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10 of the Best iOS Puzzle Games

Brain teaser apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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With the vast selection of puzzle games to choose from in the Apple App Store , it's sometimes hard to not feel paralyzed by choice. Here's a list of the best puzzle apps for iPhone and iPad to help you out.

These games are available for the iOS platform . Check individual app requirements to make sure they are compatible with your device. If you are wondering if you can play Android games on an iPhone , here's why you can't.

Best Tetris Tribute: 1010!

Enjoyable, slightly less frantic pace than Tetris.

Simple and appealing design.

Addictive gameplay.

Must pay to remove ads.

Shares data about you with advertisers.

Occasional crashes.

Tetris is undoubtedly the most popular puzzle video game of all time . Even after all these years, it's rare to find a new game that plays tribute to Tetris while providing something unique, but 1010! accomplishes this seemingly impossible feat.

A less panicked game than its loose inspiration, 1010! challenges players to position Tetris -style shapes in a 10x10 grid. If you form a complete line, that line disappears and creates more space, which you use to make more lines. Don't let the slow pace of 1010! fool you; without practice, you can quickly find yourself rushing headfirst into a game over.

Most Visually Stunning: Monument Valley 1 & 2

Beautiful game visuals.

Expansions to continue gameplay.

Challenging and surprising puzzles.

Storyline is simple and not very deep.

Sequel is an incremental improvement over the original.

If you like puzzle games that are dripping with style, substance, and a sense of discovery, Monument Valley has everything you're looking for. This Escher-inspired puzzle tells the story of Ida, a princess in a world of impossible geometry. You explore and discover her world as she does, guiding her through stairwells and doorways as you poke, prod, and move the environment to help her progress.

Monument Valley is a thing of beauty that tells its story without words. Maybe that's why it's taken home awards such as the BAFTA Award for Mobile & Handheld Games, the Apple Design Award, and the IMGA Grand Prix prize.

Best Card Game for iOS: Pair Solitaire

Simple gameplay, but requires strategy.

Free (with in-game purchases).

Attractive card designs.

Ad volume can be loud.

Lacks overall polish.

If it seems strange to see an iOS card game included in a list of great puzzle apps, that's because you haven't played Pair Solitaire yet. The debut release from Vitalii Zlotskii, who also released Domino Drop , Pair Solitaire asks players to do something seemingly simple: Match pairs of cards.

The challenge comes from having to match pairs that are separated by just one card, and such matches only remove one of the cards in the pair. So if you have two hearts, you only remove the one you touch. If you have two kings, it's the same story. The goal is to clear as many cards from a standard deck of 52 as possible before you run out of moves. 

Most Zen Puzzle App: Prune

Visually gorgeous.

Unique puzzle gameplay.

Sync games between devices to continue play.

Not enough levels.

Later levels are more action oriented.

Making fine changes can be hard on small screens.

Are you looking for an experience that somehow manages to balance tranquility with progressive difficulty? If so, Prune is the tree-trimming puzzle that will help you find bliss. It's a game about helping tree branches grow and find sunlight so that they can flower as nature intended. To accomplish this, you neatly nip off new branches that are growing in the wrong direction and steer your tree around different obstacles.

Most Atmospheric Puzzler: The Room (Series)

Fireproof Games

Very atmospheric with great music.

High-quality visuals.

Intuitive but challenging gameplay and puzzles.

Limited replayability.

Story is secondary to the game.

Controls can be tedious.

In the The Room , players explore elaborate puzzle boxes that can only be opened by uncovering switches, levers, and unseen mechanisms hidden behind intricate brain teasers. Each box requires a variety of solutions to advance the spooky narrative. The Room is sopping with atmosphere thanks to the creepy music and visuals. If you like the first one, then you'll definitely enjoy the sequels.

Best Memory Game for iOS: Rules!

Three difficulty modes.

Clever and engaging memory game.

Great visual design and quality.

Memory intensive gameplay may not be enjoyable for some.

Time limits are frustrating.

Rules! is a game about following the rules. You must follow all   the rules in the order you received them, only in reverse. If it's starting to sound complicated, that's because it is.

Rules! tests your memory and reflexes in a way no other app does. Each round asks you to clear certain tiles using a specific rule, and then the following round asks you to do the same and introduces a new rule. You'll need to remember all of the rules in reverse order if you want to see your way to the end.

Challenge Your Imagination: Scribblenauts Remix

Good vocabulary building game for kids.

Word Pass in-app purchase expands puzzles to 140.

Clues help when you're stuck.

Combines content from previous two games.

In-app purchases required to expand the game and add avatars.

Outside-the-box thinking can make puzzles too easy.

A game where the only limit is your imagination, Scribblenauts Remix asks players to dream up their own solutions to 50 puzzles pulled from the best levels of Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts . The Word Pass upgrade (which requires an in-app purchase) increases the number of levels to more than 140.

What do imagination-based puzzles look like? Imagine you need to get a star down from a tree. You could give your avatar an ax to chop the tree down, or a ladder to climb to the top. If you can think it, and you can type it, Scribblenauts Remix can make it come true.

Fun With Numbers and Math: Threes!

Smart and fun math game.

Simple design.

Easy to pick up and play in short spurts.

Music is repetitive.

Ads for merchandise between games is disruptive.

Only one game mode.

A beautifully simple game that's accessible to all skill levels, Threes! is so good it inspired countless impersonators only weeks after its release. Threes! tasks players with sliding all the numbers on the board together in one of four directions. If two identical numbers are squished together, they create the sum of those two numbers. The goal is to keep squishing like numbers together until you run out of possible moves and tally your score.

Most Thought-provoking: Touchtone

Interesting story with twists and surprises.

Excellent writing.

Challenging puzzles.

Not much help if you're stuck.

Getting stuck interrupts the narrative.

Problematic and off-putting story elements.

TouchTone proves that a game can provide a challenging puzzle and a riveting social message. It presents you with wiggly lines that need to connect to like-colored nodes. To do this, you slide objects in rows and columns that can split and redirect the lines in different directions. They're communication lines, and as the latest citizen tasked with monitoring communication as part of your civic duty, you'll follow a tantalizing story as you determine whether what you're listening to is pertinent to protecting the country.

World of Goo

Fun and creative art design.

Award-winning physics gameplay.

Great atmosphere.

Music becomes repetitive.

Multiplayer gameplay is not compelling.

Recent update didn't add new content.

One of the App Store's early puzzle hits is still one of its best. World of Goo perfected the bridge-building style of physics-based games when it launched on the Wii and desktops, but it never felt more at home than when it came to the iPad and iPhone.

Players drag adorable, anthropomorphic balls of goo to create structures that, while wobbly, will hopefully stand the test of time. These structures are needed to help rescue other goo that are stranded just out of reach. Unique, charming, and challenging, World of Goo feels like a physics simulation designed by Dr. Seuss, making it an excellent app for kids .

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15 Best Puzzle Games For Android And iOS In 2022

best puzzle games

A mong the various games we have played, puzzle games have been a part of our childhood, and we all have loved the way such games acted as brain teasers and helped stimulate our nervous system.

As we grow up, we need such mind-teasing games for the healthy working of our brain cells . And as most of our time is spent online, why not make room for online puzzles and keep our brains refreshed?  Therefore, my new list will include the best puzzle games you should consider downloading on your device for all the perplexity you need.

15 Best Puzzle Games For Android and iOS 

Chess light – puzzle game, brain it on, monuments valley, escape puzzle game, move the block, jigsaw puzzles real, smart: brain games and logic puzzles, sudoku – puzzle game, 2048 original.

Hocus is a mind-bending perspective puzzle game. It is currently one of the top-rated puzzle games on the Play Store right now. In this game, your goal is to get a cube to the red finish marker as fast and efficiently as possible. It might look easy to play but can be pretty challenging.

One of the most incredible things about this game is that it lets you create and play other user-created puzzles. With over 100 puzzles, you can easily play this game for a few hours whenever you are bored.

  • Pros : Pick up and play game, easy to learn
  • Cons : Can get repetitive
  • Availability : Android and iOS

Amid all the available puzzle games online, Threes has a similar concept of sliding tiles to form a particular number, in this case, three and its multiples. When you start playing the game, it will give you a walk-through on how to play it so that it gets easier for you.

Threes: best problem solving games

It follows a simple drill of sliding the tiles and joining them to add the two titles. Even though it is an easy process, it will still take a while to join the tiles. It starts with making a three, followed by other multiples of three. Each step expects you to make one, and you have to use your brain while sliding to form the desired number.

The game has ease of flow, and once you start playing it often, you will enjoy it, and sliding tiles to form numbers will be your everyday goal.

  • Pros : Addictive in a good way
  • Cons : Can stutter sometimes

Mekorama is an adorable 3D puzzle game just like Treasure Tracker and Monument Valley. In this game, you control a cute little robot and navigate it through different puzzle rooms, each with different mechanics. Due to the variety in obstacles, the game keeps being fresh.

Whenever you finish a level, you unlock five more. So you won’t ever feel stuck, and the progression will be pretty open-ended. With over 50 levels to unlock, the game is quite a delight for those who like a challenge but want a laid-back experience.

  • Pros : Looks quite good considering its a mobile game
  • Cons : Might not run properly on older phones

Chess Lite

Chess light is a puzzle game based on, you guessed it, “Chess!”. The game puts you in over 180 different chess scenarios where you have to find a way to win. The game is free and comes with no ads, which is rare for games these days.

There are even six different difficulty options if you find the game is hard or too easy. You can even receive a hint if you feel like you are stuck. Fans of chess will definitely want to check this game out.

  • Pros : Huge variety of puzzle combinations
  • Cons : Have to know the basic rules of chess

Brain It On is an apt puzzle app to use when you want to challenge your brain. When I used the app, I could not help but scratch my head into how exactly can I play the simplest-looking game. The game works in a horizontal format and has a number of levels to reach.

You have to begin playing without doing much; open up the app, and select the first level (the first few levels are unlocked while others are locked), and start puzzling. Before you start, you have to make any shape of your choice on a plain canvas, beginning the main way of playing the game.

Brain It On: best puzzle games

This means that the app needs you to do something on the canvas to execute a particular task. For instance, there will be a situation wherein you have to make something so that a glass kept on the canvas falls on the ground.

As the levels increase, the difficulty of the puzzle increases, which makes Brain It On one of the best Android puzzle games as well as on iOS. Furthermore, you can upgrade the app to get rid of ads.

  • Pros : Simple UI
  • Cons : Need to watch ads for hints

Monuments Valley is a puzzle video game wherein you are required to use your brain and help the character reach the destination. Anyone talking about puzzle games ought to mention Monument Valley. Hence,  it had to make an entry on my list of best puzzle games.

Monument Valley: best puzzle games

While in the game, you have to play to puzzle to start playing the actual. The game is interesting as it has a 3D setting, and it is pretty fun to play.

The only drawback of the game is that it is a paid app, which slightly gets disappointing. Nonetheless, if spending money on apps is not a problem for you, Monuments Valley 1 and 2 are must-have puzzle games.

  • Pros : Intriguing concept
  • Cons : Paid app


Empty is a puzzle game similar to Monuments Valley, at least in terms of its artistic design. It’s a very zen-like puzzle game with a laid-back approach. Meaning you can play the game and not feel frustrated but rather healed.

The gameplay is quite simple, where you have to clear the room by rotating it. The game aims to teach us the value of simplicity in life with each level. It is entirely free and comes without any ads, which is quite rare for a game nowadays.

  • Pros : Relaxing music and style
  • Cons : Simplistic gameplay

The Two Dots Puzzle game moves around the two dots present on the app. You have to connect the dots in a way they meet each other, and a connection between the two is formed. 

When you open up the app, the app will give a gist of how to play the game by letting you connect the two dots available on the screen. Once the process gets completed, you can start with the first level of the game, which will eventually take you up the hill of the more and more levels (with new ways of playing).

Two Dots: Best games to tease your brain

Keep in mind that you can connect the dots horizontally, vertically, or form a right-angle but can’t connect them diagonally. Additionally, you get limited moves, so you have to hurry up and use your brain before you make a move.

When you are at a particular level, you will be given some targets to make you cross the level. The initial levels are pretty straightforward, and you will feel like a pro until you reach more levels and realize it’s not as easy as it appeared.

  • Pros : Engaging
  • Cons : Can lag sometimes

Escape Room is one of the puzzle types wherein you have to look for objects smartly. The game has a storyline where a girl introduces you to the game’s concept, following which you can start playing.

With a medieval backdrop, the game also provides you with a limited number of hints so that you move ahead with ease in situations when you get stuck.

Escape Puzzle Game

The game begins with the first level (and moves up more levels), wherein you have to find a given number of objects and use them in the scene itself. You will have to tap on the various things placed and find the hidden things or combine two things to repair an item — the possibilities of proceeding ahead are many.

While the Escape Room is intriguing, the difficulty level makes it one of the well-suited puzzles for adults. However, kids can also play it to sharpen their brains.

  • Pros : Story format
  • Cons : Adverts
  • Availability : Android

Move The Block is one of the classic sliding puzzles (among free puzzles) where you are required to slide the objects (in this case, blocks) to win the puzzle. The puzzle game has a number of levels under Basic, Premium, and Old categories (eight to be precise), with each level coming with sub-levels.

move the block

When you start with the first level, you will be guided around the game and the options available for you to use and play with ease. The game is an interesting one, and as you move forward, you won’t even realize how addictive the game will get, and you will end up playing it more than the allotted time period.

Of course, as you move up the levels, the levels will get difficult, and you might need the help of the hints available at your disposal. This is where the game’s drawback appears; to get each clue, you have to watch an ad video that makes it annoying.

  • Pros : Daily Rewards
  • Cons : Mid-gameplay ads

If you haven’t played a jigsaw puzzle, have you ever played a puzzle at all? One of the classic puzzle games of all time, the game’s name is enough to be one of the best free online jigsaw puzzles.

The game follows the simple process of joining the puzzle pieces and forming a single picture. The app provides you with various options to choose from: be it pictures related to nature, animals, aerial, and many more, and you can pick the ones you like and arrange the jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw: best puzzle games

Before the pieces are spread around, you will be given a small glimpse of the whole picture to start playing. You can further view the image again and again to get a better idea.

The game makes sure it twists your brain and acts as an element of nostalgia when jigsaw puzzles are actual board games.

  • Pros : Various Puzzle options
  • Cons : Ads, ads, ads

Skillz is one of the mobile puzzle games that tease your brain and puts your brain to some good use.

The app lets you decide if you want to play as a single-player or play a multi-player game. Upon choosing, there will be a number of levels, and you will be taken to the first level. As a reminder, other levels will be locked until you pass the initial ones. Hence, skipping levels is not an option. In addition to this, there is an option to replay the game if you weren’t satisfied with your previous performance.

Skillz: best puzzle games

The levels include searching for a particular number or letter among the same numbers or letters, thus testing your brainpower and speed. The game proves pretty addictive as the urge to cross all the levels takes over once you start playing it. However, the presence of ads is a problem.

  • Pros : Single/Multi-Player option
  • Cons : Time-based gameplay

Among the various puzzle game apps, Smart is a game that includes several brain teasers and logic puzzles, giving us an opportunity to play free puzzles.

The game has various color-coded levels (Blue, Violet, Gold) and other levels (Left & Right, Block Game, and Pipeline), each level coming with loads of sub-levels for you to enjoy the puzzle maker.

Smart: Brain Games

Selecting the levels and then the sub-levels will let you into your puzzles with tutorials so that you can get the hang of the game before starting. There are various puzzle options, which will ensure you don’t get bored with the game. While the gameplay is as smooth as butter initially, the more levels you reach, the more difficult it gets.

Overall, Smart is a fun game to play and rates you in areas such as memory, imagination, problem-solving, flexibility, speed, and attention so that you eventually improve in the areas. Additionally, you earn points and diamonds each time you cross a level.

  • Pros : Loads of game options
  • Cons : Slightly confusing app

Sudoku is another puzzle that is a classic and one of the best mobile puzzle games. Bringing the daily newspaper puzzle game to your smartphones, Sudoku is all about arranging numbers both vertically and horizontally.

The number count is from 1 to 9 in a 9×9 grid (also a standard format). You have to ensure that each grid doesn’t have the same number to make the perfect Sudoku. The game allows you to get hints, undo a particular entry, erase it or pencil it off. 


Additionally, Sudoku gives you daily challenges for further brain stimulation, lets you change the game’s theme, and lets you remove ads by making purchases.

While the game appears difficult when you start playing it, it eventually gets fun to play and easier once you get the hang of it. Being one of the vintage free puzzle games, it reminded me of the days when I used to play Sudoku from a newspaper back in school.

  • Pros : Great brain teaser
  • Cons : Takes a while to launch

2048 is one of the types of puzzles we have heard of before. It is a sliding puzzle requiring us to slide the blocks and eventually arrange four blocks in the ‘2048’ manner. While there are many apps with the 2048 moniker, it is present on my list of best puzzle games due to the high ratings and downloads.

2048 Original: Problem solving game

When you open up the app, you are asked to select the grids (4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 8×8, 3×5, 4×6, 5×8, 6×9) you want to play the game on. Once you select the grid of your choice, you can start playing the game. Remember, grid sizes mean that the difficulty is more with an increase in grid size.

2048 Original is one of the best puzzle apps, given that it activates the brain cells so badly, fulfilling the purpose of a puzzle game. If you want to tease your brain hard, you need 2048 on your smartphone.

  • Cons : Frequent ads

Types Of Puzzles

For those who think that puzzles are all about finding the puzzle pieces and completing a jigsaw, you need to know that there are many kinds of puzzles available for us to play with. These include riddles, trivia puzzles, math puzzles, pattern guessing, logic puzzles, and many more. This list contains puzzles such as trivia, sliding, logic, paper-and-pencil puzzles, among its various types. Hence, read on for more:

F requently Asked Questions

Are puzzle games good for you.

Online puzzle games keep your mind sharp . Just as we need a physical workout to maintain our fitness, we need mind exercises (in the form of puzzles and more) for brain fitness. I hope my list of best free Android puzzle games (iOS too) acts as a helping tool to keep you busy in something productive other than just social media.

Do puzzle games help with problem solving?

It’s a well-known fact that video games improve problem-solving skills. One research even says that children’s creativity is enhanced by playing any kind of video game, including violent games. However, that’s not the case when the children use other forms of technology, such as a computer or cell phone.

Do let me know which games from our best puzzle games list you liked the most. If you have more suggestions to make, I will take them and add the best ones to my list.

Until then, keep on puzzling your brain and make it fitter and better!

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If you love games that wrap brain-bending puzzles in compelling storylines, Apple Arcade has you covered. Though its launch lineup still lacks a few of the intriguing titles we've been promised down the line, there are still plenty of games to suit fans of tricky brainteasers and twisty mysteries.

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That meta aspect adds fun depth to the story, which also benefits from sharp characterization, as we noted in our review of the game. Its gorgeous autumnal look draws you in, as does the eerie and atmospheric prologue. And the gameplay itself is fun and varied, challenging you to make snap decisions that affect how the story plays out, scrutinize characters and crime scenes for visual clues, and think like a detective to assemble your observations into a theory of the case.

  • Studio : SFB Games
  • Age rating: 4+
  • Use a gamepad? No

A young painter, seemingly murdered by the knife-wielding figure on the unfinished canvas she was painting? Now that's a great way to kick off a mystery, as we noted in our review of Tangle Tower . It brings its intrepid investigators, earnest hipster doofus Grimoire, and too-cool-for-the-room Sally to the titular mansion to solve that baffling murder.

There, you'll have to rub elbows with the eccentric members of two families, united by marriage and living in opposite towers of the same building. Witty writing, fun voice acting, gorgeous music, and a delightful Euro-anime visual style make Tangle Tower stand out from the crowd. The puzzles you'll solve are varied and are always tied to the surrounding characters. Like Jenny LeClue, Tangle Tower wants you to connect the dots between the evidence you've gathered. Its approach to those efforts differs enough that playing one game will only leave you more eager to try the other.

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  • Studio : A Brave Plan

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There's a neat twist to the nonviolent gameplay I dare not spoil here, one that leans into the Portal comparisons hard while remaining clever and original. It can be annoyingly finicky in execution — maybe future patches will fix that, along with the occasional glitches that crop up later in the game — but like The Bradwell Conspiracy itself, it's still a fun, worthwhile idea. When we reviewed the game we absolutely loved it.

  • Studio : Yak & co.

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  • Studio : Shifty Eye

Operator 41 is light on story — in each bite-size vignette, you'll help your trenchcoat-clad avatar sneak past patrolling guards and other hazards toward a phone or other spy objective. You'll have to crouch in cover, toss obstacles to distract or knock out your pursuers and avoid both flashlight beams and security cameras.

But what the game lacks in complexity, it makes up for in style. The clever two-color scheme — red for objectives, danger, or occasional contrast, cool blue for everything else — makes your goal in each level crystal clear. Controls respond well, the intuitive rules play fair, and the difficulty level ramps up smoothly as you progress. Operator 41's fun stealth challenges make it a great candidate for gaming on the go whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Flex those brain muscles!

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There's something incredibly satisfying about solving a puzzle after testing your brain with it for days on end. These games are great for when you need a break from the more intense action games that Apple Arcade has to offer while remaining exciting nonetheless. They're also great as a conversation starter with friends who have their own subscription to Apple's gaming service — can you solve these puzzles before your friends do?

For only $5 a month, you'll receive access to tons of great games from every genre. This deal gets only better with time, as new games are added regularly.

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The best logic games for iPhone

When it comes to gaming, some of the most challenging ones are the logic-based games. While these ones don’t always have the fanciest and slickest graphics, most in-depth stories, and a bevy of characters, they do force you to think through your moves, strategize, and often leave you puzzled or searching for help. Here’s a collection of logic-based games that are sure to entertain you with a variety of themes and goals.

8 Feb 2021, by  Cherry Mae Torrevillas

Zuzu Logic Puzzles · Play and earn rewards icon

Zuzu Logic Puzzles · Play and earn rewards

Zuzu Logic Puzzles · Play and earn rewards screenshot

Enjoy Zuzu, the best logic puzzle app - a binary puzzle game that tests your logic and skill! If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will love Zuzu!

Your goal is to fill in the board using only logical determination, similar to Sudoku. Tap a tile on the board to set or change its color. Like the binary number system in general, there are only two tile colors, orange (0) and blue (1). Zuzu games begin with an unfinished grid that must be filled in correctly according to three rules listed below.

  • Strategies of different levels of complexity
  • Track your best and average solve times over history
  • Play on your phone and tablet
  • Enjoy online or in offline mode

Flow Free icon

  • Over 2,500 free levels available in Free Play mode, and new Daily Puzzles every day
  • 10 different board sizes
  • Track your completion of each level in Free Play mode
  • Clean vector graphics and animations

Peak - Brain Training icon

Peak - Brain Training

Peak - Brain Training screenshot

  • Free games that challenge your Memory, Attention, Mental Agility, Language, Coordination, Creativity and many more
  • Compete with friends by comparing your brainmap and game performance
  • Get access to Peak Advanced Training Plans
  • Available for Apple Watch with 3 games that assess your memory and attention

REBUS - Absurd Logic Game icon

REBUS - Absurd Logic Game

REBUS - Absurd Logic Game screenshot

If you love mind games, check out REBUS, which is touted as being an “absurd logic game” with stylish graphics and “crisp insanity.” No matter if you want to play for two minutes or two hours, it will require you to make associations, use your best logic skills, and get your brain working! Its smooth gameplay, pleasing design, and good mix of difficulty levels will make you come back for more. Some of the puzzles are super easy, most are challenging, and some are downright impossible. This one will require some extremely creative thinking for sure.

  • Good variety of difficulty levels
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Eye-pleasing design
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Free with in-app purchases 

Brain Teasers 3 - logic unblock glass blocks free riddles addicting games! icon

Brain Teasers 3 - logic unblock glass blocks free riddles addicting games!

Brain Teasers 3 - logic unblock glass blocks free riddles addicting games! screenshot

Brain Teasers 3 will help you keep your brain healthy with its addictive puzzles. All you have to do is place the colored blocks into a big rectangle at the top of the puzzle, using your finger. Sound easy? It really isn’t. If you like solving puzzles, you’re going to enjoy this app with 90 levels. You can share your high scores to Twitter and Facebook too, if you want to boast to your friends. There are different levels of difficulty from which to choose. Start out with the easy levels to learn how to play and go from there. What will be your high score?

  • Use your logic skills
  • Move the colored blocks
  • More difficult than it looks
  • Share scores to social media
  • Free logic game for iPhone

100 Logic Games - Time Killers - FREE Brain Teasers Puzzle Pack  ! icon

100 Logic Games - Time Killers - FREE Brain Teasers Puzzle Pack !

100 Logic Games - Time Killers - FREE Brain Teasers Puzzle Pack  ! screenshot

100 Logic Games will give you more than 100 games to test your brain power. You can choose from a wide range of difficulty levels, sizes of puzzles, and more. Save your progress, use hints, restart, and undo. If you have some spare time and want to use your brain, play Parks, Snail, Skyscrapers, Hidden Path, Masyu, Hitori, Hidden Stars, Box It Up, and many more. There are more than 10,000 puzzle levels in all, and you get auto-save and quick resumption of games if you decide to quit for a while and go back. The app is free but you can pay to remove the ads for $7.99

  • Over 100 logic games
  • Work your brain
  • Many levels of difficulty
  • Different puzzle sizes
  • Free with in-app purchase to remove ads

Logic Puzzles Daily - Solve Logic Grid Problems and Be a Puzzler Egghead icon

Logic Puzzles Daily - Solve Logic Grid Problems and Be a Puzzler Egghead

Logic Puzzles Daily - Solve Logic Grid Problems and Be a Puzzler Egghead screenshot

Here’s an app that will put your logic puzzle solving skills to the test. You must work your way through levels of puzzles by using logic and deduction. Each level gets more difficult and you can work your way up the Leaderboards. Measure yourself against other players and invite your friends to join. There are achievements to earn, over 100 free puzzles to solve and many in-app purchases for additional puzzle packs. Although the gameplay is very simple, the puzzles will definitely provide the challenge that you desire.

  • Solve logical puzzles
  • Each puzzle gets more difficult
  • There are over 100 free puzzles
  • Global leaderboards and achievements
  • In-app purchases for puzzle packs

The Room Pocket icon

The Room Pocket

The Room Pocket screenshot

Imagine being stuck in an eerie and creepy room and you need to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape? That's the exact premise with The Room Pocket app. In this game you will be moving through a series of rooms that are filled with clues you need to find and then piece together in order to solve the mystery. It's great for quick gameplay here and there, or you can find yourself completely lost in it for hours. The 3D graphics are beautiful and help to draw you in and the challenge of the mysteries will often leave you baffled. As the designer explains this one has many layers to it, and you'll soon discover that for yourself.

  • Work your way through the rooms
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Find the clues and use them to solve the mystery
  • This one can keep you busy for hours

Can You Escape icon

Can You Escape

Can You Escape screenshot

  • There are eight free rooms
  • There are two bonus rooms
  • Find the hidden objects and use them to solve the puzzle
  • The rooms very in difficulty
  • The game is challenging and addictive


Where's My Water? 2


Who says kids can't enjoy the fun of logic games? The Where's My Water? 2 app is one that has been designed by Disney specifically for kids, but adults can have just as much fun with this one. This is the sequel to the original game and differs by offering a selection of new locations. There are more than 100 levels and now there is a Challenge mode to enjoy. The premise is the same as the first; you must guide the fresh water, steam, and purple water to where it should be depending on what the Swampy's friends and him need. Guiding the water and steam uses logic, puzzle-solving skills, and will test their understanding of physics.

  • A logic-based game for kids
  • Uses physics
  • All the original characters are back with new locations
  • Guide the fresh water, steam, and purple water through the puzzles

Machinarium icon


Machinarium screenshot

  • A strange and unique world awaits
  • The characters are all machines
  • You will be solving puzzles and testing out your building skills
  • The game has won awards for its illustrations and its gaming

Cross Fingers icon

Cross Fingers

Cross Fingers screenshot

Are you a fan of puzzles? If so the Cross Fingers app can provide you with the kind of gameplay you love and offers up some pretty big challenges. There are an incredible 840 levels to solve here so you have many hours of puzzle-solving ahead of you. This one will put to the test your brain of course as well as your imagination skills as you work to put all the solid pieces together in this tangram puzzle. If you want to be able to replay the levels an unlimited amount of time you can unlock Arcade Mode and work at getting the top score.

  • Solve the 840 tangram puzzles
  • The puzzles will test your problem solving skills, reflexes, mind, and speed
  • You can unlock the Arcade Mode for even more fun
  • The game controls are simple to pick up on

Sudoku ∙ icon

Sometimes you just feel like a classic kind of game and when that's the case you can check out the Sudoku ∙ app. You've got four levels of difficulty here making it great for beginner and advanced players. If you happen to think of yourself as a gifted player be sure to check out the "Impossible" level. You've got a number of options available to you here such as being able to turn off or on the timer, you can use your right or left hand, and the screen won't turn off while you play even if you are taking a long time to make your next move. You won't lose your progress since your turn is saved and the game will ensure you don't enter the same numbers more than once.

  • The classic numbers game
  • There are four levels of difficulty
  • Players can take advantage of a number of smart features

The 6 Best Apps to Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

Want to improve your problem-solving skills and become more solution-oriented in your daily routine? Here are some apps to try.

Your ability to solve problems is a valuable skill you cannot do without if you want to succeed in your career, business, and life. While most people learn to solve problems primarily through exposure to challenging situations and having to find solutions almost immediately, others don't.

As such, not everyone is skilled at effective problem-solving. However, there is an easy way to improve your problem-solving skills using technology. Today, there are several fun ways to do so, including playing brain games on your mobile. Here are six game apps you can use to develop problem-solving skills while having fun.

1. Lumosity


Lumosity is a web app that helps you improve your mental skills. It is programmed with activities that help people improve their memory, flexibility, rate of processing information, and concentration levels. Thus, Lumosity is a great tool to help you develop problem-solving capabilities.

Lumosity was launched in 2007 and had over 70 million users as of January 2015. The app is available in English, French, Spanish, and German.

Download : Lumosity for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)


Happify is a company that works to enhance personal, organizational, and healthcare effectiveness by improving the emotional health of its users.

The Happify app incorporates scientific experiments into gaming activities designed to improve resilience and mindfulness and tackle health conditions like mood disorders, depression, anxiety, severe pain, and insomnia. Thus, it is a great healthcare software platform for improving your mental and physical conditions.

Download : Happify for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)


Launched by Elevate Labs in 2014, Elevate is a brain game app that focuses on improving its users' reading, writing, speaking, listening, and math skills. It is also one of the best android apps to help you solve math problems .

Seeing you already possess the skills mentioned above, you may wonder, is the Elevate brain training app worth your time ? The truth is, there is always room for improvement, hence, the need for you to keep developing these skills. And, as you pass each assessment in the training sessions, the difficulty level increases. This way, you can test whether your abilities are basic or strong.

Download : Elevate for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Neuronation


Neuronation is a cognitive training site and app that was made public in 2011. Since then, over 10 million people have used the app. The Neuronation app focuses on improving users' cognitive abilities, such as thinking, learning, understanding, and remembering, through its specialized training activities in the program.

Although native to Germany, the app is available in over eight languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and German. Additionally, the app enjoys widespread use, especially among German healthcare practitioners.

Download: Neuronation for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)


The Peak brain training app is designed to correct cognitive disorders with the help of short, interactive games. To get started on the Peak brain game app, you will be required to set goals on areas you want to improve, like mental processing, emotional strength, linguistic skills, recollection, concentration levels, and problem-solving.

Once you complete this stage, a virtual coach will be assigned to guide you through the program, and you will be given an assessment. Immediately after you finish each assessment, you will receive feedback based on your result.

You can start using the app for free with the basic version, but it has a limited number of daily exercises that are randomly selected. On the other hand, with the paid version, Peak Pro, you enjoy unlimited access to over 40+ exercises, alongside detailed feedback and personalized training sessions.

Download : Peak for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. New York Times Crossword


The New York Times Crossword is a daily puzzle published by the renowned New York Times magazine on their website and mobile apps. The New York Times Crossword puzzle dates back to 1942. The first puzzle was published on Sunday, 15 February 1942.

Several freelance puzzle developers generate the puzzle. The puzzle gets tougher as each day goes by in a week, so the simplest puzzles are on Mondays, and the hardest are on Saturdays. Sunday's crossword puzzle is a 21×21 square matrix, whereas the daily crossword puzzle is a 15×15 square matrix. The crossword and other free puzzle games greatly improve critical thinking, learning, and reasoning abilities.

Download : New York Times Crossword for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Have Fun While Improving Your Problem-solving Skills

Developing cognitive abilities, emotional well-being, and problem-solving skills are no longer challenging. Thanks to these brain game apps, you can develop and improve your mental and emotional abilities more easily, faster, and while having fun.

15 Great Intelligence and Skill Games for iPhone or iPad

Playing brain games can help improve memory, logic, creativity, and problem-solving skills and prevent cognitive decline..

Best Intelligence and Skill Games for iOS

Studies have shown that playing games that stimulate your brain functions can positively affect your memory, logic, creativity, and problem-solving skills. These games can also enhance mood, reduce stress, and prevent cognitive decline. The Apple App Store offers many fun and engaging games for those looking to challenge their cognitive abilities. Whether you want to boost your IQ, test your knowledge, or have fun, there is a game for iOS devices.

This article will introduce you to 10 of iPhone or iPad’s best intelligence and skill games. These games are designed to target different aspects of your brain and challenge you at various difficulty levels. You will find games suitable for all ages and interests, from puzzles and trivia to logic and strategy . Let’s get started!

Lumosity is among the most well-known brain training apps worldwide. It is an excellent skill-developing game for iPhone and iPad, providing a fun and effective way to stimulate your brain and learn new things. The application comprises over 60 games that are developed by neuroscientists and experts, and they are designed to test your cognitive abilities.

The game centers on five core areas: memory, attention, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving. The game adjusts to your skill level and creates a customized training program. What I like most is that the game also measures progress and compares it with other players worldwide.

This hand-crafted iPhone game tests your intelligence at every level of over 200 levels it offers. The game forces you to think outside the box and challenge your common sense with a mix of puzzles, trivia, and logic. Each level has a different question or task you must solve using your creativity and wit. The game targets your lateral thinking, spatial reasoning, attention, and memory skills by presenting unexpected and tricky scenarios that require you to look beyond the obvious.

The game also features funny animations, sound effects , and hints to keep you entertained and motivated. Brain Out is a fun and addictive way to train your brain and boost your IQ.

Impulse – Brain Training is a better mental health app that can improve cognitive abilities by playing entertaining and challenging mind games. The game has over 40 games that cover various brain areas, such as memory, attention, concentration, mental maths, problem-solving, creativity, etc.

The game offers personalized workout plans based on your skill level and provides detailed feedback on the progress of your brain health and potential. Impulse – Brain Training is a scientifically proven game that can help you enhance your focus, comprehension, communication, and critical thinking skills. It is free to download and play, but users can also opt-in for a paid subscription that offers pro access for 30 brain games and hundreds of new levels.

Duolingo is a language learning game that helps you learn a new language or improve your existing one. The game consists of completing bite-sized lessons that cover various skills, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The game requires you to use your memory, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills to progress through the levels.

Duolingo also features stories, podcasts, events, rewards, leaderboards, and more. The free version is sufficient to progress with a reward system offering gems for new challenges. It also provides various paid Duolingo options for ad-free lessons with pro features. It is a fun and effective way to learn a new language or brush up on your old one.

QuizUp is a free social trivia game for iOS devices that lets you compete with other players worldwide in real-time. The game consists of answering seven questions from a chosen topic, each with four possible answers. The game tests your general knowledge, speed, and accuracy skills by presenting you with over 1,200 topics and millions of questions. The game also features chat, forums, achievements, leaderboards, and an educational way to learn new facts and show off your smarts.

Brain It On!

Brain It On! is an engaging physics-based puzzle game where you have to draw shapes and objects on the screen to complete various tasks. To succeed in this game, you need to combine your creativity, logic, and intuition skills to find the best solution for each level. With more than 200 different challenges of varying difficulties, the game offers a stimulating environment that can help improve your spatial reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Brain It On also includes exciting features like a sandbox mode, level editor, and multiplayer mode to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Chess – Play & Learn

Chess is an ageless strategy game that can enhance your cognitive abilities and mental skills. In this game, you move your pieces on an 8×8 board to capture the enemy king while defending your own. To outsmart your opponent, you need to plan ahead, think strategically, calculate your moves, and make wise decisions. The game offers hundreds of high-quality chess lessons and instructional videos created by masters to help players learn chess moves and improve their skills. Better yet, it is an incredible offline game to play against the computer.

Chess has ten different difficulty levels, ranging from beginner to grandmaster, and it also offers helpful features such as hints, undo/redo options, analysis, statistics, puzzles, and various themes. Whether you play on an iPhone or iPad, Chess is a challenging and fulfilling game that can help you improve your intelligence and logical thinking skills.

Wordscapes is a word puzzle game for iPhones and iPads that combines the elements of crossword and anagram games. The game consists of finding all the hidden words in a given set of letters by swiping them on the screen. The game tests your vocabulary, spelling, and pattern recognition skills by presenting you with thousands of levels with varying themes and difficulties. Wordscapes is a relaxing and enjoyable way to expand your word knowledge, and exercise your brain, and features daily puzzles, bonus words, coins, hints, leaderboards, trophies, backgrounds, and more.

At some point, everyone has tried to solve a Sudoku puzzle. It’s a timeless puzzle game that never loses its appeal. The game’s objective is to fill a grid with numbers ranging from 1 to 9, ensuring that no number is repeated in any row, column, or 3×3 subgrid. Sudoku challenges players to employ logical reasoning, deduction, and focus to solve puzzles that come in four difficulty levels: easy, medium, challenging, and expert. Additionally, the game provides players with hints, undo/redo options, statistics, achievements, themes, and other features. Playing Sudoku is a simple yet addictive way to keep your brain active and sharp.

Elevate is a personalized brain training program that adapts to your goals and skill level, offering more than 35 games that cover various cognitive domains, such as reading, writing, math, speaking, listening, and processing speed. The game tracks your performance and adjusts the difficulty of the games accordingly. Elevate also provides detailed feedback and insights on your strengths and weaknesses.

Apple Watch owners can play four extra mini-games and review their performance with the Elevate Dash app right from their wrists. The game has been featured as Apple Game of the Year and won multiple awards. Elevate is a scientifically proven game that can help you improve your focus, comprehension, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Peak is a brain training app with a handful of games that target various aspects of your brain. The games are divided into six categories: memory, problem-solving, language, mental agility, focus, and emotion. The app adapts to your preferences and goals and creates a customized training plan. The game’s advanced training modules are scientifically developed in collaboration with scientists and universities.

Peak also analyzes your performance and provides detailed information about your brain health and potential. It’s an innovative and interactive way to challenge yourself and enhance your cognitive abilities.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley ios game download

Monument Valley is an award-winning puzzle game that takes you on a journey through breathtaking landscapes inspired by optical illusions and impossible architecture. The game cleverly manipulates the environment to lead a silent princess named Ida through mysterious monuments that are full of secrets and surprises.

The game challenges your spatial awareness, perspective, and logic skills by presenting you with clever and creative puzzles that defy the laws of physics. The game also features a captivating soundtrack, a minimalist design, and a touching story. Monument Valley is a mesmerizing and immersive game that can stimulate your imagination and creativity.

2048 is a simple yet addictive puzzle game that can keep you hooked for hours. The game consists of sliding tiles with numbers on a 4×4 grid to merge and create more significant numbers. The game ends when you reach the 2048 tile, or no more moves are left.

The game tests your math, logic, and strategy skills by presenting increasingly complex scenarios requiring you to think ahead and optimize your moves. It also features undo/redo options, statistics, achievements, leaderboards, themes, and more. 2048 is a fun and satisfying game that can improve your mental arithmetic and problem-solving skills.

Trivia Crack

Do you enjoy testing your knowledge and competing with players around the world? Trivia Crack is a game that offers just that! With questions covering six categories, including art, science, sports, entertainment, geography, and history, you can put your skills to the test. To play, spin the wheel to select a category and correctly answer the question to earn crowns.

You can even challenge your opponent to win their crowns if you feel confident. With over 100,000 questions of varying difficulty, Trivia Crack is an excellent way to test your general knowledge, memory, and curiosity. The game also offers chat, collectible cards, power-ups, achievements, leaderboards, and more. It’s an entertaining and educational iOS game to learn new facts and show off your smarts!

Engaging in intelligence and skill-based games on your iPhone or iPad can significantly improve your brain and mental health. These games act as an enjoyable training ground for enhancing cognitive abilities by uplifting your mood, reducing stress, and preventing cognitive decline. Feel free to share your thoughts or recommendations for other brain games in the comments below.

Danica Simic

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Best iOS games to train your brain

Updated on March 16, 2023  - added 1 new game, Original article by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Artur Novichenko. When it comes to games, there is a stigma that they might rot your brain, however, they can be some of the best learning tools there are! When it comes to gamifying learning, there are apps out there that literally reward you for learning and often feel more like a game than something that can make you smarter. It’s a really clever way for you to spend your free time, idly learning without putting in too much effort.

Learning games may seem like they are only for children, however, there are plenty of learning games for adults that will make you smarter, while also gamifying the experience for you to actually enjoy. Having a few games that do improve your mind is always a good idea, as you can mindlessly improve yourself while playing games.

  • Do you know what else will train your brain? Strategy games on iOS , or  best word games for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

So let's go through the top iOS games that make you smarter! 

1 Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity is one of those games that loads of people have heard of. It’s a daily workout for your brain, that tests problem-solving, memory, and your general thinking to solve various games and tests. There are car racing games, swiping color games and assembling different puzzles to show off how good your brain is. This game also has detailed statistics that help you understand what you might need to practice more in. It's definitely one of the iPhone games that will make you smarter in the long run.


Duolingo is a language learning app with over 35 different languages that you can explore and learn. Split up into small, bite-sized lessons that can be done between other tasks in your home, you can learn to read and speak various languages. There are lots of puzzle games, sentences you can link together, and speaking out loud into your microphone - with a friendly green owl supporting you as you go. Doulingo also keeps track of your streak of days learning, which is a big motivator.

3 Tricky test

Tricky test

Tricky test is a brain teasing quiz game that gives you a bunch of different puzzles, brain teasers, and games with absurd solutions to see if you are smart enough to solve them. It’s designed as a test to give you an IQ at the end, and you can even try to beat your friends IQ as well. Each of the puzzles are really unique and there is a timer, so you’ll have to think fast while you go through them!

4 Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends 2

If you are looking for a game that will increase your vocabulary and spelling, Words With Friends 2 is a scrabble-inspired game that allows you to try weekly challenges, earn badges, defeat your friends, and spell out a bunch of different words using the tiles that are placed in front of you. It’s a challenging game if you don’t have a big vocabulary, but you’ll definitely grow yours the more you play, making you smarter along the way.

5 Peak - Brain Training

Peak - Brain Training

Peak is an app that can challenge your memory, attention, math skills, problem solving ability, mental agility, language, creativity, emotional control and coordination. This app has been made in partnership with Cambridge and NYU, so it’s focus on keeping users mentally sharp is backed and researched. Through a bunch of different games, you can challenge your friends and show off how clever you really are.

6 Brain Wars

Brain Wars

The most interesting games are those in which you have to test yourself. Brain Wars is similar to Lumosity, but you are playing against real people. This game has a great number of different short tasks. After starting the game, you go through a small tutorial with a virtual opponent. During the match, you need to gain as many points as you can. Such games do not need a plot, graphics, or amazing music, because a person focuses directly on the gameplay, and everything else will distract him. Brain Wars is worth playing because it helps you develop your strengths and get rid of weaknesses.


Happify is a brain game that has scientific activities and games that are aimed at helping you overcome stress, negative thoughts, challenges in life and more. This app contains happiness journals, meditations, puzzles and more that can help center you and provide yourself with some time to grow. Though it may not make you smarter per say, Happify will help your mind grow and help you look after yourself.


Wordle is a puzzle game where you have to solve crosswords. You will find here many different modes, each with its own features. If you cannot find a solution right away, take your time and try your best because some of the levels are pretty complex. Moreover, you can always use a hint if you need help. With time and practice, you will become better and significantly improve your spelling skills.

Jupiter Hadley

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The 10 Best Brain Games for iPhone/iOS and iPad

Mehedi Hasan

Memory gets dull with aging, not for all, but it’s a common thing for most people. It does not mean that the brain got weakened; you can always strengthen your brain power with a few exercises of your brain’s cognitive processes. You can do that easily on your iPhone or iPad. AppStore is filled with lots of self improvising brain games for iPhone. A lot of those games use certified methods for brain training in their game environment. You will get a suitable one for free, some might require paid subscriptions, but these games are beneficial for improving your brain power and memory over time.

Best Brain Games for iPhone/iOS

Brains games will always be exciting only if you have good logical thinking ability. However, we have tried a lot of brain games for iOS already. Some of them are quite compatible. We also found some games that are very much creative and unique.

And we tried to list them together so that you get to learn all these best brain games in one place. You may not like all of them. To find the most appropriate one for you, it’s better to check their short details we have attached in the list.

1. Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity: Brain Training

You need to use your logical thinking, scientific explaining capability, and brain to solve all these puzzles. All these science-based games are designed in a way that will improve your memory, attention, cognitive skill, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving ability.

Important Features

  • You can begin the game with a free 10-minute test that will help you test your baseline score.
  • There will be more than 40 different games to try.
  • This game will show your performance with a detailed report.
  • This game is integrated with the most popular languages, so you don’t have to play it in English.
  • You are allowed to make a personalized set of games from a collection of different games.

Pros: It is developing day by day. So, you will get new features and tests regularly.

Cons: The customer support of this game is not very active, according to some users.

2. Left vs. Right

Left vs Right

However, you will find lots of games with different categories here. Using the colorblind mode, you can play a unique game too.

  • There will be 6 different categories of games designed to test different IQ skills.
  • In total, there will be 51 games in different categories.
  • You can play this game for free, but for the premium subscription, you have to pay.
  • It will show your score history and analyze your performance.
  • After winning levels, you can collect tokens and use them to unlock some of the premium levels.

Pros: There is a special category for the strength level called “just right challenge”.

3. Brain Dots

Brain Dots

You have to be aware of the power of gravity. Neither the dots will stay straight nor the lines you will draw. So, you have to use your brains to find the appropriate line placement and draw it.

  • This game is good to improve your flexibility in thinking.
  • You can collect over 25 different types of pens with a variety of colors and sizes.
  • You can share your achievements on different social media.
  • More than 3 million stages have already been created for this game. So, there is no way you can be disappointed by the number of levels.
  • It has a twist of elements of riddle and “Escape the Room” features that make it even more exciting.

Pros: This game is good for players of any age.

Cons: Commercials in the levels irritate some of the users.

4. Peak – Brain Training

Peak - Brain Training

You can choose whichever you love to try first. The insights into your performance will show your level of mental strength and IQ. So, you can test your ability with this game very easily.

  • There are more than 45 different funny and reward-winning games.
  • 6 different categories of games are developed to boost your brainpower.
  • Coffee break is a type of game that you can try to relax.
  • Some kill based workouts will be there, including Weakest Link, Low Rank, etc.
  • This multiplayer brain game for iOS lets you compete with your friends.

Pros: This game provides you with an opportunity to join the advanced Training modules to develop a collaboration with university students and scientists.

Cons: Fullscreen 30-second commercials ruin the interest of some players.

5. Clockwork Brain Training | Memory & Attention Game

Clockwork Brain Training

  • The background of this game is decorated with ancient elements and wallpapers.
  • More than 17 challenging mind games will be there to sharpen your memory.
  • You can collect tokens to unlock new gaming modes.
  • When things seem very difficult for you, you can get hints from some powerful Petbots.
  • If you want to get some rough and tough levels, you try the difficult Insane rounds.

Pros: This game views weekly and monthly graphs to show your progression in your performance.

6. Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain?

Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain?

I don’t think it will be very easy to play. You can’t use your mechanical gaming strength or physical power to win, but your intelligence and brain will only work to get the absurd solutions to these puzzles.

  • This game will set a timer to solve puzzles in the given time. So, you have to be careful while thinking about the solution.
  • You will get around 111 puzzles and brain teasers that you can solve only in 120 minutes.
  • You can boost your mathematical analytic ability by playing “Find Out if You’re a Genius″.
  • “Test Your Friends Mode” is another tricky level that you can use to challenge your friends.
  • You can’t answer the puzzles and teasers accurately if you don’t think out of the box.

Pros: This game is developed for playing with family members and friends.

7. The Moron Test: IQ Brain Games

The Moron Test: IQ Brain Games

  • There are 6 different levels full of challenging mind games.
  • Over a hundred games are available in different categories.
  • There are tons of funny characters, and the music is also very entertaining.
  • This game shows a global leaderboard and achievement lists.
  • You can try memory games, knowledge games, trivia games, and logic games.

Pros: Shape puzzles are the most entertaining and challenging part of this game.

Cons: Some players think it a little bit easier and suggest it for the kids and teenagers.

8. 100 Logic Games – Time Killers

100 Logic Games - Time Killers, brain games for iPhone

It includes hundreds of minigames containing sudoku, puzzles, matching, and other brain exercising tasks. This game is free to play and requires an in-app purchase for having an ad-free environment.

  • Offers around ten thousand levels for puzzle games.
  • Includes a pinch-zoom function for puzzles.
  • You can take notes within the game while solving complex puzzles.
  • It offers very swift and snappy operations and includes timed hints facilities.
  • You can check the progression conditions for all the mini-games individually.
  • Includes supportive puzzles and problem-solving games dedicated to brain stimulation.

Pros: It integrates Game Center facilities with leaderboards access. You will like its automatic saving facilities and super-fast responsiveness.

Cons: Some users faced sudden loading issues while playing for a long time.

9. IQ Test: Brain Cognitive Games

The Moron Test: IQ Brain Games

This game uses the Culture-free testing method by R. Cattell. The interface is very smooth, and you will love the responsiveness of the whole ecosystem.

  • Offers professional grade tasting methods for reliable IQ tests.
  • You can test the intelligence level of your friends and family members.
  • As it provides 100 percent certified test results, this will surely boost your self-esteem as you know about your real IQ level.
  • It offers functions that let you know your intellectual age.
  • Allows advanced comparison systems, and users can find out about celebrities who are similar or close to their IQ level.

Pros: It is free to download and widely accessible. The results are provided in numbers that are highly comprehensible.

Cons: Some users did not like the process of paid access to useful features.

10. Brain Training

Brain Training

It is equipped with Game Center facilities, so the players will be able to check leaderboards. Don’t wait; get ready to compete with your friends, and reach different milestones of the game.

  • Covers all the aptitudes such as logic, word knowledge, math, music, memory, puzzles, concentration levels, spatial, etc.
  • Offers daily tests with different difficulty levels.
  • You will be able to check the improvement ratios of your IQ by giving tests every day.
  • Includes lots of challenging puzzles to solve and regular IQ exams of four different types.
  • This game is suitable for people of all ages and offers challenging tasks that require operations from both the left and right sides of the brain.

Pros: It provides test results with full details and suggestions for possible improvements. The game interface and overall navigation system are very snappy and smooth.

Cons: Some players found the game too hard to solve.

Our Recommendation

It is the toughest part today to fewer the list of recommendations. You must see that all these 10 best brain games for your iPad and iPhone are near to be equally challenging and exciting. However, Brain Training and Lumosity are the hardest games among them. If you don’t like to try them and plan to spend your time with less attention, try The Moron Test or Brain Dots.

And if we think rationally, no prioritizing level of hardness, the Left vs. Right will be the best for you. If you spend a few minutes checking the details, I think you have already got your answer.

Finally, Insights

You have now learned about the best brain games for iPhone/iOS and iPad. If you really wish to improve your IQ and mental strength, then these games are a must-have for you. They are scientifically tested to do so. That’s why I suggest not to spend your time on silly games that will do nothing but to make you addicted and try these brain teasers. After trying one, please share how you are doing with that. Your experience will motivate others to try the game. Thank you for your endless support.

Mehedi Hasan

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The 12 Best Logic Games for iPhone

' data-src=

Logic games cause many beneficial effects on people, such as strengthening their problem-solving ability, establishing cause-effect relationships, developing the function of thinking quickly and making the right decision, and gaining motivation and concentration. 

We have reviewed many logic games that will be enjoyed by those who love to exercise their brain, and we have listed the most entertaining and addictive ones for you. Here are the best logic games for iPhone!

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $19.99

Flow Free is an enjoyable puzzle game. Players will attempt to solve the puzzle by combining the matching colors with the pipe and matching all of the colors. Players must take care not to cross or overlap the pipes when combining colors. The game includes over 2500 free levels, daily puzzles, ten different board sizes, and purchasable level packs.

Flow Free on the App Store

Peak – Brain Training

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $34.99

Peak – Brain Training has 45+ games covering six categories aimed at improving mental skills and is among the best logic games for iPhone. Players can play skill-based games like Weakest Link, Low Rank, Coffee Break, and The Total Workout with Peak. Games of Peak provide development in many areas such as concentration, problem-solving, and memory strengthening. Game lovers can challenge their friends and track their progress. To learn more detailed information, visit Peak’s website .

Peak – Brain Training on the App Store

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Zuzu · Binary Puzzle Game

Price: Free

problem solving games ios

Zuzu · Binary Puzzle Game is an excellent game to test your logic and skills. The game is liked by sudoku lovers because it is similar to sudoku. The players’ goal in the game is to fill the board using logical determination. There are only two tile colors in the game, orange (zero) and blue (one). Players must arrange each row and column with an equal number of red and blue tiles and no more than two adjacent tiles of the same color. Check out Zuzu’s website for more detailed information.

Zuzu · Binary Puzzle Game on the App Store

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $4.99

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game is a logic and design game and stands out among the best logic games for iPhone. The game manages to attract the attention of logic game lovers with its stylish graphics and unique mind games. REBUS provides a straightforward but unpredictable experience.

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game on the App Store

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Brain Games!

problem solving games ios

Brain Games is a brilliant game with straightforward logic. 

The goal of the game is to move the colored shapes into a large rectangle. The game features beautiful retina graphics and 90 levels that will train and challenge your brain. Brain Games is iPod Touch and iPad compatible.

Brain Games! on the App Store

Where’s My Water? 2

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99

problem solving games ios

Where’s My Water 2 is a free Disney game with interesting puzzles. There are over 100 levels in the game, as well as mechanics tailored to each character, themed ducks, and clues. In the game’s ‘Duck Rush’ levels, players must dig quickly to collect as many ducks as possible. By cutting through the dirt, players will assist their friends in channeling fresh water, purple water, and steam.

Where’s My Water? 2 on the App Store

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Brain It On!

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $3.99

Brain It On is a game with tricky and challenging puzzles that will challenge your brain and deserves to be among the best logic games for iPhone. In physics puzzles, players will draw shapes to solve the puzzle. The game allows players to fight with their friends. Each puzzle in the game has multiple solutions, and players aim to find the best solution. Browse Brain It On’s website to learn more details about the game.

Brain It On! on the App Store

Cross Fingers

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $29.99

problem solving games ios

Cross Fingers is an unusual game that features a massive tangram puzzle that will improve your dexterity. In Cross Fingers, players will try to put together solid pieces. There are 840 various levels to complete in the game.

Cross Fingers on the App Store

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Sudoku.com – Number Games

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $4.99

problem solving games ios

Sudoku.com – Number Games is one of the games in which you will have fun while training your brain. The game has thousands of classic sudoku puzzles and includes daily tasks. Game lovers can effortlessly get rid of the stress of the day and keep their brains active with Sudoku.com. Sudoku.com is a game that people of all levels can enjoy and one of the best logic games for iPhone. Players can play by choosing the level they want. The game offers many handy features to sudoku lovers like game hints, automatic control, and highlighted copies.

Sudoku.com – Number Games on the App Store

Build a Bridge!

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

Build a Bridge is a physics-based crafting game in which you put your engineering skills to the test. Each level is more difficult and detailed than the one before it. The players’ goal is to build a strong structure without going over budget. Players in Build a Bridge must be efficient and measured. Players can test the durability of their bridges using the game’s 3D model feature. Build a Bridge includes a variety of materials such as wood, cables, and metal, as well as 86 beautiful levels, detailed environments, a realistic physics engine, and other features.

Build a Bridge! on the App Store

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Price: $5.99

Threes is a stunning game beyond your imagination. The game comes in one simple game mode and offers endless challenges. Players get access to a sweet cast of characters and a lovely soundtrack with Threes. For more information about Threes, check out the website of the game .

Threes! on the App Store

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a breathtaking game that attracts attention with its unusual style. Om Nom will be guided through the game by the players. Cut the Rope is a thrilling game with inventive physics-based hidden rewards. The game has 17 boxes with 425 levels and excellent graphics. Also, the game’s premium membership disables ads and IAPs and offers free daily bonuses and power-ups.

Cut the Rope on the App Store

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problem solving games ios

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problem solving games ios

The 13 Best Offroad Games for Android

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5 Best Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games For iOS Devices

problem solving games ios

Are you ready for a mind-bending adventure like no other? Imagine the thrill of competing against your friends and family in the most challenging and exciting puzzle games on iOS.

Picture the satisfaction of solving a complex puzzle and seeing your loved ones struggle to keep up. Imagine the laughter and bonding that comes from working together to solve a mystery and beat the clock. You can have these experiences with our list of the top five multiplayer puzzle games for iOS.

But be warned; these games will test your wit, skill, and endurance. Are you up for the challenge? So, don’t wait any longer; check out our curated list of the best multiplayer puzzle games for iOS, and get ready to test your limits and have fun with your loved ones.

How Puzzle Games Are Different From Other Games

Puzzle games are a unique video game genre that requires players to use critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills to progress. They differ from other types of games, such as action or adventure games, which focus on fast-paced gameplay, quick reflexes, and physical challenges. Instead, puzzle games offer a more cerebral experience, challenging players to think strategically and creatively.

Some examples of popular puzzle games include Tetris, where players have to rotate and fit falling shapes into a grid, creating a complete line, and Minecraft, where players have to gather resources, build structures and defend against monsters.

Another example is Portal, where players have to solve a series of physics-based puzzles using a particular gun that creates teleportation portals. These games offer unique challenges and require players to think outside the box to find solutions.

In contrast, action games such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto focus on fast-paced combat and high-stakes missions, while adventure games like The Legend of Zelda or Uncharted center around exploring vast worlds, solving mysteries, and uncovering hidden secrets. Puzzle games are a distinct genre that offers a different type of gameplay experience that is both mentally stimulating and satisfying.

Why Choose These Games?

When choosing multiplayer puzzle games for iOS, these five are excellent options: Tangle Master 3D, Puzzle Quest, I’m a Puzzle, Brain It On!, and Room Escape Game. Each of these games offers a unique and challenging experience for players to test their problem-solving skills, precision, and, in some cases, strategy.

They also provide the added excitement of playing with others in a multiplayer mode, whether competing against each other or working together to solve the puzzles. With various types of puzzles, from physics-based to match-3, these games offer something for every puzzle lover to enjoy.

Brain It On

 This multiplayer game features a variety of physics-based puzzles that players must solve by drawing lines and shapes. Players have to solve the puzzles by drawing lines and shapes that interact with the objects on the screen. The game offers a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other to solve the puzzles the fastest. It’s an excellent game for players who love physics-based puzzles and challenging their problem-solving skills.

You can download Brain It On from the App Store for free .

I’m a Puzzle

“Imagining a puzzle is like diving into a sea of wonder and discovery. Each piece holds a unique story, waiting to be unlocked and pieced together to reveal a larger, more magnificent picture. The website “Im a Puzzle” is a portal to this captivating world, offering an unparalleled selection of jigsaw puzzles that will challenge and delight puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels.

With its user-friendly interface, high-quality images, and an endless variety of puzzle designs, “I’m a Puzzle” is the ultimate destination for puzzle enthusiasts seeking an immersive and satisfying puzzle experience. It’s not just a website, it’s a journey of the mind and a celebration of the beauty and mystery of the world around us.

You can visit I’m a puzzle website on your iPhone and play all the games there.

Puzzle Quest 3

This game is a multiplayer match-3 game where players must match gems to progress through the levels. The game has various levels, and players must match jewels of the same color to pass the ranks. The game offers a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other, and the game’s objective is to match the most gems in the least amount of time. Puzzle Quest is an exciting and challenging game that can be played with friends and family.

You can download the Puzzle Quest 3 game from the App Store here .

Room Escape Game

This multiplayer game features various escape rooms that players must solve by finding clues and solving puzzles. Players must solve the puzzles by finding clues and solving puzzles in a limited amount of time. The game offers a multiplayer mode where players can work together to solve the puzzles and escape the room. It’s an excellent game for players who love puzzles and enjoy working together to solve them.

All these games are available for iOS devices and offer a fun and challenging multiplayer experience. They are perfect for players who love puzzles and enjoy the challenge of competing against others.

You can download Room Escape game from the App Store for free .

Tangle Master 3D

 This is a multiplayer game where players rotate a 3D shape to untangle it. The game has various levels and different colored lines representing different players. Players must turn their bodies and straighten the lines without crossing other players’ lines.

The game’s objective is to separate the lines as quickly as possible, and the player who does it in the least amount of time wins. The game offers various levels with increasing difficulty and has a global leaderboard where you can compete with players worldwide.

You can play Tangle Master 3D game in Safari browser by opening this link.


These five multiplayer puzzle games for iOS offer various challenges for players of all skill levels. From Tangle Master 3D, where players must untangle lines to I’m a puzzle where players must jumble the cards in a specific spot in a limited amount of time, these games offer unique and engaging gameplay experiences.

Whether you prefer to play alone or with others, these games provide hours of entertainment and a way to exercise your problem-solving skills. If you are a fan of puzzle games and looking for fun and challenging multiplayer games, these games are worth checking out.

  • iPhone games

problem solving games ios

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Best Apps for Problem Solving: Top Picks for Effective Solutions

problem solving

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, problem-solving skills are becoming increasingly crucial for personal and professional success. It is important to recognize that problem-solving involves more than just finding answers to a problem; it’s about understanding the problem, identifying potential solutions, and making informed decisions. In this regard, problem-solving apps have the potential to drastically improve one’s abilities in a variety of areas, as well as provide educational benefits.

problem solving games ios

These apps come in many forms, addressing everything from math and science problems to enhancing attention and concentration. They offer accessibility and support for users seeking to bolster their problem-solving capabilities. In addition to educational applications, many of these apps are also tailored to address challenges in industries like business and mental health or even to provide career guidance.

Key Takeaways

  • Problem-solving apps cover a wide range of topics and can improve both personal and professional success.
  • Educational benefits are a significant aspect of these apps, as they deal with various subjects such as math, science, and concentration.
  • Apps that provide support for problem-solving extend beyond education, addressing challenges in business, mental health, and career guidance.

Recognizing Problem-Solving Apps

problem solving games ios

Today’s technology landscape is filled with mobile apps that aim to address various challenges we face daily. Recognizing essential problem-solving apps for iOS and Android devices can significantly improve our efficiency and simplify our lives.

  • Lumosity : This app is designed to improve mental skills with engaging activities that target memory, flexibility, information processing speed, and concentration levels. Lumosity is perfectly suitable for individuals looking to enhance their problem-solving capabilities.
  • Braingle : Braingle stands out for its focus on mental sharpness and reasoning through riddles and visual illusions. Compared to other apps, Braingle offers a unique approach to problem-solving, instead of relying on memory and reaction-based tasks.

Android Apps

  • Educurious : This website offers supplemental apps that aim to turn students into “developing experts” by connecting them with real-world mentors and providing problem-based learning activities.
  • Photomath : An app that simplifies mathematical problem-solving, Photomath allows users to scan a math problem with their device’s camera and receive instant solutions, explanations, and step-by-step instructions on how to solve it.

By incorporating these problem-solving apps into daily routines, users can enhance their mental abilities and find solutions to everyday challenges more effectively. Focusing on the right technology and investing time in useful software will undoubtedly improve one’s overall problem-solving skills.

Educational Benefits of Problem-Solving Apps

Boosting learning skills.

Problem-solving apps provide a variety of educational benefits to users, aiding in the development of crucial learning skills. These apps target different aspects of learning, such as memory, reading, writing, and listening, by presenting engaging challenges and activities. As users navigate through these tasks, they gain valuable insights and ideas that contribute to their overall understanding of an array of subjects.

Incorporating elements such as Lumosity with a personalized approach to learning can offer tailored activities to improve memory, attention, speed, and problem-solving skills. This adaptability allows users to progress at their own pace while receiving appropriate guidance and support.

Enhancing Critical Thinking

Problem-solving apps also play a vital role in enhancing critical thinking abilities. By offering various challenges and exercises, these apps motivate users to employ creative thinking, logical reasoning, and decision-making skills. Through continuous practice and application, the users develop a deeper understanding of concepts and improve their ability to analyze and evaluate scenarios.

Moreover, apps like Educurious , which connects students with real-world mentors and incorporates the Common Core aligned curriculum, help students build their critical thinking abilities and problem-based learning skills in line with the 21st-century technology demands.

In conclusion, problem-solving apps offer numerous educational benefits, from boosting learning skills to enhancing critical thinking. As users engage with these apps, they become more confident in their learning abilities, paving the way for higher academic achievement and lifelong learning.

Applications in Math and Science

In this digital age, there are numerous apps and websites available to help students develop problem-solving skills in math and science. These resources provide interactive, engaging, and adaptive platforms to enhance their educational experience.

Apps for Math Problems

From basic calculations to more complex topics like algebra, calculus, and word problems, math apps offer an excellent way to empower students with the tools they need for success.

One such resource is Mathway , which caters to a wide range of mathematical topics. Mathway enables students to input math problems, offering step-by-step solutions and explanations to further their understanding. The app even has a graphing feature for visual learners.

Another engaging resource is Moose Math , a free app that focuses on math games. These games assist younger students in refining their math skills, such as counting, addition, and subtraction, through points earned for completing challenges.

Applications for Science Tasks

When it comes to science, students need a comprehensive understanding of various concepts across physics, chemistry, and biology. Several apps can help with this intricate learning process.

For common core science concepts, Brilliant offers hands-on, interactive lessons to build quantitative skills. This platform covers core topics like algebra functions, quadratics, and even computer science concepts. Brilliant is designed to help students dive deep into problem-solving by breaking down complex topics and providing in-depth examples.

To assist students with their science homework, websites like Educators Technology can offer a selection of math problem solver apps. These apps not only tackle math problems but also provide additional reinforcement for understanding scientific concepts.

In conclusion, utilizing these various apps and online tools can significantly improve students’ problem-solving abilities in both math and science domains, paving the way for academic success.

Enhancing Attention and Concentration

A critical aspect of improving problem-solving skills involves enhancing one’s attention and concentration. Numerous apps are designed to target these cognitive abilities, allowing individuals to perform tasks efficiently and manage their time effectively.

One popular app that aims to maximize attention span is Lumosity . Developed by a team of game designers and scientists, Lumosity offers a range of interactive games and training exercises. These games are specifically tailored to improve memory, processing speed, attention span, and overall cognitive ability. By engaging in these activities regularly, users can strengthen their focus and address their weaknesses.

In addition to Lumosity, other apps are well-regarded for their positive influence on attention and concentration. For instance, Calm Sage lists several brain training apps to help improve memory and cognitive function. These apps provide fun, challenging exercises that test users’ problem-solving skills and logical thinking abilities while also identifying areas of improvement. Engaging in these activities can foster perseverance, allowing individuals to tackle tasks with greater determination and success.

To ensure that users can effectively manage their time, it is essential to incorporate strategies that promote enhanced attention and concentration. By utilizing apps like Lumosity and those mentioned on Calm Sage, individuals can train their brains to focus on tasks more effectively and allocate their time more efficiently. Ultimately, these tools can lead to meaningful improvements in one’s ability to approach complex problem-solving scenarios with confidence and clarity.

Support and Help within Apps

When it comes to problem-solving apps, efficient support and help features are crucial for users to navigate through the platform and find the solutions they need. A good app will provide diverse support mechanisms, whether it’s tutorials for first-time users, FAQs to answer common questions, or customer service to address specific concerns.

In-app purchases often play a significant part in enhancing app experience. They might offer advanced features or additional resources, allowing users to unlock their full potential when solving problems. However, it’s essential for the app developers to offer a clear and transparent payment system, helping users to make informed decisions on whether the additional content is worth the investment.

Problem-solving apps rely on user reviews and feedback to constantly improve their features and functionalities. Therefore, it’s essential to have an efficient way for users to communicate their experiences, suggestions, and issues. Developers should ensure that they actively monitor feedback and provide prompt responses to users who might need assistance with the app.

When it comes to navigating through an app, a well-designed interface and smooth user experience will keep users engaged and motivated to solve problems. This includes logical menu structures, consistent design elements, and clear labeling for different sections or features. Visual aids, such as color-coding or iconography, can further help users find their way around the app, streamlining the overall problem-solving process.

By addressing these aspects, problem-solving apps can create a holistic experience with clear solutions and support mechanisms in place. When users feel empowered to access the help they need, it enables them to tackle challenges effectively, enhancing their overall problem-solving experience.

Problem-Solving Apps for Business

Applications for business challenges.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies face various challenges, such as improving customer service, addressing operational inefficiencies, and managing resources effectively. With the help of innovative mobile apps, businesses can tackle these issues and find effective solutions.

Lumosity is a prime example of a problem-solving app designed to improve mental skills. By enhancing memory, flexibility, and information processing speed, this web app can indirectly contribute to the development of employees’ problem-solving capabilities.

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly useful in improving customer services by providing quicker query resolution and 24/7 support. AI-based chatbots, often embedded in mobile apps, can help businesses respond to customer queries and questions more efficiently, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

In addressing business operations , many organizations turn to Microsoft Power Apps to identify and solve problems. Power Apps allow developing custom applications tailored to specific business needs without requiring extensive coding experience. By streamlining processes and automating manual tasks, these apps can significantly impact operational efficiency.

Furthermore, numerous apps on the market solve everyday problems faced by both businesses and individuals. For example, Google Play offers 2.56 million mobile apps, while the App Store provides access to 1.85 million apps. Among these vast selections, businesses can surely find applications that cater to their specific requirements, from project management to financial planning.

In summary, as businesses traverse the ever-evolving landscape of challenges, adopting problem-solving applications can undoubtedly provide valuable assistance in finding the most effective and efficient solutions along their path to success.

Mental Health Support through Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, finding support and solutions for mental health issues is crucial. Numerous apps have been developed to help individuals cope with and manage their anxiety and depression. These digital tools offer a variety of approaches to maintaining mental well-being, from cognitive training exercises to resources for professional guidance.

Apps for Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest in different ways, but common symptoms include constant worrying, restlessness, and even physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath. The following apps aim to provide support and techniques for managing anxiety:

  • Headspace : This popular meditation app teaches mindfulness techniques, which have been found effective in managing anxiety and reducing instances of negative, repetitive thinking.
  • MindShift : Designed specifically for anxiety, MindShift provides resources and tools to help users develop healthy coping strategies and face their fears. This app embraces Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles, which are widely considered as an effective approach to dealing with anxiety disorders.

Apps for Depression

Depression can be a debilitating condition resulting in persistent sadness, loss of interest in daily activities, and even physical symptoms like lack of energy or changes in appetite. The following apps offer support and solutions for those experiencing depression:

  • Lumosity : This brain-training app focuses on cognitive exercises that stimulate different areas of the brain and encourage users to develop healthy cognitive habits. By improving memory, attention, and problem-solving skills, Lumosity can help individuals coping with depression maintain their mental abilities and gain a stronger sense of control.
  • Elevate : Like Lumosity, Elevate is a cognitive training app aimed at improving focus, memory, and comprehension through engaging games and activities. Regular use of the app can lead to better mental clarity, which may help alleviate some depressive symptoms.
  • BetterHelp : This platform connects users with licensed therapists, offering a convenient way to access professional mental health support. BetterHelp provides therapy sessions through phone, video, or messaging, making it easier for those experiencing depression to receive the guidance they need.

Using apps for mental health support can be an effective and accessible way to manage anxiety and depression. It is important, however, to remember that these apps are not a substitute for professional help but can serve as valuable supplementary tools in one’s mental health journey.

Popular Puzzle and Brain Games

Memory-boosting puzzle games.

A variety of memory-boosting puzzle games are available for those who wish to sharpen their cognitive skills. These games are designed to challenge the brain and improve memory, logic, and problem-solving abilities. Some popular memory-boosting puzzle games include:

  • Lumosity : This app offers over 40 puzzles and games that test your brain and help train memory, logic, and math skills for a well-rounded mind workout. It features specific challenges for attention, flexibility, problem solving, language, math, speed, memory, and more ( source ).
  • Grindstone : A strategy puzzle game where players plan each move carefully to complete levels efficiently, thus encouraging the development of critical thinking and planning skills ( source ).
  • Monument Valley : This beautiful and captivating game requires players to manipulate the environment to progress through an M.C. Escher-inspired world, enhancing spatial reasoning and creativity.

The New York Times Crossword

The New York Times Crossword is a classic app that has stood the test of time, providing avid fans with daily crossword puzzles to stimulate their brains and expand their vocabularies. The puzzles range in difficulty, offering varying levels of challenge for both new and experienced solvers. The app is easily accessible on both Android and iOS devices, enabling players to indulge in a moment of problem-solving fun anytime and anywhere.

By engaging in these popular puzzle and brain games, players can keep their minds sharp and refine their problem-solving skills. These activities not only provide a fun and engaging form of entertainment but also promote cognitive growth and development.

Career Guidance through Problem-Solving Apps

In today’s competitive job market, individuals seeking career success must continually hone their problem-solving skills. By utilizing problem-solving apps, they can sharpen their cognitive abilities, find solutions to challenges, and stay on the right path to achievement. In this section, we will discuss some of the best apps that are designed to help improve problem-solving skills.

Braingle is a unique app that pushes the limits of mental sharpness through the use of riddles and visual illusions. By presenting different types of puzzles, Braingle encourages users to strengthen their reasoning and analytical skills, which could be beneficial in various aspects of career growth.

Another outstanding app is Lumosity , specifically designed to enhance cognitive function. It offers various activities that focus on memory, flexibility, information processing speed, and concentration. Incorporating Lumosity into one’s routine can ultimately lead to better problem-solving capabilities necessary for career advancement.

The third app, Elevate , is an award-winning brain training program offering a wide array of exercises and games. These activities are aimed at improving cognitive abilities critical for effective problem-solving. With a progress tracking feature, users can monitor their improvement over time and see how they are progressing in their problem-solving skills.

In addition to these apps, individuals must also practice problem-solving strategies in the workplace. Asana recommends a four-step approach, starting with identifying the problem, gathering information, formulating a plan, and executing the solution. Following this process can efficiently solve issues faced in a professional environment.

By using these problem-solving apps and adopting a methodical approach to tackling career challenges, individuals can pave the way for continuous growth and achievement. It is vital to remember that enhancing one’s problem-solving skills is a journey, requiring dedication and persistent effort.

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These 15 best problem solving game apps for kids will truly make them think.

I know I'm not the only one who feels just a tad less guilty about extra screen time for my kids when they're engaged with an app that is helping them learn. Having a folder of problem-solving game apps for kids lets them exercise their minds and stretch their imaginations instead of just zoning out like they do while watching endless unboxing videos. (Although, I admit, those videos are oddly fascinating.)

Educational apps for kids aren't necessarily hard to come by and your kids likely already have a few that they love. However, these games will help kids hone in on specific problem-solving skills in various forms to keep their minds sharp and give them the chance to learn new things. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends kids engage with apps that "require more than 'pushing and swiping,'" which these 15 problem-solving game apps certainly do.

Strategy and planning are key components to solving any problem, so it is no surprise that all of these games help to make these concepts come to life for kids in a way that is fun and engaging. STEM-forward games engage physics and engineering to help kids create and invent to solve mechanical and structural problems, while traditional puzzle games allow kids to use their strategical skills to put together digital riddles.

The problem-solving power of puzzles cannot be overstated, and apps like Tozzle bring practice of this skillset right to your toddler's digital-loving fingertips. Instead of tripping over a pile of puzzles in your child's floor and risking losing critical pieces, let them explore the 40+ puzzles available on Tozzle. Designed for kids from toddler through early elementary, Tozzle's puzzles range in complexity so there is truly something for every kid.

Cut The Rope

My own kids adore playing this game. The goal of the game Cut The Rope is to feed a cute little monster named Om Nom as much candy as you can. The trick though is that to feed him, you must strategically cut a rope that the candy is hanging from so that it drops in Om Nom's mouth, dodging obstacles along the way. It's actually harder than it looks and requires quite a bit of critical thinking. Best suited for kids ages 4 and up, I have played this one myself a time or two, and it is actually entertaining and engaging for adults as well.

What do you get when you combine the physics of water with puzzles? The problem-solving app Busy Water . Kids can use their critical thinking skills to use pipes, wheels, blocks, and paddles to help Archie the fish find his way out of the open water and back into his fish tank. Aimed at children ages 6 to 10, this app will help engage children's creativity, as well as stretch their cognitive ability and reasoning skills.

Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors

These 15 best problem solving game apps for kids will engage their brains and help them learn.

Even babies and toddlers can learn through simplistic problem solving apps. Designed for babies ages 6 months and up, this app by Fisher Price features a baby and toddler-friendly design with bright colors and simple shapes to sort. Two levels of play allow babies and toddlers to learn through tapping or tilting the screen to move the shapes and hear their names.

Mystery Math Town

Older kids who could benefit from brushing up on their math skills can do exactly that while enjoying the problem-solving app Mystery Math Town . The app engages kids in a mission to help a friendly ghost rescue fireflies hidden within Mystery Math Town by using math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to unlock passages and enter rooms. The app is customizable to fit your child's specific math needs, but recommended for kids aged 7 and up.

Savings Spree

As an adult, I can confidently say that money can sometimes causes big problems that must be solved. Let your kids learn how to mitigate money issues before they get their hands on the real thing with the Savings Spree app . Kids ages 7 and up can practice problem solving skills related to money by engaging in the game show-style format of this game, choosing when to spend, save, invest, or donate their virtual money.


For kids who love to experiment and invent new things, the Inventioneers app allows them to do so in a digital way. Kids ages 4 and up can build with 50+ objects and tools that utilize physics and engineering to create inventions that solve problems for the three fun Inventioneers characters working within the app.

Where's My Water?

This Disney app allows your kids to practice their problem-solving skills while also bringing attention to the global issue of clean water access. In Where's My Water? players must cut through dirt and manipulate pipes to deliver clean water through a sewer system to Swampy the alligator. Additional scenarios to solve involve creating steam to power another alligator's musical instrument and clearing algae from a picky alligator's plate.

Winky Think Logic Puzzles

The logic puzzles included in the Winky Think app start out easy, but get increasingly harder as the levels progress. From matching shapes and colors, to twisting and switching objects to maneuver through puzzles, each game encourages players to use reasoning skills as they work through each level. The lower levels of the app are best suited for kids around age 5, but older kids and teens can work through the low levels quickly and be challenged through 180 levels.

Shiny Picnic

Kids can learn new skills with these 15 best problem solving game apps for kids.

The Shiny Picnic app provides engaging and fun game play for toddlers and preschoolers to practice their problem-solving skills. Kids can sort and match objects like fruits and vegetables by color, following along with the game's fun animal characters as they help the crew pack for and set up picnics.

'The Cat In The Hat' Builds That

If your kids love The Cat In The Hat , this PBS Kids app will help them hone in on problem-solving skills right alongside their favorite feisty feline. Kids can engineer their own creations to help solve dilemmas using physics and scientific concepts. Preschoolers will love this fun and easy-to-explore app set in a backyard where The Cat In the Hat and friends build tree houses, playgrounds, and more.

When you combine STEM concepts with traditional logic games, you get a game that kids can truly get lost in while learning about engineering, physics, and mechanics. Kids ages 3 to 8 can help the adorable monster creatures in the app Thinkrolls make their way through obstacle courses by manipulating objects to clear paths and trying different methods to finish the game.

Cyberchase 3D Builder

This app from PBS Kids uses geometry and three-dimensional shapes to help take traditional puzzle games to the next level. Kids ages 6 and up are tasked with using shapes to re-build the city of Botropolis after it is accidentally zapped by Delete and Buzz from the classic Cyberchase game .

The Zoombinis app is a recreation of the classic '90s computer game Logical Journey of the Zoombinis , which stars tiny blue creatures attempting to journey home. In this app, kids will solve logic puzzles that engage analyzation skills, pattern creation, and more within each level in order to unlock each additional level until the Zoombinis complete their travels and wind up back at home.

Tami's Tower

The Tami's Tower app allows kids to use their problem-solving skills to build towers that help Tami the tiger reach fruit to eat. Created by the Smithsonian Institute , the game takes basic engineering predicaments and allows kids to stretch their minds to create solutions to those problems by stacking and manipulating objects.

problem solving games ios

The 6 Best 3D Brain Teaser Puzzles for Handheld Challenges and Spatial Problem Solving

From board game Kanoodle to cast-iron playthings.

3d brain teasers

Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Why Trust Us?

At Popular Mechanics , we’ve got an office full of curious puzzlers and calculated tinkerers. So, to find out which puzzles are worth spending that precious mental energy (and money) on, we called some in, dropped them off in a common space, and Slacked some colleagues to help put them together. If you’re a puzzle fiend and love to get your brain working, below are the ones that most impressed our resident nerds.

Game on and check our picks for the best retro gaming consoles , board games for families , and beginner gaming PCs .

The Best 3D Brain Teaser Puzzles

  • Best Overall: Educational Insights Kanoodle
  • Best Upgrade: Craighill Tycho Puzzle
  • Best Hanayama: Bepuzzled Labyrinth Hanayama
  • Best for Kids: Uncommon Goods T-Rex 3D Puzzle Building Kit
  • Best 3D Puzzle: Original 3D Crystal Puzzles Grand Castle Deluxe

What to Consider

Types of puzzles.

Brain teaser puzzles cover a broad range, from multi-piece posers you take apart and reassemble to 3D jigsaws.

Multi-piece puzzles are either lock-based (which involve pulling apart and putting together geometric shapes via turning, clicking, maneuvering, or shimmying each piece) or spatial (which involve organizing and arranging items based on color, shape, or both).

Japanese puzzle maker Hanayama is one of the most popular brands in this space, specializing in handheld cast-iron pieces that require unlocking and removing pieces from one another and putting them back together. Hanayama rates its puzzles using difficulty levels 1 to 6, with higher numbers indicating more difficulty. Of course, these are subjective ratings, but after testing a few, we believe the higher-end Hanayama puzzles involve creative problem-solving that the average person finds difficult.

While traditional 2D jigsaw puzzles are assembled on flat surfaces and resemble a box art image, 3D jigsaws are slightly more challenging. They require spatial awareness—a.k.a., an understanding of how things fit together in space—and actual instructions. Sometimes, the pieces are lettered or numbered. But, like most puzzles, you can kick it into hard mode by tossing those instructions.

Are you someone who enjoys reassembling puzzles? If not, stick to something simple that doubles as a display once it’s complete. Logic puzzles from Hanayama aren’t always the best to show off on a shelf or desktop, but higher-end pieces from Craighill are practically made for showing off. 3D jigsaw puzzles are similar to regular jigsaw puzzles—you likely won’t remember where all the pieces go if you disassemble and reassemble it several months apart.

How We Tested

“Brain teaser” is a bit subjective, but we settled on products that enhance and stimulate spatial reasoning skills, critical thinking, and logic—with a healthy dose of fun. We only focused on puzzles that involve pulling pieces apart and putting them together, playing with colors, and tinkering.

We researched popular puzzle brands and landed on a few major ones: BePuzzled, Hanayama, and Kanoodle-maker Educational Insights. We ignored any products that looked flimsy or cheap. We also avoided any wooden puzzles, as their difficulties are hard to gauge, they’re mostly geared toward children, and, frankly, they remind us of that peg game from Cracker Barrel —also cheap. Lastly, for the sake of brevity, we avoided anything that seemed like a multi-pack overkill , focusing on quality instead of quantity.

BePuzzled, Hanayama, Uncommon Goods, and Educational Insights sent various puzzles for us to try out in our offices. I emptied each box onto a table and told my colleagues, “Hey, come over here and work on these while I watch you tinker.” Through two weeks of work-time breaks, lunch hours, and random communal puzzling sprees, we gauged each puzzle below on effort (How hard is this to figure out? How much time is this taking?), difficulty (How many people did it take to solve?), value (Would we do this puzzle again?), and material (Is it plastic or metal?).

Although we typically keep a 2D puzzle on the table for screen breaks, the puzzlers at Popular Mechanics found that the best 3D puzzles were the straightforward ones that needed little to no explanation. Anything that felt the most enticing to pick up and play, either due to visual attraction or office gossip/word of mouth, topped our final list.

Educational Insights Kanoodle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

Kanoodle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

Kanoodle recently became a TikTok sensation , and after spending hours tinkering with it at the office, picking up games over breakfast, and watching colleagues play it, I can see why: It’s highly addictive. Holistically, it’s got everything I want in a brain teaser puzzle—it’s colorful, pocket-sized, easy to learn, super stimulating, and it makes me feel like a genius when I solve it.

Kanoodle’s goal is simple, but it always proves challenging. The board has 48 spaces, 12 uniquely shaped, color-connected beads, and a booklet of 200 puzzles, sorted in numerical order from easiest to hardest. To play, pick a puzzle from the booklet and set your pieces on the board according to the puzzle’s design. After setup, you’ll notice you have pieces left over. The goal is to fit those pieces on your board without moving the design you just laid out.

It’s comparable to clearing lines in Tetris, except instead of clearing lines, your prize is being able to shut your Kanoodle case. There are also a few pages of 3D puzzles, which involve stacking play pieces on top of each other.

Educational Insights claims Kanoodle expands spatial reasoning skills and enhances critical thinking. Several resources for children with autism recommend Kanoodle for developing fine motor skills, including National Autism Resources and Therapy Shoppe .

“It’s a fun, engaging way to develop problem-solving skills,” says Digital Content Producer Amber Joglar , who spent hours playing this at her desk instead of working (sorry, Amber). “The puzzles get more challenging and involved as you move through levels, and it’s a nice way to get a brain break that doesn’t involve screen time.”

The game is excellent for ages 7 and up, and we especially recommend it for adults looking for a non-screen activity . (It’s helped me calm down on more demanding days.) Its clamshell, pocket-sized packaging makes it easy to travel with and, as evidenced by my office mates, it’s easy to learn and play with others. We simply can’t get enough of this game.

Original 3D Crystal Puzzles Grand Castle Deluxe 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

Grand Castle Deluxe 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

If this looks annoying to put together, you’ll be happy to know that it very much is. And if you like that sort of challenge, the Grand Castle Deluxe is a frustrating yet satisfying build—the total opposite of the cardboard T-Rex. Rather than slide its parts into place, you assemble this puzzle by correctly stacking and interlocking its 105 transparent plastic pieces. Each piece has tiny (hard to read, due to its clear plastic) letters that correspond to others… somehow . Frankly, we don’t even know if we’re doing it right—it doesn’t come with instructions, and after visiting a URL on the back of the box, its PDF instructions aren’t quite helpful, either.

Its rigor isn’t solely due to a lack of instructions but also its design—every piece looks the same, even if they’re in different shapes. After unboxing and dumping each plastic bag full of pieces out on a table, we had a hard time figuring out where even to start.

It’s not impossible, though. Producer Barry Knoblach took a long while to lay out the pieces and assess the situation. “As someone who prefers finishing puzzles instead of seeing how long they take to complete, I was frustrated when I eventually got stuck,” he says. “The castle’s spires are especially difficult, and no directions came with the box. The puzzle is fun once you get the hang of it, but lack of clarity on its parts knocks my rating of it down.”

Uncommon Goods T-Rex 3D Puzzle Building Kit

T-Rex 3D Puzzle Building Kit

Not so much a brain teaser as it is a 3D puzzle, this T-Rex 3D puzzle-building kit is still a mild head-scratcher. It takes the traditional 2D puzzle and changes it into a layered pile of 3D cardboard, where you slide pieces into slots to make a shape. It has 72 numbered, precut pieces you pop out of place and attach to each other. The box says it’ll take 60 minutes to complete, but Raab assembled it solo in less than 30.

Because of its easy difficulty level and unique 3D build, we highly recommend this for children learning spatial awareness. It’s also a great art project when complete, as a simple paint job would make this pop in a bedroom or on a desktop. Although it’s made of cardboard, its pieces are sturdy and it doesn’t feel cheap.

Bepuzzled Hanayama Labyrinth Metal 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

Hanayama Labyrinth Metal 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

The objective of this two-piece puzzle is simple: Remove both rings and put them back together. It’s not as easy as it looks. A nub on each end of the horseshoe-like ring marked “Laby” prevents the two rings from pulling away from each other, while both sides of the other ring present two different labyrinths. You must guide the nubs on one ring through the mazes on the other ring, and try not to hit any dead ends on the way.

I tinkered with this Hanayama-branded brainteaser for 20 minutes before giving up. Meanwhile, one of my colleagues fiddled with it for two hours only to get nowhere. Our Assistant Reviews Editor, Adam Schram , successfully pulled both rings apart by feeling his way through the maze while talking and keeping his mind occupied on other things—and in 10 minutes, no less.

The puzzle has a great weight to it. And while it’s made of metal, unlike Craighill’s pieces, it doesn’t stink of it. Both pieces feel like solid cast iron, lending a pleasing tactility and heft. The brand says this puzzle has a difficulty level of 5 for “experts,” but your mileage may vary if you’re anything like Schram.

We also tested the Hanayama Infinity puzzle , in which users pull out bearings from a seemingly invincible figure-8 loop. Staff Photographer Trevor Raab figured it out in less than 10 minutes despite its level 6 difficulty. We do like its design quite a lot, though.

Craighill Tycho 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

Tycho 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

The Tycho puzzle is hefty and beautiful, with eight interlocking stainless steel and brass components. You spin it on a countertop to break it apart, then reassemble it by sliding pieces in place. In its core is a hidden cavity that can hold a surprise—large enough for a tiny fortune-cookie-sized message, really—and it’s got a solid weight of nearly 2 pounds . It’s a tough cube puzzle that feels brutalist by design.

We’ve been passing this cube around in the office to see who can assemble it the fastest, and a group of four colleagues got it in less than 30 minutes, though it took lots of tinkering and talking through to reassemble. Many love its weight and feel, and several (myself included) say it looks mesmerizing on a shelf or countertop. It’s definitely a statement piece in a way, maybe establishing authority on a boss’s desk or classiness on a mantle at home.

It also stinks like coins. After toying with the puzzle, the combination of brass and steel had our hands smelling like pennies. If you prefer your puzzles scentless, this may not be for you. It’s also relatively expensive due to its craftsmanship and heavy materials.

We also tried the very similar Tetra puzzle from Craighill, which was as big of a hit in our offices as the Tycho. Though we prefer the Tycho due to its eight-piece makeup (rather than the Tetra’s four), we still enjoyed it. It’s $98—less than the Tycho and still hardy enough to make a statement.

Uncommon Goods 540 Colors 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

540 Colors 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

Probably our favorite puzzle to look at and assemble as a group, this sphere is a blast. It has 540 pieces and cycles through a rainbow ombre gradient, transitioning from red to pink to orange to yellow as you spin it. Each plastic piece is slightly curved, and they’re all satisfying to slot together. The finished puzzle sits on top of a plastic pedestal to display.

Four of us assembled this in less than two hours, separating the pieces by color and then attempting to link each bright hue with its washed-out transitional pieces. It’s remarkably sturdy when put into place, and it’s fun to assemble a puzzle in a shape that should, theoretically, be smooth.

The only problem we had with it was its transitional colors. It was difficult to tell which faded, white-washed pieces fit where, as some color differences were hard to make out. The transitions between each colored area isn’t as smooth as we’d like. Piece placement definitely benefits from a second opinion and a flashlight.

Headshot of Kevin Cortez

Kevin Cortez is an editor for Runner's World, Bicycling, and Popular Mechanics covering reviews. A culture and product journalist for over ten years, he’s an expert in men’s style, technology, gaming, coffee, e-bikes, hiking, gear, and all things outdoors. He most recently worked as the Style Editor for Reviewed, a top product recommendation site owned by USA TODAY. He also helped with the launch of WSJ's Buy Side commerce vertical, and has covered the music and podcast industries for Mass Appeal, Genius, Vulture, Leafly, Input, and The A.V. Club. Equally passionate about leisure as he is his penmanship, Kevin dedicates his spare time to graphic novels, birding, making cold brew, and taking long, meandering walks.

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  • Browse Team Building Experiences

Problem Solving Games, Activities & Exercises for Adults

Here is our list of the best problem solving games, activities and exercises for adults.

Problem solving games are activities that require players to use critical thinking skills to solve puzzles. Example activities include escape rooms, Sudoku, and murder mysteries. The purpose of these exercises is to sharpen reasoning and decision-making skills in group settings and to do team building with employees.

These activities are a subset of remote team games , found in problem solving books , and are similar to team puzzles , team building brain teasers and team riddles .


This article contains:

  • team building problem solving activities for employees
  • free problem solving games for adults
  • virtual problem solving activities for students
  • group problem solving activities
  • problem solving team builders

Here we go!

List of problem solving games & activities

From word and number puzzles to role-playing games, here is a list of inexpensive and free problem solving team builders that help groups practice the art of critical thinking and compromise.

1. Espionage! (Team Favorite)

espionage banner

For an exciting game of social deduction, check out Espionage! This thrilling experience will put your team’s wits and instincts to the test.

Espionage! offers the following:

  • a 90-minute session led by an experienced host
  • undercover teams of agents and spies
  • challenging puzzles, tasks, and maneuvers
  • team conversations to help uncover secret identities

The best part is we will bring all the necessary game materials to your preferred location. If you are interested in boosting communication and critical-thinking skills within your team, then consider Espionage!

Learn more about Espionage!

2. Art Heist: The Vanishing of Van Gogh (Hosted)

problem solving games ios

You can turn your team into skilled detectives with Art Heist: The Vanishing of Van Gogh! In this captivating mystery, participants will locate the stolen artwork, The Bedroom .

Key features of this experience include:

  • a 90-minute adventure led by a world-class host
  • detailed puzzles, clues, and mysteries to unravel
  • trails of evidence and hidden secrets
  • group discussions to find the art

Additionally, you can include a cocktail kit to spice up your event. Through Art Heist, you will enhance your team’s ingenuity and problem-solving skills!

Learn more about Art Heist: The Vanishing of Van Gogh .

Want some free team building tools?

$49 value (100% free).

  • 100+ fully tested icebreaker questions
  • 24+ themed Bingo generators
  • 5+ PDFs (including the 8% Rule)
  • 2024 team building calendar
  • and more...

Tool Box

Enter your email for instant access

3. War of the Wizards (Popular)

war of the wizards banner

With War of the Wizards, teams roleplay as minions of powerful wizards to vanquish forces of evil. Participants will play thrilling games and go on a quest to restore harmony to the realm!

War of the Wizards offers the following:

  • a 90-minute journey guided by a distinguished host
  • immersive storytelling that transports players into a magical realm
  • engaging activities like world-building, role-playing games, and storytelling
  • opportunities for forming alliances, facing challenges, and going on quests

Through the power of imagination and teamwork, your team can overcome tasks and participate in an epic fantasy battle. To improve communication and bonds, include War of the Wizards in your agenda!

Learn more about War of the Wizards .

Sudoku is one of the most popular free problem solving games for adults. The objective of this game is to fill each box of a 9×9 grid so that every row, column, and letter contains each number from one to nine. The puzzle makes a great team challenge. To play Sudoku on Zoom, screen share the game board. Then, turn on the annotation features. Using the add text functions, participants can fill in the numbers on the grid.

We made a starter puzzle you can use in your next meeting or virtual team bonding session:

Sudoku game-board

Here are more online Sudoku puzzles .

5. Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are word games that ask players to fill in words based on clues. Words interconnect, and players must think critically about the surrounding words to select the right phrase for the space.

You can use an online crossword puzzle maker to create a custom puzzle. Here are a few themes you may want to consider:

  • teammates’ tastes and interests
  • company knowledge and history
  • industry terms and trends

Or, create a miscellaneous puzzle just for fun.

We made a sample puzzle you can use for your game:

free crossword template

To complete puzzles during online meetings, you can use the share screen function and add text through annotations.

Or, subscribers can play the New York Times’ daily crossword puzzle virtually . Dictionary.com also offers a free daily online crossword puzzle .

Check out more vocabulary games .

6. Online Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are timed games that get groups working together to solve puzzles. Traditionally, players enter a locked room and must complete all puzzles in an hour or two to unlock the door. However, groups can also play escape rooms online.

Digital escape rooms typically come in one of two forms: in a Zoom room and led by a host, or in a choose-your-own adventure format via Google Forms or websites. To play escape rooms virtually, enter a video meeting and follow the prompts, or screen share the Google Form and work out the puzzles together.

Check out our full list of online escape rooms .

7. Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries are story-based games that ask players to take on the roles of suspects or detectives while trying to identify a killer. These games often involve reading lines from a script, searching for clues, and occasionally solving puzzles to get hints.

These games make participants pay attention to conversations, analyze other characters’ behavior, and search for hidden meaning in the script. Players must use their powers of observation and logic to unravel the mystery.

Check out our list of Zoom murder mystery games .

8. Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are scavenger hunts with intention. While virtual scavenger hunts often ask players to collect random items, treasure hunts require participants to locate clues that lead to other prompts and hints. The game typically ends with players finding a treasure or solving a mystery, sometimes both.

The treasure hunt can have a specific theme such as secret agent missions or a hunt for pirate treasure, or you can run a more general hunt. Teammates can either compete simultaneously via Zoom call, or can play the hunt on an app individually and compete to beat each other’s scores.

Check out our list of treasure hunt apps .

9. Poem or story challenge

Most team building problem solving activities for employees revolve around science, math, and logic. Poem/story challenges rely on writing skills and are sure to appeal to the language lovers on your team.

Each player receives a limited word bank to use to create a story or poem. Then, players have a few minutes to craft their pieces. Afterward, everyone reads out or screen shares their creations.

Here are a few word challenge activities you can do remotely:

  • Found poems or stories : Participants make poems or stories out of words they find by visiting websites, searching emails, glancing out the window, or taking a walk or drive around the neighborhood.
  • Random word generators : Teammates use a random word generator to populate a word bank, and must use each word in the poem or story.
  • Poetry magnets : Group members make poems using poetry magnets. You can send poetry magnet sets to employees and assemble the verses on a cookie pan during a Zoom call. Or, teammates can play with poetry magnets online .
  • Page poems: Participants receive one page of a book or magazine, and must make a poem or story by blocking out other words so only the chosen text remains visible. This activity is part storytelling, part art, since story crafters can illustrate the pages as part of the design.
  • Ransom note stories or poems : Players cut out letters from magazines and must form new words to make poems and stories. Or, players can receive a mix of random letters, form words, and run the text through a ransom note generator .

These activities are suitable for teams and individual players.

10. Moral challenge

Some problems are ethical rather than factual. Moral judgment plays just as important a role in the decision-making process as technical prowess. Players can flex their moral problem-solving skills by tackling ethical dilemmas or social puzzles.

Here are some social problem solving games online:

  • Moral machine
  • Scruples – the game of moral dilemmas
  • Morality play

To play these games, either download the apps, or pull up the website and then screen share the prompts. These games are best played when discussed as a group, because the more belief systems and opinions, the harder an issue is to resolve. These exercises provide practice for real-life conflict resolution.

You can find similar challenges on our list of online personality tests .

11. Frostbite

Frostbite is a group game that hones team leaders’ communication skills while sharpening teammates’ listening and cooperation skills. The premise behind the game is that a group of explorers gets caught in a snowstorm and must build a shelter. Frostbite has paralyzed the leaders’ hands and snow-blinded the rest of the team. The leader must give the team instructions to build a tent that can resist arctic winds.

To play Frostbite, each teammate wears a blindfold. Then, the leader gives directions. Once the structures are complete, players turn on a fan to test whether tents can withstand the wind.

Frostbite is usually an in-person game, however you can also play virtually. In the remote version of the game, teammates construct tents out of cards and tape, while the leader surveys the scene on screen.

This exercise demonstrates the challenges of leading remotely, as teams need to operate with minimal oversight or supervisor observation. Therefore, instructions need to be clear and direct to be effective.

Check out more team building games .

12. Virtual Hackathons

Hackathons are events where participants have a set amount of time to design and pitch a new product or solution. This type of event originated in the programming world and is often used to create new apps, however you can apply the game to any industry or school subject.

Virtual hackathons are online versions of the event. Teams enter the competition, then work with each other via virtual meeting software or remote work communication platforms to design the solution. At the end of the competition, teams pitch ideas to a panel of judges and a winner is decided.

To run a virtual hackathon, first announce the theme of the event and collect sign-ups. So that no teams work ahead, hint at the general idea of the issue, and only explain the precise problem when the event begins. Then, give teams anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete the project.

Discover more virtual hackathon ideas .

13. Improv games

Improv games are excellent problem solving activities. These exercises force participants to think and respond quickly to keep scenes moving in a logical and entertaining way.

Here are some good problem solving improv games:

Banned words : Performers cannot say certain words. Scene partners will conceive of situations that encourage the actors to use those words, and the actors must find alternatives, such as using synonyms or taking the scene in a new direction.

Scenes from a chat : Audience gives a suggestion for a scene, and players act the scene out. Though it’s a fictional and often ridiculous scenario, actors must react to the situation and solve the problem in order for the scene to end.

Miracle cure : Miracle cure is a quick-moving exercise that follows a simple format. One player declares, “I have a problem.” Another player responds, “I have a….[random object.]” The first player then replies, “great! I can use the [random object] to….” and describes how they will solve the problem.

Check out more problem-solving improv games .

14. Spaghetti Tower

The spaghetti tower is a classic team building game. Participants gather uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows, and must construct the tallest freestanding tower.

During the in-person version, players must construct one tall freestanding tower. However, for the virtual version of the game, players construct individual towers. You can send groups to breakout rooms for the build, then reconvene in the main room for judging. Teams are judged on three main factors: number of towers, height, and uniformity.

This version of the game not only tests the structural integrity of the tower, but also consistency and quality control. This exercise teaches teams to align and collaborate remotely, and produce a consistent product even when far apart.

15. What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? is a simple situational game that challenges participants to react to different circumstances. To play this game, read prompts one by one, and then ask participants to respond with gameplans. You can use the polling or raise hand feature to vote for the best option.

Here are some problem solving scenarios for adults or kids to use in the game:

  • Zombies attack and you have to find a place to hide.
  • You are at the zoo and the animals escape. Which one do you try to corral back into the pen first?
  • After waiting in line for hours, someone cuts in front of you last minute. The person appears to be visually and hearing impaired, and doesn’t notice your protests. An official announces that due to diminishing supply, this individual will be the last in line to be served.
  • You are eating a meal with important clients and/or your partner’s parents, and you want to impress. The individuals make you a dish that does not fit within your dietary restrictions, but you do not speak the same language and cannot explain why you do not want to eat.
  • An imposter has infiltrated the organization, who looks, speaks, and behaves exactly like you. How do you convince your peers that you are the original?

For similar dilemmas, check out this list of Would You Rather? questions.

16. Desert Island Survival

Desert Island Survival is a game that challenges players to prioritize. The premise is that players have been stranded on an island, and must decide what order to perform survival steps.

Here are the possible actions:

  • Set up shelter
  • Explore the island
  • Try to signal for help
  • Make weapons for self-defense
  • Build a raft to escape the island
  • Start a fire
  • Choose a group leader
  • Search for other survivors

All group members must agree on the order of the steps. Players should explain the reasoning for the order of each step while ranking the actions.

Another version of the game involves players receiving a list of 15 to 20 items, and selecting five or so to bring to the island. You can also vary the location of the game, substituting remote islands for destinations like outer space or the distant past.

17. Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure stories enable readers to determine the outcome of the story by making decisions. Each action has a consequence that takes the tale in a different direction. Participants can try to guess how the story may unfold by talking through the different choices. When completing the activity in a group setting, the majority of the team must agree on an action before moving forward in the story.

There are a few ways to facilitate these activities online:

  • Play an online role playing video game
  • Watch an interactive movie like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
  • Read from a Choose Your Own Adventure book on Zoom
  • Click through a Choose Your Own Adventure platform
  • Create your own story using a Google Form

Whichever way you choose to do the exercise, you can use the screen share feature in your virtual meeting software so that listeners can more easily follow along.

18. MacGyver

MacGyver is a show where the hero escapes sticky situations by improvising tools out of unlikely materials. For example, in one episode the hero makes a telescope out of a newspaper, magnifying lens, and a watch crystal.

To play MacGyver, you can either list three to five objects participants can use, or challenge players to use items that are within arms reach.

Simply state a desired end result, such as “a way to open a locked door,” or “a getaway vehicle,” and then ask teams to explain what they will build and how they will build it. To make the activity more collaborative, you can give teams five or ten minutes in breakout rooms to strategize and design a prototype.

19. Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is a roleplaying game where players pretend to be magical figures and creatures. One player serves as the dungeon master, who guides the game, while the other players pick characters and make decisions to move the story forward. Upon choosing a course of action, players roll a twenty-sided die to determine whether or not the plan succeeds. The game is story-based, the possibilities are nearly limitless, and truly creative problem solving options arise. Also, since gameplay is mostly verbal, Dungeons & Dragons is an easy activity to do over Zoom.

Here are the basic rules for Dungeons & Dragons .

20. Pandemic

Pandemic is a game that pits players against the forces of nature in a race to contain and control disease outbreaks. At the beginning of the game, each player receives a role such as containment specialist or operations expert. Participants must carry out the duties of their roles by choosing appropriate actions. Pandemic is a great game for groups because each team member has a clear part to play, and players must collaborate and work together instead of competing against each other.

To play the game online, you can use a Pandemic game app , or talk through the exercise while one attendee moves and displays pieces on the board.

Note: The subject of this game might hit too close to home for some players, considering recent history. You can find games with similar mechanics that deal with different subject matter, such as Forbidden Island.

Check out more team building board games .

21. Model UN

Model UN is one of the best virtual problem solving activities for students. This exercise casts participants in the role of international diplomats who must negotiate to solve realistic problems. Each player assumes the role of a country ambassador and must form alliances and propose solutions to solve crises.

Here are some sample Model UN scenarios:

  • Human rights violation by powerful country
  • Food shortage
  • Disease epidemic
  • Technology privacy violations
  • Civil war branching into surrounding countries
  • Natural disasters

Depending on the size of the group, participants either take on the part of an entire government of a country, or play a certain role within the government. To carry out the activity on Zoom, players can take turns giving speeches, message other countries privately via the chat, meet in breakout rooms to form alliances or have more intimate discussions, and use the polling feature to vote on propositions.

If politics does not resonate with your group, then you can alter the exercise by applying the same activity structure to a different theme, such as the Justice League, movie characters, business board members, or reality TV stars.

The main purpose of the exercise is to research, talk through problems, and compromise. As long as these elements are present, then the specifics of the setup do not matter.

There are many types of problem solving activities for adults. You can do online problem solving games, which require a different skill set than in-person problem solving. For instance, communication must be much clearer and more abundant when group members are far apart and unable to demonstrate or pick up physical cues.

Though many problem solving games include props and in-person elements, there are many games you can play together online. These exercises work well as educational tools as well as team bonding accelerators. Upon completion, participants are likely to feel a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence. These games are also great practice for real life conflict resolution, creative thinking and team building.

Next check out this list of connection games , this collection of crime-solving games , and this post with conflict resolution games .

We also have a list of the best decision making books and a list of team building problems for work .

FAQ: Problem solving activities

Here are common answers to questions about group problem solving activities.

What are problem solving games?

Problem solving games are challenges that ask players to think critically and use logic to overcome issues or answer riddles. Examples include sudoku, murder mysteries, and spaghetti towers. These games are also known as “problem solving exercises”, “problem and solution games” and “group problem solving activities.”

What are the best problem solving games for groups?

The best problem solving games for groups include online escape rooms, moral challenges, and improv games.

What are some good problem solving team building activities for students?

Some good problem solving activities for students include crossword puzzles, choose your own adventure stories, and model UN.

How do you play problem solving games online?

The best way to play problem solving games online is to join a video call meeting to talk through the issue. Using the screen sharing and digital whiteboard features helps participants visualize the problem more clearly. Breakout rooms give teams the chance to discuss the issue more intimately.

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Moxie: how this emotionally intelligent ai robot can play with, teach kids.

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(Photo: Courtesy of Embodied)

When you first talk to Moxie , this artificial intelligence (AI)-powered robot may let out a big yawn, stretching out its robot arms in the process. It’s not because you are boring. It’s not because the robot really needs to increase blood flow throughout its body. No, yawning is just what young kids may do when you wake them from sleep. So, a yawn makes sense since Embodied, Inc . has been trying to make Moxie as life-like as possible to serve as a companion for kids.

Moxie is the literal embodiment of what’s been a longtime passion project for Paolo Pirjanian, PhD, the CEO and Founder of Embodied: to develop a robot with emotional intelligence that can play with and teach five-to-10-year-old kids. In an earlier phase of his career, Pirjanian had designed robots that went to space and Mars. But in 2016, he founded Embodied that would address a different space on this planet: helping kids overcome social anxiety and loneliness.

Within six months of its founding, the company already had a working robot prototype up and running. The company then proceeded with Moxie. In 2021, they started testing this robot with children in the autism spectrum. Since then the company has been progressively expanding the robot’s features to fill an increasingly wider range of different emotional, social, physical and educational needs for kids.

Mind you, Moxie doesn’t simply stand there and yawn at you. The robot uses AI to interact with you and go through different conversations that aim to improve problem-solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and physical activity. While the spacesuit on Moxie isn’t exactly standard issue for living beings, Moxie already has a lot of characteristics that can make you forget for a moment that you are talking to a collection of circuits, metal, and plastic that is driven by Embodied’s SocialX Conversational AI integrated with large language models (LLMs) and noise-resilient automatic speech recognition (ASR).

That’s because not only will Moxie respond appropriately to your comments and questions, the robot will maintain eye contact better than many humans do. Moxie will also move its arms, eyebrows and mouth in different ways. (Sorry, Moxie has no nose.) The robot not only hears and processes what you have to say but can detect your facial expressions and tone of voice. So, if you ain’t feeling seen or heard, you could use some Moxie, so to speak.

NASA Urges U.S. Public To See April 8’s Total Solar Eclipse—And Drops A Home Truth

Meet the billionaires buying up hawaii, after two years of war, ukraine still has a thousand tanks.

Speaking of speak, the following video from Embodied shows how Moxie can interact and speak with you:

Additionally, the latest iteration of Moxie can remember past conversations so that you don’t have to say, “Come on, I told you that a week ago” or keep reminding the robot about that Hawaii vacation a few months ago when you know you know what happened.

A conversation with Moxie can go in many different directions. Moxie can ask you how you are doing and is trained in specific therapy techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The robot can also cover stuff that you’d normally learn in pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school. Pirjanian explained, “Moxie can help children get excited about education. When children that are falling behind and not doing well in school, moxie can encourage them to explore and motivate them.” He added that kids may feel too intimidated to raise their hands in real classroom settings, and Moxie can help overcome such fears.

Moxie will even tell jokes here and there. OK, the jokes aren’t exactly Bill Burr-esque or Wanda Sykes-esque material. It may not leave you as an adult rolling on the floor each time. What’s said in a club like the The Comedy Cellar may not be the best things for young kids to hear. Nevertheless, Moxie’s comedy is age-appropriate and keeps the conversations lively.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can take that long-awaited 10-week vacation and leave your young kids with just Moxie, some directions to make fettuccini alfredo and some Tide Pods. Pirjanian emphasized, “Moxie can help children with social and emotional development. But the robot is not supposed to replace the need for parenting. Moxie can, though, amplify what the parents want.”

Constructing a robot like Moxie is not easy. There are a lot of complex considerations. For one, the robot has to build and maintain trust with kids. This means giving kids the space to say what they want without fear that Moxie will judge or go tattling to others. “Moxie can’t be used as a spying device,” Pirjanian explained. “If the child tells Moxie something confidential, Moxie will not reveal it to the parents, which can help create a non-judgmental safe space.”

What happens then if a child does express an intent to harm himself, herself or others? Moxie will provide positive talk and encourage the child to alert others. “But to date, we have leaned towards not having Moxie tell the parents specifically about such intent,” Pirjanian related. “We do not want to violate the child’s trust.”

Here Paolo Pirjanian, PhD, presented Moxie during his keynote at the 2023 edition of the annual ... [+] Games for Change Festival in Manhattan, New York City. (Photo: DAVID SCOTT HOLLOWAY/Games For Change/Zebra Partners)

Another challenge is how the AI should deal with more nuanced and controversial topics. These days with so many things being politicized, it could be easy for a conversation to start innocent and then stray into something deemed not socially acceptable. You can imagine a child hearing a politician or some other celebrity spouting off about “how such-and-such should go such-and-such themselves” and then asking Moxie, “What’s such-and-such and how do you such-and-such yourself?” Pirjanian described how he and his team members have established “super nuanced safety filters based on what parents find appropriate versus inappropriate. This can be overwhelmingly complex. When the conversation does move into something controversial, Moxie will gently segue to another conversation.”

And anytime you don’t want Moxie to hear something, you can say, “Moxie, earmuffs.” Moxie won’t don actual earmuffs but will remain unapprised of what you are saying until you invite Moxie to rejoin.

Last month, Embodied released an updated version of Moxie with even more life-like upgrades. This includes the new ability to change Moxie’s eye and skin color After all, not everyone has green eyes, which was the original hue for Moxie’s big anime-esque eyes. Moxie also can now interact with more than one child, allowing profiles of up to four different kids in a household to be stored. Here’s a video from Embodied summarizing these updates:

Finally, there’s now a digital Moxie app that can run on a mobile phone, offering you the ability to maintain interactions when you aren’t physically with Moxie.

These likely will be far from the last updates to Moxie as Embodied continues to get feedback from parents and kids. Pirjanian emphasized that the feedback “comes from beta test users. We do not use data from customers.” In this way, Embodied can try to make Moxie even smarter and more compassionate, moving more towards, “The brain of Albert Einstein along with the heart of Mother Theresa,” in Pirjanian’s words. Now that wouldn’t be something to yawn about.

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Do you want to train your brain? This game is the most enjoyable way to do so, as it comprises numerous distinct mini-games that will put your skills and speed to the test when solving them. It's the most realistic and fun logic game out there, solving complex problems in the easiest and most enjoyable way. Enjoy a wide variety of games and competitions to push your logical side to the limits. You can play against your friends or players from all around the world. You'll face users at your same level of play and with the same abilities, in a balanced and enjoyable competition. You can participate in all our leagues where you can win incredible prizes. Challenge people from all over the world with eGoGames, a comprehensive competition platform with leaderboards, trophies, and real cash prizes or free virtual currency. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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iOS 17.3.1: What the Latest Update Fixes on Your iPhone

Apple said the update fixes a typing bug.


  • Apple software beta tester, "Helps make our computers and phones work!" - Zach's grandparents

A smartphone with the number 17 on it

Apple released iOS 17.3.1 on Thursday, more than two weeks after the release of iOS 17.3 . While the previous update brought new features, like Stolen Device Protection , to your iPhone, iOS 17.3.1 is a minor update that patches an iPhone bug.

To download the update, go to Settings > General > Software Update , tap Install Now and follow the onscreen prompts. 


Apple wrote in the update's description  that it fixes an issue where text might duplicate or overlap while you're typing. The company didn't post common vulnerabilities and exposures, aka CVEs, for the update, so it's unclear if iOS 17.3.1 addresses any security issues.

Apple normally posts an update's CVEs online when the download becomes available. But there have been some instances when the company hasn't posted them, like with the release of iOS 17.2.1 and iOS 17.1.1 .

For more iOS news, you can check out what could be included in iOS 17.4 , what your iPhone got with iOS 17.3 and our iOS 17 cheat sheet .


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    This award-winning, problem-solving game is an incredibly fun way to learn fractions. Thanks to the game's research-proven effectiveness, kids get a head start at school while having fun with fundamental math concepts. ... UNIVERSAL APP: Available for iPad, iPhone, and the new APPLE TV! GOAL: Kids between 5 and 12 slice through ice and lava ...

  24. Problem Solving Games, Activities & Exercises for Adults

    Learn more about War of the Wizards. 4. Sudoku. Sudoku is one of the most popular free problem solving games for adults. The objective of this game is to fill each box of a 9×9 grid so that every row, column, and letter contains each number from one to nine. The puzzle makes a great team challenge.

  25. Moxie: How This Emotionally Intelligent AI Robot Can Play With ...

    Developed by Embodied, Moxie is an AI-powered robot that can accompany, interact with and teach five-to-10 year old kids problem-solving and emotional intelligence.

  26. ‎Logic for Money on the App Store

    Problem Solving Logic Games EGOGAMES 2023 SL Designed for iPad Pre-Order Expected Jul 31, 2024 Free; This content may change without notice, and the final product may be different. ... Requires iOS 11.0 or later. iPad Requires iPadOS 11.0 or later. iPod touch Requires iOS 11.0 or later. ...

  27. iOS 17.3.1: What the Latest Update Fixes on Your iPhone

    While the previous update brought new features, like Stolen Device Protection, to your iPhone, iOS 17.3.1 is a minor update that patches an iPhone bug. To download the update, ...