Class IX Biology Notes

Class 9 biology notes for fbise, chapter 1 - introduction to biology, terminology, review questions, review mcqs, important mcqs, chapter 2 - solving a biological problem, chapter 3 - biodiversity, chapter 4 - cells and tissues, chapter 5 - cell cycle, chapter 6 - enzymes, chapter 7 - bioenergetics, chapter 8 - nutrition, chapter 9 - transport, terminology used in the books (all).

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Class 9 Biology

Chapters for Class 9 Biology

Biology is a crucial study of life. The clear study of Class 9 Biology helps the students clear their concepts regarding living organisms and environment in which they flourish. Since biology is totally dependent upon the functioning of cells and genes, the study is totally assisted by us in clearing their concepts. The sole objective at Physics Wallah is to bring credibility through science in every question answered.

Why Class 9 Biology Notes Are Important?

In this page Physics Wallah created additional resource of class 9 Biology we have divided the entire syllabus of class 9 science into three part of science physics, chemistry and biology . This section we will discuss class 9 Biology . Our extensive study pattern and teaching methodology make sure students can climb the ladder of success. Class 9 biology is crucial in achieving success in the field associated with medical and pharmaceutical. We through our extensive research bring students with optimum strategy to attain goals. We provide our students with best in class study material for Class 9 biology to score great marks. Our teaching methodology through study material brings a feeling of appreciation among the students towards biology.

Class 9 Biology Notes

How To Study Class 9 Biology Effectively?

The study material for Class 9 biology we provide at Entracei works like a stimulant to score better marks in examination. The team curating subject material is well experienced in delivering quality study material. Our team comprises of subject experts with an extensible experience in forging out most crucial Class 9 biology study material. The Class 9 biology is so designed that, it helps the students to get acquainted with the examination pattern. We make sure, all the study material associated with Class 9 biology is drafted in such a manner, that it is agile in every aspect. All the files associated with study material are available for free download. The chapter separated files of Class 9 biology are intended to bring maximum benefits for students with their exams very close. The greatest of all benefit through this study material is that it can be studied at instance of time. In order to attain academic excellence students can solve them easily.

When you start revision the most important think you required is science formula if all science formula are in one page for a chapter it will help you to revise faster. So start making your Science Formula   notes from today. To help you out academic team of Physics Wallah prepared class 9 science formula in one page for effective revision.

Why Physics Wallah is best for Class 9 Biology

Considering the benefits one can reap through are limitless. It might be greatly frustrating for the students while continuously sitting in front of the heaps of study material, where Class 9 biology can come to your rescue. All the Class 9 biology notes have been provided in a very concise PDF format and freely available to download. The literature and theoretical provided in Class 9 biology are prepared by subject experts and effective in every term. The students looking forward to scoring extensive marks can completely rely upon the Class 9 biology by Physics Wallah .

Since time is a very precious aspect when considering examination preparation, so Class 9 biology are prepared in a very concise manner. The solution to every question and topic is prepared under the very keen guidance of experts in order to give in-depth knowledge of Class 9 biology. At Physics Wallah , we are your guide for Class 9 biology at every hour. The complete study material has been made very useful and effective. We at Physics Wallah believe in leaving a deeper impact in terms of learning and teaching. Join the Class 9 biology course of Physics Wallah to attain greater marks in your examination. do solve the questions given in the NCERT text book with the help of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science .

Right approach to study Class 9 Biology

Class 9 Biology syllabus is linked with class 11th syllabus and class 10th syllabus is linked with class 12th syllabus. If you are planning to prepare for competitive exams such as NTSC, Olympiads, Medical -NEET, JIPMER AIIMS then student have to prepare early. A student should aware how to prepare for such exams along with class 9 Biology . Make proper notes of each topic solve all questions of NCERT book and read few reference books too , after completing the NCRET book theory if you wants to enhanced your learning read the additional theory of class 9 science – biology from Physics Wallah and solve the objective question given in each chapter , and at last when you learn the chapter go for chapter wise online test this will give you addition confidence to handle any exam in your life .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why Class 9 Biology is important?

Ans.  Biology is a very essential subject in a student’s life. It is a subject that explains all aspects of life on Earth. The clear study of class 9 biology helps students to clear their concepts about living organisms and the environment in which we grow. Learning biology opens many career opportunities like doctors, pharmacists, zoologists, etc.

Q2. Why Physics Wallah is best for CBSE Class 9 Biology?

Ans.  Physics Wallah academic team is made up of a team of highly experienced teachers who have prepared special academic resources for class 9 biology. You can get Class 9 chapter-by-chapter biology notes with the addition of resolved and unresolved examples. Each chapter of class 9 biology notes consists of one to five exercises with objective type questions that have improved your knowledge of the chapters. NCERT Class 9 solutions will help you excel in the exam prepared by our academic team, on the same page; you will get an online quiz by chapter for class 9 of biology. You can also view important questions for class 9 biology and biology formulas.

Q3. How can you score more marks in Class 9 Biology?

Ans.  Your class 9 biology paper contains MCQs and questions based on drawings that are easy to answer. To score points, go through the correctly labeled diagrams and answers for the MCQs covered in Physics Wallah  solutions. You can create your own instructions and notes to quickly remember processes, such as the reproductive and digestive process when you practice the solutions. Never try to attempt doubtful questions, which are unclear to you, as this will take time. Students often read questions as quickly as they want, read them carefully, and avoid guesswork.

Q4. How many chapters are in class 9 biology and what are important topics?

Ans.  Class 9 biology consists of 6 chapters which are mentioned here –

Some important topics that you can study using Physics Wallah solutions are the fundamental unit of life, plant group and animal group, important resources, and others. For Most Important Questions (MIQs), you can go to our site.

Q5. Apart from NCERT solutions, do I need do use other resources for class 9 biology revision?

Ans.  NCERT Solutions for Biology Class 9 are valuable for review, in addition to being an excellent study resource. However, effective time management allows you to use additional exam preparation resources such as sample documents, revision notes, and practice tests which are prepared by the Physics Wallah team to improve your exam score.

Q6. How to make class 9 Biology notes?

Ans.  Read the chapters carefully and understand all the important points.

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Biology Notes Class 9

Biology notes class 9 | icse quality study materials.

Our Motive is to provide Free & Compulsory Education for all. We are confident that you will love to visit our site again because we are providing ICSE quality study materials for Biology and We are working hard to provide you with the Unique ICSE Biology Notes class 9.

Introducing Biology

Human Biology is the study of man as a living organism and the relationship of man with other living organisms. The study of living things, namely plants, animals and human beings, is called Biology. Read more

Five Kingdom Classification

One of the earliest systems of classification, called the Two Kingdom Classification, was proposed by Carolus Linnaeus in 1758. Read more

Digestive System

Digestion is the process of breakdown down naturally occurring foodstuffs into a diffusible form. It is a process which makes the foods soluble and of such a chemical nature that they can be absorbed through living membranes. R ead more

The Respiratory System

Respiration is the catabolic process of releasing energy from simple sugar, glucose, for carrying out various life processes. R ead more

Respiration in Plants

Respiration is a catabolic process of releasing energy from a simple sugar—glucose—for carrying out various life processes. R ead more

Cells: The Unit of Life

The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms. It is the smallest part of the body of an organism, capable of independent existence and able to perform all the essential functions of life. Read more

Tissues: Plant Tissues and Animal Tissues

A tissue is a group of cells having a common origin, similar structure and function and held together by a cementing substance. Example: Connective tissue. Read more

Pollination and Fertilization

Pollination is the process of transfer of pollen grains from the anther of a stamen to the stigma of a carpel of a flower. The transfer of pollen grains from the anther of a flower to the stigma of the same flower or another flower on the same plant is called self-pollination . R ead more

Economic Importance of Bacteria and Fungi

Bacteria are the most primitive unicellular prokaryotic organisms which do not have a well-defined nucleus and are not enclosed within a nuclear membrane. Read more

A flower is a specialized shoot in which the leaves are modified to form floral structures. A flower which has all four whorls, calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium, is called a complete flower. Examples: Hibiscus, rose, sunflower etc. Read more

Vegetative Propagation and Micropropagation

Vegetative propagation or vegetative reproduction is a form of asexual reproduction in which a relatively large, differentiated part of the plant’s body gets detached from the parent plant and develops into an independent plant. Read more

Movement and Locomotion

The body of living organisms is made up of an important framework of bones called the skeletal system or the skeleton. The skeleton consists of bones, cartilages, ligaments, tendons and fascia. R ead more

Structure of Seeds and Germination

Before moving onto the ‘Structure of seeds’ you should learn about the seed. The seed is a mature and ripened ovule of a flower which is formed after fertilization. It stores food material for the nourishment of the embryo during germination. Read more

Waste Generation and Management

Waste is any substance which is discarded after its primary use, or it is worthless, defective and of no further use. Examples: Spoilt food, vegetable peels, leaves, wood, grass, paper, leather, cotton, cattle dung etc. In this article, you will find Safe Waste disposal methods. Read more

Diseases: Cause and Control

A condition of the body in which vital functions are disturbed physiologically or psychologically is called a disease. Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. R ead more

Aids to Health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. Immunity is the ability of an organism to resist the attack of antigens or pathogens. R ead more

Health Organizations

Health is one of the primary concerns of all the governments of the world. Governments strive to take steps individually, at the national level and globally to safeguard the health interests of their citizens. Read more

Skin ~ Functions, Structure, Components

The skin is the largest organ of the body. The lowermost layer of the skin which contains adipose tissue, Insulates the skin, acts as a shock absorber and anchors the skin to the underlying bones and muscles. Read more

The science and practice of maintaining good health are known as hygiene. The main factors which contribute to personal hygiene and good health are. Read more

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Class 9 Biology Notes

9th Class Biology PDF Notes ( Urdu and English Medium ) – Class 9 Biology Notes.

9th Class Biology Full Syllabus Urdu Medium Notes:   9th Biology UM – Smart Notes

9th Class Biology English Medium Notes.

9th Class Biology Chapter 1 PDF Notes: Click Here

9th Class Biology Chapter 2 & 3 PDF Notes: Click Here

9th Class Biology Chapter 4 & 5 PDF Notes: Click Here

9th Class Biology Chapter 6 & 7 PDF Notes: Click Here

9th Class Biology Chapter 8 PDF Notes: Click Here

9th Class Biology Chapter 9 PDF Notes: Click Here

9th Class Important English Medium MCQs: Click Here

Click Here for Success Paper.

For 9th Class Test Series, Click Here.

For 9th Class PDF MCQs, Click Here.

For More Notes:  Click Here

Full Syllabus Biology PDF Smart Urdu & English Medium Notes for class 9 (SSC Part I) are the outcome of the hard work of Urdu and English Medium Smart Notes by the NOTESPK team of teachers and other staff members. (Smart Notes is the name of free PDF notes prepared by Sir Nauman Sadaf for Hard work is the essence of human life. With the passage of time, mankind has been working and struggling hard since old times. The world as we see it today, is the result of the hard work, struggle, commitment, and firm resolution of a lot of people. As it is said that hard work is the key to success, we should work hard to achieve success, as Al Hamdu LILLAH, we have achieved in making and compiling the Smart Urdu & English Medium Notes and test series of Secondary School Certificate Part I; Biology. But, one thing that should be kept in mind is that there must be a plan, a future map before we work hard because we need a destination to reach after hard work and struggle. Our website team is also struggling for the best, Ma Sha ALLAH.

Class 9 Biology (Urdu & English Medium) free PDF Urdu & English Medium Notes are a good example of hard work. Work is the part and parcel of our daily life which makes us active and smart. It is the most important cause of human growth, success, and development of the day, so is the case with the  NOTESPK team that has developed and prepared a lot of free PDF Urdu & English Medium Notes for the welfare of students and teachers. NOTESPK team has put its countless efforts into our notes and tests for Biology (Urdu & English Medium) of level 9 (Matric Part 1). Hard work is when we become committed and eager for the accomplishment of our set objectives/aims and we are able to achieve our goals like in the case of preparation of Full Syllabus Biology (Urdu & English Medium) notes for SSC Part 1 (9 th ). So, it is only with hard work, we can achieve our aims in our life with a smiling face, same is the case in preparing Urdu & English Medium Notes and tests for Grade 9 Biology (Urdu & English Medium) (Full Syllabus). Studies are of vital importance in our daily life and success. If we are well educated, we can make our work and struggle easy and time-saving. You can find on this website different kinds of tests in different versions for Class 9 Biology (Urdu & English Medium) (Full Syllabus).

Choice of a good book and Urdu & English Medium Notes also matters a lot in getting the highest marks in the examination. NOTESPK provides unique and smart Urdu & English Medium Notes of 9 th Class Biology (Urdu & English Medium) which is the result of continuous hard work of our team and, especially, we thank Sir Nauman Sadaf for providing such unique study material, pattern, and variety of test in the form of Smart Test Series for Class 9. These Smart Urdu & English Medium Notes are prepared/written/organized in a language easily understandable by students and these Urdu & English Medium Notes will help a lot our Respected Teachers and Honourable Parents in the studies of concerned students of class 9, here we are concerned with the subject; BIOLOGY for grade 9.

You may also download/view the 9 th Class Biology (Urdu & English Medium) Full Syllabus Test Series from Smart Test Series ( with a variety of tests and versions. Smart Notes for Class 9 are carefully prepared, typed and proofread by senior teachers and educations with the help of other team members. Let us know if there is a suggestion or correction for the betterment of notes and the way students may get more benefit of Smart Notes.

9th Class Biology Full Book MCQs

Top 10 Plus Points of Smart Notes & Test Series (Full Syllabus) for Class 9 / Grade 9 Biology (Urdu & English Medium).

Easily Understandable Language

Divided into Chapters

To the Point Answers

Prepared Focusing On Textbooks

Carefully Proof-Read by Seniors and Team

Variety of Questions /Tests

Authentic Version of Notes & Tests

Exquisite Style and Format

Available in PDF (Free Download)

Trustworthy Edition

The above are the key points of Class 9 / Grade 9 Biology (Urdu & English Medium) Smart Notes & Test Series from FULL Syllabus, there is a lot more to explore in the pages available on the links given above in the relevant post.

9th Class Biology Home Work / Work Book:

Click for 9th Class Vacation Note Book

Note:  If these files do not open on your mobile, open in  NEW TAB , it will be downloaded easily, In Sha ALLAH.

Dear All, If there is any mistake in educational material or you have something really good to advise for the betterment of education, Please Contact Us


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