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Simple Ways to Write a Wikipedia Article

Last Updated: November 23, 2023 Fact Checked

Proposing a Draft

Writing an article, choosing a topic, using wikipedia standards.

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Darlene Antonelli, MA . Darlene Antonelli is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. Darlene has experience teaching college courses, writing technology-related articles, and working hands-on in the technology field. She earned an MA in Writing from Rowan University in 2012 and wrote her thesis on online communities and the personalities curated in such communities. There are 19 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 617,982 times. Learn more...

This wikiHow will teach you how to write and publish an article on Wikipedia. Anyone can create a Wikipedia page, but it's important to follow their writing guidelines and choose topics that fit their standards. Your topic should be "notable" (a subject covered elsewhere in reasonable detail), and your article should be verifiable with authoritative sources. Once you've decided what you want to write, we've got you covered! The steps below will walk you through the whole process.

Things You Should Know

  • Before creating a new article, check to see if an article about that topic already exists.
  • If you don't want to commit to writing an entire article, you can submit an article proposal as a draft.
  • To write a new article from scratch, you'll need to create and confirm a Wikipedia account.

Step 1 Launch the Wikipedia Article Wizard.

  • The Articles for Creation page contains useful information about submitting proposed articles as a non-autoconfirmed user, including things you should keep in mind when choosing a topic and how your article will be reviewed.
  • While not required, it can be helpful to read over this information before clicking through to the Article Wizard.

Step 2 Read through Wikipedia’s Article Wizard to get to the article draft page.

  • The first page of the Article Wizard asks you if you want to go to the next page or use the Wikipedia Sandbox to practice editing and writing articles. Click Next to go to the next page.
  • The second page in the Article Wizard briefly covers Wikipedia’s copyright, notability, and referencing guidelines. Click Next to go to the next page.
  • The third page of the Article Wizard details a few of the most common mistakes that Wikipedia contributors make. You can then click I’m not connected to the subject Draft Creation page. Or, click I’m writing about something close to me or I’m paid to edit to create a discloser at the top of your article that explains your relationship with the article. [3] X Research source

Step 3 Enter the name of your article draft and click Create new article draft.

  • If you need help writing your article, you can live chat with a Wikipedia help channel representative at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:IRC_help_disclaimer .

Step 5 Click Publish page to submit your article for review.

  • As long as your article remains in the drafting area, you can edit it as needed.
  • Draft articles that aren’t published or further edited for six months will usually be deleted from the drafting area.
  • If your article is declined, you can still edit it. Once you feel like you’ve edited it enough and that it’s ready for resubmission, you can request a re-review by adding {{subst:submit}} at the beginning of your draft.

Step 1 Register an account with Wikipedia.

  • If you make an edit that is later deleted, this will still count towards your total number of edits. [7] X Research source

Step 3 Get autoconfirmed status after four days.

  • When you’re directed to your unpublished user page, you’ll see an empty text box above the Publish page button. This space allows you to write something about your Wikipedia user page. Writing in this box will not create an article.

Step 5 Create your first article.

  • Before writing your first article, read through Wikipedia’s article creation and writing guidelines to help ensure that your article gets published. To read through Wikipedia’s article guidelines, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Your_first_article .
  • See this method for tips on choosing your first article topic.

Step 6 Type your article into the blank.

  • Writing a Wikipedia article isn't as simple as typing plain text into a box. Familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's Manual of Style and Markup syntax to ensure your article is formatted correctly before submitting.

Step 7 Click Show Preview to check your work.

  • If your article does not contain proper formatting or violates any of Wikipedia's rules, it may be deleted immediately. Don't save the page until you are sure the finished work is suitable for publishing.

Step 1 Do a search to see if the article you want to write already exists.

  • There are, however, several general and subject-specific notability regulations for Wikipedia articles, many of which are determined by experienced editors after your article is submitted. [14] X Research source
  • If you can find several reliable, independent sources that cover your topic, it will likely be considered notable enough for a Wikipedia article.

Step 3 Make sure that your article doesn’t violate copyright law or plagiarize.

  • Writing an article about yourself or your company is strongly discouraged, as this is considered a conflict of interest. [17] X Research source

Step 5 Write a requested article if you don’t have your own topic.

  • In addition, try to keep your article to 50,000 characters of text or less. Articles that exceed this length generally need to be split into smaller articles to keep them easily readable. [20] X Research source
  • Using headings to organize your article is particularly important because your headings are then shown in the table of contents that appears at the beginning to help readers navigate your article.

Step 2 Stick to Wikipedia’s typical styles when you decide what to include.

  • The key feature of both summary-style and pyramid style articles used in most Wikipedia articles is a lead section at the beginning that summarizes the article and provides an overview of the most important information.

Step 3 Keep the tone of your article formal and impersonal.

  • To help keep your tone formal, avoid using slang, colloquialisms, doublespeak, or jargon in your article.

Step 4 Use wikitext to create the formatting elements in your article.

  • For example, to bold a word or phrase in your article, surround the word or phrase with three apostrophes.
  • To create a heading, for example, add 2 ‘=’ signs before and after the heading title. For a subheading, include 3 ‘=’ signs before and after the subheading title.

Step 5 Include accurate references so readers can verify the information.

  • In some cases, the reliability and accuracy of a resource is subjective. In such cases, it may be helpful for you to do an internet search on the resource itself to better grasp how reliable people tend to believe it is.
  • Fact-checking your information will also ensure that your references are sound and that you are providing the best information possible. [24] X Research source

Step 6 Proofread your article to ensure your spelling and grammar are sound.

  • It may be helpful for you to copy and paste your article into a word processor so you can run it through a spelling and grammar check before submitting it. Be aware, however, that your word processor will likely read wiki text as incorrect.

Community Q&A


  • Don't forget to leave reliable sources. Users can nominate to delete articles they suspect contain "original research" (information you made up; cannot be verified by reliable sources). If an administrator or bureaucrat agrees with them, they will delete the article. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's policies. For example, if you did correctly cite the sources, another user may still nominate to delete it, but if you're very familiar with Wikipedia's policies increases your chances of winning any dispute from users who may come across as hostile toward you. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

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Darlene Antonelli, MA

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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

write a wikipedia page for me

Let's begin a successful online journey by making a Wikipedia page!

write a wikipedia page for me

It is beyond one’s comprehension to define the greatness of Wikipedia. The world knows it is listed in the top 10 websites of the world, and Wikipedia works hard to keep it clean. Considering the fact that it is the one and only online encyclopedia, there are thousands of articles on every topic.

While being an established and credible place, it also allows to Create A Wikipedia Page For Yourself . On Wikipedia, you can build an individual page dedicated to yourself, where readers can have credible and verified knowledge.

So, are you looking to make a Wikipedia page about yourself or thinking How Can I Create A Wikipedia Page Of Myself? There are many possibilities for it to happen. You need to go through every step carefully and abide by it.

How Do I Make A Wikipedia Page About Myself

To make a Wikipedia page about yourself, you need to know the qualities that qualify for a Wikipedia page. There are a set of laws that are compulsory to follow. Most importantly, the platform is rigid about its laws . As it is an open-source platform you need to abide by them.

Wikipedia has amazingly divided its policies and guidelines into categories where you can learn each of them and incorporate them into creating a Wikipedia page of yourself. Here are the definite codes that can guarantee an entry into creating a Wikipedia page for yourself.

Wikipedia is not a dictionary but an encyclopedia. It is a combination of great articles and almanacs or not a soapbox. Moreover, do not consider it as a commercial platform or a source of documents.

All the articles on Wikipedia are required to be written from a neutral point of view. Wikipedia does not promote any culture or ethnicity. They are free from impartiality and Seek accuracy, citied and verifiable sources.

Wikipedia is an open-source platform, where anyone can come and edit anything. So, Wikipedia page editors and contributors have to act civilly. You have to act good and behave professionally.

Wikipedia has rules but they are not embedded in stone, they can change over time. On the platform, you can be bold but cannot do anything conflicting.

The points are defined by Wikipedia on, What Wikipedia is About. They can help you with How Can I Make a Wikipedia Page About Myself. Before you get into the process read between the lines and start from the beginning to have guaranteed results.

What Invalidates You To Create A Wikipedia Page

In the middle of the process, How to create a Wikipedia page for yourself. you also need to know what aspects can take you off from having a Wikipedia page. In the notability criteria, they have defined certain factors that invalidate you from creating a Wikipedia page for yourself.

If a notable name is attached to it cannot have a Wikipedia page; they are not eligible to get themselves a page. Any kind of relationship does not qualify for having a Wikipedia page Unless it has significance.

Moreover, any stats taken from a search engine are not reliable for Wikipedia. Any other photo that is directly taken from the search engine is also not eligible as it can influence rankings. The search engine’s usability is limited by its user base.

write a wikipedia page for me

Somethings To Remember

  • If you fail to meet any of the criteria given by Wikipedia then you cannot have a standalone article. Moreover, if there are no improvements then Wikipedia can consider its deletion.
  • When an article fails to meet any basic criteria but is meeting the additional criteria then the article can be merged providing a context.
  • Moreover, if you fail to explain your notability, you still have a chance. Rewrite the article or take advice from the editors.
  • When you fail to submit sufficient and verifiable sources collected, you can take a look by yourself. Also, you can tell the editors where to find sufficient and worthy sources.

We Make You An Authentic Source For People Through A Strong Wikipedia Presence

We assure you that our premium Wikipedia services will make you an authentic source of information and an influential person for people around the world.

How To Write A Wikipedia Article For Myself

Wikipedia is an online open-source platform that has welcomed millions of articles on its platform. It hosts more than 329 languages on its platform, opening its space for diversity. First, you need to start by creating a Wikipedia page account, It is the most important step to create a Wikipedia page for yourself.

While you create a Wikipedia account, you need to know it is not the place to advocate for anything or against anything. All the information added is written neutrally and does not reflect the opinions or thoughts of Wikipedia.

Let’s have a look at How To Create A Wikipedia Page Of Yourself and write a perfect article.

Practice As Much As You Can

Writing a Wikipedia article is not as easy as it may seem. It goes through a series of steps. So, before you start, edit some published articles. By editing some articles, you can become an autoconfirmed user, it increases the chances to get a Wikipedia page approved.

Make Sure of Verifiability

Verifiability is another main aspect to look at. You may ask HOW DO I CREATE A WIKIPEDIA PAGE? This is where readers check if the added information leads to verifiable sources or is just added. To prove verifiability there must be reliable sources attached to it. Whatever sources you are adding to the article need to be taken from secondary sources.

Take A Look At The Image Policy

Be very careful when you plan to add images to the article. follow a set pattern of including images, format, legal procedures, and other copyright issues. If you are adding images make sure they are under the following category.

  • You need to own the right to your images.
  • You must get yourself a free license. The images licensed for Wikipedia cannot be used anywhere else.
  • Prove that the image belongs to the public domain.

Read Between The Lines Of Guidelines

On your route of How To Make A Wikipedia Page Of Yourself, you always have to take a step ahead and read through every guideline. There are more than fifteen Wikipedia guidelines that are helpful to be aware of making any mistakes. Some of the guidelines are,

Be Impartial Of Your Subject

it is mentioned in last, but the most important thing is to be neutral. Neutrality is what is most liked on Wikipedia. Any content that slides away from notability guidelines does not qualify or is considered to have a Wikipedia page.

How To Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself: The Steps

To Make A Wikipedia Article About Yourself , you need to go through these steps to make the article creation process easier.

Start with Creating an Account and register yourself as a user.

Move on to writing drafts for articles to prove yourself on the platform. It removes the chances of getting a page deleted.

Edit the Wikipedia profile to make sure there are no mistakes. Make sure to edit the page vigilantly and leave no space for vandalism.

Once you are familiar with the platform, you can start to write and prepare to submit the article. Be aware to cite and format the article properly.

Submit the article now, wait for the review, and honor the edits your editor has asked to do.

write a wikipedia page for me

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