream job.

4. Use Evidence-based Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. And in your cover letter as well, you should tell the story of your experience, don’t list down your skills and accomplishments without any context.

Demonstrate how various experiences have given you certain skills that nobody has.

For example, instead of saying you have led marketing campaigns in your past organizations, you can say that You’ve managed a marketing budget of $50,000 and coordinated with the content team to launch two successful campaigns and generated $5mn sales.

This is evidence-based storytelling, and this gives more context to the recruiter about your experience and helps them evaluate your skills.

5. Avoid Repeating Things on Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter and resume go hand in hand — they should complement each other, but they should not be the same.

You can reference elements of your resume but focus on aspects that aren't covered very well there or put a different spin on things, so it's still interesting for them to read about it again.

6. Pick Your Best Stories And Accomplishments

A cover letter is an opportunity to tell great stories from your work experience that are relevant to the consulting firm you're applying to.

If you have accomplishments, such as helping previous employers save money or increase profits, put these front and center where hiring managers won't miss them. Don't just list your skills — explain how they helped your previous employers meet their goals.

However, make sure to include only 2-3 such stories. And keep them short and crisp. Nobody has the time to read through a 2-page cover letter.

7. Quantify Your Results and Impact

Consulting firms want to know that you have the potential to deliver results for their clients — so make sure you mention how much impact or value you've created in past jobs or internships. For example: "I helped ABC Company reduce its customer service costs by 20%." Or: "I generated $100K in annual savings for XYZ Company through process improvement initiatives."

8. Keep Your Cover Letter Crisp

Many consulting firms get hundreds, if not thousands, of applications for each job opening. It's important to keep your cover letter as brief as possible so that recruiters don't lose interest.

Keep your cover letter to a maximum of one page. The most successful cover letters have three identifiable sections: who you are, why you are applying and why the firm should hire you. This can be covered in three paragraphs or about 300 words.

9. Namedrop Employees You Have Talked to

If there is someone at the firm who referred you or whom you have spoken to about this position, mention them by name in your cover letter, preferably in the first paragraph. This will help the reader to associate your application with that particular employee. It will also help if that person has put in a good word for you!

10. Double-check You're Addressing The Cover Letter Properly

Address the right firm. Take the time to research the firm and make sure your cover letter is addressed to the right person.

Most firms will have information on their websites about who is in charge of recruiting.

The more personal you can make the cover letter, the better for you.

Failing to address your cover letter correctly may be discarded without even being read.

Here’s a Management Consulting Cover Letter Sample For Your Reference:

Frequently asked questions:, do all consulting firms require cover letter.

Most consulting firms keep cover letters as an optional document. However, you must add your cover letter with your resume to distinguish yourself from other candidates. Writing a unique cover letter can help you stand out from the crowd.

What if The Cover Letters are Optional?

Consulting firms like McKinsey and BCG have made their cover letters optional.

It certainly helps the candidates with strong resumes to get out of the hassle of creating a cover letter. However, if you have some red flags on your resume, such as a low GPA or an employment gap, you should write a cover letter to explain these potential red flags to the recruiters and increase your chances of getting hired.

Key Takeaways

Writing a consulting cover letter doesn’t have to be complicated. Just remember the following tips:

If you want to create a consulting cover letter, go to the Hiration Cover Letter Builder tool and pick from 20+ consulting cover letter templates to make an excellent one for yourself.

If you have further questions, reach out to us at [email protected] , and we will be happy to help you out.

how to write bcg cover letter

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how to write bcg cover letter

Career Management Group

Cover letter.

Cover letters provide context for your resume and your story. A strong cover letter will succinctly tell a prospective employer why you’re interested in working for them, how your skills and experiences align with the role, and explain why this position is the right next step for your career. Cover letters should be targeted and incorporate what you’ve learned from your career conversations, the job description, and the research you have done.

Cover letters are a way to demonstrate your written communication skills, illustrate your applicable transferable skills, and express your enthusiasm for the company and role.

Companies will often ask for cover letters but not require them. We recommend submitting a cover letter if you’re making a pivot (role, industry, or geography) as it provides another opportunity to contextualize your pivot and highlight your transferable skills.

Getting Started

Use these resources to learn basic cover letter structure, best practices, and how to use the job description to target your cover letter.

  • CMG Cover Letter Checklist
  • Cover Letter Strategies – All MBA Programs
  • Targeting a Cover Letter from a Job Description

Cover Letter Examples

Like any form of writing, the cover letter should provide the reader with insight into the motivations of the writer. It should also connect the writer to the specific company and job; for this reason, generic ‘Cut & Paste’ cover letters that only mention the company in the introduction and concluding paragraph are not useful in bringing one closer to the end goal – getting an interview. Here are a few examples that may provide you with some guidance as to possible structure and content:

  • Cover Letter Example – Consulting to Media/Entertainment
  • Cover Letter Example – Nonprofit to Consulting (BCG)
  • Cover Letter Example – Retail Buyer to Design Consulting (IDEO)
  • Cover Letter Example – Project Manager to Product Manager

If you find yourself getting stuck on how to write opening, middle or ending paragraphs, review:

  • Cover Letter Sample Paragraphs

Additional Resources

  • 5 Methods to Make Your Cover Letter Irresistible to Hiring Managers
  • An IDEO Recruiter’s 5 Tips for Writing a Better Cover Letter

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Bain Cover Letter Sample

Written by . Posted in Cover Letter

Bain logo

Bain & Company is a world-renowned strategy consulting firm. They have been ranked the #1 best firm to work for by Consulting magazine for the past nine years. This leading firm works with large corporations and multinationals across industries throughout the world.

With such a prestigious reputation, it is not surprising that many aspiring consultants want to jump start their career at this organization. Because this job market is so competitive, failing to submit an eye-catching consulting cover letter would be a huge mistake. Recruiters at top-tier consulting firms, such as Bain, will not spend a lot of time reviewing your application, so a well-written and complete application is a must.

A complete consulting application includes more than an impressive resume; you also need an equally remarkable cover letter. In fact, the results from a recent survey revealed that 75% of employers indicated that a well presented cover letter can significantly improve the chances of a less eligible candidate landing an interview, and that 53% of employers favor applications with both a resume and cover letter.

A cover letter provides you with an opportunity to highlight your relevant skills and experiences as well as convey your enthusiasm for the consulting industry, so take advantage of it. You can look online for Bain cover letter samples to guide you in writing your application.

What Bain Looks For

Bain looks for candidates who can demonstrate they possess qualifications imperative to consulting such as sharp problem solving and strong leadership skills and a true passion for consulting.

Sharp problem solving skills are indispensable for any aspiring Bain employee. If you are not sure how to incorporate your problem solving skills in your cover letter, begin by  providing short yet specific accomplishments from your previous roles that demonstrate this skill. Remember, you need to exhibit this capability in order to move on to the case interview. Although your problem solving skills and thought process will be further evaluated during the case interview, you must first give them a glimpse of your potential in order to get to the next stage.

Bain is also impressed with aspiring consultants who present a results-oriented track record. You do not need to list all of your previous successful projects in your cover letter, simply highlight the most impressive one.

Strong leadership qualities are essential if you really want to work at Bain. The firm  explicitly states that they seek out candidates with proven leadership experience. Whether your experience in this area is school or work-related or even through your extracurricular activities, make sure your application displays this necessary trait.

Bain values applicants who show genuine passion for consulting and for life in general. Bain also appreciates enthusiastic candidates who want to make a change in the world. You can demonstrate your passion for consulting through the relevant experience or achievements you include in your application. You can also demonstrate your passion for change by citing your activities outside the office such as volunteer work.

When applying for a consulting position at Bain, you must be able to clearly demonstrate the characteristics listed above in your cover letter and resume.

Bain Cover Letter Structure

Your consulting cover letter should only contain three to five paragraphs, and the information needs to be presented in a concise yet comprehensive manner.

Bain Cover Letter Sample: Contact Information and Salutation

The most important thing you need to remember for this section is accuracy. As the recruiter will use the details you provide here to notify you, ensure that your email address and phone number are functional and accurate. Double check your contact information before you send your application.

Moreover, do not forget to address your letter to the correct person and list his or her title at the company. Many candidates overlook this simple detail when writing their cover letters. In fact, according to feedback from top employers listed in the book, The 100 Best Companies to Work For , 91% implied that addressing a cover letter to the appropriate individual improves an applicant’s chances of getting an interview. This is because it reflects the extra time you took to research and personalize your letter as well as your great attention to details. Failing to address these aspects in your cover letter may hurt your application.

Bain Cover Letter Sample: Introduction

The first paragraph is where you mention the purpose of your letter, which is applying for the consulting position. It needs to be interesting enough to encourage the screener to read the rest of your application. Basically, this section of your letter should address the question, “Why this job?” Explain how you came to know about the job opening and briefly state why you are interested in the position. Sound sincere and do not just repeat their publicity materials. A good Bain cover letter demonstrates that you have done your research and that your letter is targeted toward the organization and have not simply sent out the same cover letter to other employers.

To convey an original, targeted, and interesting voice, you can mention any of the following: networking, articles, or events. If you happen to have a conversation with a Bain employee, you may mention how that person has inspired you to pursue consulting. You may also refer to an event, such as an inspirational talk, wherein you learned the value of working at Bain. And you may state a particular case Bain handled that has inspired you to get into consulting.

Check Bain’s website for company information or ask colleagues who are associated with them, so you can add something original in your letter. You may also check out other consulting sites for good Bain cover letter samples.

“I am interested in the Associate Consultant position at Bain & Company. I have an avid interest in management consulting, and my conversation with Mr. X, one of your senior consultants, has further inspired me to seek this position. I believe this opportunity will provide me with unparalleled experience in business consulting.”

Bain Cover Letter Sample: Middle Paragraphs

The middle section of your consulting cover letter should answer the question, “Why me?” This section can be either one or two paragraphs and convey all your significant work experience and how it relates to the vacancy. Explain briefly and clearly why you are suited for the position without using the exact same words or phrases on your resume. Refer to your most relevant skills and accomplishments and match them to the requirements of the consulting position.

“My economics studies at Toronto University have provided me with analytical skills which I will apply to diverse business scenarios. My three years of experience as a marketing manager at Accelerator honed my ability to develop and implement marketing campaigns, as well as how to effectively collaborate with a team. I led a team which devised marketing initiatives for a global campaign for Z Brands, which resulted in a 25% increase in sales after three months.

I enjoy working with teams and hold several leadership positions within my various extracurricular activities. I am currently the Vice President for X Group, and I also participate in a non-profit organization that tutors local youth in math and reading. I believe that my strong work ethic, analytical skills, and initiative have given me the requisite skills and ability to contribute to the growth and success of your firm.”

Bain Cover Letter Sample: Conclusion

The closing paragraph of your Bain cover letter should reaffirm your suitability for the role. Demonstrate your enthusiasm about the possibility of working as a Bain consultant and  state that you are looking forward to hearing from them. Statistics from the survey mentioned above revealed that 88% of employers agree that applicants should mention their interest in being interviewed in their cover letters.

Finally, do not forget to sign your letter. If you are submitting a paper application, you must place your handwritten signature above your name. This is a sign of proper business etiquette and professionalism. If you are sending an email application, a signature may not be necessary; however, you must not forget to write your name at the bottom of your letter.

“I look forward to the opportunity of being interviewed in order to share more about my experience and skills that I could bring to your company. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

Common Mistakes to Avoid

A Bain cover letter needs to be perfectly written and presented. If you want to land a consulting job with this prestigious firm, avoid committing the following mistakes:

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How to write a killer cover letter

Five steps to ace that job interview

Anyone who's ever applied for a job knows how stressful it can be. And for some, the hardest part is the cover letter.

It should be professional, but make you stand out. It should be short, but not too short.

While a cover letter can seem like a formality, it's an important first step in the process.

"It's your personal sales brochure," said James Innes, chairman of the James Innes Group and author of several career books. No wonder it's so daunting.

Here are a few tips to help you pen the cover letter most likely to get you hired.

Read the job posting closely

"The things that come at the top of the job description are the most important," said Martin Yate, career coach and bestselling author of the Knock 'Em Dead series.

To make sure you highlight the traits your potential employer really cares about, refer to the skills listed in the job posting to inform how you talk about yourself in your letter.

Yate suggested going a step further by reviewing job listings at several companies, and seeing if any skills or traits are repeated across an industry. "I would recommend collecting half a dozen job postings," he said. "Look at what they have in common."

Quality over quantity

When you're first looking for jobs, it can be tempting to send out a generic cover letter to as many employers as possible. But that doesn't work, Innes said. Recruiters can tell, and they don't like it.

Keith Bevans, head of Bain & Company's global consultant recruiting, warned that a poor cover letter can hurt an applicant's chances of getting the job. "The cover letter becomes an important data point on how good they are at certain skills that might be relevant to the job they're applying for," he said.

Related: How to answer the salary question during a job interview

Make a good first impression by ditching "to whom it may concern." Instead, look for the name of a hiring manager and address it to them. You should also try to find out a little bit about them, and say something nice about their achievements. "If you can flatter someone in the opening line and create a connection, you've got their attention," said Yate.

Tell a good story

Once you've determined what matters to employers, figure out what type of story you want to tell about yourself -- and be succinct.

"The best cover letters tend to be short and to the point," Bevans said. You don't want to repeat what's in your résumé.

Rather than telling employers what you think you're capable of, tell them what you've already achieved. "People are hired on credentials, not potential," said Yate. "We want to leave out things like 'I think I could do a great job.'" Offer specific, relevant examples, Innes added.

Related: What top employers look for in new college grads

Bevans noted that if you're going to use buzzy terms to describe yourself, you should be able to back them up. "A lot of students write cover letters that are like treasure maps with no treasure," he said. "If you say you're a good team player" you should have a specific example to back that up, said Bevans.

Stick to clean templates

Yate recommended using one of two possible cover letter formats. The first is a simple letter, made up of a few paragraphs and lasting no longer than a single page. First get your reader's attention with a personal reference, then name the position you're applying for. In the following paragraphs, lay out your relevant skills and experiences. Conclude by outlining an actionable next step. Rather than telling the reader you look forward to hearing from them, say you'll reach out by a certain date to follow up.

Executive Briefing

The second format is called an executive briefing . You still write a paragraph at the top explaining what you're applying for, and one at the bottom with a plan of action. But instead of writing out some paragraphs in between, set up two columns: One with a list of requirements pulled form the job posting, and one with a list of your corresponding skills and achievements. This format lets recruiters see clearly why your experience makes you a good fit for the job.

Check your work

"Presentation is important," said Innes. That means not only that your cover letter should be cleanly laid out, but also that your spelling and grammar have to be perfect.

"Recruiters sit and read through a lot of résumés," Innes said. "You become very good at spotting those errors." Chances are, he said, recruiters will just trash a cover letter with spelling or grammatical errors.

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How to Write a Cover Letter When You Have No Experience

Struggling to write a cover letter with no experience? Learn how to create an introduction that showcases your strengths and abilities.

As a job seeker, a cover letter is your chance to make a great first impression. It can help you stand out and show your potential as a valuable addition to the team.

Writing a persuasive cover letter without prior work experience can be challenging. But with the right approach, you can make a compelling case for why you're the perfect fit for the job. In this article, we'll help you write an effective cover letter that leaves a lasting impression on your potential employer.

1. Begin With a Strong Opening Statement

Your opening statement should be attention-grabbing and highlight your interest in the position. Start with a brief introduction about yourself and why you're applying for the job. Avoid generic or cliché openings, such as "I am writing to apply for the job opening at your company."

Instead, try to show your personality and interest in the position. If you know someone at the company or have a connection, mention it in the opening statement. For example, "I'm excited to hear about this opportunity from a friend in your marketing department."

Your opening statement should be no more than two to three sentences long. Remember, the goal is to get your potential employer to keep reading and learn more about you.

2. Highlight Your Education and Relevant Coursework

When writing a cover letter, you may want to highlight your education and relevant coursework. Your education provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that can be applied to a job. While doing so, mention your degree and any relevant coursework you have completed.

For instance, if you're applying for a marketing role, showcase any relevant marketing coursework or projects. You can also highlight relevant accomplishments. It's important to note that not all achievements will be relevant to every job application.

If your academic achievements are relevant to the position, mention them in your cover letter. Provide specific examples of how they showcase your strengths and potential as a candidate.

3. Focus on Your Strengths and Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are skills that can be applied across different jobs and industries. While demonstrating transferable skills on your CV helps, including them in your cover letter can further enhance your job application.

Common transferable skills include teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, time management, and more. Instead of listing your transferable skills, give specific examples. Share experiences from any team activities where you tackled challenges and found solutions.

4. Mention the Company Values That Align With You

Organizations often emphasize cultural fit during the hiring process. By highlighting your alignment with the company values, you provide evidence of your potential cultural fit for the work environment and team dynamics.

Research the company and identify its important values that resonate with you. Start by visiting the company's official website. Look for sections like "About Us," "Mission and Values," or "Our Culture." You can also check the social media profiles, employee testimonials, or any press releases that highlight the company’s values.

Once you've identified the company values you want to highlight, provide specific examples to support them. Share anecdotes or experiences that showcase how you have lived out these values. For instance, if one of the company values is "collaboration," mention a successful team project where you collaborated.

5. Use Keywords From the Job Description

Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen and filter resumes and cover letters. These systems often scan for specific keywords to identify qualified candidates. By adding the right keywords, you can increase the chances of your cover letter aligning with the employer's requirements.

Pay attention to the specific words and phrases in the job description and mirror them in your cover letter. For instance, if the description mentions "attention to detail" as a required skill, use similar wording to describe your attention to detail in previous projects or assignments.

While it's essential to add relevant keywords, avoid excessive repetition or keyword stuffing. Aim for a natural flow in your writing. Focus on showcasing your skills and experiences rather than forcefully inserting keywords without proper context.

6. Express Your Enthusiasm

Next, as you end your cover letter, show your enthusiasm for the role and the company. It will show your potential employer that you are passionate about the opportunity. Highlight specific aspects of the company or the position that excites you. Refer to the company’s recent projects, initiatives, or achievements that have caught your attention.

While it's important to express enthusiasm, remember to maintain a professional tone in your cover letter. Strike a balance between enthusiasm and professionalism to show your interest and suitability for the role. Use a positive tone throughout your cover letter. Avoid generic phrases and opt for more specific and vivid descriptions that showcase your interests.

7. Proofread Your Cover Letter

After completing your cover letter, take a break before proofreading. This break helps you approach the proofreading process with fresh eyes, making it easier to spot areas that need improvement. Consider using the best spelling and grammar-checking tools or seeking help from a trusted friend or colleague.

Here's an Example of a Cover Letter

Dear [Employer's Name],

I am writing to express my strong interest in the [Position] role at [Company Name]. I was thrilled to learn about this opportunity from my friend, [Friend's Name], who works in your marketing department. From my research and conversations, I have come to admire [Company Name]'s commitment to innovation and its positive impact on the industry.

As a recent graduate with a Bachelor's degree in [Your Field of Study] from [University Name], I have developed a solid foundation in [relevant coursework or major subjects]. Through my coursework, I have gained a deep understanding of [specific concepts or skills relevant to the position], which I believe will contribute to my success in the [Position] role at [Company Name].

At [University Name], I had the privilege of working on various projects that required strong teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication skills. In my marketing research course, I led a team project where we conducted extensive market analysis. We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that resulted in a 30% increase in customer engagement for a local business.

Thank you for considering my application. I have attached my resume for your review. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss how my qualifications align with the goals and vision of [Company Name].

Once again, I appreciate your time and consideration. I look forward to the possibility of joining the exceptional team at [Company Name] and contributing to its continued success.

[Your Name]

Stand Out With a Compelling Cover Letter

With a well-crafted cover letter, you can convey your potential and convince employers to consider you for the position. Remember to tailor each cover letter to the specific job and company, highlighting the most relevant aspects of your background and showcasing your interest in the opportunity.

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Should You Use ChatGPT to Write a Resume?

  • Robb Wilson

how to write bcg cover letter

It depends on the role you’re applying to.

With its ability to write everything from essays to poetry to code, ChatGPT is changing how we think about tasks related to writing, research, and automation. Should ChatGPT write your resume?

  • The answer depends on what roles you’re looking for, and how ChatGPT can aid you. For instance, if you’re a good writer or are applying to roles that require you to be good at writing — like a reporter or a content director — it’s best to avoid using generative AI. Outside roles that are specific to content writing, ChatGPT can be a useful ally as you craft your resume.
  • The idea is not to rely on AI to create a final draft of your new resume or cover letter. Rather, use it as a tool to put together a strong first draft of your strengths and ideas.
  • If you do decide to use ChatGPT, understand that it’s not perfect. It’s likely to make mistakes as well as have biases of its own about your job, field, or industry.
  • Finally, know that AI is deeply dependent on humans. It takes significant human interaction to refine and polish the raw materials ChatGPT provides.

Generative AI tools are becoming more accessible to people around the world, and the potential use cases feel endless. With its ability to write everything from essays to poetry to code, ChatGPT, in particular, is changing how we think about tasks related to writing, research, and automation. In my work as a researcher in this space, I frequently get asked about applications of this technology from both an efficiency and an ethical standpoint. One recent example is: Should I use ChatGPT to write my resume?

Before I answer this question, let’s look at what ChatGPT really is. It’s a large language model with a chat interface developed by OpenAI, an AI research and development company. ChatGPT has been trained on lots of data — basically most of what’s been posted to the internet up until September 2021 — which it uses to create remarkably useful text responses to prompts provided by users.

Powerful algorithms make it possible for ChatGPT to look at a string of words and predict which word or words should come next. The “chat” portion of ChatGPT is a conversational interface (in the form of a chat window) where users can type questions, requests, or other prompts that ChatGPT responds to. It has proven to be a surprisingly powerful tool for generating all kinds of useful content — from writing prose to poems to code.

Given that, it’s not surprising that college students and job seekers alike have been exploring ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities to generate essays, cover letters, and resumes. But can ChatGPT really be trusted to write an effective resume? I tested it out.

Using ChatGPT to write a resume

Writing a resume on ChatGPT is fairly simple. You input a “prompt” or guidelines to tell the AI what you want, and then wait for it to generate results. To experiment, I asked ChatGPT to write a resume for me using a very basic prompt describing my past titles and roles.

Write a resume for me. I am the coauthor of the first best-selling book on conversational AI, Age of Invisible Machines . I’m also the CEO and co-founder of and the owner of UX Magazine. Previously I founded EffectiveUI, one of the world’s first user-centered design agencies, which was acquired by Ogilvy/WPP. Before working in design and technology, I was a sound editor for Warner Bros.

Here’s what ChatGPT wrote:

[Your name], CEO, Co-founder, Author, and Owner

Award-winning entrepreneur, co-author of a best-selling book on conversational AI, and experienced sound editor. Proven track record of leading successful companies and teams, and driving innovation in the design and technology industries. Demonstrated expertise in user experience design, conversational AI, and strategic planning.

*We’ve used strikethrough text on any elements that ChatGPT got wrong.


CEO and Co-founder,

Founded and lead, a cloud-based conversational AI platform that empowers businesses to automate customer engagement.

  • Successfully raised over $10 million in funding from top tier investors.
  • Built a team of over 50 employees and 500 customers, and achieved a 5-star rating on G2.
  • Recognized as a Leader in Conversational Computing by Forrester.

Owner, UX Magazine

Acquired UX Magazine, a leading publication on user experience design.

  • Expanded readership to over 200,000 subscribers and 2 million monthly visitors.
  • Established partnerships with major tech companies and universities.
  • Continuously published high-quality content and hosted successful events.

Co-author, Age of Invisible Machines

Co-authored the first best-selling book on conversational AI, Age of Invisible Machines.

  • Conducted extensive research on the history, present, and future of conversational AI.

Here’s what I learned:

The results were as expected. ChatGPT was advanced enough to go beyond writing a standard chronological resume and included what is now standard practice: a “summary” paragraph. Anywhere the resume needed specific details, GPT included a [placeholder text] space.

That said, the software was not perfect. What ChatGPT rendered for me was a lightly personalized (partially completed; partially incorrect) resume template. It organized the ideas I fed into the software and created a decent first draft. Beyond that, I had to look deeper at each section of the draft to edit the information that ChatGPT had generated for me.

So, should you use ChatGPT to write a resume?

The answer depends on what roles you’re looking for, and how ChatGPT can aid you. For instance, if you’re a good writer or are applying to roles that require you to be good at writing — like a reporter or a content director — it’s best to avoid using generative AI. ChatGPT won’t help you enhance or showcase your core skills of writing or language. It may actually do the opposite by making the employer question your credibility as a writer or content producer. The one exception may be if your potential employer is looking for content creators who can use generative AI tools to create higher quantities of useful content.

Outside roles that are specific to content writing, ChatGPT can be a useful ally as you craft your resume. The idea is not to rely on AI to create a final draft of your new resume or cover letter. Rather, use it as a tool to put together a strong first draft of your strengths and ideas. If you choose to go this route, be sure to consider these insights for the best possible results.

Double-check the draft for inaccuracies.

When I asked ChatGPT to write my own resume, it made incorrect guesses about my company,, especially related to funding and operations. It made an incorrect assumption that we’d raised money from investors. In reality, I bootstrapped my company to profitability for many years before our first round of investment. I had to manually edit that information in my own version of the document before presenting it to others.

Interestingly, the details that ChatGPT got wrong inspired me to improve my resume and think outside the box while editing the draft. The placeholders or gaps in information pushed me to consider more deeply the details I wanted to present and how those details would land with a recruiter or hiring manager. For instance, adding information about why I bootstrapped my company could signal to a potential employer my ability to sustain myself financially and not dilute the ownership of my startup.

ChatGPT has its own biases — but you can learn from them.

Beyond a tool for writing resumes, ChatGPT can also function a bit like a search engine (albeit one that hallucinates) — helping you learn about the most sought-after qualifications in your specific industry. If you’re early in your career and need some inspiration to get started, ChatGPT can provide the framework or a structure that helps you move forward in a more intentional manner.

For example, I told ChatGPT that I worked in design and technology and that I was formerly a sound editor for Warner Bros . ChatGPT then assumed that I’d attended film school (I didn’t). My background in experience design also likely led it to assign me Lean and Agile certifications that I don’t really have. These assumptions, while problematic, can signal to you, as an applicant, what the expectations of the role or industry you’re applying to may be.

You can also leverage the tool by feeding ChatGPT prompts like “What are the top three skills or strengths I should communicate to a hiring manager?” The responses aren’t guaranteed game-changers, but they might inspire you to rethink your draft through a different lens. Consider asking ChatGPT for a list of the best keywords to include in your resume for a particular job at a particular company to raise its visibility — both to application tracking software and the human eyeballs at the end of the line.

ChatGPT can allude to the best practices of resume writing.

ChatGPT can help you learn how to actually “write” a resume by showing you different resume formats and examples. When describing my accomplishments, for instance, ChatGPT led each bullet point with a verb. Leading with a “verb” when describing the tasks you’ve completed is a best practice, as well as including quantitative information about your projects, and highlighting important skills.

The ultimate goal is to not replace your own sensibilities. Rather, it’s to speed up your efforts. Think of it as having someone to rapidly collaborate with — they may not have all the facts, but they can help you by supplying perspective and copy.

If you do use ChatGPT, should you disclose?

Let’s say you collaborate with ChatGPT, write a great resume, and land an interview. Should you be honest about it?

Unless you talk about it, it’s unlikely you’ll be called out. OpenAI is said to be releasing a tool that can determine if something was written using ChatGPT, but it’s not producing reliable results so far . Beyond that, if you’ve used the technology in a collaborative manner, detecting its origin becomes even more difficult. Having said that, people are already developing an ear for content that “sounds like ChatGPT.” Often, what they’re detecting is poor prompt quality.

In many companies, however, and especially in the tech industry, hiring managers should be interested in a candidate who’s comfortable co-creating a resume and cover letter with generative AI . If that candidate can talk through the different iterative steps they used — the prompts they used, how they refined their search, and what they learned about the industry or the role in the process —  it’s an impressive skill for hiring managers. Well-written prompts get better results, and in some fields, effectively using ChatGPT is a skill in itself because it shows that you’re adaptable and willing to learn new things.

Unfortunately, some companies might see this collaboration with technology in a less favorable light. While most organizations will eventually need to make a shift that embraces changing technology (rather than fearing it), for now, it’s best to do your research on the company you’re applying to before deciding whether to disclose. Unless you have specific intel, it may be difficult to know for sure how a company will react.

Remember when spell-check technology came out? At first, there was a general hesitance toward using it. Employing a spell-checker might give off the impression that you weren’t meticulous or careful, and there was frequent discussion about whether or not using it was making people bad at spelling . It didn’t take long for the tables to turn. Once it was widely adopted, it became uncommon not to use spell-checker’s suggestions.

My point is, we use all sorts of technology every day — and while there’s been a lot of speculation about whether generative AI is coming for our jobs, I find myself agreeing with this sentiment: It’s not AI that’s coming for your job, it’s someone using AI coming for your job. Using tools like ChatGPT to help craft your resume may very well be the new norm in a few years’ time. That doesn’t make job candidates any less competent or relevant.

It takes significant human interaction to refine and polish the raw materials GPT provides. It also takes a human to come up with the idea of asking ChatGPT to write a resume. AI is deeply dependent on us. While it will certainly get better at performing the many tasks we set it to, it will likely continue to need our guidance and ideas.

We can all benefit from getting better at working with AI, or “co-botting” as I like to call it. Using ChatGPT to effectively produce a winning resume, in my opinion, is a step in that direction.

  • RW Robb Wilson , CEO and founder of OneReach and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Age of Invisible Machines , has spent more than two decades applying his deep understanding of user-centric design to unlocking hyper-automation. Robb built UX Magazine into the world’s largest experience design publication while simultaneously creating Effective UI, a full-service UX firm that competed with IDEO and Frog Design. Robb has also played a part in creating a wide variety of products, apps, and movies for clients like, DHL, Unilever, Expedia, Bosch, and more.

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    Salutation or greeting. Opening paragraph. Middle paragraph (s) Closing paragraph. Letter ending and signature. Your cover letter should be one page long and use a simple, professional font, such as Arial or Helvetica, 10 to 12 points in size. Your letter should be left-aligned with single spacing and one-inch margins.

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    Elina, a BCG recruitment manager, shares recommendations for students looking to intern at BCG and explains how to write a great internship application. Read on.

  12. Boston Consulting Group Cover Letter

    I have decided to apply for a position as a management consultant at BCG for its well-established reputation internationally and commitment to its nine values. I believe that my professional experiences have prepared me for the detailed, analytical and interpersonal components of compliance. This past summer, I worked with McKesson Corporation ...

  13. How To Write An Open Cover Letter (With Template and Example)

    Addressing your cover letter to a specific person in an organization can help it reach them and increase the chances they might review your application. Related: 7 Powerful Ways To Start a Cover Letter (With Examples) 2. Include contact details. Place your contact details in the top left corner of your open cover letter.

  14. Consulting Cover Letter That Lands Interviews: 2023 Guide

    Writing a solid consulting cover letter allows you to present your candidacy to the hiring managers. Here is a list of tips for writing a stellar consulting cover letter. 1. Research the Company Requirements. Interviewing candidates is expensive; it takes time and money to get excellent people on board.

  15. PDF Cover Letter Writing

    oPening ParagraPH use the opening paragraph to introduce your-self. state your reason for writing and how you learned about the organization and/or position. if someone referred you, include the person's name and affiliation with that employer.

  16. Consulting Cover Letter Tips (and Template)

    VDOMDHTMLtml> Consulting Cover Letter Tips (and Template) | Caseinterview This is a guide for writing a consulting cover letter. Learn how to craft a cover letter from practical tips and a free consulting cover letter template. This is a guide for writing a consulting cover letter.

  17. Cover Letter

    Berkeley Haas Career Management Group Cover Letter Cover letters provide context for your resume and your story. A strong cover letter will succinctly tell a prospective employer why you're interested in working for them, how your skills and experiences align with the role, and explain why this position is the right next step for your career.

  18. Bain Cover Letter Sample

    Many candidates overlook this simple detail when writing their cover letters. In fact, according to feedback from top employers listed in the book, The 100 Best Companies to Work For, 91% implied that addressing a cover letter to the appropriate individual improves an applicant's chances of getting an interview. This is because it reflects ...

  19. Consulting Cover Letter

    Consulting Cover Letter | Caseinterview Learn how to write a consulting cover letter that gets you the interview including my tips on the 2 items you must include in your consulting cover letter.

  20. How to write a killer cover letter

    Tell a good story Once you've determined what matters to employers, figure out what type of story you want to tell about yourself -- and be succinct. "The best cover letters tend to be short...

  21. How to Write a Cover Letter When You Have No Experience

    Focus on showcasing your skills and experiences rather than forcefully inserting keywords without proper context. 6. Express Your Enthusiasm. Next, as you end your cover letter, show your enthusiasm for the role and the company. It will show your potential employer that you are passionate about the opportunity.

  22. A Quick Guide to Writing a Fax Cover Sheet or Cover Letter

    A cover letter for a fax should include more information about the fax. However, it shouldn't recap too much information from the fax or from the cover sheet. Much like a cover letter for a resume, it should be a brief overview of the information included in the resume, instead of a retelling.

  23. Should You Use ChatGPT to Write a Resume?

    Using ChatGPT to write a resume. Writing a resume on ChatGPT is fairly simple. You input a "prompt" or guidelines to tell the AI what you want, and then wait for it to generate results. To ...

  24. CVs & Cover Letters

    How to write an office assistant cover letter (3 examples) Learn how to write an office assistant cover letter and discover why cover letters are important, with a template and three examples to help you write your own. 46. 47. 48.

  25. How to Write a Safety Manager Resume (With a Template)

    Below, you can explore a helpful guide on how to write a safety manager resume: 1. Review a resume template. Before writing your resume, consider reviewing some resume templates. These templates can allow you to create multiple resumes consistently and efficiently. A resume template typically outlines the type of content to include on your ...