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How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

Follow these expert tips to knock your maid of honor speech out of the park.

how to write a good moh speech

Photo by Janine Licare

In This Article

You've been asked to play a huge role in your best friend's wedding—maid of honor! But, the job comes with a slew of important tasks , including giving the maid of honor speech. While this is a moment to celebrate your friendship, the idea of getting up in front of a crowd can be nerve-wracking if you're not used to giving speeches.

As staunch advocates of BFF love, we've taken it upon ourselves to create a go-to guide for penning the perfect speech to see your bestie off on their new life with their partner. With a few tips and tricks along with plenty of practice, your maid of honor speech will go off without a hitch.

With expert insight from professional speechwriter Katelyn Peterson—founder of vow- and toast-writing company Wedding Words —and examples of real-life speeches, we have all the details you need. Read on for helpful tips and guidelines to deliver an absolutely unforgettable maid of honor speech .

Meet the Expert

Katelyn Peterson is a speech writer and the founder of vow- and toast-writing company Wedding Words .

Maid of Honor Speech Template

While every maid of honor speech will be different, we've put together an outline to get you started on yours.

Start with the bride; end with the couple.

Of everyone at the wedding, you have the best insight into how much your bestie's partner has changed them for the better. Your maid of honor speech needs to be about the friend you knew long before meeting their soulmate and then pivot to what role they have played in their life. Maybe your friend is even funnier now, or maybe you've simply never seen your BFF so happy. This is also a great way to incorporate their new spouse into the speech if you don't really know them that well; speak to the way that they complement each other or how your BFF's new spouse has made them a better person.

Pepper in anecdotes.

Stories do a better job of getting your point across than blanket statements do. "Each anecdote you share should have an underlying theme that ties all the short stories together," says Peterson. "Reveal that theme near the end of your speech , and you’ll achieve a strong emotional impact."

End with a positive outlook.

The nature of this speech is not so much about your relationship with your friend, but the bond the couple shares. Make sure all of the separate components of your toast draw a positive conclusion, ending in how happy the couple is together and your best wishes for their marriage .

Maid of Honor Speech Tips

Keep in mind these helpful tips from professional speechwriter Katelyn Peterson to ensure you nail your maid-of-honor toast .

Kick-start the creative process by writing down any memories , emotions, or ideas that make you think of your BFF. "I recommend free-writing for 20 minutes," says Peterson. "When you’re done with this exercise, you should have some quality material that you can weave into the form of a speech." This allows you to create a blueprint of all the major points you want to make—more or less creating a roadmap for your ideas—and then fill it in with supporting information.

Ditch Generic Praise

"Use entertaining and engaging stories to show the bride’s personality ," advises Peterson. There's a big difference between simply saying, "She is such a great friend!" versus telling a story that illustrates just that.

Half the guests may not know your BFF all that well, so use this moment to paint a picture of how amazing they are. Bring their character to life with details only you could know.

Remember it isn't about you.

While a lot of the anecdotes should be about your time with your friend, you should not be the focal point. After you briefly introduce yourself (remember: most of the people probably won't know who you are or your relation to the couple), you shouldn't be making any additional references to yourself. You're simply the vehicle to explain why the newlyweds are so fantastic.

Do not mention exes.

No one wants to be reminded of past relationships , particularly in front of their family, friends, and new life partner. Keep the tone of your speech positive, and it will reflect positively on you also. You don't want to come across as though you're trying to roast your friend.

Keep it short.

The longer your speech, the more opportunities you'll have for people to start losing attention. "Keep your speech under five minutes," suggests Peterson. "Anywhere between two to five minutes is great."

Be sure to pause for a few seconds after each joke to let the audience laugh. When you immediately start speaking right afterward, you won't give people a chance to laugh or even understand the next line. Keep in mind that starting the speech on a funny note can help you capture the attention of the audience for a minute or two, but it's the meaningful content that will keep them enthralled until the end. "Your goal should be to have guests laughing and wiping tears away by balancing humor with sincerity," says Peterson.

If you experience public-speaking jitters, try looking just above everyone’s head. This can minimize your anxiety while allowing guests to think you're looking right at them.

Don't use inside jokes.

If the joke or situation is something other wedding guests would have to be there to understand, avoid using it. If people don't understand the context behind it, it will probably go over their heads. It's okay to poke a little bit of fun at your friend, but keep it light. Don't say anything that would be embarrassing or make them feel uncomfortable.

"The more you recite your speech out loud, the more comfortable you’ll become," notes Peterson. Practice your speech twice a day, starting at least a week beforehand, and record yourself a couple of times so you can hear your pacing and tone. Rehearse the speech in front of friends, too, in order to see if your jokes get a laugh, and try practicing in a mirror to nail your physical presence.

How to Get Started

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to start brainstorming ideas for your speech.

  • Who will be speaking before or after you, and how will this affect the content of your speech? (You might want to include a reference to their toast in your speech, thank them for an introduction, or introduce the next speaker.)
  • What would your friend want their in-laws and newly acquired family to know about them, and how can you attest to those qualities or characteristics from your own experiences with them?
  • What's a warm memory of the newlyweds that always makes you smile? (Ask yourself: If their relationship were a Hollywood movie trailer, what key moments would be featured?)
  • When you picture the couple's life together in a few years (or from this moment forward), what do you see? Is there any advice you can give them for their lifelong journey ahead?
  • Is there something you want to say to your bestie's new spouse? (Perhaps a few lighthearted tips on how to handle more trying situations that you've learned from your own experiences with them.)

Maid of Honor Speech Examples to Make Your Own

If you're feeling stuck, here are three examples of speeches from real bridesmaids to inspire your own.

"Good evening, everyone. I’m Cami, the maid of honor and the bride’s best friend. Over the past 15 years, I’ve witnessed Madison prioritize everyone else’s happiness, but today, we get to honor hers. With Madison being my most fun-loving friend, I knew she’d be down to join me on a two-week adventure traveling throughout Europe. We lived together, but nothing cements a friendship quite like sharing a full-size bed in dingy hostels from the Netherlands to Spain. Madison’s luggage kept breaking, and she went through four suitcases in 14 days! There we were, strolling down a busy street in Madrid and Madison’s clothes were falling out of her over-packed suitcase, painting the path behind us with her sundresses and socks. But she never let her rundown luggage ruin the trip. She just kept rolling with it. Literally. I can always depend on Madison to roll with any situation, to show up for the people that she loves, and to have a good time.

But the truth is everyone in this room is better for knowing you, Madison. You love so deeply, selflessly, and unconditionally. And I know that Pete is the best partner for Madison because I’ve seen him mirror these traits for her. No matter what may come your way, your combined patience, resilience, and love will make you an unstoppable team. And most importantly, I know you two will continue to keep rolling with it . Cheers!" —Cami

"I’m Ashley and welcome! I was introduced to Sarah through a mutual friend to evaluate if she would be a fit as my future roommate. I showed up to that first dinner wearing a casual sundress and flats. Meanwhile, Sarah walked in with voluminous curls, smoky eyes , red lipstick, and a smile that showed me she deserved that Miss Florida title in ’04. I just thought, 'Who is this girl?' Over the next two hours, I learned that this girl was the coolest, funniest person and that I had to live with her. We moved in and it was truly an immediate fit from watching the same shows to downing bottles of the same wine. Despite our homebody nature, we did enjoy our Saturday nights running around the city. One night after several margaritas, Sarah and I found ourselves locked out of our house. So we came up with the best plan we could imagine: Let’s cannonball into our pool. There we were: Two tequila-loving girls cannonballing to see who could create the biggest splash. From that night on, whenever we went out, we’d ask ourselves one key question: 'Is it going to be a cannonball in the pool kind of night?'

And just like she’s always filled the gap in our friend group—we know that John has entered her life to level her out in the best of ways, too. Let’s raise a glass to Sarah and John! May your life together be full of cannonball-in-the-pool kind of nights." —Ashley

"Hi, my name is Makena and I’m the bride’s younger sister and maid of honor . As I look at Winnie and Miles today, I see two people in the most loving, trustworthy, and nurturing relationship I’ve ever witnessed. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that even on her wedding day, Winnie is teaching me about life and love. Because the truth is Winnie has been my lifelong teacher. She’s the one who taught me how to read and how to ride a bike, but my most memorable teaching moment was when I was 11 years old.  We had this mutual understanding—or so I thought—that we would not read each other’s journals. But I, of course, read hers and naively assumed she did not read mine. I learned the truth when I opened my journal one day to see an entire page filled with Winnie’s handwriting. There in the middle of my journal was a critique from my sister detailing out how I could improve my writing.

I know that if it weren’t for my sister, I would not be the person I am today. I’m inspired daily by the woman she is. Her confidence is unshakable, her excitability is contagious, and her determination is awe-inspiring. Winnie will finally get to experience what I’ve felt like my entire life with her. She’ll be cared for, unconditionally loved, and will learn every day with Miles as her lifelong teacher through love. Please raise a glass to Winnie and Miles! May you two never stop learning from each other as you continue to love each other." —Makena

First things first: Don't overcomplicate it! Stay authentic to yourself and keep it simple by telling a story , sharing why you love the bride, and toasting the newlyweds.

Keep it short and sweet! Having a two to five minute speech that is both sentimental and humorous is the best way to honor the couple in a way that is engaging and memorable .

Close out your speech with a simple, light-hearted joke and a toast to the newlyweds . This will create the perfect opportunity for a combined cheer and chuckle from the crowd .

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Nailing Your Maid of Honor Speech

Maid of honor delivering maid of honor speech to bride and groom.

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  • Before joining The Knot Worldwide, Chapelle was an editorial intern for Subvrt Magazine.
  • Chapelle has a degree in English writing from Loyola University New Orleans.

As a wedding party member, you'll likely be asked to speak at the wedding. In fact, giving a maid of honor speech is one of the most important maid of honor duties to complete on the big day. You may be a gifted orator, which means writing (and giving) a speech will be a breeze. But if the thought of speaking in front of a crowd makes you a little nervous, don't panic. With the help of Heidi Ellert-McDermott, professional speech writer and founder of Speechy , we've provided you with everything you need to know about the matron of honor speech. Learn what to say, how to say it and exactly how to get rid of any nervous butterflies. Use these tips, template, outline and more to write a perfect maid of honor speech that'll bring the house down.

In this article:

Printable Template | How to Write | Examples | Tips | FAQs

Printable Maid of Honor Speech Template

For those looking for a quick and simple reminder of how to write a maid of honor speech, bookmark this template. You could even save it as your phone or laptop wallpaper while you're writing to keep you on task.

Free printable maid of honor speech template

How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech Outline

So, how do you write a matron of honor speech? It helps, but you don't need to be a professional speechwriter to write a special toast for the newlyweds. Use this guide to create a heartfelt message that'll make everyone laugh, cry or both.

1. Reflect on your relationship with the couple.

Think about your relationships with each person in the couple. This is your time to write down any personal moments you shared with them. These moments can bring some tears or laughs, but they show the wedding guests how you know the happy couple. Maybe you and one of the newlyweds went on an epic trip to Europe together. Or you and the newlyweds have known each other since high school and have plenty of silly and embarrassing stories from that time. No matter which memory you choose for your maid of honor speech, pick your favorite (appropriate) story and have fun with it.

2. Celebrate the couple's relationship.

Another part of your matron of honor speech should be dedicated to the couple's relationship. You can talk about when they first met, when you knew they were in love, or how you knew they were meant to be. If some details are a little fuzzy, talk with the other honor attendants or close friends of the couple to help refresh your memory. Overall, you want to paint a picture of how the couple was when they first met, how they've grown together and why they complement one another.

3. Avoid taboo topics.

There are certain topics you shouldn't have in your maid of honor speech. It doesn't matter how you try to deliver it. These taboo subjects are liable to offend someone:

  • Negativity about marriage in general.
  • Past relationships.
  • Previous marriages/divorces.
  • Drinking, drugs, gambling.
  • "Adult" humor or any other mention of sex.

Remember, you don't want to cause any drama. Keep the focus of your speech on uplifting the happy couple and celebrating their love for one another.

4. Add jokes—but not too many.

Feel like you have a comedic gift? Consider adding some jokes, one-liners or funny marriage quotes to your maid of honor speech. Ensure you don't use any inside jokes or references only you and the newlyweds would understand. Your speech should be something every wedding guest can appreciate and laugh at. This also means your jokes shouldn't be too harsh or bring up any taboo wedding speech topics we previously listed.

Be deliberate about where you put your jokes and spread them out. You want them to add comedic relief to a sentimental toast, not seem like a stand-up routine. Start your speech with a funny opening line so the guests can laugh and get an idea of what kind of person you are—plus, laughs give you time to overcome any nerves you might have.

5. Create your maid of honor speech outline.

Get creative and personalize your maid of honor speech as much as you want. A customized script is much more endearing for guests. But when it comes down to it, a great wedding toast will include the following remarks:

  • Start with an introduction—along with an explanation about your connection to the happy couple.
  • Next, give a word of thanks to the couple for inviting you to be part of their special day.
  • Say one or two personal anecdotes, like a favorite memory, joke or sweet sentiment that most guests will understand.
  • Provide encouraging advice or a thoughtful quote about the newlyweds' future.
  • Finish with a closing remark and an invitation for guests to raise their glasses.

Maid of honor giving speech

Maid of Honor Speech Examples

Need more than a maid of honor speech template to help you? Then choose your favorite sample maid of honor speech below and use it to help get your creative juices flowing.

Funny Maid of Honor Speech

Hello! For those of you who haven't had the chance to meet me yet, my name is [Your Name]. [Newlywed's Name] and I have been best friends since high school, which means we've been on each other's top eight friends list for a while. That's for my old Myspace users out there.

Typically, public speaking makes me beyond nervous, but I knew I had to make a speech for one of the most important people in my life. I've known [Newlywed's Name] for a long time and have appreciated every special moment we've shared over the years. [Newlywed's Name] has a beautiful soul, and I'm so happy that [Newlywed's Name] has found someone who complements it.

As everyone probably knows [Newlywed's Name] isn't a shy person, so the fact that [Newlywed's Name] would always giggle and blush whenever referring to 'the hot coworker' and I knew something special was going to come out of it. I've gotten to know [Spouse's Name] really well over the years, and I can honestly say [Spouse's Name] is one of the most genuine and caring people I've ever met.

Everyone aims to find their one true love, their soulmate, the person that's going to love and cherish them for the rest of their lives. And that moment came for [Newlywed's Name]...when they met me 18 years ago. But in all seriousness, I wish you and [Spouse's Name] a long and wonderful marriage. Congrats to you both, and I hope you find a lifetime of happiness together. Cheers!

Find your kind of venue

Maid of honor speech for best friend.

Good evening everyone! I thought the most nerve-wracking part of being a maid of honor was giving the speech, but fixing [Newlywed's Name] shoe malfunction before the wedding ceremony is high on the list.

I think I've calmed down by now, so I'll continue. My name is [Your Name], and I've known [Newlywed's Name] since college. We sat next to each other one time in an eight A.M. Spanish class and have been inseparable ever since. We've known each other for so long I would consider us siblings now, and I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life.

[Spouse's Name] is charming, intelligent, thoughtful and to quote [Newlywed's Name] after their first date, 'sooo cuteee.' I consider myself a top-notch wingwoman and matchmaker, but even I couldn't have picked a better person for [Newlywed's Name] to fall in love with. Anyone can take one look at them together and see that they're a perfect example of 'meant to be.'

I'm honored that you both have not only chosen me to be a significant part of your big day but also a significant person in your lives. I'm excited to watch you two enjoy this new chapter in your lives as a married couple. I love you both so much!

Maid of Honor Speech for Sister

Hello everyone! If you couldn't tell already from our almost identical faces, I'm [Bride's Name] sister. We're only two years apart, so we've always been really close. We would do everything together, like that one time we got gum stuck in our hair on the same day and spent hours combing peanut butter into each other's hair to help get the gum out. Unfortunately, this didn't work out, and we had to chop a lot of hair off.

Regardless of all the trouble we've got ourselves into, I can't imagine sharing such fun memories with anyone else. I've always looked up to [Bride's Name] and continue to think of her as a great role model to me and many others. I feel so happy and proud to call [Bride's Name] my sister.

[Spouse's Name], you've come into our lives seamlessly, and I've never seen my sister happier. You're such a funny and loving person, and to this day, every time my sister talks about you, she gets giddy. I really do think you guys are perfect for one another, and I can't wait to see how you grow even more as life partners.

Everyone raise your glass to congratulate [Bride's Name] and [Spouse's Name]. May each day be full of love and laughter!

Maid of Honor Speech for Cousin

Shout out to Ellert-McDermott for writing the passionate maid of honor speech below.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family and all you lucky souls who scored an invite to the wedding of the century. My name is [Your Name], and I have the pleasure of being the maid of honor today, or as I like to call it, the 'official party planner, the emergency dress fixer and human tissue dispenser.'

You all know [Bride's Name] as this gorgeous, successful, brilliant person you see before you today, but I know her as my little cousin. And I don't care how many promotions she gets, how many exotic countries she visits or how married she gets, that's who she'll always be to me. Yes, the girl who, for several years, ate nothing but chicken nugget sandwiches and had a special tree she liked to wee behind when we visited Grandma.

Being the only girls in our tribe of siblings, we quickly became best friends and partners in crime. We loved playing dress-up, but rather than pretending to marry our Prince Charmings, we'd pretend to be lawyers or scientists. And we wonder why no one wanted to hang out with us.

Our geekiness lasted well into our teens and developed into a mild addiction to One Direction, "Glee" and astronomy. We'd spend hours staring into our telescopes, wondering what we would say when we became the first astronauts to land on Mars. Sadly, that dream never came to fruition, but [Bride's Name], as we all know, did become a lawyer—an incredibly successful one at that.

But seriously, watching [Bride's Name] achieve her dreams has been a delight because she's quite simply one of life's special people. I feel incredibly lucky to have been blessed with such a fun-loving, wise and caring cousin––a special type of friend who's duty-bond to be in my life forever.

Vow exchange ceremony at bright DIY wedding

I always knew that [Bride's Name] deserved to be loved by someone special, and I'm delighted to say that person is [Newlywed's Name]. I've had the privilege of getting to know [Newlywed's Name] well over the last three years, and I must say, you're a brave soul for marrying into our family and having to cope with our crazy Christmas traditions. But I think you've figured out our secret. The louder we are, the more we like you. And just to clarify, we like you very much.

You have a kind heart, a wonderful wit and you're willing to dance to One Direction after we've had a few beers. I can also see how much you love my cousin. I can see that you 'get her;' that you know just how she likes her coffee, that you understand her sarcasm is a sign of affection and that you appreciate how intelligent she is even if she insists on watching "Selling Sunset" at every opportunity she can.

You're an incredible couple, and I've no doubt your love will continue to grow with every passing day. As your maid of honor, I couldn't be happier for you, and I look forward to sharing more happy memories with you guys in the future. And with that, everyone please join me in a toast to the happy couple and a life filled with love and laughter.

Short Maid of Honor Speech

I would like to quote the famous American author, Mark Twain, who once said, 'To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.' This perfectly explains why [Newlywed's Name] and [Spouse's Name] have always radiated so much joy since they've met each other.

I do not doubt [Newlywed's Name] has found the person they will spend the rest of their life with. You both make a beautiful couple and may you continue to get the full value of joy out of life with one another.

Congratulations, [Newlywed's Name] and [Spouse's Name]!

Maid of honor giving speech at wedding

Maid of Honor Speech Tips

Completing your matron of honor speech is a big accomplishment, but the work doesn't stop when you write the closing line. The right delivery is what makes it. Here are confidence tips for your maid of honor speech and other speaking engagements.

Don't procrastinate.

We recommend you start writing your maid of honor speech at least two months before the wedding day. As an honor attendant, you're expected to attend and plan numerous prewedding events, like dress fittings, the bach party and the rehearsal dinner , which means you won't have much time to write as the wedding day approaches. Also, it doesn't hurt to write a few drafts and ask someone you trust to edit your work. By preparing in advance, you'll be able to focus on writing a toast you're excited to read in front of a crowd and not have to worry about leaving a wedding event early so you can go home and write.

Add stories, not adjectives.

"Adjectives are just white noise in wedding speeches. Describing the newlywed as 'kind,' 'fun' or 'beautiful' is nice but doesn't really add much. Illustrate their characteristics and qualities by sharing the evidence of them in action," Ellert-McDermott, author of "The Modern Couple's Guide to Wedding Speeches," says.

Be true to yourself.

This is the time to open your heart and share a few favorite memories or silly stories that capture your relationship with the newlyweds. So don't feel pressured to write a maid of honor speech that sounds overly professional. A great maid of honor toast is about speaking honestly and naturally, so write how you generally speak. Don't forget this isn't the time to use inappropriate language since you'll be speaking to the couple's nearest and dearest. Your writing should feel like a natural extension of the way you talk. A genuine speech from the heart is impactful.

Remember to mention the partner.

"Yes, the focus of your speech is your friend and your relationship with them, but don't forget what the day's actually about. Try to make your tribute to their partner seem like more than a cliched afterthought," Ellert-McDermott advises.

Write it down.

Yes, you're expected to make an amazing speech, but that doesn't mean you must memorize it. Writing the entire speech word for word or just jotting down bullet points of your speech's outline can work wonders for your confidence. We suggest you read your maid of honor speech on index cards instead of reading it off your cell phone. Phones are more convenient, but the phone screen light that washes over your face as you're reading your speech distorts wedding photographs. To avoid ruining any wedding images, write your speech down instead. ( Psst. People say handwritten notes boost brain activity and optimize memory.)

Practice in front of an audience.

Practicing your speech is just as important as writing it. As with any public speaking gig, you'll become more comfortable with the material as you practice it. Read your toast aloud a few times to catch any spelling or grammar errors. This will also help you find a rhythm—you'll know exactly when you want to pause for reactions and emphasize certain points, which is key for staying within a designated time frame. You can also read your words to another wedding party member for feedback. When the time comes to stand up in front of the crowd, you'll be grateful for the pre-performance audience.

Stay calm, cool and collected.

Whether this is your first time giving a wedding speech or you're a pro, it's normal to feel a little nervous beforehand. Take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves and collect your thoughts. Speak slowly and clearly, and remind yourself that guests are excited to hear what you're saying. As nerve-wracking as it might feel to give a big speech at your loved one's wedding, their heartfelt reaction to your words will make your efforts worth it. As soon as your speech is over, you'll be free to celebrate with the newlyweds and the rest of the wedding party.

Don't forget to smile.

"Because they're nervous, speakers often forget to smile as they deliver their speech, but it's a simple and effective way to create a good vibe in the room. A smile is literally infectious, so make sure it looks like you're actually enjoying your time on the mic," Ellert-McDermott says. Putting on a soft smile also helps the photographer capture stunning pictures of you killing your speech.

Maid of honor giving wedding speech outdoors

Maid of Honor Speech Frequently Asked Questions

Delivering a unique maid of honor speech can seem daunting, but we're here to help you take the stress out of it. Here are answers to common questions regarding the maid of honor speech.

Does the maid of honor have to give a speech?

It's expected for a maid of honor to give a speech, especially if the other honor attendants are planning on giving one, but it's not required. Giving a maid of honor speech can be a fun experience, but it isn't for everyone. If public speaking makes you nervous, you can express yourself in other ways, like through song, dance or by creating a sweet love story presentation about the happy couple.

How long should a maid of honor speech be?

In addition to the matron of honor speech, there might also be a best man speech , toasts from the couple's parents or even a thank-you message from the newlyweds. Since there are several speeches to fit in with meal courses, dancing, games and additional reception activities , keep your salutations short and sweet. Aim to make your maid of honor speech a minimum of four minutes and at most six minutes—Ellert-McDermott suggests anything between 700 and 1000 words.

Wedding guests will be excited to hear your well-wishes and funny stories, but a long MOH speech can lose the wedding guests' interest (especially if it's full of too many personal inside jokes). A four-minute speech gives you enough time to speak about the couple's love story, offer a personal anecdote or two and finish with encouragement for married life.

How to Start a Maid of Honor Speech

"Like every other speaker, the maid of honor should say a quick hello and introduce themselves to the guests. They should explain how they know the bride and try to add some humor early on too. Tailor your speech to suit the style of the wedding. Is it a rock n roll affair or a traditional bash with children present? Consider your audience and decide if 'ladies and gentlemen' is necessary or overly formal (generally, it's the latter)," Ellert-McDermott notes.

How to End a Maid of Honor Speech

"Towards the end of the speech, the maid of honor should reiterate their joy in seeing their friend getting married. They may refer back to special memories they share with the bride and explain why she is such a great friend to them. The final few lines should be about wishing the couple well in their future life together and proposing a toast to them both," Ellert-McDermott suggests. Here is an example of a personal maid of honor toast ending from Ellert-McDermott:

Here's to a lifetime of drinking mojitos and dancing on tables. To Sophie and Taylor.

When does the maid of honor give a speech?

If the couple is following the traditional wedding speech order , the maid of honor gives her speech after the newlyweds' parents. Typically, following the maid of honor is the best man. That wedding speech order isn't for everyone since a couple's wedding party size and reception timeline impact the order too. Also, sometimes couples opt to have all the wedding speeches delivered during the rehearsal dinner. So check with the to-be-weds about the order to confirm your spot in the toast lineup.

What to do if there are multiple maids of honor?

If you are one of the multiple maids of honor , you and the others should keep your maid of honor speeches to three to five minutes long. Before delivering your speeches, we suggest you and the other maids of honor go over them together to make sure they aren't too similar (and if they are, to adjust accordingly). If you and the other maids of honor have a close relationship, want to create only one speech or you don't want to give your speech alone, consider doing a joint maid of honor speech. By doing a combined speech, you have more opportunities to be creative, like setting each other up for jokes or performing a heartfelt song together.

Bride and groom laughing during wedding toast

How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

A flawless maid of honor speech can't be hastily written on your phone at the reception—it takes time and a lot of practice. Here's how to write a maid of honor speech that will garner a standing ovation.

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As a maid of honor in your BFF’s upcoming wedding, you're likely pretty thrilled about all that's in store for you, from the awesome maid of honor duties , to the epic events to plan ( hey bachelorette party !) to that maid of honor speech — but it's also normal to be a bit nervous, too. As we said, the maid of honor has lots of responsibilities, which include writing and delivering the maid of honor speech. The maid of honor speech usually occurs during the wedding reception, but you might be asked to deliver it at the rehearsal dinner instead. If you’re comfortable speaking in front of a crowd or have a background in acting or performing, the maid of honor speech should be a breeze . But, considering that public speaking is a very common fear, you might be anxious . And even if giving the maid of honor speech doesn’t worry you, figuring out exactly how to write a maid of honor speech likely does. It’s an important moment for both you and the bride, and of course you want to make it special.

How do you prepare the most amazing maid of honor speech she’s ever heard and alleviate some of your anxieties? We’re here to help.

When to start writing a maid of honor speech.

Presuming you haven’t procrastinated too long, you should give yourself as much time as possible to prepare — start at least three weeks to a month before the wedding. This may seem like a lot of time to write a short maid of honor speech, but the longer you wait to write, the more stressed you’ll become.

Choose a time when you’re feeling inspired by your friendship with the bride and/or couple. If you’re feeling extra sentimental after the bachelorette party brought up a plethora of stories you had forgotten about, write them down. Don’t underestimate the power of free writing, during which you unleash all of the thoughts and anecdotes about your bestie that cross your mind onto the page. That way, you’ll be able to see all of your feelings and memories all together at once. From there, who knows? More likely than not, you’ll discover some sort of inspiration within these reflections.

The maid of honor speech outline.

1. how to start the maid of honor speech..

First off, introduce yourself and mention your relationship with the bride, and the couple. Next, be sure you thank whomever you feel is important enough to mention, depending on the circumstances and who paid for or planned the wedding — parents, other family members, wedding party members, etc. Congrats! You have two lines of your speech out of the way.

2. Talk about the bride. 

Now things start to get more personal. If you were just going to express gratitude, it would be a toast, not a maid of honor speech. One crowd-pleasing story you might consider including is how you met the bride. If it’s not a particularly appealing or appropriate story, you might also consider a story about the two of you the really exemplifies your friendship, or a time when you knew you were going to be friends forever. If the two of you share a bond over food, maybe you could talk about that time the two of you tried (and failed) to make your own recipe from scratch. Maybe you were really frustrated at first when you were assigned to be partners in class because you didn’t think you were going to get along, but as fate would have it, you became inseparable. Get creative and get sentimental. And don’t be afraid to be funny .

3. Talk about her partner. 

After talking about you and the bride, it might be a good idea to include how you first met her almost-spouse in the maid of honor speech. I once witnessed a maid of honor that had been friends with the bride for many years, and during her speech she recalled that the bride actually had set her and the groom up on a blind date at first. The maid of honor and the future groom talked about their common friend for the entire date—and the rest was history. You’re the bride’s right hand woman, but a wedding is all about celebrating the couple, so it’s a nice transition from talking about you and the bride into talking about the bride and her partner. It also shows your solidarity and support for their relationship. No matter how you truly feel about her partner, keep a happy face on.

4. Talk about them as a couple. 

Speaking of which, after you explain how you met the bride’s new spouse, talk about the two of them as a couple. This works even better if you’ve known both of them for a long time. Maybe you were the bride’s roommate when they had their first date, and you witnessed her giddy nerves beforehand. Maybe you witnessed the very prolonged will-they-or-won’t-they period of their relationship. What did she tell you after they said "I love you," for the first time? At one wedding, the groom’s sister told a story that took place about three months before the groom and bride had gotten together. The sister was teasing her brother about his love life, when he said, “I’m in love with my best friend, but it will never happen, she’s not interested.” Her brother wouldn’t give any names — but three months later, she figured it out for herself when they started dating.

5. Keep it short and sweet.

In thinking about how to write a maid of honor speech, remember that it should only be about two to three minutes long. That’s just long enough to tell a few stories about the beloved couple and toast to a happy future. Everyone will probably be anxious to start dancing (or eating!) at this point, so there’s no need to drag on. We tend to talk more quickly when we’re nervous, so be extra aware to speak slowly. 

6. Practice.

Be sure to practice your speech in advance — whether it’s in front of a mirror, your cat, or a family member or friend. You can even time yourself to make sure the speech is an appropriate length.

7. End with a toast.

Don't forget to toast to the happy couple at the end! Raising your glass is a great natural finisher to your maid of honor speech, and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. You can add a few words, like "Now, let's all raise a glass to the newlyweds!" or something similarly concise and to the point.

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What to NOT say in a maid of honor speech

Here's what to avoid when writing your maid of honor speech.

1. Exes, drunken nights or anything else remotely inappropriate. 

It should go without saying, but exes or drunken debauchery should not be included in a maid of honor speech. A wedding is a family event, after all. Don’t talk about anything the bride wouldn’t mind her grandmother hearing. 

2. Anything that could even potentially cause tension.

Don’t mention the high divorce rate — even jokingly. It will not be received well.

3. Don’t feel pressured to be anything but yourself.

If humor isn’t your strong suit, it doesn’t have to be a hilarious maid of honor speech. You can be nostalgic, sweet, or sentimental — but not drunk. Wait to drink until after your maid of honor speech .

Whatever you write in your maid of honor speech, the most important thing is that your words come from the heart. Even if you’re not a natural-born performer , speak with feeling and emotion — not like you’re reading a classroom assignment—and talk directly to the couple, rather than focusing on the many other faces in the crowd. Your bestie may not remember the exact words you said during your maid of honor speech, but she’ll remember the care and love behind it.

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Best Tips for Maid Of Honor Speech 2024: Samples & Ideas

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Crafting a memorable maid of honor speech can be both an honor and a daunting task. It’s a chance to celebrate the bride in a heartfelt way while engaging the audience. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or feeling the nerves, this guide will walk you through simple and effective steps to create a speech that will leave everyone touched and smiling. Remember, the key to a great speech lies in authenticity and personal anecdotes – sharing genuine stories and emotions will make your words resonate with everyone present.

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Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

Best friend maid of honor speech.

In our recent research on wedding preferences, the maid of honor choice was crystal clear: the bride’s best friend. This role isn’t just about tradition—it’s about an unbreakable bond. A best friend’s speech resonates deeply, filled with shared memories and heartfelt wishes. When delivering this speech, authenticity is key—speak from the heart, share personal anecdotes, and keep it concise. Take a moment to breathe, maintain eye contact, and let your genuine emotions shine through. Remember, it’s not just about words; it’s about conveying the love and support you have for the newlyweds.

“If you haven’t had the chance to meet me yet, my name is X. (Bride) and I have been best friends for about 10 years. We met in high school gym class, and we couldn’t stand each other at first. As you can see, things eventually changed for the better. When (Bride) first asked me to be her Maid of Honor I felt flattered. But as the big day approached, she also told me to give a speech and a toast. I’m kind of the shy type and tried my best to get out of it. But, as (Groom) can tell you, it’s almost impossible to tell (Bride) No and get away with it. I wanted to tell you both how absolutely spectacular you look today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better-looking couple (except for maybe my boyfriend and I). And I hope you’re all having a lovely evening and I’d like to I wish you two all the love and happiness in the world. How blessed you are to celebrate your love on this beautiful day. I know there are many happy years ahead for you. Let’s all raise our glasses to the bride and groom, and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!”

“I never had a sister, but (Bride) has been like a sister to me for all these years. We have similar tastes, we like similar clothes… I knew (Bride) had found the one when (Groom) walked into her life. Well, I’m fine with that – she saw him first! Actually, you could see that it was love at first, second, and third sight. He is her Prince Charming and it seems to me he gives her all she needs – a strong arm, a sympathetic ear, and his credit card.”

“I met (Bride) 6 years ago, as we tried to survive in the concrete jungle of NY. To thrive there, your tribe is essential. We are quite protective of each other, so I was a bit skeptical of (Groom) when he first came into the picture. But as time goes by, I can’t imagine anyone else but him to be her one and only. They say that anyone can be passionate, but it takes a real pair of lovers to be silly. Well, together, (Bride) and (Groom) are two of the goofiest people I know.”

“Hello everyone, my name is X, and by my dress, you can tell that I am the Maid of Honor today. For many years, we have been through thick and thin, and we have shared many memories. Today is another great day to add to our collection of sweet memories, so I’m really looking forward to the cake! I know you will have challenges as all relationships do. But you know what’s great about love and relationships and marriages? It is learning to grow together. Caring and sharing, and lots of tenderness. And maybe a bit of patience, or maybe even a lot. So let’s raise our glasses to the power of love, that makes all these wonderful things happen! Today you start a completely new chapter of your lives. What can I say? Never forget the two most important replies: ‘you’re right, dear’ and ‘okay, buy it’. Love and cherish each other! These two are a rare find in today’s world. Here’s to the groom who has a bride so fair, and here’s to the bride with a groom who is so rare.”

How to write a maid of honor speech for best friend?

  • Introduction: Begin by introducing yourself and expressing how honored you are to be the maid of honor for your best friend.
  • Fond Memories: Share special and cherished memories you’ve shared together, highlighting the bond you both share.
  • Praise and Qualities: Speak about your best friend’s wonderful qualities, accomplishments, and the ways they have positively impacted your life and the lives of others.
  • The Friendship: Emphasize the strength and significance of your friendship, and how it has grown over the years.
  • Love and Support: Show appreciation for the bride’s partner and express your excitement about their journey together.
  • Gratitude: Thank the guests for being a part of this special day and acknowledge the couple’s families.
  • Toast: Raise a toast to your best friend and their partner, wishing them a lifetime of love, joy, and happiness together.

The 60+ Best Engagement Gifts Any Couple Will Love

The 60+ Best Engagement Gifts Any Couple Will Love

Sister maid of honor speech.

According to our research, the second most popular choice for the maid of honor role is the bride’s sister. While tradition often places the best friend in the spotlight, a sister brings a unique depth to the role. Their shared history, growing up together, and the intrinsic bond make a sister’s speech incredibly touching. With a wealth of childhood memories and a deep understanding of the bride, a sister’s words carry immense emotional weight. When delivering the speech, draw upon this shared journey, express genuine emotions, and celebrate the love that binds not only siblings but also the newlyweds.

“As you may know, I am the bride’s younger sister. As we were growing up, I always wanted to be like her. Do the things she did, have the things she had –  I was probably a bit annoying, I always wanted to tag along. She taught me how to care, how to share, and how to try to reach for the stars. And as I grew up I wanted to be just as beautiful, caring, smart, and successful as her. (Bride) has always set an example for me to follow. Over the years she has shown me how to love and care. Today she shows me how to find a best friend, a partner, and a true lover, all in one person. I hope that I am just as lucky someday. It’s a great happiness to find someone who loves you as much as (Groom) loves my sister. Today, I want to thank both of you for being a part of my life, and to celebrate the love you both share. Like many sisters, we weren’t always best friends. I remember fights, screaming, and door-slamming, but I couldn’t have picked a better sister and a friend. Now that we are older, I can finally admit how happy I am to have grown up with such a great sister. Having a sister is one of the greatest things in life. Having a little sister is even better because I liked to be bossy. (Bride) always wanted to be a bit more like me… But actually, there is so much that I admire about her! I have watched her grow into the gorgeous woman that she is. It is a great honor for me to be her big sister!”

“First of all, I want to thank you all for being here with us today. As most of you know I am (Bride’s) sister. As we grew, we were as close as can be. We were always in trouble and I remember wondering if there will be a guy brave enough for someone as wild as my sister is. Well, here he is!My sis has just tied the knot. And I do believe that (Groom) is her perfect match. And today I realize that all she needs is a guy who will love her just the way she is, with all her craziness. Their commitment to each other inspires all of us because that’s what we call true love. So let’s raise our glasses to this amazing couple!”

“I want you to know that it took me 3 weeks to write this speech over and over again. And I couldn’t think of anything perfect enough to describe just how much I love you. I couldn’t find words to define the kind of sister you are to me. This is your big day and there is so much I want to say… I Googled a lot of maid of honor speech examples. The one piece of advice I kept finding over and over again was to start off with a quote. I did some research and I think their love is best described by Dr. Seuss:

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dreams.””

“Love, be true to her; Life, be dear to her; Health, stay close to her; Joy, draw near to her; Fortune, find what you can do for her, Search your treasure house through and through for her, Follow her footsteps the wide world over – And keep her husband always her lover. – By Anna Lewis, from “To the Bride””

How to write a maid of honor speech for sister?

  • Introduction: Start by introducing yourself and your relationship with the bride, emphasizing your sisterly bond.
  • Anecdotes: Share heartfelt and funny stories that highlight your sister’s qualities, achievements, or memorable moments you’ve shared together.
  • Praise the bride: Compliment her personality, kindness, and the positive impact she has on others.
  • Address the groom: Welcome him into the family and share a warm message about their relationship.
  • Express gratitude: Thank the guests for attending and acknowledge your parents and other family members.
  • Toast: Raise a glass and propose a heartfelt toast to the newlyweds and their future happiness together.

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Funny Maid Of Honor Speech

As a close friend of the bride, you would have a lot of material for wedding speeches bridesmaids, you just need to know how to put them all together. A few sample wedding speeches would give you the right kind of inspiration to get you on your way.

“Well, for those of you who I haven’t had the chance to meet yet, my name is [NAME]. [BRIDE] and I have been best friends for around the last 10 years. We first met at work one day, when she stole my carrot cake out of the fridge in the lunchroom and I threw away her pineapple yogurt cartons in revenge.

I never had a sister, but [BRIDE] has been my stand-in sister for all these years. You could say we are even closer than sisters. We don’t fight like sisters, but we do wear each other’s clothes. Somehow she can still fit into my clothes but I can’t fit into hers anymore. I’m sure that is just because her dryer must be shrinking them. I knew [BRIDE] had found the one when [GROOM] walked into her life. Sure, she dated a few guys…after I was done torturing them.

But [GROOM] was different. Unlike those jerks, he was kind and thoughtful. And he had a job. You could see that it was love at first, second, and third sight. Clearly [GROOM] is charming and it seems to me he offers her what she needs – a strong arm, a kind ear, and an American Express Black Card.

I trust [BRIDE] and [GROOM] completely. I remember the time I asked them to watch my dog Benji when I went skiing in Europe. They were so nice to help out. I got back and Benji was so happy to see me. He was 40 pounds lighter and now he sees a therapist twice a week. Of course, we are having fun today. The test of this relationship will be over the long term. Will she still love [GROOM] when he leaves his underwear on the floor and cuts his toenails at the dinner table?

The answer is no. God, please, disgusting.

No, seriously, I know they will have challenges as all relationships do. And [GROOM] will learn what all men learn eventually. Keep your wife happy! Happy wife, happy life. No, really, what’s great about love and relationships and marriage is learning to grow together. The communication it takes to keep a marriage going is massive. But half the fun is working things out, talking, communicating, and launching kitchen appliances at each other – real love. Today has been a great day. Family and friends are here, the sun is shining and the champagne is flowing. And we’ll need it to get through this chicken dinner.”

Sometimes the hardest part of being a maid of honor to your bestie might be writing the wedding speech. Speaking with your friend face to face is always easy, however, making toasts or speeches in front of a group of people would be totally different and not as easy. This is why anecdotes and funny wedding speeches maid of honor could help you cruise through your speech while giving the wedding guests a laugh at the same time.

Funny Lines For Maid Of Honor Speech

  • “I did some research on how to give the perfect maid of honor speech, and the first tip I found was to imagine everyone in their underwear. So, here we are, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my nightmare!”
  • “Being the maid of honor is like being a ninja. You have to be quick on your feet, prepared for anything, and ready to attack at a moment’s notice. But instead of throwing shurikens, I’m armed with embarrassing stories about the bride.”
  • “As the maid of honor, I’ve been given the responsibility of keeping the bride calm and relaxed throughout the wedding planning process. Which is why I’ve been slipping her Xanax in her coffee every morning.”
  • “When the bride asked me to be her maid of honor, I was thrilled. But then I realized it meant I had to give a speech in front of all these people. So if I faint halfway through, just drag me off stage and make it look like part of the act.”

Bridesmaid Wedding Speech

A list of example wedding speeches maid of honor could act as a template of sorts, helping you figure out just how to structure your speech.

Some of the best wedding speeches maid of honor, shine a light on the friendship between the bride and her maid of honor, as well as the beautiful personality of the bride. Most introductions begin with the story of meeting the groom for the first time. The intro is usually a good time to inject a funny quote, poem, or actual occurrence.

“Hi everyone, I am one of the bridesmaids at this wedding and I just wanted to say how happy and lucky I am to be here to celebrate [bride] and [groom’s] wedding with everyone. Today, everything looks effortless.

From the beautiful wedding ceremony to the food, music, and decorations at this venue, every little detail was planned by [bride] and [groom.] And lots of time was spent shopping for dresses and doing fittings. When you get to peek behind the scenes, you see how much work really gets put into planning a wedding. There were a lot of late nights and hours spent working on this wedding and I have to say that it all turned out quite beautifully. Let’s all give a round of applause for [bride] and [groom.]

[Bride] and [groom,] thank you for such a wonderful day. I raise my glass to the two of you and wish you nothing but the best in your life together. May each day be full of love and laughter between the two of you.”

Speeches are generally not as difficult as we imagine. So, you can relax, go through these samples, and create one of the best wedding toast speeches made of honor.

Short Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

“Greetings to all of you. I’m [Name], the maid of honor. I would like to express a few words about the lovely bride and groom. [Bride] has always been a wonderful friend to me, and it’s an honor to be her maid of honor today. And [Groom], I am delighted that you are joining our family. You two are a perfect match, and I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. Let’s raise a glass to the happy couple!”

“Hello, everyone. I’m [Name], the maid of honor. [Bride], you look breathtakingly beautiful today, and I feel grateful to be a part of your extraordinary day. [Groom], you’re a fortunate man! [Bride] is intelligent, gorgeous, and has a heart of gold. I am confident that you both will have a lifetime of love and happiness together. Congratulations on your special day!”

“Good evening, all. I’m [Name], the maid of honor, and for those who don’t know me, it’s lovely to meet you. I have known [Bride] for several years, and I have never seen her as happy as she is with [Groom]. You two bring out the best in each other, and it’s evident that you are destined to be together. It’s an honor to stand here today as a witness to your love and commitment. Congratulations to the joyful couple!”

“Hello everyone, I’m [Name], the maid of honor. [Bride], you’re my best friend and I couldn’t be happier to see you marry [Groom]. You two are perfect for each other and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations!”

“Good evening, all. I’m [Name], the maid of honor, and I’m honored to celebrate [Bride] and [Groom]’s special day. [Bride], you’re my best friend and I’m so happy to see you with someone as wonderful as [Groom]. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations!”

“Hi everyone, I’m [Name], the maid of honor, and I’m thrilled to celebrate my best friend [Bride] and her groom [Groom]. [Bride], I’m so proud of you and I know that [Groom] is the perfect partner for you. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love. Congratulations!”

“Good evening, everyone! For those who don’t know me, I’m [Your Name], and I have the incredible honor of standing by [Bride’s Name]’s side today as her maid of honor. First and foremost, I want to say how breathtakingly beautiful she looks tonight. As I stand here, I can’t help but reflect on the journey that led us to this moment. [Bride’s Name] and I have been inseparable since childhood, and I am beyond grateful for the memories we’ve created together. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and supported each other through life’s ups and downs. And now, as I watch her embark on this new chapter with [Groom’s Name], my heart overflows with joy. I’ve witnessed the love between them grow and flourish, and it’s truly something special. [Groom’s Name], thank you for making my best friend the happiest she’s ever been. To [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name], may your love continue to blossom and may your journey together be filled with laughter, love, and adventure. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness. Cheers!”

“Hello, everyone! I’m [Your Name], and I have the honor of being [Bride’s Name]’s slightly crazy, but totally awesome, maid of honor! When [Bride’s Name] asked me to take on this role, I knew it would be an adventure. From choosing the perfect dress to planning wild bachelorette parties, we’ve had our fair share of laughs and tears. And let’s not forget about all the emergency wedding dress fittings! But in all seriousness, I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. [Bride’s Name] is compassionate, hilarious, and always there to lend a helping hand. She lights up every room she enters, and I know that [Groom’s Name] feels incredibly lucky to have her as his partner in crime. [Groom’s Name], welcome to the family! We’ve all been waiting for someone to take on the challenge of dealing with [Bride’s Name]’s terrible dance moves, and it looks like you’re up for it. To the happy couple, may your love be as endless as the dance floor at the reception. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and love. Cheers!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and most importantly, the beautiful couple of the day, [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name]. I’m [Your Name], and I have the privilege of being [Bride’s Name]’s maid of honor. Today, I stand here with a heart full of emotions, for I’ve had the honor of witnessing the love between [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name] blossom into something truly extraordinary. Their love is like a gentle breeze, calming our souls and reminding us of the beauty in life. [Bride’s Name], you’ve always been the ray of sunshine in my life. Your kindness, grace, and unwavering love inspire all who know you. And now, as you embark on this new journey with [Groom’s Name], I know that you’ll be a guiding light in his life as well. [Groom’s Name], thank you for cherishing and loving [Bride’s Name] with all your heart. Your dedication to making her happy is evident in every glance you share.

Let us all raise our glasses to the newlyweds. May your love continue to grow, like the mighty oak standing tall through the changing seasons. May your days be filled with laughter, and your hearts forever intertwined. Congratulations, and here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love!”

When delivering a speech, remember to speak from the heart, keep it concise, and maintain a positive tone. Make sure to customize the speech to fit your relationship with the couple and the overall vibe of the wedding.

How to write a short wedding speech?

  • Start by introducing yourself and briefly mentioning your relationship with the bride. This will help the audience understand your perspective and why you were chosen to be the maid of honor.
  • Take a moment to express your gratitude for being a part of the special day and your well wishes for the newlyweds.
  • Say a few words about the bride and groom, highlighting their qualities and how they complement each other. You can talk about their journey as a couple and your hopes for their future together.
  • End your speech by raising a toast to the newlyweds.

Maid Of Honor Toasts

One of the tips for giving good wedding speeches – to use a good toast. A toast is basically well wished to the newlyweds and their family, followed by a signal for guests to raise their glasses.

If you are unsure what exactly to say, here are some beautiful maid of honor toast examples to inspire you.

  • “And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight. – Philippians 1:9”
  • “Be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. – Ephesians 4:32”
  • “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Here’s to love, laughter and happily ever after. – Romans 12:10″
  • “As (Groom) and (Bride) start their new life together, Let’s toast to the new husband and wife!”
  • “Here’s to the husband And here’s to the wife; May they remain Lovers for life.”
  • “Here’s to the health of the happy pair; may good luck follow them everywhere; And may each day of wedded bliss be always as sweet and joyous as this.”
  • “May you grow old on one pillow. May their joy be as bright as the morning, and their sorrows be shadows that fade in the sunlight of love.”
  • “Let’s drink to love, which is nothing—unless it’s divided into two with someone you love. May your joys be as sweet as spring flowers that grow.”
  • “As bright as a fire when winter winds blow; As countless as leaves that float down in the fall; And as serene as the love that keeps watching over us all.”

As the maid of honor, you need to find the one speech, that is short and sweet, and resonates with you! Great Maid of Honor wedding speeches often includes great quotes . Famous quotes have a way of painting a picture that our own words can’t seem to do on their own.

The Maid Of Honor Speech Template


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The biggest worry that most maids of honor have is freezing and forgetting the speech. A great solution is breaking your speech into sections and writing them down on cards that you carry with you. As you practice your speech it will be easier to memorize, and having all the words with you will keep you from panicking.

To get you started, stick to our basic Maid Of Honor Speech Outline:

  • Introduce yourself (your name, your relationship to the bride, and how long you’ve known each other)
  • Thank everyone involved in the wedding planning for their hard work
  • Talk about the bride (why she’s a good person and friend, share a story to illustrate it)
  • Tell the love story (The most romantic version of how the bride and groom met)
  • Talk about the groom (Compliment him, why he’s great for your friend, what he does for her etc)
  • Celebrate the couple (Why they’re so good together)
  • Wish the newlyweds wonderful things for the future You could also insert a quote or a poem.
  • Toast to the bride and groom – Raise your glass, say: “Here’s to the happy couple”, take and sip and voila! You’ve nailed it!

How To Write The Best Maid Of Honor Speech Ever

As the maid of honor, it is best that your wedding speech starts with a brief introduction, then talk about the bride, and then ends with the couple. You can wrap the speech up beautifully with a wedding toast that they will love.

If you’re planning to deliver one of the best maids of honor speeches of all time, you’ll definitely have to check out this list of DOs and DON’Ts before you get started.

  • Do: Open your speech with a self-introduction and your relationship with the bride. There are guests at the wedding who might not know you very well. Let them know how much you mean to each other.
  • Don’t: Feel the need to be comical. A sweet, emotional story means so much more than a bunch of silly, inside jokes that everyone might not get. There will be a time and place for your special BFF humor, but leave it for the after-party.
  • Do: Tell everyone what an amazing person the bride is, how she is ALWAYS there for you, whenever, wherever! Also, it would be a nice opportunity to thank the rest of your girls for being a big part of the special day.
  • Don’t: Make the bride look bad by saying things like “We thought this day would NEVER come.” That might sound funny at the hen party, but the wedding reception is not the place.
  • Do: Share her love story and how she met the groom and maybe an amusing (but not humiliating) anecdote or two about their courtship. The newlyweds would love to hear such a tribute to their love.
  • Don’t: Compare the groom to her former boyfriends. That might bring up some bad feelings and memories and it is definitely not the time or place.
  • Do: Describe what you love about the groom, his greatest attributes, and how much he means to the bride. You may want to include how the bride has changed(for the better of course) since she met the groom. Speak from your heart and mention how she became happier etc. It’s time to get emotional!
  • Don’t: Be trite and say things to the groom along with the lines of “Call me when you get divorced.” You don’t want people throwing objects or starting booing.
  • Do: Make the toast about BOTH the bride & groom, not just amusing stories of the bride. Usually, it’s a good idea to start the speech by talking about the bride and finish the speech by talking about her and the groom as a couple.
  • Don’t: Get sidetracked and make the speech all about you. It’s HER day, not yours!
  • Do: Wish them a happy future, filled with love, a lifetime of joy, and so forth.
  • Don’t: End your speech with phrases like “Cheers” and “Drink up!” You want to end on a sentimental note, not a cheesy one!
  • Do: Wrap it up with an inspirational or sentimental quote. Let everyone know that the speech is over: give a toast to the couple or congratulate them on their wedding.
  • Don’t: Forget to prepare a great closing line. Do NOT end your maid of honor speech abruptly and awkwardly.

How to Get Started Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

  • Know Your Audience: Consider the bride and groom’s personalities, the formality of the event, and the sensibilities of the guests. Tailor your speech to the audience.
  • Start Early: Begin writing your speech well in advance. This allows time for revisions and practice. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Personalize It: Share anecdotes and stories that reflect your relationship with the bride. Highlight special moments and inside jokes.

Examples of How to Get Started:

  • Opening with a Quote: Start with an inspiring or humorous quote related to love or marriage. For instance,

“Maya Angelou once said, ‘Love recognizes no barriers.’ Today, we’re here to celebrate a love that knows no bounds.”

  • Anecdotal Introduction: Begin with a personal story about your friendship with the bride.

“As I stand here today, I can’t help but think back to the time we met in kindergarten. Who would’ve thought that our friendship would lead us to this beautiful wedding?”

  • Express Your Gratitude: Begin by expressing your gratitude for being chosen as the maid of honor.

“First and foremost, I want to thank [bride’s name] for giving me the honor of standing by her side today as her maid of honor.” Remember, the key to a memorable maid of honor speech is sincerity and a touch of humor, sprinkled with personal anecdotes that capture the essence of your relationship with the bride.

How To End A Maid Of Honor Speech

When figuring out how to write a maid of honor speech, keep in mind that the latter part of the speech should be where you talk about the couple. In that vein, it’s also important to know how to end the speech flawlessly. Here are a few tips.

  • Keep it short and sweet. While you might have a lot to say, there are time slots for each speech, so keeping things short would be best.
  • Use sentimental wedding quotes. You might have a maid of honor speech template you follow but adding inspirational quotes to your speech is a great way to wrap things up.
  • Finish with a toast. At the very end, it is customary to raise a toast to the happy couple.

10 Maid Of Honor Speech Tips

Overall, here are some guidelines to make your Maid of Honor Speech shine like diamonds:

  • Write it out in bullets rather than complete sentences: this will help your speech flow better. Rather than reading your speech word for word from a piece of paper, practice your speech enough times so that it’s pretty well committed to memory. The bullet points will keep you on point while your memory of what you want to say will keep the pace natural and more entertaining.
  • Keep it short: no one wants to hear you ramble on forever.
  • Practice your speech aloud beforehand: Record it and play it back, read it to a friend, this way it will flow more naturally. You might want to read it to other bridesmaids because they know the bride well and can help you change the speech.
  • Speak slowly & clearly: Most people tend to talk faster when they are nervous.
  • Don’t forget to breathe: Pause and take a breath at the appropriate moments. Recording yourself is a great strategy to get it right!
  • Have a relaxed stance: Don’t stand with your knees locked, stand up straight and relaxed. Breath in and out before the speech and try to calm down a bit.
  • Stay sober! You may think a few drinks will make you feel at ease, but it will only derail you and slur your words. The bride will never forgive you for being trashed during your speech. You are her best friend, and for the guests, you represent the bride. Don’t let her down!
  • Make eye contact with the happy couple: don’t just stare at your notes. Occasionally lock eyes with the bride and groom so they know your speech is from the heart and not just words on a sheet of paper.
  • SMILE! Even if you are a bundle of nerves, even if you don’t feel like it – fake it till you make it. Did you know a smile releases hormones of happiness that help you relax?
  • Don’t be afraid to show emotion: let the bride know how much you mean to her.

how to write a good moh speech

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the maid of honor have to give a speech.

It’s definitely customary for the maid of honor to give a toast to the newlyweds at the reception, but usually, she gave a sweet speech.

How long should a maid of honor speech be?

A maid of honor speech should ideally be around 3 to 5 minutes in length. This timeframe allows you to convey your message effectively without losing the audience’s attention or making other speeches feel rushed.

What should be avoided in a maid of honor speech?

When delivering a maid of honor speech, there are a few things to avoid to ensure it is memorable for the right reasons:

  • Avoid embarrassing or offensive stories: You shouldn’t share anything that may make the bride uncomfortable or might be inappropriate for the audience.
  • Steer clear of inside jokes: Inside jokes may exclude or confuse other guests who are not familiar with the context. Keep your speech inclusive and relatable for everyone present.
  • Don’t overshadow the couple: Avoid making the speech all about yourself or unrelated topics that detract from the celebration of the couple’s special day.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption: Excessive alcohol consumption can impair your ability to deliver a coherent and meaningful message.
  • Don’t go on for too long: Avoid rambling or dragging out the speech, as it may lose the interest of the audience.

Remember, the maid of honor speech is an opportunity to celebrate the couple and express your love and support for them.

We hope that now you have everything you need for your perfect maid of honor speech. So just keep all of this in mind as you prepare and deliver your maid of honor speech, and you will be amazing. Make the bride proud she chose you!

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how to write a good moh speech

How to Write a Killer Maid of Honor Speech: The Ultimate Guide

how to write a good moh speech

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning we earn commissions if you shop through the links below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my  disclaimer  for more info.

To us here at Modern MOH, the writing and delivery of the maid of honor speech is the most sacred duty of them all. We feel this is your true time to shine and the greatest opportunity to show your bestie just how much her happiness means to you. By taking the time to construct a heartfelt and well-written speech, then delivering it to the best of your ability, you will help make your bride’s wedding day all the more perfect.

And while we doubt we were your first stop on the “ how to write a maid of honor speech ” search train, we do hope to be your final destination. You see, unlike most articles you’ll find on the subject of maid of honor speeches, we’re actually going to give it to you straight. No vaguely basic outlines or generically boring examples, just the cold hard facts.

Because we have some serious experience in the toast department, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned about writing a killer maid of honor speech, it’s this: there is no secret formula, no one best way . How could there be? Each and every relationship between a maid of honor and a bride is different from the next, just as each and every memory is uniquely yours. 

Lastly, we know the thought of having to give a wedding toast in front of a large group of people may be terrifying for most, that’s why we’re here to teach you a thing or two to ease those nerves. From start to finish, we have all the tips and tricks you need to know to bring the house down.

How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech in 5 Simple Steps

1. define your overall objective.

Before you begin writing your maid of honor speech, you must first define your objective. In other words, you need to have a goal you’re looking to accomplish. For example, are you hoping to make wedding guests laugh? Cry? Both? Do you want to talk about your history with the bride, about how you met the groom, or what their relationship as a couple means to you?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you figure out the direction you should take when writing your wedding toast.

If you find yourself struggling to define your objective, simply think of your relationship with both the bride and groom. Do they have a great sense of humor? Is your time together spent mostly joking around and laughing? If so, try taking a comedic approach to your toast by cracking a few funny jokes along the way.

Or maybe you and your bride have been through some very serious times together that you want to share, in which case your speech may be much more emotionally moving. The great part about this objective is that it’s your own, so there is no one right or best way to go about it.

MODERN MOH TIP:  Touch on a little bit of everything. Start strong with a joke or two and finish out with a sentimental toast.  While there is no exact formula to it, a truly good maid of honor speech is both funny enough to get wedding guests laughing and moving enough to bring a tear to their eye. Secondly, don’t spend so much time talking about your history with the bride that you forget to talk about the groom. Even if you don’t have your own personal memories with your best friend’s new hubby, that doesn’t mean he should be left out of your speech. Instead, talk about their relationship as a couple and what it means to you, including your wishes for the bride and groom’s future together. 

2. Decide on Your Point of View

The key to writing a killer of maid of honor speech is to not think of it as a speech, but instead a story. And as the narrator of this particular story, it’s up to you to determine the point of view from which you tell it. While it may seem obvious that you’d write from the first-person POV, there are definitely some benefits to switching it up.

To begin with, writing from a third-person POV will give your toast a unique twist and a more story-like feel. For example, instead of saying “Taylor and I met on the school bus in the third grade and she’s been my best friend ever since” , you could say “When Taylor was in the third grade, she met a little girl on the school bus who remains her best friend to this day” .

Like the idea, but don’t think you can write an entire speech that way? No problem. Unlike what you were taught in grade school, you have the freedom to switch between differing points of view when telling your story. If you haven’t caught on yet, let us reiterate: there is no right or wrong when it comes to writing your speech.

MODERN MOH TIP: Take advantage of switching up points of view. Start with narrating from the first person point of view, especially if it’s easier for you to tell the history between you and the bride that way. When it comes time to talk about the couple, tell their story from an outsider’s perspective. If you do decide to go this route, don’t get so crazy with it that you start confusing your audience. The whole point of using different points of view is to enhance your maid of honor speech, not complicate it.

3. Determine Your Must-Haves

Now that you’ve defined your objective and decided on your POV, it’s time to determine your must-haves. By must-haves, we mean the anecdotes you absolutely want to include in your maid of honor speech. For instance, is there a particularly good memory you have with the bride that you definitely want to share with wedding guests? Or maybe you were there when the bride and groom met and you want to tell your side of the couple’s story?

Determining your must-haves before you begin writing your toast will guarantee you don’t forget to feature them. Not to mention, it will keep you from going off track when it comes time to put pen to paper. If you’re having trouble narrowing it down, keep this in mind: it’s much better to have one or two epic stories than a mix of mediocre ones.

MODERN MOH TIP: Don’t be that maid of honor that goes on and on about memories and “funny” inside jokes you have with the bride (no wedding guest wants to hear it, trust us). Instead, tell one or two really good stories that portray your friendship and then move on to her relationship with the groom and their history as a couple. Too many MOHs make the mistake of making their toast all about them and not enough about the couple whose wedding they are supposed to be celebrating. If you want to talk about yourself in front of a big audience, try Youtube.

4. Develop Your Story From Beginning to End

As we mentioned before, the key to writing a killer maid of honor speech is to tell it like a story. And just like any good story, you must develop it from beginning to middle to end (think along the lines of “ once upon a time ” to “ they lived happily ever after ”). While it’s entirely up to you to decide what constitutes the beginning, middle, and end of your particular story, you should avoid big jumps in time. In other words, do your best to develop it in chronological order so you don’t confuse wedding guests.

For instance: Start by telling the story of how you and the bride met, continue on with a memory you have of the bride and groom, and finish with a toast for the couple. Again, there is no magic formula when it comes to writing a maid of honor speech, but having a clear and concise storyline is highly suggested.

MODERN MOH TIP: Don’t be predictable. Chances are you and your best friend didn’t cross paths in some epic way (especially if you’re sisters), so skip the generic “this is how we met” story. Instead, dive right into a funny/crazy/holy s*$&! moment to get the crowd’s attention. And don’t be boring with your finale either. No generic “cheers to the Mr. & Mrs.” toast, we know you can do better than that. Your goal should be to receive a standing ovation from the couple and their wedding guests, not a polite golf clap.

5. Describe Your Characters in Detail

We can’t stress how important this final step is when it comes to writing your maid of honor speech. Seriously, taking the extra step to describe your characters in detail is what differentiates the bland from the bomb. And just so we’re clear, by characters we mean the bride and groom, and by detail we mean elaboration. For example, instead of saying “Taylor is such a great friend, she’s always been there for me whenever I needed her” , you should say “I’ve never met a more loving and loyal person than Taylor, she truly exemplifies what it means to be a best friend” .

These extra tweaks may seem insignificant to you, but they’re exactly the lines that will resonate with your audience and more importantly, the couple. And if writing isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. Simply speak from the heart, you’ll be surprised at how well your final product turns out.

MODERN MOH TIP: Use a thesaurus (seriously, we do it all the time). It’s a good way to spice up your word choice and will stop you from repeating yourself. On the flip side, don’t feel like you have to use a ton of fancy words- you want to sound like yourself after all, not Shakespeare. Lastly, don’t be afraid to throw a bit of alliteration in there. It brings character to your writing and will make your toast much more memorable ( see what we did there? )

How to End a Maid of Honor Speech

Now that you’ve got the beginning and middle of your speech outlined, it’s time to work on your ending. As this will be your final moment with the mic, your goal should be to make it a memorable one.

One hard-fast rule on ending any maid of honor speech is to address both the bride and groom as a newlywed couple and offer your best wishes for a happy marriage. The easiest way to accomplish this is by raising a toast.

As far as the contents of your toast, it’s up to you if you want to use your own words or prefer to recite a heartfelt quote . To help you decide, ask yourself the following question:

If the answer is yes, by all means, write up your own personal toast. If the answer is no, start searching for the perfect quote.

MODERN MOH TIP:  Select a few possible endings for your maid of honor speech and do test runs through them all to see which flows the best. Oftentimes it’s easier to decide based on how you deliver the words than how they sound in your head.

Have you checked out all our tips and still need help writing the perfect Maid of Honor speech?

Not to worry, Bridesmaid for Hire can help you craft an amazing, personal speech instantly!

Don’t believe it? Give it a try and see for yourself!

Bridesmaid for Hire Speechwriting tool

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how to write a good moh speech


Suggestions for the maid of honor when she’s the mother of the bride…? I don’t wanna get too mushy I want to keep it lighthearted and fun but I want it to be special.

What a super special time for you and your daughter!

I would definitely recommend starting with some funny childhood stories, especially if you they feature any family members or friends who are attending. Pulling the audience in is the best way to capture their attention!

I totally get not wanting to get too mushy, but as her mom, you definitely have the opportunity for an extra hard tug at the heartstrings (and I absolutely suggest doing so!) Whether you talk about how you’ve envisioned this day since she was a little girl, or how you felt when you realized your daughter had met ‘the one’, speaking from the heart as her mom will add the perfect sentimental touch to your speech.

Good luck with everything- I have total faith that you’ll knock it out of the park 🙂

What should I write when I’m the step daughter of the bride

Hi Charlotte,

That is so sweet of your stepmother to ask you to be her maid of honor! During your speech, I would be sure to tell her how much your relationship as stepmother and stepdaughter means to you, as well as what her relationship with your father means to your family.

You are in a unique position that you have been such a close part of their relationship, so I would use that to your advantage!

Good luck 🙂

What if I’m the maid of honor and need to write this speech, but really dislike the groom?

Unfortunately, this situation is more common than you may think and my advice is always the same- do not under any circumstances let your feelings about the groom be known during your speech.

Even if you can’t find it within yourself to say something nice specifically about the groom, this does not mean you should ignore him altogether. Simply include a few lines about the two as a couple, keeping it light and positive.

I’m the sister of the groom and barely know the bride! She and my brother live several states away and have visited a total of about 6 days (2 long weekends)- so there are no real stories or experiences about us. How do I pull this off?? Any tips would be wonderful!!

This is definitely a difficult position to be in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still deliver a great speech!

My best recommendation would be to reach out to your brother and future SIL’s closest friends to ask for any stories they may have about them as a couple (e.g. how they met, a favorite memory, etc.) Just because you don’t have your own experiences to share doesn’t mean you can’t speak to their relationship through the voice of their loved ones.

Also, don’t make a point to say you don’t know the bride very well. Instead, say something along the lines of “I know that living far away from each other makes it difficult to spend time together, but I truly look forward to getting to know you better as not just a sister-in-law, but a friend.”

I hope this helps in some way! Good luck 🙂

Help! What if I’ve never met the groom? We’ve been long distance best friends for a while now.

For those MOHs who have never met/don’t know the groom very well, I always recommend that they talk to the bride for some insight. Start by asking your BFF about how they met, her favorite memories as a couple, and their hopes/dreams as husband and wife.

You can also reach out to the best man or other groomsmen to get their perspective of the groom and his relationship with your friend. Just because you don’t have your own experiences to share doesn’t mean you can’t speak to their relationship through the voice of their loved ones.

Hope this helps! Good luck 🙂

So, the bride and myself have only been friends for about a year and a half. We are so close though, it feels like we’ve known each other forever. How do I go about talking about our friendship when most of the suggestions are childhood memories or having known the bride for so long. Thanks!

Hi Brittany! I think the fact that you’ve only known each other for a year and a half, but are close enough to be playing such an important role in your friend’s wedding is so special. I would totally highlight that in your speech as a way to show the audience how welcoming and obviously lovable the bride is.

And just because you don’t have a long history together does not mean that you and your friend don’t have fun memories for you to reminisce on during your speech. You can also talk about your hopes and plans for the future of your friendship!

I hope this helps and good luck! 🙂

I feel like writing this speech for my sister’s wedding should be so easy, but I am struggling hard. I have so many funny stories but can’t figure out how to tie one or two of them together to create a wonderful speech. Please help!

Sometimes writing such an important speech for someone you love is the opposite of easy because you put so much pressure on yourself to make it perfect! I would recommend choosing stories that the audience can easily follow along with without feeling totally left out or lost. In other words, don’t rely on stories that feature an inside joke between you and your sister or you’ll be the only two laughing at the end.

I hope this helps! Good luck 🙂

Help!! My sister is getting married next September so I have some time but of course she asked me to be her MOH but her best friend had her as her MOH and I thought she was going to have her be hers in return since they are basically sisters and have known each other since they were very little. I love that I’m her MOH but is it possible to have two?? How should I go about bringing it up? I’m 6 years younger than my sister so her best friend knows more about her and her friends and the groom even since she was there watching them fall in love. I feel like I’m at a disadvantage. I don’t want to not be her MOH but I also rather share the title with her best friend that way we could make a killer speech??

Hi Kait, this is a tough position to be in! If you are simply worried about not making a great MOH speech, you could just let your sister know your fears and ask her if she would mind you bringing her friend in for some insight and inspiration.

On the other hand, if you truly feel that you could be a better MOH all around with your sister’s friend’s help, then I think it’s totally ok to let your sister know this. Just be sure to emphasize that it’s not because you don’t want to be her MOH at all, but that you really could use the support of her very close friend to make her wedding experience the best that it can be.

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to let me know.

My big sister is getting married in September and she asked me to be here MOH. I’m struggling to write my speech for her because I dont have any fond memories with her, and we weren’t exactly the closest due to past occurrences. I’m very nervous with public speaking as is, so this is adding a lot more stress than I’d like. I’m lost of how to write a speech that’s short but meaningful.

Hi Beth, so sorry to hear that you’re stressing out about your speech! It can definitely be challenging to write a speech when you don’t have a lot of fond memories to touch on, but it’s certainly not impossible.

Since you and your sister have had a difficult past, my advice would be to instead focus the speech on the relationship she has with the groom. Keep it short by telling one good story about them as a couple, and wrap it up with your well wishes for their future as husband and wife. As long as you speak from the heart and sound sincere, your speech will be very meaningful!

Hi! I’m such a procrastinator and I’m the MOH of my best friend of 21 years and she is getting married this weekend! How do I make my speech a short and sweet one but also adding a few memories? I feel like there is just SO much to say lol

Hi Leslie, How lovely that you’ve been friends for so long! I can imagine that you must have a ton of stories that you can share, so your challenge will be sorting through all the memories! Maybe start by jotting down some of your top stories that you’d like to share, keeping in mind to avoid inside jokes.

If you’d like to keep things short, you can start with one of your funny childhood memories with your BFF to get the audience engaged. Perhaps then move on to discussing the bride and groom as a couple – think about how they met, perhaps? Then you can end things off with a toast for the future of the couple.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with the wedding!

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How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech: Wording Examples and Ideas


As a maid of honor, you’ll need to juggle several important duties – from organising an epic bridal shower to going wedding dress shopping and holding the bride’s bouquet.

But the most daunting task of all? Writing and delivering a maid of honor speech at the reception!

We totally get how terrifying this can be, which is why we’re here to help. Keep reading for our ultimate guide on writing the perfect maid of honor speech below, including some brainstorming prompts and wording examples to get you started.


How Long Should a Maid of Honor Speech Be?

Let’s get the good news out of the way first: your maid of honor speech doesn’t have to be long! Remember, you probably won’t be the only one speaking at the reception, so you’ll want to keep your speech short and sweet. We’d say the perfect maid of honor speech should ideally be between 2 to 4 minutes, and definitely no longer than 5.

What Should a Maid of Honor Speech Include?

Simply put, a maid of honor speech should be based around two key things: celebrating your relationship with the bride and celebrating her relationship with her new husband or wife. 

Maid of honor speeches usually includes a mix of personal anecdotes, compliments to the happy couple, and well wishes for the future. Your speech can include your favourite memories with the bride, but it should also strike the right balance by including some sentiments towards her partner and their relationship, too. Usually, you’ll start your speech by talking about the bride and wrap it up by talking about her and her partner as a couple.

So, what does this look like in action? If you’re looking for a helpful framework to follow, consider this tried and tested formula for a winning maid of honor speech below:

  • Introduce yourself. It might seem obvious, but introducing yourself is important to give your speech context and explain your relationship with the bride. Don’t forget, there may be guests at the wedding who have no idea who you are!
  • Talk about the bride. Begin your speech by complimenting the bride. What do you love about her? What makes her such a good person/best friend/sibling? Be specific with your compliments, too – rather than saying, “She’s such a generous friend”, share a specific moment that demonstrates this.
  • Include a favourite anecdote. Do you have a favourite memory that sticks out when you reflect on your relationship with the bride? This is a good time to share one or two short anecdotes. They can be funny stories or more sincere and heartfelt moments.
  • Compliment their partner. Now it’s time to bring her partner into the speech. What are your favourite qualities about them? What was your first impression of them? Why are they such a good match for the bride?
  • Celebrate the couple. This is where you’ll want to highlight the relationship between the happy couple. Talk about what makes their relationship so special, what you admire about them as a couple, and how their lives have changed for the better.
  • Share your well wishes. Tie it all together by offering your best piece of marriage advice, favourite quote, or some warm wishes for the future.
  • Share a toast. Finally, raise your glass to toast the happy couple (and reward yourself with a sip of champagne, too!).


Things To Avoid In Your Maid of Honor Speech

Now that you know what to include in a maid of honor speech, is there anything you should strictly avoid? When it comes to correct etiquette, keep the following suggestions in mind to ensure your speech is well-received: 

  • Sharing funny stories or gently “roasting” the couple is totally fine if that suits your relationship with them, but steer clear of anything inappropriate, rude, or embarrassing. Remember, there will likely be elderly relatives and important family members in the room, so keep it PG-rated.
  • If you’re not comfortable using jokes or humour, then don’t! It’s better to keep your speech genuine and heartfelt, rather than trying to be funny. Of course, it’s completely okay to include some comedy, but don’t force it unless it’s true to who you are.
  • While you and your BFF probably have a lifetime of inside jokes between you, try to avoid referencing these in your speech. If the majority of wedding guests won’t understand it, it’s probably not worth including.
  • Finally, don’t bring up any old boyfriends or ex-partners! It probably goes without saying, but your maid of honor speech is about celebrating the happy couple – not bringing up unwanted memories from the past.


Maid of Honor Speech Writing Prompts

Still feeling stuck? The best place to start crafting your maid of honor speech is usually with a good brainstorming session. Use these questions and writing prompts to help you get the inspiration flowing:

  • How did you meet the bride? 
  • What was your first impression of her?
  • How has your relationship evolved over the years?
  • What’s your favourite memory with the bride?
  • What’s your funniest story about the bride?
  • What are the bride’s best qualities? How does she demonstrate this?
  • How would you describe the bride in 3 words?
  • How did you meet her partner?
  • What was your first impression of her partner?
  • What are her partner’s best qualities? How do they demonstrate this?
  • How would you describe her partner in 3 words?
  • How did you know her partner was “the one”?
  • How did her partner propose?
  • What do you admire most about the couple?
  • What milestones have the couple celebrated?
  • How has their relationship evolved over the years?
  • Have they overcome any challenges or hardships together?
  • What makes their relationship unique?
  • What’s your favourite memory with the couple?
  • How have they made an impact on your life?
  • What are your hopes for their future together as a married couple?

Once you’ve spent some time answering these prompts, you should have plenty of fantastic material to work with. 


Maid of Honor Speech Examples and Ideas

Now, it’s time to start pulling everything together! Use these maid of honor speech templates and examples below to be inspired:

Maid of Honor Speech Example For Sister:

“Hi everyone. I wanted to start by thanking you all for being here today to celebrate this amazing couple. As most of you know, I’m (Bride’s) little sister, (Name). 

I think we can all agree that (Bride) has a personality like no other. She’s outspoken, feisty, and stubborn – but also the most caring, loyal, and funniest person I’ve ever known. Growing up, we were like two peas in a pod. We were always getting into trouble and causing mischief together – and truthfully, not much has changed! I’ll never forget the time we (insert relevant anecdote), or the time we (insert relevant anecdote). It’s memories like these that make me so thankful to have (Bride) as a sister.

I used to wonder if there would ever be a guy brave enough to handle (Bride). Well, my sister has just tied the knot, and I think she’s found her perfect match in (Partner). (Partner), I couldn’t have chosen anyone better for my big sister. You’re kind, patient, and just the right amount of crazy to fit into our family – as demonstrated by the time you (insert relevant anecdote). Most importantly, you love my sister for who she is – stubbornness and all.

Your commitment to each other inspires me every day, and watching your relationship grow over the years has been so special to witness. I wish you both nothing but the best for the future, and I know you’re going to have some unforgettable adventures together. So, with that, I’d like to invite everyone to raise their glasses for a toast. Here’s to the happy couple!”

Maid of Honor Speech Example for Best Friend:

“Hi everyone. For those who haven’t yet had the chance to meet me, I’m (Name). (Bride) and I have been best friends since college, where we quickly bonded over our shared love for (insert hobbies/interests). 10 years later, and I couldn’t be happier to be standing here today to celebrate the amazing person (Bride) is, and the amazing life she and (Partner) have created together.

There are so many traits that I love about (Bride). First, her wacky sense of humour and ability to find the funny moment in any situation – like the time she (insert relevant anecdote). Secondly, her thoughtfulness and generosity, especially when she (insert relevant anecdote). And finally, her ability to light up any room she walks into. (Bride), you look so beautiful tonight.

Now, onto (Partner). My first impression of (Partner) was that he was incredibly kind, friendly, and humble. All of these things are still true, but as I’ve gotten to know him better, I’ve also seen how hilariously goofy he can be. I’ll never forget when he (insert relevant anecdote). It was then I knew that he was “the one” for my best friend.

(Bride) and (Partner), you complement each other perfectly, and it’s easy to see how crazy you are about each other. I’m so honoured to call you my friends, and I can’t wait to see how you navigate this exciting next chapter together. I’ll leave with you a quote to take with you through marriage: (insert relevant quote). Here’s to (Bride) and (Partner)!”


Nailing Your Wedding Speech

Finally, don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Once you’ve crafted your maid of honor speech, spend some time rehearsing it before the day until you’re comfortable with your delivery. The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel when the big moment comes!

And while the thought of writing a maid of honor speech can definitely be daunting, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Simply speak authentically from the heart, and you can’t go wrong.

Want to be the best maid of honor ever? Read these 13 important maid of honor duties you can’t forget to do !

how to write a good moh speech

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Find a local wedding supplier, ultimate guide: how to write a maid of honour speech.

Modern Wedding Posted: January 15, 2020

So your best gal has asked you to be her maid of honour, how exciting! As you look forward to the incredible tasks of wedding dress shopping, hair trials and of course, planning the hen's party, you realise that you will also have a give a speech! Bit scary right? Well, don't worry, because we have the ultimate guide for how to write the most amazing maid of honour speech!

Write A Maid Of Honour Speech

The True Honour...

Remember the deliciously cringe-worthy maid of honour speech ‘duel’ between characters Annie Walker and Helen Harris in the blockbuster movie Bridesmaids ? While extremely entertaining to watch, it was almost the perfect example of what not to do. This observation may be pretty obvious, but many maids of honour do find themselves scratching their heads wondering what they should say. As a relatively new addition to the wedding speech lineup, the maid of honour speech is somewhat of a blank canvas and the challenge is to not replicate what’s already being covered in other people’s speeches.

For The Expert...

Anita Stevens , Founder of Write It For Me , who specialises in writing customised wedding speeches for members of the bridal party, says the beauty of a maid of honour speech is that without any traditional roots or official ‘duties’ to deliver, the format and approach are pretty flexible. “You can pretty much make it your own, but ultimately you should focus your speech on two things: celebrating your friendship with the bride and celebrating her marriage”, she says. "It doesn’t need to be a tear-jerking, gushing account of how great your friend is. The maid of honour speech can be just as entertaining, heart-warming, and funny as the best man‘s – in fact, I encourage women to really try to give the best man a run for his money in the comedy department and knock it out of the park.” Here’s Anita’s ultimate guide to writing a knockout maid of honour speech!

Introduce yourself...

It might seem like a no-brainer but people often forget to introduce themselves. You need to tell people who you are and explain your relationship to the bride. This gives your speech context and helps people connect with what you’re about to say.

TIP: Don’t feel like you have to open with a joke. There’s nothing worse than leading with a forced joke that falls flat. Your confidence will take a hit and you’ll create an awkward vibe that you may find hard to recover from. Let the speech and the humour build around the stories – don’t force it.

Tell a story...

Like any good story, your speech needs a beginning, middle and an end. A clear, simple structure is like a road map for your audience – it helps them stay on track and if they do get distracted they won’t get lost.

TIP: Try this basic structure for a maid of honour speech.

1.     Introduce yourself – Tell people who you are and your relationship with the bride.

2.     Start with the bride – Talk about why she’s a good person and friend. Don’t just say, “She’s really great”, share a story about why she’s great.

3.     Share the love story – Share your version of how they met. What was her impression? What did she say? How did YOU know she had met The One?

4.     Compliment the groom – Say some nice things about the groom. Why he’s great for your friend, share some of the nice things he does for her.

5.     Celebrate the couple – Why they are great together, how their lives have changed for the better.

6.     Share some words of advice - Wish them wonderful things for the future or offer some pearls of wisdom. You could also insert a quote or poem at this point.

7.     Toast to the bride and groom - Raise your glass and say: “Here’s to the happy couple”, take and sip and you’re all done.

Inject humour but don’t force it...

Working humour into a speech is probably the hardest part. The best way to approach it is to write everything down and then look for the comedy. It might be a story about the bride or how the happy couple met. Comedy is everywhere – look to your stories and friends for inspiration if you’re having trouble.

TIP: If you’re not comfortable telling jokes or being funny then don’t. A genuine heartfelt speech beats try-hard humor every time. Be true to who you are. Oh and avoid internet jokes because a) they’re mostly terrible and b) people have heard them a million times.

Practice but don’t memorise...

Don’t feel you have to memorise your speech because you will only trip yourself up if you try. That’s not to say you shouldn’t practice. You should – a LOT. The trick is to know your speech well enough so that you only need to refer to your notes to jog your memory. The more you can look up and connect with the audience, the better.

TIP: When you practice you must read your speech out loud. You need to get a feel for the rhythm and it will help you weed out any awkward phrases and words that may trip you up.

Go easy on the anecdotes...

One or two anecdotes are enough. Avoid private or in-jokes because you will alienate people in the audience. Even if you fancy yourself as quite the entertainer, one or two good stories told well are much better than five average ones that seem to go on forever.

TIP: Avoid stories about drunken nights out or other really embarrassing moments. A little bit of embarrassment is funny but telling everyone about the time the bride wet her pants at school camp is not a good idea.

Less is more...

There’s nothing worse than a long wedding speech. Weddings guests are there for a good time, not a long time, and chances are you are not the only one speaking at the event. Brevity is good.

TIP: Aim to speak for no longer than five minutes. Any longer and you will probably start to see people looking at their watch or heading for the bar.

Be sure you've got it right - get it written!...

If you’re not a great public speaker or writer, why not hire a professional speechwriter to help you write your speech? Your bride and the guests will appreciate the gesture and you can relax and enjoy the event knowing you have the right words for your friend’s big day. Contact Anita at Write It For Me.

Most of all, remember a wedding is a happy occasion and the audience is having fun and they WANT you to succeed – so have some fun with it!

how to write a good moh speech

Via Dos And Don'ts Of Wedding Speeches

Special thanks to Anita Stevens for sharing how to write the perfect maid of honour speech! You can contact her [email protected] or connect with her on Facebook .

how to write a good moh speech

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How to Write a Maid of Honour Speech: A Wedding Editor's Guide

Been asked to give a maid of honour speech? Our Editor explains how to give the perfect speech as a bridesmaid, with expert tips from speech writing pros

Mark Horton Photos

I’ve been working in weddings now for over 10 years, and in that time, I’ve read more wedding speeches than I dare to count. I’m fluent in cheesy puns, sentimental toasts and eye-roll inducing anecdotes, but I don’t get to see many maid of honour speeches .

I love everything about weddings - except for how silent women usually are during them. Give me bride speeches , give me maid of honour speeches and a tribute from the mother of the bride! So when my sister asked me to give a maid of honour speech at her wedding, I was delighted.

Just one problem - I didn’t know where to start. How do you write a maid of honour speech? I’m going to tell you everything I learned about giving a maid of honour speech, including expert tips from pro speech writer Heidi Ellert-McDermott from Speechy . 

Does the Maid of Honour Give a Speech?

Traditionally, the maid of honour doesn’t give a speech at a wedding - but what is tradition, really? Just peer pressure from dead old guys - the kind of dead old guys who didn’t like it when women spoke up.

So you can absolutely give a maid of honour speech! And you should, even if it’s just to annoy the dead old guys. 

How to Write a Maid of Honour Speech?

The hardest thing I found about writing a speech as a bridesmaid was that there wasn’t a template. Don’t get me wrong, we have lots of lovely maid of honour speech examples to inspire you, but unlike the speeches for the best man , the groom etc., there’s no formula in place for who you thank, or who you’re supposed to toast.

In fact, it’s all so neatly divided up in the order of wedding speeches for the men, that actually if you go into that territory, you’re probably stepping on someone’s toes and usurping their speech.

So, with that in mind, I asked to go first - that allowed the traditional wedding speech order to remain mostly unchanged, and it meant that I got the floor first for all the jokes. Sneaky, I know. 

Wedding speech expert Heidi advises: “Discuss the length of your speech with the nearlyweds before you start writing it. You never want to go over ten minutes (about 1,300 words including room for laughter) but you may want to go significantly shorter if there are more than the usual three speakers at the wedding and the speeches are scheduled one after the other.

“Of course, while you always want to leave people wanting more, you’re probably short-changing the bride if your speech is less than 750 words. You need enough time to be sentimental, humorous and tell a few classic anecdotes.”

How to Start a Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour Speech

“Don’t get sucked into thinking you need to go overly formal. No need for a ‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen’; a ‘hello everyone’ sets a friendlier tone,” recommends Heidi.

I did introduce myself as the sister of the bride when giving my speech, but actually as I looked around the room I realised I probably didn’t need to as I knew everyone there - if it's a smaller, intimate setting or there’s an MC, you don’t need to waste your word count on this. 

I followed Heidi’s advice to not bother “mentioning the lovely venue, or any other wedding-waffle,” as I knew that would come in the later speeches.

What to Include in a Maid of Honour Speech

Heidi recommends that a good maid of honour or bridesmaid speech should include the following: 

Stories: Think about a couple of classic anecdotes that illustrate the bride’s funniest and best qualities and quirks in action.

Humour: You might not think you’re a naturally funny person but that’s still no excuse for not trying to get some giggles. While you don’t have the pressure of the best man, having a few funny lines in your speech makes it more entertaining and memorable. Humour also makes people like you more – especially self-deprecating humour.

Meaningful Tributes: Observe your friend in action and spot the behaviours that make you love her as much as you do. As well as paying tribute to your friend, make sure you also pay tribute to their spouse. Talk about why they make the perfect couple and your hopes for their future together.

Making Your Maid of Honour Speech Funny

mark horton photos

I started my maid of honour speech for my sister with a funny but sentimental tribute to her and her partner - I talked about how much I’d enjoyed my experience in a jokey, light-hearted way (saying I got to walk down the aisle with a nice dress and flowers, but no wedding planning stress or financial burdens), and led into how I’d finally got the brother I’d always wished for in my new brother-in-law, which resulted in a surprise round of applause breaking out. 

As I knew going too sentimental would make me well up - and I had expensive false lashes to think of - I very quickly pivoted into a funny story from our childhood, complete with a retro 90s prop I’d sourced from eBay to lean into the gag. 

I made sure the anecdote had a purpose though - as well as making everyone laugh, it did demonstrate some of my sister’s character traits, and I was able to link them to her relationship, and use it as a basis for some marriage advice. 

Don’t believe the rumour that only the best man can have a funny speech - people at weddings want to have a laugh, so you can put some wedding jokes in there, or hilarious personal anecdotes, as your audience will be keen to laugh with you.

How to End a Maid of Honour Speech

It’s traditional to end your maid of honour speech with a toast - obviously all wedding speeches have set people you’re meant to toast, but I didn’t really mind if I stepped on anyone’s toes here, after all, the newlyweds can’t be toasted too much on their wedding day!

I couldn’t resist a little cheesy gag (they’re for everyone, not just best men!) so I urged everyone to stand, ‘for my standing ovation,’ before asking them to raise their glasses to the bride and groom. 

I tied the toast into my anecdote to make it more personal, choosing to say: “May you always admit when you are wrong, and may you never share a bath. To Sops and Sam!” You’ll have to read my maid of honour speech to get that joke…

Personalising the toast and bringing it back to something you’ve spoken about it your speech is a great way to set it apart from all the toasts that will follow, or have come before. 

Reflecting on my experience of giving a speech as a bridesmaid, I’d say the part I thought would be the hardest - not having a template - actually turned out to be the most liberating bit. 

You don’t have to get tied up in thank yous and compliments, instead, you can speak from the heart. And let’s face it, for all the funny stories a best man can tell, we just know the female best friend or sister of the bride is sitting on an absolute goldmine.

Discover the absolute best wedding toasts here, now you know how to write your speech!

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