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Listing Presentation Template

  • December 13, 2018

listing presentation examples

Download and customize this professionally designed presentation with your own information and leverage it at your next listing appointment!

  • Completely customizable for digital or print use
  • Allows you to highlight your specific online marketing strategies
  • Shows statistics on consumers’ buying habits and how they have moved online
  • Can integrate slides into your own corporate listing presentation

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listing presentation examples

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listing presentation examples

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listing presentation examples

Home Blog PowerPoint Tutorials How to Prepare a Listing Presentation: Guide for Real Estate Pros

How to Prepare a Listing Presentation: Guide for Real Estate Pros

How to Prepare a Listing Presentation: Guide for Real Estate Pros

Do you want to close more leads on a regular basis?

In that case, you may need to level up your communication skills. To win more listings, move on from having a polite “pre-sales” chit chat with prospects to doing full-scale presentations of your services.

What is a Real Estate Listing Presentation?

A listing presentation is your pitch to a prospective seller to represent them in a Real Estate transaction. Succeeding with your presentation means that you will sign on a new client and receive a bigger commission this month.

But of course, there will be other agents knocking on the seller’s door, offering their services. In fact, 55% of sellers interview two or three agents before making the decision. So how do you get chosen among the sea of other agents? Wrong, if you thought that most prospects will stick with someone offering the highest listing price and asking for the lowest commission.

When putting up their homes for sale, most people want to partner with a competent, forthcoming and proactive agent, capable to broker the best arrangement for them. Obviously, the best Real Estate agents are rarely those charging the lowest commission.

In fact, the main goal of conducting a full-scale, deck-ready listing presentation is to persuade the prospect that you are their optimal choice.

The best listing presentation isn’t a brief oral interview on the porch; it’s a carefully staged, full-scale demo of your professional capabilities. Keep in mind that creating a listing presentation isn’t the only way to market effectively in your industry. There are dozens of other Real Estate marketing ideas that can help you beat out the competition and stand out from the pack. For example, if you can’t make time for an in-person listing presentation, consider recording a seminar and linking it to your email subscribers.

How to Prepare for a Listing Presentation: 7 Key Steps

Building a rapport with a new prospect is never easy. But there are a few quick neuroscience tricks you can leverage to appear instantly more likable to prospects, even before you pull out your Real Estate brochures and other collateral.

  • Give a firm handshake . Scientists proved that a handshake preceding any social interaction has a strong positive impact on how the recipient will further evaluate this social interaction.
  • Have some brew ready. Pleasant smells like those of fresh coffee make us act nicer to one another and be more cooperative.
  • Appear interested and ask questions.  Again, science proves that people are more willing to engage with an interlocutor, eagerly posing questions, and also act in a more receptive manner.

Now with a few neat physiological tricks in your sleeve, let’s move on to how you should approach listing presentation design.

1. Open with a Brief Introduction

A Real Estate listing presentations can start with a short overview, recapping who you are, what you do and what’s your success record.

To save you time on design, we have lined up a few short Real Estate bio templates you can grab and customize.

listing presentation examples

Sellers want to be reassured that you can close the deal fast and secure them a fair price. They want someone confident in their abilities and capable to back up their skills with examples and data.

Here’s listing presentation sample questionnaire you can answer to fill in your first few slides:

What are your top skills? Are you a Real Estate marketing guru? Do you have exceptional graphic design skills and can create for sale by owner flyers that stand out from the crowd? Do you have a photography background and can shoot professionals photos without hiring any external help? Show exactly what you can do. Bonus point if you manage to align your key skills with your buyer’s needs.

How many houses have you sold in this area? It’s best to line up some fresh data e.g. the past 12 months. Specifically, mention what types of properties have you sold and whether any were similar to this particular buyer’s estate.

Now comes the tricky part: offer some numbers comparing the original list price versus the final sales numbers (if the latter are more favorable) and the average day on the market (DOM) numbers for the property.

Such numbers will also help you justify higher commission rates. Of course, every sane buyer would rather stick with an agent charging a higher rate (e.g. 6% commission for houses for sale), but who also secures them a higher sales price due to better marketing experience.

2. Toss in Some Social Proof

People are social creatures and thus, we are extremely prone to opinions shared by others. To learn what’s good, we observe what others are doing and this extends to our purchase decision making: 92% of consumers state that word-of-mouth recommendations carry the most value to them.

You shouldn’t hard-sell your services. Instead, just show that “others” already think you are that good . There are a few ways you can use “social proof” as a Real Estate agent:

Ask past sellers to provide quick testimonials (with photos) and use them in during your presentation. Here’s a quick example from one of our PowerPoint templates :

Example of Low Poly slide design for PowerPoint with Testimonial slides

Add a separate slide highlighting your key achievements up-to-date (personal or agency-wide).  The good “boasting” figures to include are:

  • Total number and value of properties sold.
  • Total number of clients you have worked with.
  • Average time to close a deal.
  • Average customer satisfaction rate.
  • “Big name” corporate clients and partners.
  • Professional organizations you are part of e.g. National Association of Realtors.

Gather and display reviews online.  Of course, prospects will google you post-presentation. Your job is to ensure that they’ll find only positive stuff, rather than nothing at all. You can set up a dedicated profile on popular review services or display ratings directly on your website.

3. List The Benefits of Your Brokerage

Keep this one succinct and on-point. Most buyers are interested in just three things:

  • Receiving a fair price for their property.
  • Getting it sold off fast.
  • Avoiding the associated sales hassle as much as possible.

Your Real Estate presentation should address how you will deliver them just that. You can also sweeten the deal here by including a few “promos” e.g. list special circumstances for when you will accept a lower commission or pitch them with some bundled promos your agency currently runs.

At this point, you should also explain how that communication will occur: what types of updates they can expect and when.

4. Walk The Prospect Through The Home Sales Process

Not everyone is experienced in flipping property. So be sure to customize your listing presentation template so that includes this optional slide – for when you are presenting to first-time buyers.

There’s no need to go into many details at this point. Just briefly mention the overall timeline, key milestones and what kind of actions we’ll be required from them.  All of this can be neatly packed into one slide like this one :

Presentation timeline Real Estate - Example of a timeline design in a listing presentation

If needed you can separately walk them through the home inspection and appraisal processes; Real Estate presentations to the buyers; negotiations and closing process.

5. Present a Comparative Market Analysis for a List Price Range

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is another nugget to persuade the client that you know your deal.

Price Comparison Real Estate Houses Slide design for PowerPoint

The wrinkle, however, is that it’s not always easy to come up with good numbers if you are yet to see the property in person. That’s why most agents will do two CMAs. First, one using the comps and their educated guesses based on prices for similar homes. And the second, more refined CMA after seeing the property, talking to the owners and digging further into the data.

6. Explain Your Marketing Strategy

Realtor Client meeting drinking a coffee

Image Source: StockSnap

What channels do you plan to leverage – digital, offline or a mix of both? Give the clients some general insights and explain why your approach works. They certainly don’t want to know all the nitty-gritty, but we’ll appreciate some general insights.

Show them a few video demos you have created; your standard property templates for websites; copywriting and other marketing collateral you plan to use and distribute during open house visits.

7. Wrap It Up with a Killer Case Study

The best listing presentation examples we have ever seen always included case studies. They are another form of “social proof”, and a direct illustration of your professional abilities.

You don’t need to make this one lengthy though. Just stick to a simple copywriting formula:

  • Customer background (e.g. a mid-aged couple just like you based in NYC).
  • Challenge: what kind of a problem those former customers had? (e.g. needed to sell a house in 1.5 months in an unpopular neighborhood).
  • Solution: how your agency helped them?
  • Results: some quick numbers illustrative the positive outcome you have helped them achieve e.g. house sold in 35 days for 5% higher than the initial listing price.

This way you are finishing your listing presentation with a bang, and encourage the prospects to take further action.

Listing Presentation Templates for Real Estate Pros

To ease up the processes of preparing for your listing presentation, our team has lined up a few neat templates you can download and customize in PowerPoint to match your current needs.

1. Commercial Real Estate Template for PowerPoint

listing presentation examples

A versatile template that could be easily adapted for both residential, commercial listings or for land sale listing presentation. It includes excellent slides (e.g. US Map slide ) to present your market analysis and pitch the approximate listing price.

Use This Template

2. Real Estate Industry PowerPoint Template

listing presentation examples

Another template that makes it easy to turn your scattered data into a coherent and persuasive story. Customize it in a few quick clicks in PowerPoint to match your corporate branding, add additional slides and elements from our collection and voilà – you now have a shining new listing presentation to dazzle even the most reluctant prospects!

3. Real Estate Listing PowerPoint Template

listing presentation examples

Work with all the assets required to showcase a property in a neat layout that contains tools such as market price comparison, team introductory slides, housing interior details, key features & more.

4. Residential Real Estate Illustrations PowerPoint Template

listing presentation examples

If you want to boost your listing presentation for real estate, get to know these professional-design vector images tailored for the real estate industry. A selection of slides that go through the entire process of acquiring a property from both realtor and customer’s perspective. High-end graphics to enhance the impact of your presentation.

5. Proptech PowerPoint Template

listing presentation examples

Get ready to introduce in-the-market properties with a high degree of smart home devices or sustainable housing solutions with a slide deck filled with visual cues for that talk. This tech-savvy listing presentation template is ideal for targeting properties to millennials and discussing the infrastructure in the neighborhood or building complex.

6. Real Estate Open House PowerPoint Template

listing presentation examples

Graphics can make or end a business deal, and that’s why your next real estate listing should count on carefully designed slides that boost the performance of your speech. This listing slide deck includes a selection of icons that help increase the retention rate of key information disclosed about the property while keeping the right balance between whitespace and content. With a striking color combination, go ahead and edit this template to meet the demands of your work.

listing presentation examples

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listing presentation examples

  • 10 Fantastic Real Estate Listing Presentation Examples for Agents
  • Choosing an Agent

Looking for Listing Presentation Examples for Agents?

An attractive and informative listing presentation is a key part of earning a potential client’s trust. Take a few hints from these examples of a real estate listing presentation template when you have the chance to earn a seller’s business.

Real Estate Listing Presentation Tips

real estate listing presentation

Be Data-Driven

This presentation style is great because it jumps right into data points. Potential clients want to see if you have the proven track record and experience to sell their home for the most amount of money. Prove it with data right away.

Modern Presentation with Prezi

Prezi is a great tool that you can use for free to create an impressive presentation. Check out this presentation from the Gluch Group in Phoenix.

Photo Rich Listing Presentation

Home sellers want to be wowed during the presentation, so you should use as many pictures of great-looking homes as you can without going overboard. With the popularity of visual sites like  Pinterest  and home decoration blogs, sellers now have higher standards for photography.

Be Yourself

Whenever you’re presenting to a seller, you have to remember that there are hundreds of other agents in your area that they could talk to. No agent is the same, so you have no choice but to be yourself. If you’re the type that wants to create a personal connection with a client, don’t be afraid to share things about your personal life.

Highly Detailed Presentation

You might be able to tell if a seller cares about all the details early on. Whenever you have a seller that wants to be very involved in the selling process, don’t be afraid to go into detail for each step of the process. Informative charts and graphics do a great job teaching sellers about the market value, time on the market, and other important aspects. Detailed visual representation helps home sellers and buyers have a better understanding of the market. If you’re the type that wants to create a personal connection with a client, don’t be afraid to share things about your personal life.

Modern and Photo-Rich

This presentation from ProFund Real Estate in La Jolla, CA uses a really clean looking grid layout for adding in lots of photos of homes and the city.

Everything that they do is consistent with creating that brand.  Inman  reported that thinking of yourself as a brand, and marketing yourself as such, will help you attract new business. Apple is a great example of a company that does a stellar job maintaining a brand. Coca-Cola is another stellar brand. Your business cards, marketing materials, show sheets, and processes should all be consistent and part of your brand.

Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

real estate listing presentation

Luxury Listing Presentation

If the potential clients you’re hoping to work with have a luxury home, it’s important to address it as such.

How UpNest Can Help

If you are looking to find more potential clients, UpNest can bring you more in-market clients with no fees. With UpNest , agents get more listings and make more sales.

Join over 15,000 top agents who are growing their businesses with UpNest . Learn more today !

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The listing presentation should tell clients about yourself and how you add value to their home selling or buying process. It could include local market data, an overview of the home selling and buying processes, and a description of who you are and why you are the right choice for them.

A listing kit often refers to a pre-listing kit, which provides potential home sellers with information about working with you as an agent and your real estate agency. A listing kit can also help agents follow a process or system from their agency and help sellers understand important facets of the home selling process.

What is an Appraisal Contingency and Should You Waive It?

Who are the discount realtors in austin, cody tromler, related posts, how to opt out of hoa: can you opt out of a homeowner’s association, who are the discount realtors in sumter , the process for a transfer of property after death without will.

Proven Listing Presentation For Real Estate

Listing Presentation Examples

3 presentation designs for any agent or company, plus 8 company specific designs are available.

Cover slide listing presentation template design

Click On The Image To See A Larger Example

Listing presentation inside content example - the discussion flow presentation slide

The Listing Presentation Kit Also Includes These 2 Bonus Designs...

"brilliant black" & "brilliant black".

Cover slide of the 'Brilliant Black' listing presentation example design template for agents

Click On The Images To See Larger Examples

8 Company Designs Also Available...

You may optionally add any of these 8 'company designs' to your listing presentation order.


RE/MAX Listing Presentation Example

Re/max listing presentation template for re/max agents.

Cover slide of the RE/MAX listing presentation example company design template

Century 21 Listing Presentation Example

Century 21 listing presentation template for c21 agents.

Cover slide of the Century 21 listing presentation example company design template

Keller Williams Listing Presentation Example

Keller williams listing presentation template for kw agents.

Cover slide of the Keller Williams listing presentation example company design template

Coldwell Banker Listing Presentation Example

Coldwell banker listing presentation template for cb agents.

Cover slide of the Coldwell Banker listing presentation example company design template

EXIT Realty Listing Presentation Example

Exit realty listing presentation template for exit agents.

Cover slide of the EXIT Realty listing presentation example company design template

Berkshire Hathaway Listing Presentation Example

Berkshire hathaway listing presentaton template for bhhs agents.

Cover slide of the Berkshire Hathaway listing presentation example design template

ERA Listing Presentation Example

Era listing presentation template for era agents.

Cover slide of the ERA listing presentation example company design template

Royal LePage Listing Presentation Example

Royal lepage listing presentation template for rp agents.

Cover slide of the Royal LePage listing presentation example company design template

Copyright Notice & Disclaimer:

The '12 Reasons Why To List With Me' listing presentation are copyright of Achieve Ace Ltd. RE/MAX is a copyright & trademark of RE/MAX International. Century 21 is a copyright & trademark of Century 21 Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a copyright & trademark of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. EXIT Realty is a copyright & trademark of EXIT Realty Corp. International. ERA is a copyright & trademark of ERA Franchise Systems LLC. Keller Williams is a copyright & trademark of Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a copyright & trademark of HomeServices of America Inc. Royal LePage is a copyright & trademark of Brookfield Real Estate Services Fund. The above companies have not reviewed or approved the 'company branded' listing presentation designs above, but only agents employed with these companies who have purchased this presentation. REALTOR ® is a is a copyright & trademark of the National Association of REALTORS ® . All other trademarks, service marks, trade names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners.



Persuasive Real Estate Listing Presentation Examples & Tips

See top real estate listing presentation examples and templates. Learn from insider tips how to create a listing presentation and pre-listing packet that wins deals.

listing presentation examples

Dominika Krukowska

8 minute read

Real estate listing presentation examples

Short answer

What is a real estate listing presentation?

A real estate listing presentation is a pitch by realtors to persuade owners to sell their property through them. It includes market analysis, marketing plans, pricing, and the realtor's success history, crucial for building trust and showcasing expertise.

A boring listing presentation can cost you more than commission

Real life isn't quite like "Selling Sunset" - you can't rely on stunning properties and personal charm to win listings. But the truth is, most real estate presentations out there are boring, yawn-inducing, static PDFs, lacking any real excitement or engagement.

In the competitive real estate market, a weak listing presentation can lead to lost high-value listings and a dent in your professional reputation.

But there's a way to turn this around.

In this post, I’ll teach you how to create persuasive real estate listing presentations. I'll show how to infuse life into your property presentations, making them so compelling that sellers can't resist signing with you, and follow up with the best listing presentation examples to inspire your efforts.

Get ready to ditch the dull slides and step up your game!

What makes an effective real estate listing presentation?

An effective real estate listing presentation combines engaging storytelling, clear data visualization, and personalized content to connect with clients. It persuasively showcases an agent's expertise, market knowledge, and unique marketing strategies to convince sellers to entrust them with their property listing.

What should you include in a real estate listing presentation?

Just like a first date, your real estate presentation is your chance to make a memorable first impression. It's the perfect opportunity to build a strong foundation for your client relationship and show your dedication to their success.

Here's what you should include to make your realtor presentation engaging and effective:

1) Introduction

Start with a strong introduction showcasing your experience, professionalism, and unique qualities. Highlight any awards you have received, your years of experience, and local expertise to establish trust and credibility.

2) Comparative advantage

Explain what sets you, your team, or brokerage apart. Use relevant statistics to demonstrate your market performance and include testimonials to provide social proof of your success.

3) Market analysis

Present a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to show your knowledge of the property and its value. This analysis should convincingly justify your recommended pricing strategy.

4) Marketing strategy

Outline a customized marketing plan for the property. Include tactics like professional photography, video tours, and social media promotion to show how you'll attract buyers.

5) Professional advice

Offer guidance on preparing the home for sale, such as decluttering, cleaning, and making necessary repairs. Suggest potential renovations that could increase the property's value.

6) Your role

Clarify your responsibilities as the listing agent and set expectations for the selling process. This helps in building a transparent and trustworthy relationship with the seller.

7) Call to Action

Conclude with a persuasive call to action, encouraging the seller to sign the listing agreement. Be prepared to handle any objections and reiterate the benefits of choosing you as their agent.

How to create a real estate listing presentation?

Creating a realtor listing presentation is much like preparing for a key performance. It's your stage to demonstrate your expertise, build trust, and persuade sellers to choose your brokerage.

You need to showcase your skills while aligning perfectly with the needs and goals of your sellers.

Here's how it's done:

1) Personalize your introduction

Start by introducing yourself and your brokerage, focusing on your experience and how it benefits the client.

Highlight your relevant experience, such as years worked as a listing agent and homes sold, especially those similar to the client's property.

Explain what your brokerage offers, emphasizing its unique selling propositions. Remember, the introduction should be about the client, not just you.

Here's an example of a personalized slide:

how to make a good personalized presentation slide

2) Tell a compelling story

Instead of just listing features, weave a narrative about the property that highlights its potential and the lifestyle it offers. This storytelling approach can help sellers see the unique value you bring in marketing their property, making it more appealing to potential home-buyers .

3) Use data visualization

Incorporate local housing market data to set realistic expectations. Use clear, understandable visualizations to present information like local inventory, selling prices for comparable homes, and average time on the market.

This helps clients grasp the market dynamics and aligns their expectations with reality.

Here's a great example of a data visualization slide:

Data slide example

4) Guide through the home selling process

Explain each stage of the home selling process, from pre-sale activities to closing. This includes discussing paperwork, home inspections, marketing strategies, and the negotiation process.

5) Prepare the home for market

Discuss how to prepare the home for sale, focusing on decluttering, depersonalization, and necessary repairs or updates. Emphasize the impact of a well-presented home on buyer perception and potential selling price.

6) Outline your pricing strategy

Explain the importance of an accurate listing price and how overpricing can hinder the selling process. Discuss the client's priorities and how they affect the pricing strategy. Use a comparative market analysis (CMA) to guide your pricing approach.

7) Detail your marketing plan

Walk through your marketing plan, covering aspects like direct marketing, home staging, professional photography, and social media strategy. Be clear about which services you provide and any associated costs.

8) Set expectations for open houses and negotiations

Discuss your approach to open houses and managing negotiations. Set clear expectations about your role and how you will support the client through these stages.

9) Guide sellers to the next steps

Provide an overview of the closing process and discuss the next steps, ensuring the client understands the timeline and any actions they need to take.

Here's a great example of a next step slide:

Next step slide example

Real estate listing presentation examples that secure clients

In the world of real estate, a listing presentation is more than just a set of slides; it's a key to unlocking new opportunities and securing clients.

The best listing presentations for real estate agents go beyond mere facts and figures. They tell a story, resonate with the audience, and showcase a realtor's unique strengths.

Let's dive into some standout real estate listing presentation examples that have proven their worth in clinching deals.

Jump ahead to page section

Dark mode real estate listing

Engage potential sellers with this dynamic real estate listing template, featuring a clear sales process, market statistics, and immersive property tours to showcase your effective selling strategy.

What makes this listing presentation great:

The presentation provides a comprehensive overview of services , showcasing versatility in handling various real estate needs.

It includes a detailed and transparent sales process timeline , building trust by setting clear expectations.

Engaging property listings with high-quality images and thorough descriptions demonstrate attention to detail and commitment to attractive presentation.

Modern real estate listing

This example is tailored for residential realtors, focusing on a clear, step-by-step sales approach. It highlights community features and local market trends, making it ideal for convincing homeowners to list their properties by showcasing the area's appeal.

The presentation starts with a warm, personal greeting from the agent , creating a welcoming and professional first impression.

It emphasizes a tailored marketing strategy , including virtual tours and social media promotion, showcasing a modern approach to property marketing.

The presentation includes client testimonials , providing social proof and reinforcing the agency's reputation for successful and satisfying transactions.

Light mode real estate listing

Designed for the suburban market, this presentation emphasizes the unique lifestyle and community benefits of suburban living. It's crafted to persuade homeowners by highlighting the serene and family-friendly aspects of suburban areas.

The presentation emphasizes a personalized consultation process , showcasing the agency's commitment to understanding and meeting each client's unique goals.

It features a narrated slide for each current property listing, providing an engaging and detailed exploration of the properties, enhancing the overall appeal and understanding.

Data visualization elements in the year-by-year sales performance section, demonstrating the agency's growth in the market through engaging graphics.

Luxury listing presentation

This presentation is tailored for the luxury real estate market, emphasizing the unique allure and premium aspects of high-end properties.

It's designed to captivate homeowners by highlighting the opulence and distinctiveness of their luxury homes, showcasing them as not just residences but as embodiments of a lavish lifestyle.

The presentation includes multiple smart CTAs (Call to Actions), strategically placed to encourage immediate engagement and response from potential clients.

It features image placeholders for each property listing, allowing for a visually appealing and customizable showcase of properties.

The deck effectively uses data visualization to present sales statistics, making complex information easily understandable and visually engaging.

Commercial listing presentation

Focused on commercial properties, this presentation showcases investment potential and key market data. It's designed to appeal to commercial property owners by highlighting the financial benefits and opportunities of listing their properties.

The presentation utilizes tiered slides , offering a structured and engaging way to present information, making it easy for clients to follow and understand.

It includes the ability to embed videos directly into the deck , providing a dynamic and immersive experience that brings properties to life.

It comes with a built-in analytics panel , allowing for real-time tracking of client engagement and effectiveness of the presentation.

Real estate seller presentation

Perfect for properties in lively urban settings, this example captures the essence of city living. It's aimed at convincing urban homeowners to list by showcasing the dynamic and exciting lifestyle that city properties offer.

An intuitive editor simplifies the process of creating and customizing the deck to suit specific needs and preferences.

It is designed with an adaptive layout that automatically adjusts when changes are made, ensuring the design remains cohesive and visually appealing without extra effort.

The deck allows for modifications even after it has been sent , offering flexibility and the ability to update information in real-time to keep the presentation accurate.

Real estate listing

This presentation is all about bringing a fresh, modern approach to property marketing. It demonstrates to homeowners how innovative and interactive techniques can make their listings stand out in a competitive market, appealing especially to those who appreciate a contemporary and dynamic selling approach.

The presentation allows for direct integration of the agent's calendar , streamlining the process of scheduling meetings and enhancing client convenience.

You can use an AI assistant to help with generating images and tweaking copy to ensure a high-quality and efficient presentation creation process.

The ability to add dynamic variables lets you easily personalize the presentation for each client, which adds a personal touch and increases engagement.

How to design a real estate listing presentation?

In the digital age, the design of your real estate agent presentation is as crucial as its content. Gone are the days when static PDFs and basic PowerPoint slides could capture and hold a client's attention.

These traditional formats, while once the backbone of presentations, now fall short in a world where interactivity and visual engagement are key. They lack the dynamism and immersive experience that modern clients expect.

Here’s how to design a pre-listing packet that not only informs but also captivates:

1) Embrace interactive presentation tools

Interactive presentation makers are a game-changer, especially for those without a design background who would normally outsource it to a professional.

These tools allow you to create presentations with embedded videos, clickable content, and virtual tours, offering an engaging and immersive experience that static PDFs and PPTs simply can't match.

2) Utilize scroll-based design

Scrollytelling , or scroll-based storytelling, is an innovative way to engage viewers. As the audience scrolls, the story and information unfold in a visually appealing and interactive manner.

This technique keeps the viewer engaged and eager to discover more.

Here's an example of Storydoc scrollytelling:

Narrator slide example

3) Ensure your presentation is responsive

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, your presentation must look great and function seamlessly across all devices. Responsiveness has shifted from being a luxury to an essential requirement.

4) Move beyond outdated formats

The limitations of PDFs and PPTs – such as their static nature and lack of engagement – make them less effective in today's fast-paced, visually-driven world. Exploring dynamic, interactive formats can set your presentation apart and demonstrate your adaptability to current trends.

Here's the difference some interactivity can make. Which deck do you find more engaging?

listing presentation examples

5) Maintain a clean and organized layout

Avoid clutter. A well-organized presentation with a clean design makes it easier for clients to follow and absorb the information.

6) Consistent branding is key

Your branding should be evident throughout the presentation. Consistent use of logos, colors, and fonts builds brand recognition and trust. Interactive presentation makers can take care of that for you, extracting branding information directly from your website or brand book.

How to deliver a compelling real estate listing presentation?

Delivering a compelling real estate listing presentation is like telling a captivating story where you are both the narrator and the hero. It's your opportunity to demonstrate how your unique skills and experiences can transform a seller's journey.

Here's how to make your presentation not just informative, but truly engaging and persuasive:

1) Start with an engaging introduction

Kick off with a captivating story about a previous sale or a current property you're working on. This sets the stage and showcases your experience.

2) Outline the sales timeline

Clearly explain each step of the sales process, from pre-sale events to closing the deal. This helps clients understand what to expect and prepares them for a quick turnaround in today's fast-moving market.

3) Ask insightful questions

Engage with your clients by asking questions about their goals, challenges, and expectations. This not only shows your interest in their needs but also helps tailor your presentation to them.

4) Showcase personal statistics

Use your sales data to demonstrate your success and expertise. Include metrics like your sales compared to market averages and average days on the market for your listings.

5) Detail your marketing plan

Explain how you'll market their home, using current trends like virtual tours, HD photography, and social media promotion. This shows your commitment to using every tool at your disposal to sell their home.

6) Handle pricing objections

Be prepared to address concerns about pricing, especially if clients have heard higher estimates from others. Use data and your market knowledge to justify your pricing strategy.

7) Build trust before the presentation

Use the time leading up to your presentation to build trust. Send personalized videos and emails, showcasing your marketing plan and success stories.

8) Reverse your presentation

Instead of a traditional approach, start with the end result of a successful sale and work backward. Show the steps you took to achieve that result, demonstrating your process and effectiveness.

Interactive real estate listing presentation templates

Starting from scratch on a real estate listing presentation can feel overwhelming, especially if you're not a design whiz. Imagine trying to convey the charm and value of a property, but the blank screen in front of you just doesn't cooperate.

This is where interactive real estate listing presentation templates come in. They take the guesswork out of design and structure, providing you with a professional, polished framework that you can easily customize.

These templates are designed with the real estate market in mind, ensuring that each slide, each interactive element, is tailored to showcase properties in the most engaging way possible.

Grab one and see for yourself.

listing presentation examples

Hi, I'm Dominika, Content Specialist at Storydoc. As a creative professional with experience in fashion, I'm here to show you how to amplify your brand message through the power of storytelling and eye-catching visuals.

listing presentation examples

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Ways to Master Your Real Estate Listing Presentation

listing presentation

Your listing presentation.

As a real estate agent, your success is dependent on your listing presentation and pitch. From start to finish, your realtor listing presentation will showcase who you are and how you bring value to your clients. It should include key metrics like local market statistics, an overview of your selling process, and how you help your clients get the most value out of their home, which will instill a sense of confidence and trust.

Today I thought I’d share some of my best tips to improve your listing presentation so that you can start winning more listings.

First up is one of my most popular #TomFerryShow episodes…

What Is a Real Estate Listing Presentation?

A real estate listing presentation can be viewed as a realtor’s elevator pitch. Creating a strong listing presentation is crucial to the success of your business. This is because it’s your opportunity to convince sellers to choose you to sell their home over other realtors, investors, at auction, or by themselves.

In today’s increasingly remote world, you may even need to host a virtual listing presentation. A virtual listing is similar to a traditional listing presentation, but is delivered through a video conferencing platform like Zoom or Skype. While virtual presentations may take time to get used to, they allow you to get into contact with clients who may be further away or can’t meet in person.

There are several ways you can present your realtor listing presentation, such as on a PowerPoint deck, a brochure, a video, or another form of visual presentation. No matter the format, your real estate listing presentation should contain key elements, such as:

  • Listing price of the home
  • Reasoning for your listing price
  • Interior upgrades
  • Exterior upgrades
  • Other relevant fixes or remodels

By creating a thorough listing presentation that outlines the key points as to why you should be chosen as a seller’s listing agent and how you’ll help them get their home sold faster and for more money, you’ll close more deals. Creating a listing presentation for real estate agents is important, but how do you win over clients with your presentation? Below, we’ll cover the ins and outs of creating a winning real estate listing presentation that helps you grow your business.

Realtor dot com playbook

Critical Elements To Real Estate Listing Presentation Success

As you know, in order to succeed as a real estate agent, you need to master your listing presentation. To help you show your confidence and expertise during your next realtor listing presentation, we’ve rounded up the key elements needed for your success.

From learning how to create an engaging introduction to using pricing analogies and earning trust before your presentation, these are the critical components to successful listing presentations for real estate agents:

1. Create a Brief But Engaging Introduction

As with any presentation, your first few minutes are crucial. To master your real estate listing presentation, you need to engage your audience within the first 60 seconds to grab their attention and convince them you’re the realtor to sign with.

In the first 60 seconds, tell a brief but captivating story, such as a previous home you’ve sold or a current property you’re working on now. Remember, most of your listing presentation will focus on your client, but your introduction is your time to provide your background information and show your client how you can help them sell their home.

2. Explain the Sales Timeline

One of the top questions clients will have when it comes to selling their homes is “how long will the process take?” In today’s market, homes are selling fast, which means clients need to be fully prepared for a fast turnaround. When explaining the sales process, highlight each step of the way, including:

  • Pre-sale events
  • Marketing timeline
  • Listing period
  • Closing the deal

By explaining the sales timeline, your clients will know what to expect throughout the process.

3. Ask Questions

The goal of your listing presentation is to show clients how you’ll sell their homes and perform better than other agents. With that said, it’s important to keep your clients top of mind throughout your listing presentation. To do this, make sure to ask important questions throughout to better understand their goals and values. Some questions to ask include:

Why do you want to sell your home?

  • What date do you need to move?
  • What are your plans if your home doesn’t sell?
  • Where are you looking to move to?
  • Are there any current issues with your home that need to be addressed?
  • How much money do you still owe on your mortgage?

With these questions, you can curtail your listing presentation as you go to align with their values and goals and help them sell their home.

4. Highlight Personal Statistics

You need to sell yourself when delivering your listing presentation. One of the best ways to do so is to highlight your personal stats that prove to your clients why and how you’re successful. Some statistics to show your clients include:

  • Your sales compared to the market average
  • The average days on the market for your listings
  • Year-after-year sales

These are just some of the statistics you can showcase in your listing presentation. To make them more powerful, export your personal data from your MLS into a spreadsheet to create graphs, maps, and charts that help your clients visualize your success.

5. Explain Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is imperative to the home selling process. As one of the key components of selling a home, you need to explain to your clients how you plan on marketing their home. Some current marketing trends that can put you ahead of your competition include:

  • Virtual tours
  • HD photography
  • 3D floor plans/property scans
  • Social media posts
  • Property videos

By advertising on a wide range of platforms, from social media to home listing sites and even around the neighborhood with lawn signs, you can attract more prospective buyers interested in buying your client’s house.

6. Use This Great Pricing Objection Handler

Another statement you’re bound to hear from homeowners is this:

“Another agent said they can get me much more…”

When you do, use this script:

I could line up a thousand agents outside your door, but we’re all looking at the same data and we’ll all come in within one or two percent of each other. So if someone is promising you much more, you’ve gotta ask yourself what they’re up to. Are they just wanting to take your listing to generate a bunch of buyer clients? What’s their motive?

This approach plants the seeds of doubt in the seller’s mind and gets them to understand what seems too good to be true probably is too good to be true.

7. Earn Their Trust Prior to Your Presentation

Question: What do you do in between the time you scheduled a listing presentation appointment and the time you show up for that appointment?

I really hope your answer isn’t “Nothing.”

So… that gap from after you hang up from booking the appointment until you show up? This is prime “trust-building” time.

Here’s my pre-appointment strategy to set yourself apart and begin earning people’s trust way before you ever meet face-to-face.

1. Shortly after setting the appointment, email a personalized video following this script:

Hey [Homeowner’s Name] it’s [Your Name] with [Your Company]. Thank you so much for the opportunity to come out and speak to you about the sale of your home. I know you had a lot of choices in real estate professionals locally, and I’m honored and thrilled to talk to you about how I can sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time. Below you’re going to see a number of things that can help you make an informed decision about selecting the right agent for the job of selling your home. [Then give them a quick rundown of the following assets you will send along with the video.]

2. In that email, include links to:

  • Your step-by-step marketing plan – Be sure to “stack the cool.” The average agent has 11 things on their list. The more you have, the more you’ll stand out. For bonus points, write the property address on a whiteboard and include a photo of you and your team strategizing on marketing possibilities in front of it.
  • A map of properties you’ve sold – Don’t just do a list… a map is more engaging.
  • Your reviews – The more specific to convey your skills, the better.
  • Stats, graphs and charts – To illustrate your degree of separation… Comparing you vs. MLS averages, etc.
  • Your team of experts – To establish expectations and demonstrate it takes more than one person to manage the process of selling your home.

This might sound like a big effort, but it’s worth it! You’re priming the client to win the listing, and in some cases, you might flush out those who aren’t really motivated before wasting additional time on a fruitless presentation.

8. Send Another Video on the Morning of Your Appointment

To further prime the homeowner for your presentation, send another video on the morning of the day of the appointment. Here’s the script:

Hi [Homeowner’s Name] it’s [Your Name], just wanted to make sure we were set today for [Time]. I’m really excited. The team and I are super fired up, we’ve been working really hard on reverse engineering how we’re going to find the ideal buyer for your home. And because we’ve sold so many homes in [Neighborhood], we already know exactly how to find the buyer. I just wanted to make sure you watched my previous video and you took the time to review some of the information I sent you in those links. Would you please do that before we meet today?

9. “Reverse” Your Presentation for Maximum Impact

Now it’s the moment of truth. Make sure you show up for the appointment early just to be sure you can knock on the door punctually at your set time.

When it comes to your actual listing presentation, rather than take the traditional angle of “I’m going to show you everything I can do for you” for the homeowner, I suggest you follow Gary Gold’s approach and do a “reverse” listing presentation.

What’s that mean?

It’s simple, actually. Rather than make a promise to the homeowner about what you can do for them, show them a case study of what you’ve done for others and walk them through the process in reverse order.

Rather than starting from what you do right after you take a listing, show the homeowner everything you did to achieve the result. For instance:

We recently sold a property very much like yours for 3% over asking price and for 22% faster than the average home is selling in our marketplace. The sellers were thrilled and they wrote a five-star review on Zillow about what we were able to do for them.

Now, what got us to that point? Well, we ended up getting eight different offers. We went through those eight offers with the sellers and they chose which worked best for their needs.

Before we got those eight offers, we had 87 people who came to our Mega Open House, which is the same thing I’m going to do for your home. Now I want to explain how we got 87 people to view the home. Look here… We had 4,200 impressions on Zillow, 1,893 on Trulia and 2,000 on, 3,100 on Facebook, 74 on Instagram, 177 on Twitter and 355 people watched the entire home tour video on YouTube.

Continue that approach throughout your entire presentation. Be sure to include your broker preview, photography and videography, staging and trace the process all the way back to you earning that listing and starting the ball rolling.

When you do this “reverse” presentation, you’re letting your track record work for you. You’re demonstrating your ability to achieve the results they desire. It’s basically all the same information, but presented in a more powerful way.

Also, make sure to include high-quality printouts/fliers of all the information you linked to in your pre-appointment video email – your marketing plan, your “Sold” map, your reviews, your degree of separation, your team photo and descriptions of each person’s role. Leave those materials behind with the homeowner, even if you’ve presented them digitally as part of your presentation. Coaching client Karen Stone from New York City not only uses this “reverse” approach in her listing presentations but also to demonstrate her abilities in her marketing. Check out this postcard she uses:

listing presentation examples

Below is an example of several of these “differentiators” from my brother Patrick, who sells in San Diego. If you’d like to see all six pages up close and personal, download the PDF here .

listing presentation examples

5 Tips for Winning Real Estate Listing Presentation

We discussed the critical elements needed for a successful real estate listing presentation. Now, let’s dive into how you can win your listing presentation to gain more clients and close more deals. Explore our five tips to improve your listing presentation today below:

  • Know your customer: Always research your customer before meeting them. This is important because not every client is the same, which means you’ll have to create a new listing presentation for each client to ensure you win them over. Information you should research about your client includes their relationship status, such as whether they’re single or married with a family, where they’re planning on moving, how they want to sell, and the type of offer they want.
  • Know the market, neighborhood, culture, and community: In order to market the seller’s property, you need to have a firm grasp on the market and community associated with their home. How much have homes in the neighborhood sold for recently? What ratings do the schools have? What’s the local crime rate? These are all important questions to have answered before giving your listing presentation.
  • Make sure you are in the right mindset: To ensure you’re in the right mindset before your listing presentation, visualize speaking with your customers before meeting them. Whether that’s the night before while you’re laying in bed or when you’re rehearsing the morning-of in your office, getting in the right mindset can help you gain confidence and clarity about the pitch you’re about to give. It also gives you the opportunity to think of potential questions or concerns that the seller might have during your listing presentation and brainstorm answers.
  • Tell the story: Sellers want to work with real estate agents with a proven track record. To instill trust and confidence in your clients, provide them with data that tells your story, such as, “I’ve been on 62 appointments and 58 people choose to work with me” or “I’ve sold X homes X% over the asking pricing.” With data that validates your claims, sellers will work with you to ensure they get the most money for their homes.
  • Share examples of how you’ve helped customers in similar situations: There are many reasons why someone might be selling their home. Maybe they received a job offer they can’t refuse and have to relocate. Or perhaps they have a new child on the way and need to upgrade to a larger house.

Once you research your client and understand their reasons for selling, craft your listing presentation around that. With examples that show how you’ve helped clients in similar situations sell their homes, they’ll have more trust in your abilities to help them, too.

With these five tips for improving your listing presentation, you’ll be able to win more clients and earn commission from your deals. However, once you deliver your listing presentation, you’re not done. You still have to close the deal, which means it’s time to put together an amazing OPEN HOUSE! 

Final Thoughts On Making A Powerful Real Estate Listing Presentation

Throughout this article, you learned key pieces to creating a successful listing presentation, such as scripts to use for common client questions and ways to reverse your presentation for maximum impact. You also learned tips for winning your realtor listing presentation, such as ways to know your customers, how to tell your story, and getting in the right mindset.

At Tom Ferry, we have the resources to help you succeed in all areas of real estate. Not only do we have an informational podcast with episodes like Three Top Agents Reveal How to Win Every Listing , we also offer real estate coaching to help you hone your skills and grow your business.

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Must-Have Items in Your Listing Presentation

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Put your best face forward when you go into your next listing appointment by preparing the perfect listing presentation.

You’ve heard from a longtime lead or referral that they’re ready to invite you into their home to talk about a potential sale. What should you bring along to convince them that you’re the right listing agent or broker? How can you leave them with food for thought if they’re on the fence or get them geared up to sign on the dotted line if they’re ready to move forward?

Here are the essential ingredients to sharing your expertise so that interested leads become excited new clients. Be sure to have a polished listing presentation for both in-person and virtual listing appointments so that you’re always ready whenever and wherever they are.

1.   A Preliminary CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)

The most important thing your potential sellers want to know is how much they can get for their home. While you’ll no doubt want to make adjustments once you’ve walked the property, come prepared with a preliminary CMA based on comps and on the best information available to you about the home’s condition. This will give you the ability to talk in practical terms about the property’s potential in the current market.

After the appointment, follow up with a final CMA report. We also recommend sharing a Net Sheet with the homeowner, so they’ll have a good understanding of the costs – and potential profits! – upfront.

2.   Exceptional photography and graphic design

Include beautiful photographs of you, your area, and other real estate-related images along with well-designed infographics and graphic elements that capture attention. If you have examples of listing brochures or other marketing collateral you created for past listings, share them with your potential clients during the listing presentation.

A beautifully printed listing presentation and supporting materials is a reflection of how you market your real estate services — and how you’ll market their property.

Examples of what to include in your listing presentation

PRO TIP: When creating your listing presentation you can use software like Powerpoint, but you can also set up a free account and they have some wonderful templates you can use. You’ll also find quite a few presentation templates on Etsy that you can purchase and then customize on Canva as well.

3.   Past seller success stories + testimonials

One of the best ways to convince new clients that you’re the right person for their real estate transaction is through testimonials and reviews from deliriously happy clients . Carefully select the best and most enthusiastic testimonials and feature them prominently in your listing presentation. This will help potential clients better understand the value you bring to their transaction and what it’s like to work with you.

If you don’t have a large selection of client testimonials (yet!), you can also highlight some successes you’ve had over the last year. A few examples:

  • “123 Darling Lane received 7 offers in the first weekend and sold for $22,000 over the asking price.”
  • “222 Charming Avenue was listed with another Realtor for two months without an offer. We took the listing over, helped the seller stage the home and improve the landscaping. The seller accepted a full price offer after only 5 days on the market.”
  • “We ran our Coming Soon marketing campaign for 999 Samson Street. In the first day on the market we had over 27 home buyers tour the home on the first day it was listed. We received multiple offers and sold for $7500 over the listing price.”

4.   Relevant statistics and results

Numbers are convincing, so if you have impressive statistics and stellar past results, this is the place to share them. Are your days on market lower or average sale price higher than other agents and brokers in your area? Have you gotten exceptional results with a record-setting sale price in one of the neighborhoods you serve? Find ways to translate your value into numbers so that potential clients can better understand what you’re bringing to the table.

Infographic with real estate home sales statistics for your listing presentation

5.   Neighborhood-specific track record

If you’re pitching for a listing in a neighborhood where you’ve represented buyers and sellers in the past, you have an opportunity to position yourself as the neighborhood expert. Refer to your previous successes so that homeowners will trust you to correctly position their property.

If you regularly market to specific neighborhoods, consider creating targeted listing presentations aimed at each of your geographic farms.

6.   Authority-building content and media coverage

If you create your own content in a blog, podcast, or video platform, highlight the expertise you share there and the network and influence it allows you to build. If you’ve been profiled in the media or contributed your expertise as an interview source, share that coverage so that homeowners can see you as an industry-leading expert.

7.   A well-defined marketing strategy

You want to be clear about how you will market the property, so be sure to include information about the marketing platforms and techniques you use. Explain how you will plan and roll out the listing, including any pre-listing (i.e. “Coming Soon”) activities you plan to employ.

Provide a timeline based on the homeowner’s plans and let them know what you will need from them to deploy your marketing strategy.

8.   Powerful differentiators

What do you offer that makes you different from the other listing agents the homeowner may be talking with about selling their home?

  • Is professional photography, videography, and copywriting included on every listing?
  • Do you create video ads to run on streaming platforms and YouTube AdRolls?
  • Will the seller have access to a staging service that prepares the home before it’s listed?
  • Do you offer a flexible commission structure based on who procures the buyer?
  • How frequently will you communicate with the homeowner during the listing?

Whatever you do that is unique to you and outshines the competition, include it in your presentation.

9.  Value-added services available

What are some of the ‘extras’ you may offer your home sellers? Do you provide cleanout and storage services for elderly homeowners? Can the home sellers use your branded moving truck on moving day? How will your preferred lenders and closing officers help make the transaction seamless? Do you provide referrals for sellers who are relocating to another city? Your listing presentation should provide additional information about ways you can help simplify and streamline their upcoming move.

10. Required documents

The homeowners may want to talk things over with each other or they may be speaking with another agent for comparison. However, if they decide that they want to sign with you on the spot, be prepared with the listing agreement, disclosure, and other documents you need to bring them on board. If the listing is planned within less than a week, put signage in your car’s trunk and be ready to post a pre-listing rider or make arrangements for sign installation as soon as possible.

Following up after the listing presentation

Like everything in real estate, the key to success is in the follow-up! Don’t forget to send a thank you note or a personal video message to express your appreciation for the homeowner’s time and consideration. Remember, a personal touch is always delightful, so include a detail or two from your conversation to make your communication more authentic and meaningful.

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14 Ways to Get More Real Estate Listings

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Everything You Need for a Killer Pre-Listing Presentation [Complete Guide with Examples]

Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

A persuasive pre-listing presentation can be a killer part of your marketing arsenal. A great one can help you stand out amongst your competitors and will greatly reduce the time you spend answering questions during your in-person listing presentation. A poor pre-listing presentation, on the other hand, can harm your chances of securing a listing and make the listing appointment more arduous than it needs to be.

If you don’t have a listing presentation, or if you cringe every time you pass it out, this post is for you. We’re going to go deep into what a pre-listing presentation is, what it should look like, and what you should include—with a long list of success tips and examples.

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What is a Pre-Listing Presentation?

Pre-listing presentation vs listing presentation.

Many people confuse a pre-listing presentation and an actual listing presentation. So first, let’s separate the two. A pre-listing presentation is something you deliver BEFORE the actual listing appointment. This is not an in-person presentation—your listing presentation is your actual in-face presentation/interview.

The Setup Before the Big Show

A pre-listing presentation is a great way to get a potential client acquainted with you and your team, your marketing, and even your market. You want your face-to-face time to be as effective as possible. The pre-listing presentation helps reduce a lot of the explanation time and leaves more time open for questions, interview time, and the house tour.

Does Not Replace You or Your Listing Presentation

As is often the case, you will be the main reason someone chooses to hire you and your team. The pre-listing presentation is not meant to replace your sales pitch or your charm (though it can certainly help). You will likely still need to do some in-person selling at your actual listing presentation appointment.

It’s Not About You

The biggest problem we see with many pre-listing presentations is how self-absorbed they are. The typical pre-listing presentation is all about the agent—the awards they’ve won, the houses they’ve sold, etc.

Remember, the client only cares about themselves. They want to know what you can do for them. So, while you should absolutely build your credibility with your stats/awards, that should be secondary, or even tertiary, to what you’re going to do to help them get their home sold.

Pre-Listing Presentation Design Rules

Now that we know what a pre-listing presentation is, let’s talk about the general principles for putting one together. Then we’ll get into the meat of a pre-listing presentation’s content.

Rule #1—Keep It Concise!

The best way to bore someone quickly is to drone on and on and on about, well, anything. Keep your copy concise and to the point. Don’t waste the seller’s time.

Rule #2—Break Up Your Content

A wall of text is a surefire way to get your presentation overlooked. In addition to keeping things concise (rule #1), you need to break up your content into easily digestible bites. Use lots of headings, subheadings, bullet and number lists, and assets.

Rule #3—Use Plenty of Assets

Speaking of assets, the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very applicable to a pre-listing presentation. Images help break up content (rule #2) and breathe additional life into your presentation. Even better than images? Illustrations! Illustrate as many points as you can. Illustrations help get important points across and are easier for most people to digest.

Rule #4—Keep It On-Brand and On-Message

Remember, the pre-listing presentation comes BEFORE your actual listing appointment. You want the seller’s impression of you to be an excellent one. Your pre-listing presentation should convey what working with you and your team will be like.

Think about your target audience when you’re putting your presentation together (as you should do with all marketing). If you’re a friendly and fun team, your pre-listing presentation should reflect that in both the copy’s tone and the template’s design.

Rule #5—Less is More

When we were looking through pre-listing presentations in preparation for this article, we all noticed that the presentations we were most drawn to as a team were the ones that took a less-is-more approach. Let your design give the content room to breathe, even if it makes your pre-listing presentation a few pages longer.

What Should Your Pre-Listing Presentation Include?

Brace yourself, Effie—this section is very detailed! We’ve broken up what should be included in your pre-listing presentation into sections, topics, examples, and resources. This will help you arrange your own pre-listing presentation in a way that’s easy for sellers to understand. Ready? Let’s get it!

[callout_box icon=”fa-cloud-download”]

Download our Pre-Listing Presentation Resources

You’ll get all of the ideas below in an easy-to-follow outline as well as a sample of the pre-listing presentation offered in our own product, Sidekick .

[popup_button trigger=”pre-listing-popup”]DOWNLOAD NOW![/popup_button]


Section #1—Introduction

Your introduction should be a brief hello from you and your team. Don’t go deep here. Save that for later. For now, you’re just welcoming the seller and thanking them for reading through your pre-listing presentation and potentially choosing your team to list their home.

Idea—Welcome Letter

Tips for Success

  • Include your photo
  • Include your signature
  • Make it heartfelt and warm
  • Include your “big why”—why are you in real estate anyway?

Chris Morrison, Welcome Letter, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Chris Morrison , Henry Billete , and Justin Oberholtzer .

Idea—Table of Contents

Any way that you can help the seller navigate your listing presentation, please do so.

  • Break it up into sections and topics
  • Use color-coded sections to further tie sections together

Table of Contents, Mary Pope-Handy, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Mary Pope-Handy ,  Ann Kieran , and Houlihan Lawrence .

Idea—Questions to Ask

The seller will obviously have a lot of questions both before and after reading this presentation. Remind them to write them all down and give them space to do so. This will help your listing presentation go smoother.

  • Leave them enough space to write all their questions
  • Remind them that the listing presentation is the perfect time to go over these questions
  • Give them a few reminders throughout the pre-listing presentation to go back and write down their questions on this page

Section #2—Understand the Market

Before you talk about pricing and marketing strategies, you should prep the seller by helping them understand the market. Your local market has its own unique intricacies. Remember, real estate is local. This is a good place to show off your local know-how.

Idea—Local Market Statistics

  • Cover the big 3 stats—sales price, inventory, days on market
  • Use graphs to show market trends
  • Explain the graphs so the seller knows what they’re looking at
  • Update these numbers frequently! (at least every quarter)
  • Explain a buyers’ vs. a sellers’ market

Local Market Stats, Top Left Creative, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: The Hollinger Team .

Idea—Where Buyers Come From

Different markets and even different segments of markets have different ways of attracting buyers. Sign calls may be popular in your area, while Craigslist may not be. Or vice versa. Having this conversation now will help prep the seller for your marketing strategies laid out later in your pre-listing presentation.

  • Use a graph to teach and explain
  • Show differences in national vs. local numbers
  • Give them stats showing where your last 20 buyers came from

Where Buyers Come From, Kentwood Real Estate, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Kentwood Real Estate , Realty Partners , Robin Fink , Ranch & Recreational Group , Farrell Realty .

Section #3—Hire a Professional

There are many ways to sell a house. New startups crop up every day with a new way to sell your home without the use of a Realtor®. While that may work for some, the majority of homeowners need your expertise.

Idea—Why Use a Realtor®

It’s important to not only point out why using an agent is important, you’ll also want to emphasize why using a Realtor® is better than a regular agent.

  • Talk about the Realtor® Code of Ethics, and even link to it in this presentation
  • Show them how you save them time, money, frustration, and anger
  • Remember, you are shielding them against buyers and other agents—that’s valuable!

Why Use a Realtor®, Top Left Creative, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Idea—Interview Your Realtor®

A seller may not know good questions to ask when she is interviewing Realtors®. This idea gives them a list of hard-hitting questions to ask during the listing presentation with the goal being your answers will be better than your competitors.

  • Put in questions that matter to you and your market
  • Be prepared to answer them!
  • Touch on this section in your listing presentation and ask what other agents have said

listing presentation examples

Special thanks to: The Hollinger Team , Tristan & Associates , Mary Pope-Handy , and Katie DeBill .

Idea—Commission Explained

Oh, commissions. The oft-talked about subject. It’s important to have this conversation in your pre-listing presentation before it comes up in person. It may help remedy any objections once you’re speaking face-to-face. It’s also a good place to educate sellers about where commission goes and explain how you get paid.

  • Be matter-of-fact in your explanations
  • Educate the seller on all the things you pay for to market their home
  • Emphasize that Realtors® often get their clients more money for their homes

Commission Explained, Top Left Creative, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Ashley Garner and Ranch & Recreational Group .

Section #4—Price Your Home

Now that we’ve taken the time to explain the local market and we’ve educated the client on why they should hire a professional, it’s time to talk price. Pricing can be seen as very mysterious to many sellers and, with automated tools like Zillow around, it’s important to highlight the correct way to arrive at a proper price and what happens when you don’t.

Idea—How to Find Price

This is a great place to go into some detail about how price is determined. Even a simple example here could help provide much clarity to the seller

  • Talk about how comparable sales are adjusted to arrive at a price
  • Provide a side-by-side example of three properties with similar features. If this takes up too much space, link to an example on your website.
  • Mention that real examples from their neighborhood will be shown in the in-person listing presentation

Determining Price, Ben Beesley, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Ben Beesley , Tom Savage , Daniel Walker , Bunch Real Estate Group , At Properties , and Kentwood Real Estate .

Idea—Pricing Factors/Non-Factors

We recommend being very bold here. Make sure the seller understands what does and does not matter when determining price.

  • Emphasize the market dictates price—you’re just the messenger
  • Again, visual elements make a huge difference here

listing presentation examples

Special thanks to: Henry Billette , Steve Shalongo , Robin Fink , and Karen Fallon .

Idea—Price/Time Comparison

Make sure the seller understands how time affects price.

  • Remind them that the longer a home is on the market, the less interest there will be and buyers will start to assume something’s wrong with the home
  • Include examples of past listings in your local area with price problems (don’t identify them outright)

Pricing vs. Time, Bunch Real Estate Group, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Bunch Real Estate Group , Karen Fallon , and Chris Morrison .

Section #5—Prepare Your Home

It’s a great idea to give sellers some tips to get their home market-ready. This is a great section to highlight how you go above and beyond most Realtors® with your access to home stagers and other contractors who can help prep the home.

While this section isn’t absolutely necessary for a pre-listing presentation—you could just as easily provide it later—it’s common practice to include it here. We will warn you that this should NOT be half of your pre-listing presentation. (Many we previewed were mostly made up of this section.)

Idea—Staging Tips

  • DON’T give a huge list here—provide a concise list of items that can be done
  • Mention your access to professional stagers who can help
  • Talk about how staging shortens time on market and increases price
  • Collaborate with or ask a professional stager for advice on this section

Staging Tips, Adam Powers, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Adam Powers , Farrell Realty , and Brandy Underberg.

Idea—Curb Appeal Tips

  • Like the Staging Tips idea above, don’t give a huge list. Keep it concise.
  • Provide before/after photos of homes with great curb appeal updates
  • Create a Pinterest board with curb appeal ideas and link to it

Curb Appeal Tips, Ann Kieran, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Ann Kieran and Kentwood Real Estate .

Idea—Cleaning List

  • Create a simple checklist of items that are UNCOMMON—things people don’t think about
  • Link to a Pinterest board or some videos with cleaning hacks for those harder tasks
  • Include a checklist or handout as an appendix to this presentation or as a download on your website for sellers to follow

Idea—Info for Buyers

This is not about seller disclosures but is more about providing that extra information that most buyers will be curious about.

  • Tell sellers not to pack things like appliance manuals
  • Create a separate handout to be left at the listing with utility averages, paint colors, appliance warranties, and past contractors who have worked on the home
  • Include a checklist or handout as an appendix to this presentation or as a download on your website that sellers can fill out

Section #6—Market Your Home

Up until now, we’ve provided a lot of education but haven’t been too strong on sales. This section is where you get to really show how you market listings. The biggest advice we have for this section is to provide concrete examples. Let’s dive right in.

Idea—Marketing Plan

Add your step-by-step marketing plan to your pre-listing presentation. Make it thorough and provide numerous examples. This pairs well with a marketing timeline (discussed below) so your seller can see when items will be executed.

  • List important steps, not basic steps (think “send postcards to closest 100 homes” not “put keybox on property”)
  • Point out the items that are “exclusive” to you and your team
  • This is a good place to call out your questions page

Marketing Plan, Ben Beesley, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Ben Beesley , Karen Fallon , Katie DeBill , Novello Group , Robin Fink , and Ann Kieran .

Idea—Marketing Items

Showcase the pieces of marketing you and your team create and use to market a home. This is a great place to showcase the cohesion of your branding and marketing.

  • Provide visual examples of your listing materials
  • Include brief descriptions of how the materials will be used
  • Customize the preview items for the seller
  • Include a link to your website where a seller can go download a sample packet of materials

Marketing Items, Top Left Creative, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Chris Morrison , Daniel Walker , Greg Barteluk , Hancock Group , Listing Power Tools , Steve Shalongo , Tom Savage , At Properties , and Kentwood Real Estate .

Idea—Marketing Timeline

Sellers want to know when things are going to happen. This timeline will help them understand at what point in the process you’ll be doing these marketing activities.

  • Separate pre-market and on-market activities
  • Highlight one-time vs ongoing activities
  • Point out items that are “exclusive” to you and your team

Marketing Timeline, Top Left Creative, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Ann Kieran .

Idea—Generating Awareness/Interest/Traffic

This idea focuses on the activities you and your team will perform to generate awareness about your new listing.

  • Focus on things not represented in your Marketing Items section above. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t represent it with a photo example, put it here
  • Highlight things like calls you make, industry events you attend, relationships you have, etc.
  • Tie this in with the “Where Buyers Come From” idea from the “Understand the Market” section

listing presentation examples

Special thanks to: Daniel Walker .

Section #7—Timeline to Sell

We’ve previously mentioned that sellers like to know the timeline of selling a home so they know what to expect. Any way that you can give them a complete glimpse of the process is helpful. This section is pretty straightforward so we don’t have individual ideas, but here are some tips for success.

  • Separate pre-market, on-market, and in-contract activities
  • Color code these separate activity sections
  • Provide a rough time estimate of when each stage happens
  • Tie in items from previous sections

Timeline to Sell, Top Left Creative, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Section #8—About You/Your Team

After seven sections all about the client, this section CAN and should be all about you and your team. Make this as personal and friendly as possible. Make sure you only choose two or three of the items below.

Idea—Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

A USP (unique selling proposition) is that one thing that makes you totally different from the competition. It could be huge thing like “we’ll sell your home in 30 days or less” or something small like “every home gets a 4k video shoot.” Whatever it is (and we wrote a whole blog post about it), it has to be one-of-a-kind to count.

  • Your USP doesn’t have to be mind-blowing, but it should be unique
  • Consider branding your USP to help it stand out
  • Call out to your USP in the marketing section above

Unique Selling Proposition, Michael Davis, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Michael Davis .


A biography is great for Realtors® who may be new to the business or whose resume is light in features. It’s a great way to talk about your love for real estate or your background in other fields.

  • Add some personal touches to humanize your biography
  • Use either a bio or a resume, but shy away from using both
  • Include a photo of yourself doing something you love like gardening, skiing, or playing with your dog

Biography, Ashley Garner, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Ashley Garner .


If your professional experience includes lots of honors, awards, or educational history, consider adding your resume to your pre-listing presentation.

  • Break up your resume into sections: Education, Experience, Awards, Personal/Volunteer
  • Keep each point brief; don’t drone on in paragraphs
  • Keep it to one page or less
  • Only include items that are applicable to real estate; truncate any non-related items

Resume, Top Left Creative, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Hancock Group and Michael Davis .

Idea—Your Team

If you have a team of people helping you, showcase them here. This will show strength in numbers but will also help the seller know who is who.

  • Give a brief explanation of each person’s role
  • Include a professional or fun photo of each person—make sure it’s high-quality!
  • Consider adding # of years in real estate or similar compelling statistic
  • If you have a large team, keep it to staff directly involved in home selling
  • Add a link to your website’s team page where people can get a more detailed biography of each person

Your Team, Hancock Group, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Hancock Group and The Hollinger Team .

Idea—Your Stats

Stats are compelling. If you don’t know your numbers, how can you improve? Include your own statistics to show the seller how you’re better.

  • Include things like how much more you net your sellers than others, how much faster you sell homes than the typical agent in your area, etc.
  • Make sure these stats are seller-focused, not you-focused
  • Use charts/graphs to show the differences in numbers between you/your team and your market average
  • Have a map on your website that shows your entire listing history and link to it here

Your Stats, Baldwin Team, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: The Baldwin Team , Novello Group , KJK Properties , Karen Fallon , Jim Maloof , GoodLife Team , At Properties , Ewing & Associates , and Kentwood Real Estate .

Idea—Office/Company Info

If you have a large office or work for a franchise with global capabilities, consider adding a section to your pre-listing presentation to showcase this.

  • Keep this section brief. If you can give it no more than a half-page, do it
  • Only include items that benefit the seller
  • Add a link to view more information on your website

listing presentation examples

Special thanks to: Brandy Underberg, Daniel Walker , Engle & Völkers , The Hollinger Team , Ann Kieran , At Properties , and Kentwood Real Estate .


You have two options for testimonials. You can include them all on one page or you can sprinkle them throughout the pre-listing presentation. It’s up to you!

  • Include the client’s full name, whether they were a buyer or seller, and a date from their transaction
  • Update these when you update your stats (at least once a quarter)
  • Extra points if you include a photo of the client or a photo of you and the client together
  • Keep the testimonial to 1–3 sentences. If it’s longer, consider truncating it
  • Add a link to view a complete list of testimonials on your website

Testimonials, Top Left Creative, Killer Pre-Listing Presentation

Special thanks to: Ben Beesley , Chris Morrison , Hancock Group , and Michael Davis .

Bonus Ideas

Bonus idea #1—create an online resources page.

Many of the items in your pre-listing presentation can be expanded on with additional info, checklists, examples, etc. Consider creating one page on your website that provides all of the additional information in one place.

  • Arrange the page in the same order as this pre-listing presentation
  • Use the same section headings for easy navigation
  • If items are in different places on your website, at least link to all of them here

Bonus Idea #2—Create an Autoresponder for Sellers

A pre-listing presentation can be a lot of information at once. Some sellers may simply glance over it but fail to read the more important details. Consider creating an email autoresponder that will go over one specific item every couple of days. This is a great way to highlight the most important information in a focused manner.

  • Cover only one specific item in each email
  • Keep the emails short and sweet
  • Include one or two visuals in the email itself
  • Link to additional items on your website
  • Follow up with a phone call

A pre-listing presentation is an important element of your overall brand and seller strategy. It should not be an afterthought but should be put together with careful planning. Above all, make sure it is seller-focused, not you-focused. Follow these tips and you’ll have a killer pre-listing presentation that will get you more sellers and make your competitors jealous!

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listing presentation examples

The digital listing presentation is your best tool to impress potential clients and win more listings. It’s your most valuable asset, and besides providing information, you also need to communicate credibility and expertise every step of the way.

This means that your digital real estate listing presentation should be thoughtfully designed and persuasively written. You want to say a lot, but not too much. You want to impress them with your skills and present them through design, but you also don’t want them to lose focus.

You want to represent a seller, but your first job is to represent yourself as an expert and authority in the real estate industry. Because how are you going to sell their house if you can’t present yourself in the best light? The virtual property showcases represents you and your brand as a Realtor. And how you create one speaks volumes.

The key is to identify the seller’s pain points and offer yourself as a solution in your virtual property portfolios but also to tell them all about your experience without sounding too salesy. Sounds easy, but as you probably know, it’s way harder. Content matters, but so does the form. The design of your digital listing presentation is what makes it or breaks it. Let’s learn how to do it right.

Benefits of a Digital Listing Presentation

benefits of digital listing presentation

Before diving deeper into the difference between digital and traditional real estate listing presentation and tips for creating a perfect one that will get you more listings, let’s get an overview of the benefits you can enjoy.

  • Interactive

Tailor your pitch to the specific needs of each seller. The digital listing presentation allows you to easily edit, optimize, update, and rebrand everything depending on which benefits you want to highlight.

  • Professional

Digital real estate listing presentations have a polished, professional look that will help you get an edge over your competitors. You can use high-quality images, videos, and graphics to showcase your properties, demonstrate your expertise, and offer proof of the results you’ve achieved.

With digital presentations, you can quickly and easily share your materials with clients via email or other digital channels. This can save you a lot of time and effort compared to printing out and delivering physical copies. But this also saves sellers time & energy because they can take a look whenever they feel like it. And you can be sure they’ll be grateful for that!

  • Track results

Certain real estate listing presentation software has features that allow you to see how sellers interacted with your online listing presentations. You can see the links they’ve clicked, how much time they’ve spent looking at it, as well as when and how many times they’ve opened it. This provides you with valuable insights into their behavior and helps you close the deal faster.

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listing presentation examples

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Digital Listing Presentation vs. Traditional

digital vs traditional

There are some significant differences between digital listing presentations and traditional paper-based presentation.  Both you and the sellers can access the digital presentation simply by sharing it via a link online. On the other hand, traditional presentations are physical, paper-based documents that you need to print out and present in person.

One of the main differences between the digital listing presentation and traditional is the level of interactivity and engagement they offer.

Digital presentations can incorporate multimedia elements like videos, animations, and virtual tours that can help bring properties to life and engage potential clients in a more dynamic way.

Traditional presentations are more static and don’t offer the same level of interactivity. While they may be more familiar to some clients, they are also more cumbersome to transport and store and don’t have the same level of polish and professionalism as digital presentations. And let’s face it – everyone is used to digital nowadays. Traditional listing presentations are also more expensive and time-consuming to both create and deliver.

Tips for Creating Digital Listing Presentation

tips and tricks

If you want to win your next listing and impress the seller so they don’t have a choice but to hire you, we’ve prepared tips for creating a digital listing presentation. Let’s cut to the chase!

Embrace technology to the fullest. Utilize every feature to make your digital property display shine. Include media files, links, statistics, design elements, and of course, content.

Make sure your digital real estate listing presentation has a clear structure.

Outline the marketing plan for their property in your digital real estate listing presentation. This will build trust, and the seller will know you’re competent enough to sell their house. 

Include testimonials and statistics. Make sure that both are similar to the results the seller expects.

Go for a clean and modern design. Choose a minimalist color palette, use plenty of white space, and avoid cluttered or busy designs.

Make sure that your virtual real estate presentations is consistent with your brand identity, using your logo and other branding elements throughout. This will help reinforce your brand and make your presentation more memorable.

Make sure to highlight any unique or standout features of the property, such as a stunning view or a newly renovated kitchen. These can be key selling points that help set the property apart from others on the market.

Show that you know the ins and outs of the local market.

Write a short but powerful introduction. Make it about them, not you.

Use data to your advantage by including similar property prices and time on the market. 

Showcase your knowledge about the ideal buyer’s pain points and desires. What do they want and need?

Present assets and both online and offline strategies you’ll do to sell their property. 

Thank the seller for their time and show your appreciation for the trust they put in you.

Ask questions at the listing appointment as this will show the seller you know what you’re talking about. 

Follow up after the listing presentation to make sure you and the seller are on the same page and never leave any doubts unresolved.

If you want to utilize these tips right away, you can create a visually stunning and effective digital property listing with Highnote. The best thing about it? There is a free trial, and you don’t even have to enter your credit card details to start. Ready?

Now it’s time to show you exactly what a winning digital presentation looks like.

Create Customized Digital Listing Presentation

customized digital listing

Let’s cut the theory and jump straight into action with listing presentation examples.

Check out the Hiller Group digital listing presentation they’ve created with Highnote.

It’s a perfect digital listing presentation example because it showcases their expertise in the market and the wide range of services they provide. It’s focused completely on their potential client by communicating clearly what’s in for them. The design is clear, and they’ve embedded multimedia files to support their expertise.

You can create a customized virtual real estate presentations just like this one by utilizing the powerful feature – Highnote free listing templates . All you need to do is to find the listing template you like the most and tailor it to your brand.

There is another awesome digital listing presentation example , and The Bagogloo Team from RE/MAX deserves recognition for it. Their digital property display is short but powerful, highlighting every key benefit of working with them. They’ve included a marketing plan, but also 360 tours and Zillow reviews. And all that with only one real estate listing presentation software .

Highnote offers you comprehensive, all-in-one real estate listing presentation software with powerful features and even more powerful benefits. You don’t need to waste time on design and sending long emails with hundreds of links. Both you and the sellers will be able to access your online listing displays with one click.

Compared to other real estate listing presentation software, Highnote lets you create a customized digital listing presentation by simply using drag and drop.

On top of that, you’ll also get real-time notifications, access to a built-in high-quality image library, gorgeous and free listing templates, and you’ll design a stunning online listing display without actually designing it.

It’s only left for you to give it a try and see for yourself! Before you start creating your digital listing presentation, check out Highnote’s checklist for getting a listing appointment to make sure you’re prepared.

listing presentation examples

Do’s and Don’ts of Listing Presentations

Creating winning listing presentations is crucial to being a successful real estate agent. To create successful listing presentations, you should keep certain do’s and don’ts in mind.

listing presentation examples

How to Make a Listing Presentation Visually Appealing

Explore How to Make a Listing Presentation Visually Appealing: master design, structure, and audience engagement to excel in your real estate pitches.

listing presentation examples

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest Time and Money in Your Listing Presentations

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listing presentation examples

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The Ultimate 11-Step Guide to Real Estate Listing Presentations in 2023

June 29, 2023

You’ve generated leads, networked with potential sellers, and found a prospective client. Now you need to position yourself as the ideal agent to represent your prospective client’s home. To do that, you’ll need a real estate listing presentation.

A real estate listing presentation is a powerful business tool that demonstrates your expertise, impresses sellers, and increases your close rates. We understand the impact a powerful presentation can have on your business––so much so that we’ve built a tool into our platform to help you craft a standout presentation.

Our experts have also compiled a list of everything you need to create a great listing presentation. By following this guide, you’ll be able to create lasting impressions that will turn prospective sellers into clients.

Find It Fast

1. Introduce yourself

This section is simple, yet vital––you want to establish your expertise and experience, build familiarity with your client, and then bring the focus back to them. You may be introducing yourself and your brokerage, but this experience is really about your client.

Focus on how your experience is of service to your client, what you and your brokerage can do for them, and any common ground you may have that can build trust and rapport.

Your introduction should be composed primarily of statements of value––no fluff. Here are three steps to make sure you’re highlighting the most important information in your introduction:

Share your relevant experience

Your relevant experience consists of things that your clients will both understand and care about.

Good things to mention are:

  • How many years you’ve worked as a listing agent
  • How many homes you’ve sold (especially those that are similar to your client’s property)
  • A brief anecdote about how you’ve sold a similar home with a unique level of success, if applicable

Be aware that sellers might be unusually stressed or optimistic about the current market. Your introduction is your chance to set expectations by preemptively correcting assumptions about the market in your area. If the market is indeed rocky, you can demonstrate confidence in your ability to navigate expertly through the current turbulence.

Explain what your brokerage can offer them

Your clients get to choose which brokerage they work with, so establish your brokerage as the best option. While a client might recognize the names of big brokerages, they likely don’t know the competitive advantages of each one. This is your opportunity to give an overview of the unique selling proposition that you, your team, or your brokerage can provide.

Consider things like:

  • Do you work with the top brokerage in the area?
  • Do you have a ready and responsive network of professionals that can streamline the marketing and selling process?
  • Are there any brokerage-specific metrics or statistics that set your brokerage apart from the rest?

Pro tip: Try to describe what makes your services so special without using too many “I” statements. Aim for a confident-yet-humble approach.

Demonstrate that your expertise will create a smooth and professional process

After the introduction, switch the focus back to the client and their property. Take a moment to re-articulate what this meeting is about:

  • The process of putting a house on the market
  • Your pricing and negotiation strategies
  • Information you need from them to get started

This process can be overwhelming for clients, but your expertise and composure during the listing presentation can help put them at ease.

2. Go over the local housing market data

Make sure everyone is on the same page about the potential in your local housing market. Sellers may have heard about houses doubling in value, bidding wars, or how a neighbor recently sold their home for significantly over the listing price. While you don’t want to dampen your seller’s excitement, you do want to set reasonable expectations.

Topics to discuss:

  • Local inventory (and what that means)
  • Both listing and selling prices for comparable homes in their neighborhood
  • Average time on the market
  • What improvements to homes are considered typical in your area: are homes being sold as-is, move-in ready, or both?

Remember that while you see these numbers on a daily basis, home sellers don’t. Make sure everything you share with them is clear, understandable, and relevant to their situation.

Pro tip: Your sellers are walking into the meeting with a listing price already in mind, and there’s a good chance they’ve gone high. Provide realistic generalizations at this stage just in case their number is a little inflated. This can help temper disagreement or disappointment when you get to the pricing strategy.

3. Explain the home selling process

The home selling process is familiar to you, but your clients may be selling their first home or perhaps haven’t sold a home in several years. Outline the process to help them understand what to expect. It also helps showcase the value of working with you––selling a home is not as simple as listing it on Zillow and immediately getting an offer over the listing price.

Explain these stages of the process:

  • Pre-Sale Activities: This includes filling out paperwork like the Seller’s Disclosure, arranging a home inspection, having marketing photographs taken, making any repairs to the home, and arriving at an agreed-upon price before the home goes on the market.
  • Marketing: During this stage, you’ll create the listing and add all the details, prepare digital marketing content, stage the home, and get everything lined up for the day it goes on the market.
  • Active Listing Period: This period will be especially busy for the seller. There will be open houses, agents will show the home to prospective buyers, and you’ll hopefully receive some offers.
  • Accepting Offers: Walk your client through different strategies for this stage, such as accepting an offer they like or arranging for “last and best”—the day when all offers are due. Explain how you’ll present every offer and assure them that you’ll help them understand the pros and cons of each.
  • Closing period: Sellers might not know what happens after an offer is accepted. Explain the option period, which has the potential for renegotiations, what happens in the month or so between accepting an offer and closing on the deal, and options for leasebacks.

Pro tip: Go over all of this information in person, but also prepare printed materials that explain everything. This allows your clients to engage with what you’re telling them without worrying about having to remember everything.

4. Explain how to prepare a home to go on the market

If you’ve already seen the property, speak as specifically as possible.

If you haven’t seen the property, ask your seller questions about their property, including:

  • Is it move-in ready?
  • When was the last time it was painted?
  • Will they be living in the home while it’s on the market? (This impacts potential staging.)
  • Are there any repairs or updates they can make that will significantly alter the potential selling price?

Emphasize the value of having a home that looks beautiful and is in excellent condition. Make sure they understand that professional cleaning and decluttering can significantly affect buyers’ perception of a home even if the seller isn’t willing to make repairs or renovations. Also, explain depersonalization—it’s not a matter of the seller’s taste, but rather about creating a generically stylish interior that any buyer can imagine making their own.

5. Outline your pricing strategy

This can often feel like the make-or-break point in your real estate listing presentation. Sellers are often emotionally attached to their home and what it means to them… and sometimes sentimental value and a market price don’t match up. Emphasize the importance of starting with an accurate listing price and explain that a home can linger without offers if the asking price is too high.

Ask the sellers about their priorities with the sale. Some sellers need to sell quickly while others can wait around for the highest possible number. Ask if they’re looking for a lease back or any other strategic elements that could affect their asking price. These factors will influence the total offer strategy.

Explain what a comparative market analysis (CMA) is and how you can provide one for their home. While you’ll need to see their home in person to provide a specific number, you can explain the factors that guide your approach: the age and size of the home, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has, specific features like a pool, etc.

6. Walk through your marketing plan

Explain the extent to which your services include marketing efforts, as well as who will pay for the different marketing costs. Some listing agents cover photography and staging, while others present options to sellers and allow them to decide what costs they want to incur.

It’s up to you, but it’s important to know which services you do and don’t provide in advance. It’s better to confidently state that you do not provide a service (but have a network of referrals) than to find yourself agreeing to a service that you aren’t equipped to offer.

Make sure to discuss the benefits and steps of these four basic marketing strategies:

Direct marketing

Direct marketing includes:

  • Hosting open houses
  • Listing the home on MLS and real estate sites
  • Sending out mailers

Home staging

Discuss the particulars of staging, including your network of staging professionals, their price ranges, and the degree of quality they offer.

HD photography and videography

It is standard practice for a luxury listing to include professional photography , virtual tours , and videos of the home. Emphasize to buyers that grainy footage or images taken on a phone camera can significantly reduce buyer interest and even their offer prices.

Speak confidently about your network of professional photographers, and perhaps show them a few samples from listings you’ve made in the past.

Social media posts

Discuss your social media strategy for home sales, including what platforms you use , posts you’ll create about the home itself , how you’ll promote open houses, and how this strategy has succeeded in past home sales.

7. Advertise the listing

Present your plan for where the property will be listed. If you have any promising statistics or metrics to detail here, you can add them in––but don’t bog the listing presentation down with numbers.

The local MLS

This is a great way to differentiate yourself from home sellers who may be considering an FSBO. Only licensed agents have access to the MLS.

Website and landing page

If you create property websites and landing pages for your properties, provide examples and discuss the benefits.

Internet platforms

Discuss how real estate sites such as Zillow and can help garner interest, leads, and showings.

Social media

Social media is polarizing, and real estate is no exception. Some clients may not want their listings announced on social media. Find out how your sellers feel about social media and give them the option of whether or not you use it.

8. Set expectations about open houses

  • Explain what services you will provide when it comes to advertising, managing, and hosting the open houses.
  • Discuss potential weekends that work best for your client’s schedule.
  • Discuss whether or not the client will live at the residence during the showing.

If the client is going to live at the residence throughout the showing, there will be more logistical details to discuss, such as their presence (or absence) during open houses, how to secure their belongings, and whether or not to hire a professional cleaner beforehand.

Your clients may feel uneasy thinking of strangers walking through their home even though it’s for sale. Assure them that you or a team member will always be present during an open house, and that any private showings will always be conducted by a licensed agent.

9. Set expectations regarding negotiations and offers

  • Give an overview of how the offer and negotiation process works.
  • Assure sellers that you will present every offer that comes in and you’ll walk through the particulars with them.
  • Provide examples of different offer details they may see and the most common areas for negotiation beyond the offer price.
  • Reassure the clients that you will always act in their best interests.
  • If you’re a licensed real estate agent, explain the obligations of being a fiduciary.

10. Answer any questions about the closing process

Provide a broad overview of the closing process and ask if they have any questions about it. Your clients may be using the money to fund another home purchase, so walk through the details of that timeline and any options they may have. (You can also use this opportunity to recommend a team member as their agent for buying a home.)

11. Go over the next steps

At this point, the meeting is coming to a close. Ensure your clients’ trust by covering a clear list of action items at the end of the meeting. Answer any remaining questions and discuss what needs to happen before you can start with the pre-sale activities. Primarily, this will involve the clients signing paperwork agreeing to have you as their agent and finalizing your pricing strategy.

If they want more time to think things over, give them a deadline by which you will call them––and do call them on that date.

Pro tip: Always set the expectation for the next step, and make sure you’re the one to make it. This provides clarity and doesn’t allow clients to linger too long in an in-between stage.

Additional real estate listing presentation tips

Creating the best real estate listing presentation isn’t easy, but having the right outline and strategy certainly helps.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind as you craft the strongest possible listing presentation:

Focus on the client’s needs

Every piece of information should be designed to serve the client’s needs. Cut away anything extraneous––everything should provide clear value.

Be flexible

Every client has different needs. Build enough time into your listing presentation to answer their questions and explore specific aspects in more detail.

It’s just as possible that your client will be a veteran home seller who doesn’t need a detailed explanation of each step of the process. In this case, you can gloss over certain aspects if the client is less interested.

Pro tip: If you do gloss over certain material, don’t let it be the unique value you have to offer.

Provide extra TLC to the client

Selling a home is a stressful process. It might not seem that way to you––it’s literally your job. Even though you’re used to the process, always be mindful of your client’s perspective and be ready to respond with empathy to their nerves and uncertainty.

Practice often

Nailing a listing presentation takes practice. To polish your performance, practice in front of team members or family.

As you gain experience, you’ll be able to anticipate questions and concerns. Still, don’t become complacent in your approach. Even seasoned professionals need to reevaluate their listing presentations from time to time.

Focus on emotion more than logic

While selling a home is ultimately a business transaction, it also changes the trajectory of your clients’ lives. Be attuned to their stress, how emotions may be impacting their attachment to a selling price, and how they respond to different suggestions for improving or marketing their home.

Be authentic

Above all else, be authentic. Your clients need to feel like they can trust you. Always be transparent and honest.

Create a standout real estate listing presentation with Luxury Presence

Luxury Presence’s listing presentation tool is designed to help you increase your close rates by creating stunning professional presentations. We make the design process as simple as possible so you can focus on what really matters––your clients.

Looking for even more advice and resources about succeeding as a listing agent? Our platform can help you develop business strategies and strengthen your network. To learn more about how we can help you grow your real estate business , reach out to our team today.

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Real Estate – Listing presentation – Classic

Free real estate – listing presentation – business template

Real Estate – Listing presentation – Business

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Real Estate – Listing presentation – Modern

Listing presentation template A listing presentation is an interview with a seller to represent him in a real estate transaction. To impress the homeowner and win the listing, you should use compelling slides that show that you are the best agent for the transaction.

Normally a listing presentation will start with an interview to set expectations and get to know the owner. Then you should show them why you are the right agent:

  • How many properties have you sold?
  • How many properties are similar to this one?
  • How long did it take you to sell them?
  • For what price did you sell them (how close to the asking price)?

Besides introducing yourself, a listing presentation is also a great chance to talk about your brokerage and inspire trust. Quickly describe their values or some impressive numbers.

Showing local market data will not only be very valuable for the homeowner but will also position you as an expert on the topic. Present some historic pricing trends, the number of sales per season, etc.

You can find listing presentation templates in Xara Cloud that will help you look professional even if you don’t have any design experience. Simply take a template and replace the photos, texts, and graphics. Our designs can also automatically brand to your brokerage colors.

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Listing Presentation Script for Real Estate Agents – Learn the listing presentation scripts and dialogues that top agents use in listing consultations to list more homes for sale.  An effective listing presentation script allows agents to conduct an efficient consultation by focusing on questions to determine the needs of clients rather than presenting a long and drawn out value proposition  containing all of the agent’s marketing activities and other credentials.   The ideas is to come from curiosity to determine the needs of the clients instead of simply telling sellers what you think they should want to hear in a traditional “dog-and-pony show” marketing presentation.

Not only does asking questions engage clients and build rapport, it also enables agents to quickly ascertain client needs and concerns so that they can be addressed right away.  Although agents should bring a marketing presentation materials to leave with their clients, it should only be referenced to address specific concerns that clients may raise during the consultation.  Before examining our listing presentation scripts below, watch as members of our agent panel reveal their favorite listing presentation scripts & techniques in this video .

Listing Presentation Scripts & Dialogues

Listing presentation scripts:  before viewing the home.

SCRIPT No. 1 – “I’m going to walk through the home with you looking at it through the eyes of a buyer, speaking aloud and candidly about what I see as a buyer would.  Is that alright with you?” (“Yes”)  “What I’m hearing from you is that you want me to be honest with you, correct?”  (“Yes”)  “So if I think there is something in your home that will hurt you financially, like something that needs to be updated, improved or fixed, you will want me to tell you?”  (“Yes”)  “Great! Then let’s get started.”

SCRIPT No. 2  – “Would you mind quickly filling out this quick Home Seller Information Questionnaire while I look through the home on my own so that I can see it through the eyes of a buyer to evaluate how updated it is and to see if there are any repairs needed that would prevent us from selling?”

SCRIPT No. 3  – “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most honest, how honest do you want me to be?” (“10”)  “Great.  Now I’m not going to go through your home and tell you to move walls around, but I will provide you with some suggestions that will help you sell your home faster and give you the best return on investment.  Does that sound good to you?”

Listing Presentation Scripts:  Sitting Down at the Table

SCRIPT No. 1  – “Besides price, is there anything else you would like to know?”

SCRIPT No. 2 – “Now I’ve got a lot that I can show you today, but before we get started, tell me what questions you have for me?”

SCRIPT No. 3  – “First tell me, what are you most concerned about with selling your home?”

Listing Presentation Techniques

real estate script

Lead Follow Up Scripts & Methods

Ways to Grow a Real Estate COI Quickly

Inside Sales Agents on Real Estate Teams

REALTOR Database Contact Plans & Scripts

Realtor Vendor Databases: Scripts & Lists to Build Them

The One Page Real Estate Business Plan

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A Real Estate Administrative Assistant’s Job Description

Buyer Consultation Script

FSBO Prospecting Scripts & Objection Handlers 

Previewing Property to Get More Listings

Lead Generation Scripts for Administrative Assistants

Open House Scripts to Generate New Listings

Real Estate Prospecting: Client Database Scripts

Scripts for Building Referral Networks from Business Relationships

Scripts for Buyers: How to Show Less Homes

Agent Websites that Generate Real Estate Leads

Just Listed & Just Sold Real Estate Scripts

What to Say When Calling FSBO Sellers for Listings

Managing & Compensating Buyers Agents on Real Estate Teams

Easy Ways to Ask Your Clients for Referrals

The 5 Ways to Mirror & Match Client Behavior

When & How Realtors Should Make their First Administrative Hire

Top Producing Realtor Prospecting Scripts

The 3 Primary Duties of a Top Producing Realtor

Scripts for Overcoming Listing Presentation Objections

When Should I Start a Real Estate Team?

How to Conduct Better Real Estate Team Meetings

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Embrace a Top Producing.

New home construction starts., related posts.

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Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement Scripts

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Brian Icenhower

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Listing Presentations That Win Sellers

October 7, 2019

How can I help my team get more listings? How can I get more listings?

These are questions mega agent Jeff Glover asks himself every day. He believes everything should revolve around listing presentations and offers five concepts to help you master them in the field.

“Listing presentations are valuable for many reasons,” says Glover. “They empower you, the agent, to be an employer and secure transactions in less time. They also free you up, so you are not locked into a buyer’s schedule.”

jeff glover sitting in chair wearing blue suit

Glover’s Listing Presentation Strategy

1. content creation.

Content is the core of a great listing presentation. What content should you include?

Content that communicates your value

“You have a lot to offer compared to the market,” says Glover.

“Share the unique value you have to offer, your status as a local expert and how your expertise has specifically benefited clients. Make sure your content aligns with the type of property of your listers.”

Your Marketing Plan

Listers want to know how you will market their properties once they decide to sell. Do you use online marketing, agent-to-agent, print or others? Glover recommends you include it all.

Your Pricing Strategy

“The majority of appointments are either won or lost in the pricing discussions,” shares Glover. “When discussing the suggested price your clients should list at and what the comparative market analysis (CMA) suggests about the price, you will be prepared for sellers that expect a higher price and lay the groundwork for strategic price reductions as needed.” Visuals

Attractive Visuals

Visuals matter! Infographics are a great way to combine display both relevant information and data. Make sure you share the right amount of information and take into consideration how to showcase it (print versus digital).

listing presentation examples

Pro Tip: Leverage Keller Williams’ new listing presentation templates in Designs! New and improved, each template has been handcrafted in partnership with KW’s top agents to help you bring more expertise, brand recognition and insight to the listing table. 

2. Practice

Once you’ve customized your listing presentations in Designs or created your own, it’s time to practice. Like everything, delivering a great listing presentation is a skill that takes repetition and consistency. Before sitting down with your listers, practice your scripts and focus on sharing value without selling.

Here are three scripts that Glover uses to help him land the listing:

  • Wouldn’t it make sense to get just one more opinion before you get tied up in a multi-month contract?
  • Do you feel I can sell your home?
  • When would you like our photographer to come out to shoot the home?

Glover shares three tips to master your scripts in 90 days:

  • Take the listing presentation and write it down once a day for 30 days.
  • Take the listing presentation and recite the script aloud once a day for 30 days.
  • Role-play the listing presentation once a day for 30 days.

3. Delivery

Here are four things Glover says to keep in mind when delivering your presentation:

  • Rate of speech: Pay attention to the rate based on the seller you’re meeting with.
  • Tonality and dialect: You may have to change how you speak to build rapport with the seller.
  • Volume: Control the volume of your voice to match theirs whenever possible.
  • Body language: Watch the seller and see how they respond to certain things. Mimic their body language.

4. Prequalification and Homework

Don’t go out to a listing presentation without asking these questions and doing your homework:

Female realtor discussing documents with couple

  • If what I say makes sense and you feel 100% comfortable and confident in my abilities to get your home sold, will you be ready to put your home on the market?

Several sellers will say “no.” This question allows you to find out the objections they have for selling before you even go to the appointment.

  • Will you please describe your home for me?

This question allows you to find out the personality type of the seller and of course any updates/improvements they have made.

  • When I see you, what price do you want to list your home for?
  • As a professional real estate agent, I study home prices every day. I assume you will list with me at a price that will get your home sold ?
  • Will all the decision-makers be present?

Once you’ve confirmed the appointment, let the sellers know what to expect at the meeting and ask them to gather any needed information. It’s your obligation to have great follow-up and communication.

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    So let's dive right in and learn how to write a listing presentation that will impress your clients and help you close more deals for future potential clients. 1. Understand Your Audience. To write a compelling listing presentation, you must understand your audience. This includes the client, the property, the market, and the competition.

  13. Ways to Master Your Real Estate Listing Presentation

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    For example, every seller wants to know how long it will take to sell their home and how much their home will sell for. By addressing these concerns and others, a listing presentation will build the home seller's confidence in hiring the agent.

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    A beautifully printed listing presentation and supporting materials is a reflection of how you market your real estate services — and how you'll market their property. PRO TIP: When creating your listing presentation you can use software like Powerpoint, but you can also set up a free account and they have some wonderful templates ...

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    Mark Choey April 27, 2023 Digital Listing Presentation: Everything You Need to Know + Examples Whether you're a new agent or a successful Realtor, you're well aware that digital listing presentation is taking over the real estate world by storm. The reason is simple - digital listing presentations are more efficient and powerful.

  18. The Ultimate 11-Step Guide to Real Estate Listing Presentations in 2023

    1. Introduce yourself 2. Go over the local housing market data 3. Explain the home selling process 4. Explain how to prepare a home to go on the market 5. Outline your pricing strategy 6. Walk through your marketing plan 7. Advertise the listing 8. Set expectations about open houses 9. Set expectations regarding negotiations and offers 10.

  19. Listing presentation templates

    Present some historic pricing trends, the number of sales per season, etc. You can find listing presentation templates in Xara Cloud that will help you look professional even if you don't have any design experience. Simply take a template and replace the photos, texts, and graphics. Our designs can also automatically brand to your brokerage ...

  20. Listing Presentation Scripts for Real Estate Agents

    SCRIPT No. 1 - "I'm going to walk through the home with you looking at it through the eyes of a buyer, speaking aloud and candidly about what I see as a buyer would.

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    Our listing presentation templates are perfect for new agents and even experienced ones who want to modernize their pitching tools. We've got listing presentation samples in monochromatic black and white slides for marketing your modern flats or houses. There are also editable listing presentations in soft shades of green for your eco-friendly ...

  22. Listing Presentations That Win Sellers

    Take the listing presentation and recite the script aloud once a day for 30 days. Role-play the listing presentation once a day for 30 days. 3. Delivery. Here are four things Glover says to keep in mind when delivering your presentation: Rate of speech: Pay attention to the rate based on the seller you're meeting with.

  23. PDF 5 Sample Real Estate Listing Presentation Marketing Plan

    Sample Listing Presentation Following is a real world listing presentation I created for my own real estate business in Denver. While this material is copyrighted, you have my permission to it for your personal needs (that is, in your own business, but not for resale).