Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School

Letter of recommendation for nursing school aims to recommend a particular student for admission to a medical or graduate school. The recommendation letter also characterizes a person when applying for employment in a hospital or clinic.

Due to the high competition in medicine, the nurses’ recommendation letters have a lot of weight. The paper usually characterizes the student as an ideal future employee in the field. Therefore, this form is a crucial determinant of the decision the admissions committee reaches. In common practice, medical schools require three letters of recommendation to get a comprehensive knowledge of the applicant.

We have prepared a general overview of this form for you. The article covers the main clauses of nurse reference letters and the general rules of writing one. It also contains samples of letters for different recipients. However, this information is not entirely comprehensive. Each medical school has its rules for creating recommendation papers, so please refer to educational institutions’ official websites for more details.

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Who Writes the Recommendations?

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Any person intending to join a nursing school should have three recommendation letters. Usually, two letters are written by science professors and one by a non-science professor. The author of the recommendation should be the applicant’s teacher of a class the applicant is scoring high grades. Only then can the recommendations be considered convincing, especially since they can give examples of your good educational achievement.

If your professor teaches in a large class where they cannot spend enough time getting to know you better, request your teaching assistant. They can help your head professor write a recommendation letter and provide relevant information about your aspirations and achievements. An alternative is to meet the professor during their working hours and be more active so that they remember you as an extraordinary student.

Other people who can author recommendation letters are the director of the graduate school, the head of a research project, and the head of a volunteer program. In other words, it is almost any person who stands both for academic and administrative positions. Anyone considered powerful enough in your educational institution is suitable to write the letter. The author’s institutional position is vital, so it is indicated in the letter header.

You can request any of the persons mentioned above to write a letter of recommendation. To let the professor or assistant understand what information should be included, provide them with your CV, application for admission, and information about the school or graduate school program. These documents help the author make the best recommendation and link your past and current achievements to the prospects for the academic program. Using these details, the writer can present a portfolio that meets the requirements of the school.

The student can take care of a good recommendation in advance. It does not mean that you need to be an upstart for the sake of the letter. However, when in the classroom, remember that classroom work is essential not just for the current learning process but also for your future. A good relationship with the professor will help to get a truthful nursing student letter of recommendation.

As we have already noted, the letter of recommendation can be a decisive factor to accept or reject an applicant. Therefore, the author of the letter should carefully consider all the points of the content. Since this letter characterizes the applicant, it should include a list of positive qualities and prove their prospects in school or graduate school. However, the letter should not be like a piece of fiction writing on “how excellent my student is.” Below, we will look at the key points and their purpose.

In terms of content, the nursing character reference letter contains two parts, namely identification and informational. The identification data includes the applicant’s full name, the name and address of the institution where they study, the author’s name and their contact details, and the calendar date of the letter compilation. Please be sure that you have specified the full legal names. Even if you work at a well-known college or school, avoid abbreviations and colloquialisms.

The information or content part concerns the academic achievements and prospects of the medical school applicant. Reveal the relationship between the author and the applicant, that is, how long you have known each other. List the achievements of the person you are writing about and the unique traits that make them competitive. Describe the results of their previous academic work. Highlight their progress over the years of training under your guidance and convincingly prove their potential for the future.

Conclude the description with an indication of the reasons why the applicant will undoubtedly succeed. Provide facts, refer to certificates, and mention internships to confirm your theses. Remember that the recommendation should be comprehensive. As the University of Washington campus website states, a good recommendation letter reveals academic achievement, while a great one also demonstrates the student’s personal qualities. The next

section of this article describes how to present the points mentioned above in the letter’s main body.

Structurally speaking, the letter contains three parts: the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. Besides, do not forget to specify such formalities as the header and signature. Let us look at these points step by step.

1. Letterhead

Enter the full name of the author of the message. Provide information about the educational institution.

2. Introduction

Salute the reader and outline your position in the educational institution. Specify your role and department. Briefly introduce the applicant, indicating their current status and the nature of your relationship. Also, specify how long you have known each other.

3. Main Body

This part usually consists of two paragraphs. Generally, the first covers the student’s academic achievements, while the second reveals their personal characteristics.

In the first paragraph, specify the student’s grades and internships, if any. Demonstrate their progress during the training and qualities that led them to success, confirming continuous academic development. This paragraph covers more general information, while the following one details the data.

In the second paragraph, specify the character traits that help the student deal with tasks and cooperate with classmates and teachers. Show the student’s perseverance in achieving academic goals, their organizational and leadership skills. Give examples of cases when the student participated in the organization of school events and describe why your student is an ideal candidate for the nurse’s position.

In both paragraphs, provide anecdotes confirming your thesis, as well as the names of certificates, internships, and other achievements. Your goal in this part is to prove your student’s uniqueness and peculiarity and their prospects in the academic field. Use the usual rhetorical scheme when the thesis is accompanied by an anecdote that confirms the statement.

4. Conclusion

Summarize the key points of your comments above. Emphasize the connection of the student’s education and experience with the academic program for admission. Specify your phone number and email address and state that you are ready to provide additional information, if necessary.

5. Verification

Affix your signature and the date when you wrote the letter.

Before we get to the sample recommendations for nurses, let us pin down what to do and avoid when writing the letter.

It would help if you did the following:

You should avoid:

Now you can use sample letters of recommendation for nurses to make an application. Remember that you can adjust the paragraphs under the college or university requirements where the applicant enters.

Recommendation Letter for a Nursing Student

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am proud to recommend ___________ (full applicant’s name), who is applying for admission to the ___________ (name of the university) University’s nursing program. I have taught them in the four courses during ___________ (duration, for example, term(s) or academic year(s)). Along this time, they have shown outstanding academic ability and hard work.

As ___________’s (applicant’s name) teacher, I have witnessed their passion for subjects related to family medicine and child health. To this, they attended courses ___________ (list the subjects that are related to the student’s future specialization). ___________ (applicant’s name) has been an active participant in nursing seminars, which (he or she) has always carefully prepared for in advance. In ___________ (specify the dates) (he or she) spoke at a student panel discussion with a report on ___________ (indicate the topic). (He or She) prepared a report for the ___________ conference (name the conference) and made a presentation on ___________ (specify the date).

I do not know a more hardworking and patient person than ___________ (applicant’s name). I have always admired (his or her) compassion and empathy for patients. These qualities, however, do not prevent (him or her) from strictly and carefully compiling medical records. Diligence and ___________ (name other positive personal attributes) make (him or her) an outstanding student who is willing to learn constantly.

___________’s (applicant’s name) dedication and kindness make (him or her) worthy of your nursing program. I am deeply convinced that (he or she) will make a meaningful and crucial contribution if accepted. I am ready to provide you with more information about ___________’s (applicant’s name) academic achievements, so do not hesitate to contact me via ___________ (your phone number) or ___________ (email address).

Recommendation Letter for Nurse Practitioner

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter confidently recommends ___________ (full applicant’s name), who has worked as a nurse practitioner at ___________ (name the institution) under my supervision for ___________ (specify the term). During this time, (he or she) has shown professionalism and empathy towards patients, which is a rare combination.

___________ (applicant’s name) is the most hardworking and involved person I have ever supervised. (He or She) makes creative and intelligent use of the high-quality education (he or she) acquired at ___________ (name the college or university). (He or She) always finds a solution in difficult situations (provide an anecdote). ___________ (applicant’s name) desire to develop and study medical cases in detail is overwhelming. During (his or her) work, (he or she) had an internship ___________ (specify the name, duration, and location) regarding nursing issues.

___________ (applicant’s name) is always able to find a personal approach to the patient, making (his or her) stay in the clinic not only productive but also pleasant. The quality of (his or her) work is proven with practice since patients know (him or her) and seek (his or her) services. I will not exaggerate if I say that ___________ (applicant’s name) is in some way the face of our clinic.

I am sad to see ___________ (applicant’s name) leave our clinic, but I confidently recommend (him or her) for any nursing position as they deserve it. At (his or her) current job, (he or she) has established (himself or herself) as a brilliant, responsible, and executive employee. I am convinced that having (him or her) as a member of your staff will be a valuable asset. If you would like to know more, please call ___________ (your phone number) or email ___________ (email address) me.

Recommendation Letter for Nursing Graduate School

Knowing your graduate program as having high academic standards with a personal approach to students, I recommend ___________ (full applicant’s name) for admission. I have known (him or her) as (his or her) teacher for ___________ (specify the term) at ___________ (name the university). (He or she)  is, forsooth, the most talented student in the class.

Throughout (him or her) training, ___________ (applicant’s name) maintained a consistently high learning score. (He or she) attended additional electives related to nursing, such as ___________ (name the courses and specify the number of credits). (He or she)  also took part in conferences within our university and other educational institutions. These are such events as ___________ (list the names of conferences and panel discussions and specify the dates). During the practical classes, ___________ (applicant’s name) proved to be capable of applying theoretical knowledge appropriately.

___________ (applicant’s name) knows how to keep (his or her) cool and works well under pressure, which is a valuable quality for a nurse. (He or she)  is a calm and patient person who can find a solution quickly when it is necessary. ___________ (applicant’s name) has a sound mind and never panics. Despite (his or her)  high workload, (he or she) always helps classmates and colleagues who are stuck in their endeavors.

With (his or her) outstanding abilities in mind, I strongly recommend ___________ (applicant’s name) for your program. I am sure that (his or her) graduate training will give our medicine a highly educated worker, whether they are a theorist or a practitioner after that. I am ready to tell you more about ___________ (applicant’s name), so if you have any questions, please send them to the email ___________ (point out address) or call me by phone ___________ (specify the number).

As you can see, a letter of recommendation for a nurse is a paper that has a balance between personal and formal . On the one hand, you should follow a structure that will help you present your opinion succinctly and consistently. On the other hand, this document does not assume a universal formal language, as in tax returns. The author is supposed to improvise within certain limits. Use bright adjectives and precise characteristics that are memorable. Be sure to provide anecdotes; otherwise, the narrative will not be convincing enough!

If you are a student, provide your professor with your application and all the information on the program. If you are a professor, talk to the student before writing a recommendation to get more up-to-date information about their academic goals. The same applies to the supervisor or employer writing a letter of recommendation for a nurse.

Nursing School Application Cover Letter Example in

Nursing school cover letter

Need a nursing school application cover letter example? Look no further. Nursing school applications can be tough and writing a formal cover letter requires a bit of guidance. Nursing school application cover letters can be a great way to emphasize your professional work experience or volunteer work as you apply for nursing school. But unlike a personal statement, cover letters are bit more structured and formal writing. Nursing admissions consulting services can certainly help coach students on writing cover letters but reading nursing school application cover letter examples is a good place to start, too! In this blog, we’ll look at what a nursing school cover letter is and how to write a strong cover letter. At the bottom, we’ve also included some samples of nursing cover letters.

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Article Contents 7 min read

What is a nursing school application cover letter.

A nursing school application cover letter works almost the same as a cover letter for any job application. For prospective nursing school students, a cover letter is the introduction to your application package, and a way of introducing yourself on paper to the admissions committee of a school. It is similar to a nursing school letter of intent or nursing school personal statement , but there are some key differences.

Firstly, a cover letter is typically shorter and more formal than a personal statement. It also tends to focus on your professional work experience, volunteer experience and skillset. A nursing school cover letter is designed to demonstrate why you are a good fit for a nursing program and how you will be an excellent future medical professional. A letter of intent or personal statement usually examines your personal motivations, experiences and reasons for wanting to become a nurse. It’s your way of answering the question ‘ why do you want to be a nurse ?’.

A nursing school application cover letter is a formal letter, typically no more than one page long. Or about 200-400 words maximum. Since the word count is low, you’ll need to be fairly concise and get to your point. You’ll also need to limit yourself to only a few points and keep things relevant. Like other formal letters, such as letters of intent, they include several important sections, which we’ve outlined below.

Restate why you are an ideal choice for the program and what you bring to the table. Invite them to get in touch if they have any questions about your application. Use a formal, polite salutation to close your letter. "}]'>

Writing a good cover letter means convincing the admissions committee that you are a prime candidate or a nursing program and to give you a chance to interview with them. To do so, you want to provide evidence of your candidacy by sharing key experiences or skills you have. Then align those experiences to the nursing school’s program values. The cover letter allows you an opportunity to highlight the most important sections of your application package and demonstrate how you will become an excellent future nursing professional. There are many different kinds of experiences you can emphasize in your cover letter, even if you don’t have much work experience in health care or related jobs. Read some physician cover letter examples or MBA cover letter examples to get a better idea of what kind of experiences to include. You can also look at some ERAS experience section examples to see what kind of professional and personal experiences admissions committees like to see.

Next we’ll look at what kind of experiences to include in your nursing school cover letter—and what to leave out!

If you have any nursing certifications such as a CPR course, or have achieved anything noteworthy in your academic or personal life, such as a lifeguarding save at the community pool, definitely include these in your cover letter! These can be excellent examples of what you have to offer the nursing profession, and your dedication to living by the values of the profession. ","label":"Certifications or achievements","title":"Certifications or achievements"}]' code='tab1' template='BlogArticle'>

What not to include

Your cover letter is relatively short, so avoid using too many details or launching into extensive personal anecdotes or stories. Avoid getting lost in the weeds or using irrelevant examples. Be sure to show why your chosen examples are relevant to the nursing school’s values or the nursing profession. It’s also important not to repeat too much information from your resume or other parts of your application. Elaborate and expand, but don’t just rehash old information.

Here we’ve included some samples of nursing school cover letters for your reference. Use these examples to help you write your own cover letter for nursing school!

Dear Director Higgins,

I am writing today as part of my application to your program at [Nursing School]. I am a recent graduate of [Pre-med university] and I am excited to take this next step in becoming a nursing professional. In my application you will see that I exceed the stated qualifications for your program intake, but first allow me to share with you why I believe I will be an excellent nursing student.

Throughout my undergraduate years, I have worked as a server at a family restaurant. In my years of working there, I have cultivated many desirable soft skills that make a good professional nurse, such as strong communication skills, diplomacy and conflict management. In interacting with the customers and other staff, I have developed an ease in managing all kinds of different individuals. Working alongside a restaurant team has also been very rewarding for my personal skill development, as it is a fast-paced and sometimes chaotic environment. It is challenging, but strong teamwork and collaboration is essential, and I have learned effective ways to work as part of the team.

I am also proud to have some experience in caring for patients. Although I have not had the opportunity to provide for human patients, I volunteer my free hours at an animal shelter, helping to care for sick animals, do routine cleaning and medication administration. I am consistently recognized for my strong work ethic, my compassion for the animals we help and my steady hands when helping the staff vet administer injectable medications. I have found working with these animals to be incredibly rewarding, and I look forward to an opportunity to work with human patients as a professional nurse.

I believe my experiences have give me a solid introduction to the work of a nurse, and I am excited to continue my education in health care. I will be an enthusiastic student in the classroom and no doubt an excellent example of the kind of nurse [Nursing School] can produce. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my application. I look forward to your reply.

Sanjay Deepa

  Writing a letter of intent instead? Read this infographic.

Free Webinar: How to Make Your Nursing School Application Stand Out ","buttonText":"Register Now!","buttonColor":"#ffffff","bannerUnderText":" Limited Spots Available ","trustpilot":false}' :url='"https:\/\/bemoacademicconsulting.com\/nursing-app-webinar-registration"' code='banner2' background-color='#000066' button-color='#ffffff' banner-image=''> Sample #2

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing this letter to share my qualifications for admission at [Nursing School] in this application cycle. I am a graduate of [University] and I have dedicated myself to gaining the needed experience in healthcare for the past several summers. My goal is to enter a career as a nurse in a women’s health centre or health clinic.

In pursuit of this goal, I have been gaining shadowing experience with several nurses at the [Name] Women’s Health Clinic in [City]. It was important to me to have multiple shadowing experiences so I could get some insight into my future career from actual practicing nurses and see firsthand what treating patients was like. I have found these experiences incredibly rewarding, as I have been able to assist with patients and earn valuable experience interacting with them in a clinical setting. Shadowing has shown me what I can realistically expect from a career in women’s health, and it has solidified my decision to enter this field of medicine. I have also been fortunate to meet a team of dedicated and talented nurses who have shared with me their insights on working in women’s health. Their advice and guidance on my burgeoning clinical skills has been a valuable teaching experience for me. Several of these nurses have also agreed to write letters of recommendation for me which you will find in my application package.

My shadowing experiences have given me a solid foundation of nursing and I am looking forward to starting my journey to becoming a women’s health care nurse. Please feel free to contact me at the email address or phone number on my application. I look forward to enrolling in the fall semester.

Kind Regards,

Alexandra Clopin

To write a cover letter for nursing school, use a formal letter format with the addressee’s name and title, an introduction, body and conclusion, followed by a formal salutation and closing. You should also include your contact information and details. 

While a cover letter for nursing school is not always required, it can be a good idea to include one anyways. A good cover letter can help your application by providing some context or expanding on the information in your application.

To write a strong cover letter for nursing school, include the best and most meaningful of your professional or volunteer work experiences. Highlight the skills and abilities you have that relate to the nursing profession and provide clear, relevant examples.

Cover letters use a formal letter structure, as well as the familiar introduction, body and conclusion for the main sections of the letter. 

A nursing school cover letter might include examples of your work experience, any skills, achievements or certifications you have that relate to your ability to become a good nursing professional, or how your personal values and commitment align with the nursing school’s mission and values. 

No, a cover letter is not always a requirement for nursing school applications. Some nursing programs may ask for one, or they may state it as an optional part of your application. 

Begin a cover letter for nursing school with a “Dear [Name and Title]. Try to address your letter to a specific person. If you’re not sure who will be reading the letter, use “Dear Admissions Committee” or similar. Avoid using “To Whom it May Concern.”

Cover letters are used to “pitch yourself” and secure an interview opportunity. They are an admission committee’s first impression of who you are and what you bring to the table. To pitch yourself in a cover letter means convincing the admissions committee that you have the experience, drive and skills to succeed in a nursing program. Essentially, you sell them on the idea that you are a prime candidate.

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formal application letter for nursing


[Letter Date]

[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Anna Jones regarding her application to XYZ Hospital. I have had the pleasure of being Anna's resident adviser for the last three years. She has been an asset for us and has consistently delivered exceptional quality patient care. She exhibited natural leadership abilities on the floor and displayed quick thinking under pressure. Her critical thinking skills are above par and are a valuable asset in her field. She was also very empathic, kindhearted, diligent, and professional during her time with us. She exhibits outstanding nursing potential and would make a valuable addition to your healthcare team. I strongly recommend Ms. Anna Jones for employment at XYZ Hospital. In the case of any query or confirmation, please contact me.

Sincerely, [Senders Name] [Senders Title] -Optional-

[Enclosures: number] - Optional - cc: [Name of copy recipient] - Optional -

Reference sample letter for a nursing student applying at a hospital.

Further things to consider when writing reference letters to schools

Further things to consider when writing reference letters to schools

Reference Letters

Reference letters are letters written to endorse someone's general character and personality. A reference letter differs from a recommendation letter in that the latter supports the person's application for a specific job or education program and is usually addressed to a particular person. A reference letter is more general in nature, refers to the overall character of the person, and is not addressed to anyone in particular. It is normally addressed as "Dear sir/madam," or "To whom it may concern." The person who writes the reference letter is known as the referee, and he/she could be a close friend or colleague. For you to write good reference letters, you need to know the candidates well to be able to express their best character. Start off with a salutation and the name of the person the letter is about. Write a sentence or two explaining how you know the person and for how long. Mention the strong qualities, characteristics, and strengths of the person in question. Giving brief examples, discuss why you feel the person will be a great addition to office and work culture. Use strong verbs but do not exaggerate. Conclude with your contacts and signature.

Letters to Schools

Letters to schools are letters written to institutions designed to provide learning environment and spaces to pupils and students. There are many times when you may feel the need to write to a school administration. Maybe you want to recommend a student or employee or want to apply for an academic program. Perhaps your child has a disability, and you want to make sure that he/she is receiving special education services. Whatever the issue, putting your thoughts in writing avoids confusion since it provides you and the recipient with a record of your request. It is, therefore, crucial to keep a copy of any letter you send. All letters to schools must use the standard business letter style. Start your letter with the proper address and salutation. Introduce yourself and explain the reason for your letter clearly and concisely. Depending on the content of your letter, provide any documentation that gives the recipient reference to the case or clarifies your concerns. Keep the tone polite, respectful, and professional. Close by thanking the recipient for his/her time and with a note of anticipation of positive feedback. Sign off and proofread the final draft before sending it.

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scholarship application letter for masters degree template

Scholarship Application Letter Financial Need Template

scholarship application letter financial need template

Employment Application Letter Template

employment application letter template

Email Job Application Letter Template

email job application letter template

Free Formal Application Letter Format

free formal application letter format

Free Application Letter Format

free application letter format

Free Business Application Letter Format

free business application letter format

Business Application Letters

Official formal business.

formal business application letter

Informal Business Administration

business administration application letter

Leave Application Letters

Medical leave.

medical leave application letter

Short Leave Application Approval Letter

leave application approval letter

Maternity Leave

maternity leave application letter

3 Best Ideas for Application Letters

How to Send an Email Application Letter

Scholarship application letters, scholarship grant application letter.

scholarship grant application letter

Scholarship Request Application Letter

scholarship request application letter

Scholarship Application Recommendation Letter

scholarship application recommendation letter

Bank Application Letters

Investment department banking analyst.

investment bank application letter

College Application Letter

College scholarship form.

college scholarship application letter

College Admission

college admission application letter

College Application Recommendation Letter to Principal

college application recommendation letter

Common Mistakes in an Application Letter

Grant Application Letter

Student grant.

student grant application letter

Grant Application Rejection Letter

grant application rejection letter

Finance Internship

finance internship application letter

Internship Job Vacancy Application Letter

internship job application letter

Internship Application Cover Letter

internship application cover letter

IT Application Letters

Sample it job application letter.

it application letter format

IT Specialist Job

it job application letter

IT University Internship

it internship application letter

Job Application Letters

Teaching job application letter.

teaching job application letter

IT Job Application Cover Letter

job application cover letter

Job Application Rejection Letter

job application rejection letter

Details Not Included in an Application Letter

Different types of application letters.

Loan Application Letters

Salary loan.

salary loan application letter

Business Loan Application Letter Format

business loan application letter template

Loan Officer

loan officer application letter

Marketing Application Letters

Marketing officer introduction.

marketing officer application letter

Marketing Manager

marketing manager application letter

Nursing Job Application Letters

Nursing graduate job application letter.

nursing student application letter

Nursing Job

nursing school application letter

Sample Nursing Job Application Letter

nursing job application letter

Rental Application Letters

General apartment rental.

apartment rental application letter

Professional Rental Application Reference Letter

rental application reference letter

Rental Property

rental property application letter

Teacher Application Letters

Teacher job.

teacher job application letter

Teacher Assistant

teacher assistant application letter

High School Teacher Employment

high school teacher application letter

Guidelines in Making Application Letters

More in letters.

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