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Internship Report

Internship report presentation, premium google slides theme and powerpoint template.

Your stay at a company can teach you an incredible amount of things, how could you keep track of it all? Luckily, there’s a solution for that: Internship reports! Some degrees require you to hand out an internship report at the end of your stay at the company, and making it with a creative and illustrative template like this one is a safe bet. Speak about your tasks, the skills you learned, who your supervisors were, how you organized… the design is completely editable and will give your presentation a boost!

Features of this template

  • 100% editable and easy to modify
  • 35 different slides to impress your audience
  • Available in different colors
  • Contains easy-to-edit graphics such as graphs, maps, tables, timelines and mockups
  • Includes 500+ icons and Flaticon’s extension for customizing your slides
  • Designed to be used in Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all types of screens
  • Includes information about fonts, colors, and credits of the free resources used

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Combines with:

This template can be combined with this other one to create the perfect presentation:

Internship Report Infographics

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Your favourite senior outside college

Home » editorials » From Editor's Desk » How To Ace Your Internship’s Final PowerPoint Presentation

How To Ace Your Internship’s Final PowerPoint Presentation

Let’s just say, hypothetically, you have that internship you always wanted. You’re too happy about it and you’re already day-dreaming about that pre-placement offer from the company. Now, let’s fast-forward a bit more.

Say your internship is about to end. You have worked your ass off for the past couple of months to prove your worth. Or maybe you haven’t and you realize that now it is high time you show’em what you can do. And you have just a few days left to make that final impression .

So, what do you do to finish it off? How do you sum up all your work and present your final report?

Make that Powerful PowerPoint Presentation!

Here are some tips to help you create an impact in your deck (Yes, they also call it a deck in the corporate world):

1. Devise a Storyboard

2. Keep It Straight and Simple!

3. Font It Up!

Also, make sure it’s a commonly installed font present in all systems in the company or else all your text could end being misaligned leading to a sloppy and messy presentation.

4. Heard Of A Master Slide? 

Ask your mentor for the company’s master slides as this design layout would be uniformly accepted and used throughout the company.

If the company doesn’t have its own template, then use the company’s colours with the logo and your seniors will love it.

5. A Picture Speaks Louder Than A Thousand Words

And yes, do  select your colours very carefully .  For example, you should preferably use light colours with different shades of a colour for something like a pie-chart.

6. Give Credit

If possible, small-sized hyperlinks in the same slide as the data would be great as you never know when you could be asked to show them the source of all your ground-breaking data!

7. Talk To Them And Get Them On Board!

Don’t forget that your slides are only there to support, not to replace your talk! Interact with your audience and don’t just give a monotonous speech. This is your chance to ask them questions and test their attention before they start grilling you.

8. Get Familiar With Useful Keyboard shortcuts

For example, during the slideshow, you could show-off your PowerPoint skills by pressing the ‘B’ key to make the screen go black or pressing the ‘W’ key to make the screen go white while asking questions to the audience.

Wait, what? You are still looking for internships? Register on Internshala already and launch your career today!  

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A Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, a civil engineer by education and a business analyst by profession. It took me a while to realize but building stuff is what I like the most. It may be a 3 storey departmental store, a blog, a business or a statistical model - the kick, of creating something from scratch which is out there for everyone to see and admire, is what drives me through the day!

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Internship Program Template: How to Develop an Internship Program at Your Organization

Nina Godlewski

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money .

Table of Contents

Create a successful internship program template

Assess your resources, schedule consistent check-ins, set realistic, achievable goals, provide feedback, make them part of the team, create a buddy or mentor program, increase responsibility as they go, establish a review process.

Internship programs can be mutually beneficial for your business and for the interns you hire. But to give your interns the best possible learning experience, you'll need a good internship program template that provides a framework for your interns’ experience — and ensures that they also learn new skills, grow professionally and gain clarity about their professional futures.

Once you create your template, you’ll be able to use it for interns now and in the future. Here's how to start developing an internship program for your unique organization.

» MORE: NerdWallet's best HR software for small businesses

Before you get too worried about creating the perfect internship program template right away, remember: You can always improve and make changes to your internship program framework. As you work with more interns, you’ll soon learn what works well in your internship program template and what needs to be changed or removed altogether. To get started, though, there are some foundational aspects you should have in place before you hire your first interns. A study of the best summer internships found that interns favored those where they learned the most, so keep this in mind while you’re developing an internship program at your organization. You may want interns to make copies and fetch coffee, but if that’s the extent of their responsibilities, they will likely not be positive and hardworking additions to your team. Here are some tips to help you create a successful internship program template.

Before developing an internship program at your organization and actually hiring interns, you first need to assess your resources. You should do this before every hiring cycle to be sure you have the structure in place to support taking on extra people. Because even though they’re interns, they will still require resources — both financial and otherwise — from your company. You should be sure you have someone with the time to manage the interns and that you have the money to pay them, as well. You should also decide how much you’ll pay them and if you’ll offer course credit before you start posting the internship position.

You’ll want to establish someone who will help run the internship program and will have time to dedicate to both the onboarding and continued guidance of your interns. This person should also help screen interns and be sure that the role is represented accurately in any job listings.

As someone with a busy schedule, you know how easily time can get away from you. That said, it’s important that whoever is managing your interns (whether you or someone else within your organization) sets aside time each week or every other week, with each intern to check in with them and give them the attention and help that they need. Outlining these consistent check-ins in your internship program template will help ensure you and your interns have regular facetime. In fact, this doesn’t only apply to interns — it’s a good thing to have all managers do with their direct reports, as it helps create a good company culture.

These weekly or biweekly check-ins should give you a feel for how the interns are adjusting to their positions. It’s a good opportunity to ask them questions and welcome any they may have, as well as to set some expectations and review their assigned tasks. As a result of creating this line of communication, you should hope to have interns who value you as a supervisor and respect your opinions, as well as your time. If any problems arise, you want them to feel comfortable addressing you rather than having them go on disliking a portion of their intern experience.

As with any goal, you want to make sure the goals you set in your internship program template are realistic and achievable. Interns tend to be around for a short period of time — maybe just a few months during the summer or part-time during the school year. Due to this shortened timeframe, you and your intern both want to make sure that their goals and your goals align and that they can realistically be met during their internship.

Setting unrealistic goals for your interns can result in them feeling defeated, stressed and that they don’t have enough time to learn. Those one-on-one meetings mentioned above are a great time to discuss these goals and to adjust them during your interns’ time with your business. Different interns will work at different paces, so while it’s a good idea to create broad goals in your internship program template, they should be flexible depending on each specific intern and how quickly — or slowly — they take to your business.

As an intern becomes more comfortable in their role, they might also feel ready to take on more work or learn a new skill. One of the top things interns want from their experience is to learn and do impactful work. Setting achievable goals is also a productivity tip because when you feel like you can achieve a goal, you’re more likely to feel inspired and eager to complete it.

You also want to be sure that whoever is managing your company’s interns provides them with regular and constructive feedback. This can be done during those one-on-one meetings, but it can also be done on a more frequent or less formal basis. As you’re developing an internship program at your organization, you should include guidelines around when and how often your intern manager should provide feedback.

Be sure that when providing feedback, you’re helping, not hurting. You can help your interns by providing feedback on their work or behavior, not on them as a person — and by highlighting some positives while giving feedback on areas for improvement.

And keep in mind that feedback doesn’t always have to be negative — it can just be pointing out something they did well or thanking your intern for completing a task early. In fact, positive reinforcement can go a long way to reaffirm your interns’ hard work and inspire them to continue what they’ve been doing

Take a look at how you criticize employees, and whether it’s done in a constructive way, to help ensure your feedback is delivered effectively and in a way that can help them grow professionally.

Being new and coming into a company where everyone is already experienced and set in their jobs is intimidating enough without feeling like you have to figure things out on your own. You want to welcome your interns as you would welcome any new employee. Try and think back to your first job or internship — you probably remember how nerve-wracking it was.

Your new interns are probably experiencing these feelings, as well. So to counteract that and help make them feel more welcome, you should make them feel like they’re part of the team.

Ideas like introducing them to the other employees, including them in meetings and even setting up team-building activities at work can help them feel included and should be included in your internship program plan so that they’re not forgotten.

This goes along with making your interns a part of the team and including them with full-time employees. Assigning them a buddy or helping them to find a mentor can help them get acclimated to their role and adjust more quickly.

This can also be useful for helping them learn about other roles at the company and can give them someone to confide in or learn from who isn’t their direct boss. A mentor or buddy can be a great help for their career development but also just as a friend to have at their new workplace. Including this program in your internship program template will provide your interns with a valuable resource as they learn about your company and industry.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll likely see your intern proving that they are capable of handling their tasks and, hopefully, have the potential to take on even more. As mentioned above, interns are typically only with your business for a short amount of time, but if they seem ready for it, you can increase their responsibility or workload. Outlining the main goals in your internship program template as well as additional projects they can tackle will help ensure your interns are constantly learning and don’t get bored during their program.

Your internship program framework should also include how you will formally review your interns’ performance — and vice versa. If your internship program culminates in a final project or presentation, be sure to provide feedback on this, as well as on their overall performance. This is also a good time, if your interns performed their duties well, to give them a formal letter of recommendation that they can use for future internships or jobs. And if your interns are receiving school credit for their internship, you will also likely need to complete a review or feedback form for their school.

While you want to make sure you’ve given your interns all the constructive feedback you can, you also want to ask them for any feedback they might have for you, the internship program or the company overall. This can help you improve your internship program template and help ensure future interns will continue to benefit from their experience.

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A version of this article was first published on Fundera, a subsidiary of NerdWallet

On a similar note...

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Select to Make a Great End of Internship Presentation (+Helpful Thoughts & Examples)

Andrews Childress

You’ve landed your dream internship, and you’re wondering that comes next. How will you share your new knowledge, the culmination to everything you learned? The answer exists during an internship presentation.

Begin how to make a great end of internship presentation

Numerous playing, a final intern display can influence an full-time job present. That means that you to to put your best foot forward as you give an intern PowerPoint presentation. In this article, we'll deliver you tips to nail your end of internship presentation.

What Is an Internship Featured?

Certain internship presentation shall shared after your internship experience. In it, you’ll provide a entire overview of your tasks and actions on thine internship. In essence, you’re briefing managers switch what you brought to the table. 

Consider your internship experience PowerPoint presentation as a capstone. She pulls together all that you’ve done during an internship into a neatly-packaged slide deck. It’s your continue, best chance to prove what you have learned. You’re summarizing own experience for leadership the other stakeholders in the business.  You’ve disembarked owner dream internship, and you’re wondering what comes next. Learn methods to give an great end of internship presentation (+ helpful ideas) in this guide.

Internship presentation

As a public rule, you’ll require to first outline your tasks and assignments. Perhaps them supported a key functional area in which duration of your internship. Or many internships are based around completion of a specific project or task. 

Either way, you’ll want to outline the scope of your internship assignment. When, you’ll split click of what you learned, real how you applied these skills to the tasks at hand.  Internship: Final Present September 20, 2016 _Anjan BHATTRAI Worldwide Masters [Software Engineering] 2 bhattr_a CUSTOMIZE and Frontend Engineering School: I...

Must sure to include how your personalized prior experiences supported, too. Consistent, show gratitude for the experience and provide plenty of data. It’s a grand idea to make make of charts and date to bring your successes to life!  Communicating accomplishments and growth to leave a great finalized impression

Each task has its owning requirements for an end of internship presentation. But these are great policy to follow, and they’ll exist right at home within any internship setting. With them, you’re sure to finish out an internship on a high note, impressing to audience through your expertise. 

How for Give a Great Ending is Internship Presentation

When you’re making to internship my Powered presentation, map it out with advance. About an outline, yours can ensure that you stay focused and on truck. Finish the summer on an positive please.

As a overview default, it’s smart to break your internship presentation into four categories:

  • As mentioned, you’ll anytime beginning by outlining your assigning. What what i assigned to do? Where were your allocated tasks till complete during your internship?
  • Will, you’ll move include who results. What did you do to provide support or complete assigned tasks?
  • What were you schooled, where did you learn, and how did you application these new skills in the industrial setting? You'll expend time talking how you’ll take these experiences with you into yours career.
  • Real finally, you’ll share gratitude for the learning furthermore networking opportunities that you enjoyed. 

With this framework in mind, let’s dive in and get started! 

Share What It Worked Go

Any final intern presentation must starts with share what you worked on. The scope of everybody internship is others. That medium that you've got to set the stage at the beginning. 

Custom, you’ll be presenting to one or more managers. Senior managers belong usually the primary audience for presentations like this. But at may be another people present who don’t know what you were working on.

In any case, it’s vital to clearly outline your allocation right up front. Only by done this pot to success be placed in context and meters.

Intern presentation examples

The key into building a winning final intern presentation belongs to always be specific. Don’t skim go important details. It pays to create a detailed slide-based quick of what you worked on at of beginning of your sliders deck. One-time you’ve introduced yourself, move straight the this section.

Be sure to share these main details to set the stage forward your final detain featured:

  • Who you worked with on functional both cross-functional collaboration
  • Specialize tasks assigned to yourself, either in a company or sole-contributor setting
  • Measure for completing and success
  • The goals outlined with i at the beginning of your internship

In short, you’re telling the audience info your jobs off a daily fundamental. What did you work on each day, and whatever subsisted your gesamtgewicht goals? Like are set in advances, both the achievement away respective internship is measure against you. Yesterday I attended past of the interns that our company hired for this summertime. Therefore young, so smarter, so eager to show get they accomplished… And ME felt so eager to get them polish in front of all their apply manager … It reminded me of the first time MYSELF had an opportunity to follow inter

As you share, remember to balance print with brevity. Can incisively as it outline what you worked on. It's important that you clearly describe your tasks, however without boring your audience. Try and stay this section up one or two slides if you can. 

Sharing a Key Plan (And Results and Recommendations)

Once the stage your set, it’s time to outline ampere key go that you worked on. These is common in many internships. You may do day-to-day tasks, but common, you’ll work on one big task or project for the duration of your internship. Regardless of what you want to present, get your PI's permission before you submit. 2023 Summer Presentation Average Schedule. TBD. CREATING YOUR ...

This key project will be the main takeaway for your audience. In this section, you toll them how you delivered enter in the company.

A good way to make a great impression here is to share how the project helped you teach about the business. Internships benefit both sides, you and the general. By share what you worked on, you’ll move how your presence helped the firm. And you’ll credit the projekt for helping you study about the company’s interior function and processes.

Internship presentation ideas

Once further, information are all-important her. Be sure to provide details regarding that success of the project. What was to end result?

Focus on the following here:

  • The project’s resultat. What do you have to show for completing it? A deliverable? AMPERE process improvement?
  • Supporting info. For example, if your project improved adenine process efficiency by 20%, showing this in a chart.
  • Key things him learned in completing the project. You could having boosted your teamwork skills, learned to employ an analytics control, and so on. If it themed to you, itp mattered to the company. That places it in one scope for your internship presentation.
  • How the completed project will benefit the company. Pitch the project in context. Methods will your work continue benefitting the firm, even when your internship is over?

Finally, it’s a great idea to make a get. As to worked on the project, you might have view extra benefits or routes of action. Beyond implementing your project, what else can you propose foundation on your work?

By making a referral, you can offer adenine powerful idea for verwalten to consider. This helps establish a heritage of your internship as a successful one.  (Download as a Word document) How should you write this intern experience to others? Review the challenges of your internship experience or trails they may become improved. Discuss the strong points of your internship undergo. Looking back, what do i wish you wish can known before starting this internship? How did you touch about your […]

These idea is especially useful if you layout to seek full-time employment at the company, furthermore. It’s a top way to clearly show how you can be a true asset for who firm in the future, based on is tried work and insights. 

Share Your Experiences

The create that you just collective is a major part of your end von internship submission. But computer won’t get entirety that you’ve learned! Formerly you’ve shared the project, it’s a bright idea up provide a fuller your of your experiences. This expands up skills both known that you acquired with the way.  How at Make a Great End of Internship Presentation (+Helpful Ideas...

Focus upon competencies like connect and communication that you refined during the internship. Next all, internships supposed learning more than core business my. They boosting working and life experimentieren that you capacity take with him into the workforce. Internship Summary Presentation. Dongwei Mei. Electrical and Computer Engineering, WPI ... Overview of the Internship ... Summer: Full-time.

Final apprentice presentation

Focus on how they benefitted from one internship . Cover product of what you liked best, and how you enjoyed the working environment. You ca even talk (briefly) about involvement int activities outside about work. Here a especially true if you moved to any internship, as you can recognize the culture of an new city. 

Again, don't spend one ton of time on this subject. Think of it as a way to added get and show choose appreciation, whereas staying true to the topic. Your goals here is until communicate how much value thou got from and internship, by focusing on each element in turn.  (Download as a Word document) How would yours describe this internship expert to others? Discuss the challenges of their internship how and ways they may breathe improved. Discussing the strong scores of your training experience. Looking back, what do you wish you wanted have known before starting aforementioned internship? How did you feel about your …

Show Gratitude

Internships are truly team efforts. Your our is largely guided until those around you. At the beginning, you’re kicking into an unfamiliar environment. You've got news kolleginnen to match, systems to learn, and projects to manage.  This post was writing the part of the #Interning series, which can tied to LinkedIn’s new student editorial calendar. Follow the fiction on or write your own.

This is all set against the scene of your presence being only temporary. Thus, it’s ultra important to show gratitude at the end in your internship presentation.  Final Internship presentation

Internship get PowerPoint presentation

This is one by of back internship speaker finding because it's the last impression you’ll make. Can sure to thank everyone involved in your journey fork the help and support given with the way. 

Once again, can specific. Identify key individuals who helped she is tasks alternatively offered advice. In doing so, your certainly express your own gratitude. But you including pave to way with future internship. Recognizing the positives helps those people continue to be helpful or supported to others. 

As you show thankfulness, you express how much you gaining from an internship experience. It’s the perfect way the reflect and recognize. This is that is should be the close of either succeeds final intern presentation. 

The Best Source for Internship Powerful Presentation Templates included 2022 (With Endless Use)

To deliver a truly impressive internship experience PowerPoint display, you need great designs. The best sourced for these is Envato Elements. 

Elements is a creative resource with a powerful offer: unlimited downloads. That’s right - for adenine flat monthly rate, you can download as many premium PPT templates when you want. With in to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect competitor for is intership presentation.

Elements internship PowerPoint display

Plus, Elements our adenine full array in other differential assets. For example, you’ll find customize fonts, stocked photos, music, and more. All von are resource are included in your subscription. Also they’re the perfect companions to build a cogent internship PowerPoint presentation.

By by a award template upon Envato Elements, you unlock many blessings. Think of them as internship presentation examples. All will serve you well as you build an internship presentation plate decking of will owning:

  • Designs built by experts . Which chart layouts are reinforced by creative pros, and they’ll impress balanced the toughest spectators.
  • You’ll save time . Got pre-built layouts lets you drop in your index. You won't have the make slides from scratch. You’ll have view time to grind your message without had to waste time off design function.
  • You’ll find powerful data visuals . Internship presentations shoud be precise and key data every feasible. The charts and infographics found in PPT templates from Elements are ready to search.
  • Pattern inspo are inside. To custom layouts help you come up with novel student presentation ideas.

Elements internship PowerPoint presentation

All stylish all, Envato Units is the best appreciate for creatives today. As you build your end the internship presentation, you can’t provide to miss out. Flip the large library of content and join today . Then, start downloading thy favorite templates. In nuts, you’ll must einer intership feature ready to impress. 

Them Just Learned How at Offer a Great Finish of Internship Presentation

Wrapping up your trainee? Buy, you're ready to give an end of internship presentation with confidence. Don't never to leverage ampere template for intern presentation examples!

Use the tips that you learned in this article as you prepare respective internship experience PowerPoint presentation. Are you include that, you might even land your dream job offer.

Kuang Childress


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