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Top 40 Content Writer Interview Questions and Answers to Know Before Your Next Interview

content writing exam questions

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If we discuss the Content Writer Interview Questions pattern, so we can observe these days content writers hired by different industries like educational, medical, technical, pharmacy, entertainment, and a lot more.

The level of the interview depends from organization to organization and the questions and rounds are based on the company you are interviewed for.

If a candidate is facing the interview of any leading MNC (Multinational Corporation) like Oracle, Accenture, Infosys, KPMG: assure that you need to face multiple rounds to be a part of such companies.

These organizations usually conduct 4-5 rounds of interviews which complete within 4-5 days.

Companies test the different sets of skills possessed by candidates like interest in writing, grammar knowledge, expertise in the domain, working experience, company knowledge, proofreading and above the communication skills.

They offer good packages so they need to select the best talent.

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If it’s an interview with a small company or any growing organization, set of questions and rounds are a bit easier.

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They usually conduct 2-3 rounds of interviews within 2-3 days and declare the results on the spot or within a day all kinds of interviews are usually either face to face or by a telephonic call with HR of the company.

Content Writers need to prepare themselves with a strong introduction and resume. This is sector growing day by day so students can seek better opportunities with this by their writing skills and innovative mind.

Content writing is quite a popular career choice and an interesting job today. If you are planning to face Content Writer Interview Questions then you need to be perfect in answers to your questions raised by HR. Here is the list of questions and answers what u need to read before appearing for an interview.

These are the frequent set of Content Writer Interview Questions asked by the candidates.

1. how would you identify your target audience to achieve the goals.

The answer to this Content Writer Interview Questions: Target audience plays an important role in every field so it is necessary to identify them by understanding their preference, taste, and needs.

Along with that, I will review the data collected by the marketing and sales team, and discussion with an analyst can also be useful in this research.

2. What are the main components of good web content?

Post graduate program in content writing.

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content writing exam questions

• Usefulness: Web content must be written properly by knowing ‘ what the reader wants’ as well written content is one of the essential components of web content.

• Engagement: It is very significant to make an engaging read like content must comprise the proper content structure, proper headlines, images, videos and infographics to make it worth reading.

• Marketing objective: The objective of writing the content must be define so that the content meets the demands of the organization and particular product.

• Credibility: the information and the data being use in an article must be from a genuine source. Any kind of mistake or wrongdoing in this can have a terrible effect on an organization’s management.

So, it is of prime importance to provide authentic information at every step.

3. How would you decide the topic to write on for an organization’s growth?

The possible answer to this Content Writer Interview Questions: Deciding on a good topic is always challenging for content writers. It is important to do identification and analysis of various things which are mentioned below

• Identifying the audience and their needs. • Research keywords. • Analyzing conversation on social media. • Doing competitors analysis.

By following all these steps, the content writer should try to write with their best efforts to have a long-lasting impact on readers.

4. What are the different types of content writing you know?

Answer: Well, there are different forms of content writing popular these days.

• Website content • Copywriting • Digital marketing content • Blogging • Branding content • Technical content

5. What do you know about SEO writing?

These kinds of Content Writer Interview Questions should be answerd: SEO stands for search engine optimization and is one of the significant concepts today. It defines the process of creating and attractively optimizing the content with the primary goal of ranking on the top in search engines like Google.

There are various tips and techniques to follow while SEO writing as it’s a specialized art. It uses different techniques than the other forms of writing like blogging and copywriting and needs to apply carefully to get listing on leading top engines.

6. How would you ensure the credibility of the content you will publish?

So, I would gather the data from genuine sources like journals, published researches, magazines and books which can help me to achieve the goals and meet the expectations of the company.

7. What do you know about the content management system?

Answer: I understand, as a content writer good writing skills and creativity are paramount.

I am well aware and familiar with content management systems like WordPress, Joomla as I have used these for various content management activities. Based on my experience, I find these very useful for writing.

8. How to examine the performance of content?

Answer: The definition of successful content differs from organization to organization. It varies depending upon the factors like target audience marketing strategies and objectives.

However, there are some ways to do analysis and judge the performance of online content

• Traffic: users like no. of visitors on the page and page views which means that no. of times visitors view your page. • Engagement: how many have liked, commented and shared that page. • Search engine optimization: how many people view that by searching on search engines • Conversions: how many people are clicking the link and reading more

9. How do you manage the deadlines?

Managing deadlines In all organizations is always challenging. Punctuality in every aspect plays a vital role.

It doesn’t matter how good and creative you are at writing, but completing the project and work within the stipulated time is extremely important. Indeed, the content writer should also be ready to meet emergency deadlines.

Answer: I m always careful and punctual in my work. I like to work regularly and systematically from the very first day.

Along with that, I believe in maintaining a proper schedule according to priorities to carry the work smoothly. In case of emergency, I never mind in rolling up my sleeves to work hard as this hard work can achieve the objectives set by the organization.

10. What is the way to use keywords in writing to impact the audience?

Answer: Keywords need to be effective while writing. A content writer needs to use the right keywords at the right place and in the right frequencies.

So, I keep in mind all the keywords bring used while writing and practice this from the sample to use it in the right way.

Apart from this, I also use the most popular tools for keywords research like Google AdWords, KWfinder.

11. How would you do social media marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the best ways these days to promote sales and convince the customer as this is use by a huge population.

Social media marketing via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are especially very prominent in this technical era. Answer: I will like to use social media marketing to promote business but in my point of view detail content on social media is not beneficial as people use it differently.

The content to be use here is different from content on websites, blogging and technical content. So, content here must be short, effective, eye-catching and informative to impact the readers.

Informal content and use of videos and images telling about the product will be more effective on such platforms.

12. How do you approach a new project?

Content writer interview always includes such questions to know about your writing content strategy. All want to hire a systematic worker who can plan and write in a proper sequence.

Answer: As I will be assigned a writing project, first I will conduct keywords research with different tools to use the right keywords and then decide the target audience and tone of the article.

After these basic steps, the point comes from the collection of authentic data and information. I would collect information from various sources like the internet, library books, movies, newspapers, documentaries and journals.

After this, I would start writing the article with my best efforts by using information and images. As my write up gets complete, I will run them through various checking software to make it worth it.

I will use Grammarly for grammar checking and then I will use plagiarism checking software like Copyscape to check plagiarism percentage. If both of these software give good results, then I will go further to submit the article.

13. What major difference do you find between a content and a copy?

Answer: A content is an article that is published in a general way and completely unbias. They do not directly promote the business or product of the firm but provide complete information.

A copy is different than this and directly related to the marketing concept and promotes the business and product in the best way. So, both are important for meeting the expectations of business and making long-lasting impacts.

14. What is the difference between an article and a blog?

Answer: The language and tone of an article are always formal and not personal. It is mainly for providing information and giving news. Blog, on the other hand, is informal and personal. Many people use blogs to express their opinions, experience and knowledge.

15. Explain the different types of writing ?

Answer: Well, there are four types of writing

• Narrative style writing • Persuasive style writing • Descriptive style writing • Expository style writing

16. What do you know about different genres?

Answer: There are different genres categories in my knowledge

• Newspapers • Science fiction • Mystery • Thriller • Detective • Western

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17. How do you carry with the proofreading process?

Answer: Proofreading is of prime importance while publishing content in different forms. There are various steps to be followed for the proofreading process

• Read the content loudly and carefully • Focus on the keywords. • Read the entire page twice and all the paragraphs. • Check the spellings. • Will focus on the content structure of the entire page. • Keep the hard of the page to match with the soft copies content. • Rectify grammatical errors.

18. Which format of writing do you prefer the most?

Answer: Every writer has his/ her preferences and interests. So different writers choose different styles of writing. I like to be creative and always keen to explore something new in my writing skills and prefer to write in a new format.

I follow the freestyle writing pattern. This is the most comfortable pattern to me along with all the components of the basic structure. So, I write in the pattern according to situations and target audience.

19. How do you make the content reader-friendly and distinguished?

Answer: Good content has many elements. While writing up, we need to consider various factors by catering to the needs of the reader and writing in an impressive way. It must be engaging and useful for readers with proper information, images, and infographics.

20. How can the content be made SEO friendly?

Answer: Search Engine Optimization is a very important technique of content writing to rank the content on the top. So it can be made friends with various ways

• Plagiarism should be nil or below 10% • No grammatical errors or any other mistakes. • External and internal links must be embraced for engagement and increasing web traffic. • Exact use of keywords and key phrases with the help of research tools. • Content must cater to the needs of the reader.

21. How would you check the performance and response of the content u wrote?

Answer: Checking the performance and response is extremely important in this regard. So, I will check my content response through various ways like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google analytics.

• Facebook can show me the users who have liked and shared my article. This is the right way to check the interests and choice of people and own performance.

• Analytics can be helpful to inspect the number of page views. • Twitter account to see the tweets who cite this post.

• Search engine by writing my keywords can tell whether my published content is on the top or not. • Instagram page can also depict results.

Here, we can see that content writer interview demands such questions and answers must be given properly and honestly.

 There are more questions whose probability us also the same to be asked which we shall discuss before heading for a job interview.

The above-mentioned topics and questions are a significant part of the content writing job, so they must be prepared well and presented beautifully while facing Content Writer Interview Questions.

Now, we will discuss some other basic and common Content Writer Interview Questions mostly asked.

1. tell me something about yourself/ introduce yourself.

Answer: This is one of the most common interview questions raised. This must be answered carefully and honestly. This is generally asked to know about you but not about your details.

Many candidates hesitate while telling this answer rather than telling their details of work and professional life.

 Nothing to be afraid in this regard. You can always tell your answers by beginning with name, hometown and then qualifications especially your graduation and school life, hobbies and then move towards your work experience and professional life.

This is the way you should cover the answer. If an interviewer asks you some family details then you can answer otherwise it’s not mandatory.

2. What is your strength and weakness? OR What are your strong and weak points?

Answer: This question needs to be answered with proper attention as it’s quite a relevant question to convey a good impression from starting.

Strong points you can tell like discipline, punctuality, innovation and creativity, organic SEO writing, consistency, teamwork, coordination.

The weak points need to answer in such a manner that they seem like your strong ones or you can tell them there are a few areas in which you need improvement.

You can start this by quoting ‘ I have some areas of improvement like exploring new things and new writing formats is always my desire but couldn’t do successfully yet’. So, this answer must be handled carefully.

3. What was your role in your previous company?

Answer: This is the question raised in a content writer interview from those who have content writer experience with them. If you have written on different topics and formats then can add that as an experienced holder of such practices.

Apart from the writing part, you can also specify other responsibilities like collecting authentic data, proofreading, keywords search, URL suggestions, title tags, content selection and other related terms you can add.

4. Do you have examples of your previous work?

Answer: This question is asked to check the status of your work. We must keep handy all the records of our past work and write-ups in the form of articles, blogs, SEO writing, proofreading and so on.

Posting articles on various topics like technology, travel and tourism, food, education on varied sites like Hubpages, Buskia can work out to be very effective while answering these Content Writer Interview Questions.

5. Why did you choose content writing field / What motivated you to become a writer?

Answer: This is an interesting question for all candidates and pretty easy to answer. U can answer it in this way, ‘ I have had a keen interest in writing since my childhood and always want to explore more and more about writing skills and format to be unique.

 I got motivated towards this when I won the writing competition thrice in my school days. Writing good content is my passion.

6. Where do you see yourself in the coming 5 years?

Answer: This question is futuristic. One can answer according to his way and thinking power.

The answer which can impact listeners can be, ‘ I see myself a successful and recognized content writer with deep experience in a leading company who can write excellent content and help it to rank on the top in search engines.

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7. Do you read books, what kind of books catch your attention?

Answer: Being a content writer, you must show your interest in reading books of popular writers and other categories.

Your answer should be, ‘ I love reading books based on different topics but I love reading about traveling blogs and books giving information about popular traveling and tourist spots as I love to explore. Apart from this, I have a great interest in reading novels based on real stories.

8. Why do you want to leave your current job and switch to new?

Answer: Be well prepared to answer this. I want to switch to get better opportunities in terms of packages, learning aspects and brand name of the company.

9. How would you promote the content once it gets published?

Answer: Every company whether big, small, growing or start-ups always want their content to be promoted and responded well. Indeed, all want their employee to be an ideal candidate who is multi-talented and knows the other basic areas of interest.

The following can be a good answer to this question :

• Sharing content through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. • Reaching out to online influencers for promotion. • Using other multiple channels to do marketing.

10. How many articles you can write comfortably per week?

Answer: It depends upon the capacity of the individual and word count of articles. One should not lie while telling this simply to impress an interviewer.

Articles written in 500 words per week are equal to 1 article of 2000 words. So, u can tell exactly according to your skills, interests and capability to handle the work assigned.

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11. What do you mean by white paper?

Answer: White paper is an authoritative document and report intended to inform proper to the reader and organization about technical information. It conveys the complex terms into simpler ones that can be easily understood.

The frequency to write it depends upon the work of the organization. It explains how the technology works systematically.

12. What kind of format is used for sending information within an organization?

Answer: It is necessary to send information and communicate well inside an organization so, we generally use memos to send information and other communication purposes.

13. How can you contribute to our organization to grow?

Answer: This question is raised to know about the potential of candidates. One must answer by thinking it twice.

A possible answer to this: ‘ I always meet my deadlines and convey the information at the right time. I follow an approach that is simple and easy to comprehend.

Along with that, I m always interested to come up with my creative skills.

14. How will you manage feedback and criticism in the working environment?

Answer: The purpose of this question is to test and know about your behavioral traits and patience.

You should be confident that you write and publish the best content from your side, but, you are not stubborn to make changes. You must be flexible while these situations occur.

Possible answer: I understand that making errors is human nature.

Indeed, I make mistakes sometimes in understanding the expectations or the company’s briefings and information, but in such cases, I would always have to coordinate with my team members and follow suggestions by seniors to avoid mistakes in the future.

15. Do you prefer working in a team or independently?

Answer: This can be answered according to your experience and personal choice. Usually, a fresher in this field would feel better to work in a team where we can easily learn from others and discuss things.

An experienced person may prefer working independently as overtime one becomes a quick learner.

Thoughts you get when you are a first time content writer

So, here we can conclude that content writer interview questions from a personal perspective, course-related and others are discussed entirely. These all form of questions are common and important in content writer interview from all organizational point of view.


We can conclude that content writing is a prominent industry these days, it requires the writer to be consistent, engaging, and qualitative to produce the content.

All these factors are significant to determine the growth and success of the business. The search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique is that important part of writing which impacts the targeted audience.

Content writing is the foundation of digital marketing. For the purpose of Content Writer Interview Questions.

It is suggested to prepare according to the above-mentioned questions and topics.In this guide, we have covered many common interview questions that are likely to be asked when searching for content writer job.

All the questions related to your past and current writing profile and the written test are the crucial parts in determining candidate’s interview success and compensation package.

So, it is very necessary to impress the interviewer with your words answers and writing style. One must be honest and truthful while telling about past experiences and updated knowledge.

We hope that this documentation will assist and guide you for heading interview of a content writer without any hurdles and obstacles if you prepare well according to these specified questions.

These interviews questions are relevant for freshers as well as experienced candidates in different organizations.

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We wish you good luck to be confident and keep your spirits high while you face Content Writer Interview Questions.

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Want to hire the best Content Writer? Use our expert Content Writer skills test to hire the best person and never make another bad hire.

Content writing involves creating relevant and informative content for a business to post online, in print, or to share with its stakeholders. The content should be written to achieve marketing strategies and promote the business and its products/services. Content writers can create a variety of content for a business such as blog posts, web pages, social media posts, email communications, and more.

This Content Writer test assesses whether job candidates research and create engaging written content for digital and print media. This includes content writing, project management, and culture fit.

Candidates who perform well on this Content Writer skills assessment will have all the technical skills to produce innovative and relevant written content. They will also have the necessary soft skills to collaborate and work with other team members to ensure that they understand the brief and desired outcomes.

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Frequently asked questions.

A content writer skills assessment is a way for employers to gauge whether or not a candidate has the skills necessary to be a successful content writer. By asking a series of questions about topics such as grammar, style, and research, employers can get a better sense of whether or not the candidate has the expertise required to produce high-quality content. Additionally, a content writer skills assessment can also help employers to identify areas where the candidate may need additional training. Ultimately, by taking the time to administer a content writer skills assessment, employers can ensure that they are hiring the best possible candidate for the job.

Vervoe can help test the skills of a content writer candidate such as grammar, spelling, tone of voice, and structure. An ideal content writer needs to have a keen understanding of how to capture an audience’s attention and communicate complex ideas in an accessible and engaging way. They must also be able to work efficiently and effectively, often under tight deadlines. A good writer also needs to have strong research skills, as they will often need to gather information from a variety of sources before crafting their piece. They should also be familiar with SEO best practices, as this can help to ensure that their work is seen by as many people as possible. Finally, a good writer may need to have social media skills, as they will often need to promote their work across different platforms.

A Content Writer online test is a great way to improve the recruitment process, helping to identify potential candidates with the right skills and qualifications, and allowing employers to assess their writing ability and style. In addition, a Content Writer online test can help to identify any areas where candidates may need further training or development. As a result, a Content Writer online test is an essential tool for any employer looking to improve their recruitment process. By using a Content Writer online test, employers can save time and money, while also ensuring that they hire the best possible employees for their business.

We offer assessments for any stage of your hiring process.

Top of Funnel: Screen candidates at the top of the funnel with interactive multiple choice questions that include multi media choices. You’ll be able to test knowledge quickly and keep candidates engaged. Assessments are quick to complete ~20min

Mid Funnel: Combine a variety of question types like multiple choice with media, video responses to see how they communicate and a couple of presentation or spreadsheet questions to dig deeper into their technical knowledge. Assessments take ~40min to complete.

Bottom Funnel : A great opportunity to focus on a single outcome and test extensively with a more elaborate question and some documentation around the process. Assessments take ~ 1.5 hrs to complete.

Combining a detailed Content Writer job description with a Content Writer skills assessment can help to identify the specific skills and knowledge required for the job, and can streamline the candidate selection process. By writing a clear and concise job description, hiring managers can attract the right Content Writer candidates for each role.

Vervoe's comprehensive recruitment guide on how to hire a Content Writer provides a competency framework that maps out the core job-related hard skills and soft skills required for success in the Content Writer role. A Content Writer recruitment guide helps understand the hiring process of building the ideal candidate profile, writing an accurate job description based on skills, selecting the ideal candidate, interviewing top performers, and making a job offer.

Vervoe is the most sophisticated skill testing recruitment software on the market. It uses advanced machine learning to create tailored skills assessments that are instantly auto-gradable, allowing companies to test candidates for any skill, and automatically grade their response at any scale.

Vervoe’s automated AI-powered screening leads to 90% reduction in time to hire , and 67% fewer interviews per hire .

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content writing exam questions

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You’ll Love These 9 Top Content Writing Practice Exercises

In this article, we feature 9 content writing practice exercises that can help you improve your craft.

Content writing describes the art of producing articles, blog posts, stories, eBooks, web pages, and even books about a particular topic, web drives and content.

And there are more writing job opportunities than ever for content writers today.

But what type of exercises should you practice if you want to improve your writing skills, become a better writer and earn more from clients?

1. Learn a Copywriting Hook

2. write and publish one blog post ever day, 3. rewrite old content, 4. create content for a different genre or niche, 5. copyedit your work, 6. use writing prompts, 7. learn an seo tool, 8. write catchy headline, 9. change up your writing style, content writing practice exercises: the final word, further resources.

You'll Love These 9 Top Content Writing Practice Exercises-FB

Copywriting describes writing words that sell. It could be a sales page, a sales letter, email marketing campaign or landing page. Good copywriters get six and seven figures a year for their work.

It takes a long time to become a profitable copywriter, but studying popular copywriting frameworks will help you build better writing muscles.

One particular easy to use copywriting framework is the Problem-Agitate Solution copywriting formula .

Introduce a problem. Agitate the problem by explaining why it matters. Solve the problem for readers.

This copywriting framework is a great content writing exercise for introducing your articles, stories, or even chapters in your book.

If you’d like to learn more copywriting framework exercises, reading a great copywriting book helps too.

Read our guide: What Is a Copywriter?

wordpress, blogging, blogger

It doesn’t have to be an epic guide. Start small. Start with 300 words.

Answering Quora questions and blogging about your chosen industry on Medium exposes your writing to more potential clients and helps build a portfolio.

If you’re a new content writer, this strategy helps cultivate a habit of writing every day and learn more about writing engaging content. Plus, you can add to pieces over time and build a library of content.

With Medium, in particular, it’s relatively easy for a consistent content writer to start earning a couple of hundred dollars each month by publishing their blog posts and articles. Newsbreak is another good place to try.

Read our guide to making money on Medium .

If you’ve been writing content or practicing content writing exercises for a while now, take an old piece of writing from a few years ago that didn’t work. Ask yourself:

  • What’s wrong with the article?
  • How can I improve it?
  • What keywords should I include?
  • What reader questions can I address?
  • Can I use some statistics?
  • How can I improve the introduction or include a more compelling call to action at the end of the article.

You can also use this exercise on your best writing or piece of content from a few years ago. Updating older popular blog posts and articles with fresh content, insights, and stats is a surefire way to rank higher in Google search results. Content writers behind big blogs do this all the time.

A niche describes the topic or industry that a website is focused on. Example of popular online niches include:

  • Health and fitness
  • Food and drinks
  • Personal development

If you’ve spent a couple of years writing in a particular niche, for example, health and fitness, perhaps you could try writing in a different niche like personal development.

A new niche encourages content writers to refine their craft and work outside their comfort zone for potentially more profitable clients.

Good content writers can capture the attention of readers with captivating hooks, stories and even concise language. On the other hand, nothing deters readers like clumsy and awkward written sentences.

If you need help improving sentence structure, consider using a good grammar checker. It will help you find and fix typos, and other missed mistakes.

These best grammar checkers are also helpful if you want to cut down the word count. They’ll highlight needless adjectives and adverbs. They also help with changing sentences from the passive voice to the active voice.

101 Writing Prompts

Fiction writers traditionally use writing prompts to overcome common problems like writer’s block and work through a writing a first draft .

Content writers can use writing prompts too. I recommend use a question and site like Quora or a tool like Answer the Public or Buzzsumo.

These sites and tools reveal real-world questions people are asking… and about your niche!

Simply, enter a topic related to your discipline and read through the questions. Pick one, use it as your first sentence or as a type of content writing prompt.

Now, start writing and keep going for at least fifteen. Don’t stop to edit the first draft until the time elapses.

Want to learn more? Read our guide to freewriting.

I’m always amazed when content writers claim they don’t need to worry about learning search engine optimisation or SEO. These tools reveal the simple terms and language readers use about a particular topic. And they also explain what types of questions to answer.

Sure, creating content is creative but apply a little rigour. You’re not writing a short story for a judge, you’re writing for an online audience!

The next time you write a piece of content, spend five minutes research your target keyword (using Google Keyword Planner) and competing content.

If you’re a more experienced content writer, invest in proven SEO tools like Clearscope or AHREFs. A content writer who brings the rigor of SEO to their next pitch will stand a far better chance of getting the job than a freelance writer who relies on gut feel.

Headline writing is a distinct discipline for content marketing professionals and writers. But a headline can also make or break a piece of content. Instead of relying on the first headline that comes to mind, write 5-10 headlines for every article you write.

Insert a keyword into the headline and also use a powerword .

If you’re a blogger using WordPress, an SEO tool like Rank Math can help you check your headline before publishing it. Alternative, consider using CoSchedule Analyzer or Buzzsumo to deconstruct popular headlines in your niche. I also recommend building a personal swipe file of headlines you like and referring to it often.

Do readers or clients like articles written from the first person or the third person? Or do they prefer blog posts that have lots of statistics, imagery, and videos? Or how about real-world storytelling?

Writing a listicle today doesn’t mean you have to stick to that format tomorrow. Good content creators can take a single a piece of content and spin it into many variations and formats. Content marketing involves taking one piece of content and tailoring for specific audiences.

For example, a long form article can also work as an Amazon Kindle book chapter, an email series or a Tweetstorm. You could also create a photo essay of your work.

Consistency builds competency. Spent more time on content creation and you’ll build up those writing muscles.

These content writing exercises will help you figure out the types of contents readers want and clients expect. Plus, these exercises will help you hone a catch writing style.

All you have to do is open up the blank page and start writing.

Effective Writing Tips 101+ Writing Prompts to Conquer Writer’s Block

content writing exam questions

Bryan Collins is the owner of Become a Writer Today. He's an author from Ireland who helps writers build authority and earn a living from their creative work. He's also a former Forbes columnist and his work has appeared in publications like Lifehacker and Fast Company.

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How to assess content writer skills

how to assess content writer skills graphic

Content writers contribute to multiple aspects of a business. They use the written word to raise brand awareness, establish brand voice, describe company values, educate consumers, increase visibility online, and foster better communication .

But only some content writers can deliver the informative, original, and thought-provoking content companies need to build customer engagement, beat the competition, and drive the business forward. 

It takes individuals with a unique skill set to generate high-quality content that attracts your target audience and aligns with their needs. How can you determine if your candidates have these skills?

From idea generation to best SEO practices, this article shares essential skills to consider when hiring content writers and the benefits they can bring to your business. It also covers the specific skills tests you can use to assess your content writer candidates, such as an SEO copywriting skills test .

Table of contents

What is a content writer skills assessment , why are content writing skills important , what skills and traits are important for content writing , skills and traits tests , content writer skills assessment faqs, how testgorilla can help you find a skilled content writer , start the search to find your next content writer with testgorilla.

A content writer skills assessment is a skills-based hiring technique to help you recruit the best talent. Finding the most suitable candidate can be time-consuming for an employer or recruiter. Reading resumes and conducting interviews can reduce your time for onboarding or other duties, especially when the position attracts hundreds of candidates.

The assessment of content writing skills comprises tests that help reduce the candidate pool quickly. Only those with the specialist requirements for the role make it to the interview stage, where you can get to know them better and learn more about their skills. Ultimately, the assessment will reveal if your applicants can:

Write clearly and concisely using straightforward language 

Create engaging and informative content backed by credible sources

Research content topics thoroughly but promptly

Adapt to different writing styles, audiences, and brand tone of voice 

Optimize content using search engine optimization best practices to increase visibility in search engines and drive traffic to your website

There are plenty more tools you can use, too. You can create assessments that include tests or questions specific to the role you’re trying to fill. For example, if you’re hiring for a content marketing role, you might prefer a candidate who can handle marketing analytics to improve their content through data-driven insights. In this case, the Marketing Analytics test is valuable.

A content writer assessment can also include tests to measure soft skills, such as adaptability, creativity, and collaboration. These qualities ensure your writers can work on various projects and work well in a team, communicating effectively with editors, graphic designers, marketers, and anybody responsible for delivering outstanding content.

Hiring a skilled content writer brings countless benefits to your company, whether it's a startup business or a digital marketing agency supplying content to clients on a global scale. Here are some reasons why content writing skills are vital regardless of company size.

The quality of writing is better

Hiring a content writer with relevant skills, such as attention to detail and creativity, is one way to ensure your company consistently delivers quality-rich content for your target audience. A strong candidate will have a natural flair for writing, including the ability to:

Use grammar and punctuation correctly

Spell correctly according to the client’s location

Structure the content appropriately to ensure readability 

When you hire a candidate with these skills, it’s easier to share your company’s message, establish your brand identity, and create a positive impression of your company to readers. 

For example, suppose you’re a small business offering vegan-friendly skincare products made from all-natural ingredients. A content writer can use their talent for communicating and storytelling to convey your business’s commitment to ethical practices, highlighting the benefits of using your creations.

It saves time and resources 

Recruiting skilled content writers is more efficient because delivering quality content reduces editing time. A candidate without advanced writing skills is more likely to produce poor content. That poor-quality content means you or your other employees must spend time editing the piece. 

Although you can fix spelling and grammar mistakes reasonably quickly, these minutes add up over the week. Some articles may require a complete rewrite to meet quality standards, adding more time.

Having a skilled content writer saves resources because you can delegate all writing tasks to that employee, giving the rest of your team more time to work on other projects. It streamlines your content creation system, minimizes revisions, ensures the team meets deadlines, and enables your company’s system to function perfectly.

A skilled content writer can establish you as an expert 

Content writers are the team members providing your target audience with information about your company, its mission, and various topics that help your brand remain relevant and worthy of readers’ attention. Choosing a skilled content writer ensures you convey the correct message and provide compelling and fact-led information. 

When content writers share this valuable knowledge, it helps to establish your company and its team as experts in the field. For example:

Suppose a software development company wants to position itself as an expert in the tech sector. The recruitment team hires a skilled content writer to create expert guides for their blog, for example, a how-to guide on mastering software development. 

Using research skills to study the latest trends and developments in the sector, the writer produces an insightful, easy-to-understand guide that quickly gains traction among software developers. The company’s reputation strengthens because industry peers trust the content.

Skills in content writing drive traffic to your site 

A candidate with SEO copywriting skills, such as the knowledge to use keyword research and meta tags, can drive more organic traffic to your company website because their content ranks higher in search engine results. 

This result improves the content’s visibility, which means more people will see your website and discover your business, increasing the opportunity to drive sales and business growth. 

In addition to SEO practices, skilled candidates can create high-quality content that drives traffic because people share the content. One client might read your website’s content, recognize its value, and share it online with friends and social media followers. 

Good content can humanize your business 

People struggle to connect with faceless companies because there is no human connection. Customers and clients who can’t connect with you are less likely to trust your products or services. Being transparent with your audience is essential, and content writers can help.

Hiring a candidate with advanced content writing skills can help you create an authentic connection with your audience, and according to Stackla data, 90% of consumers believe authenticity is important when determining which brands they like and support.

Pie chart good content can humanize your business

Skilled writers can build these connections through empathy, storytelling, and relatable messaging in their content. They can craft content that resonates with the reader, driving audience engagement. 

User engagement is great for exposure because it encourages people to interact with your company, for example, through the comments section or by sharing your company’s articles online.

Fosters trust and loyalty 

Building trust and loyalty with customers, clients, and stakeholders is crucial for any company, whatever products or services you sell. 72% of business leaders consider trust in the company to be the most vital factor when buying a product or service, according to the 2020 Customer Service Index report from Five9.

Skilled applicants can help you build trust and loyalty using skills like communication and thorough research to show authority and expertise in their writing. When content is correct, insightful, and valuable, it positions your company as a credible source providing knowledge that people can rely on. They can also instill trust when they:

Are transparent about the company’s strengths and weaknesses

Are consistent in content creation and tone of voice across all company channels, including the website and social media platforms

Produce unbiased content to align with ethical practices

Use a customer-centric approach to show care toward customers

Provide evidence of company success in their writing, for example, through customer reviews

When assessing content writing candidates, you must consider some essential skills and traits. To perform in the role, your next content writer needs job-specific skills, including technical skills like computer literacy and proficiency in word processing applications. They also need personality traits like curiosity and willingness to learn. 

Look for the following hard and soft skills in your talent pool.

Strong writing skills

First and foremost, a content writer must have excellent writing skills to produce high-quality content for your company. These skills include using grammar and punctuation correctly, writing clearly and concisely, using uncomplicated language, and avoiding jargon.

Poor-quality content negatively impacts your company’s image, undermining your credibility and professionalism. 

For example, suppose you’re a skincare brand, and your writer publishes an article promoting your new anti-aging moisturizer. 

If the content is full of typos, lacks scientific research, and doesn’t include essential information like the ingredients and their purpose, readers are unlikely to buy your product because they can’t take your company seriously.

Content writers who deliver concise, actionable, subject-specific information that includes examples, call to action, and case studies are likelier to engage your target market because it’s trustworthy and relevant. 


A content writer’s workload can differ daily, depending on factors influencing deadlines, such as campaigns and news stories. They might have manageable days and days that require a fast turnaround of content to meet unexpected deadlines.

Content writers working for agencies with multiple clients must switch between projects, adapting their writing style and tone to match individual projects. 

For example, a recruitment company might use a formal and matter-of-fact tone of voice, which its content writer should be able to use consistently with each article. The outcome of this consistency is that readers connect with the company and its content.

Therefore, the ability to adapt is an essential skill to fulfill all project requirements and keep clients happy.

Brainstorming skills

Brainstorming is an excellent skill for content writers because it assists with the creative process, including idea generation, where writers can think creatively and experiment with different ideas and approaches when planning content, such as blogs or newsletters.

It’s also an opportunity to discover new angles on well-covered topics already circulating online, providing readers with fresh insights to educate or inspire them.

For example, a content writer working for a fashion publication must write an article about essential beach clothing. The writer brainstorms ideas to find new ways to excite readers about organizing their beach collection for the summer. 

They consider consumer trends, such as the desire to shop more consciously. To connect with the publication’s conscious audience, they propose a how-to article on using beach attire all year long. 

Considering alternative ways to use beach clothing meant the content writer could generate original content to resonate with their audience while fulfilling the project’s requirements. 

Research skills 

Content writers dabble with an extensive range of subjects, from healthy eating and beauty to cars and technology. However, content writers are only experts on some topics. Excellent research skills often attribute to their informative and audience-centric content that shows expertise and ability to write market-specific copy.

The ideal candidate can research thoroughly and promptly grasp a topic to write about. They can cover topics intelligently, even without previous knowledge of the subject. They know how to source relevant information from high-authority sources to enhance the quality of their writing, giving readers factual and credible content.

For example, if a content writer needs to write legal content, they might research their facts from official government websites and find statistics to support their statements.

A thirst for knowledge

Content writers who continuously strive to learn new things and build upon their existing knowledge are precious to your company. This natural willingness to learn means they can continue to provide audiences with new and original content that engages people.

Since the role of content writers is continuously changing with new advancements in technology, such as artificial intelligence, you must hire candidates who want to keep up with these changes, adapt their skill set, hone their skills, and improve their writing.

Editing and proofreading 

Editing and proofreading skills enable content writers to assess and perfect their work before it reaches the team’s content editors. These skills save time in the content creation process because the content reaches the editors in perfect condition and is free from errors. It can then go to publication more quickly, ensuring teams meet deadlines and freeing up time for other tasks. 

Sound understanding of SEO

Content writers can produce exceptional content, but that doesn’t matter if nobody is reading it. That’s why skilled hires have training in search engine optimization to ensure your pages are visible to readers, inviting more people to your website and keeping them there. 

They are proficient in SEO tools such as Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, and Semrush to maximize efforts to get your business on the map.

Time management 

Time management is a requisite of a strong content-writing candidate because a typical week at work revolves around deadlines. Content writers often juggle multiple writing projects simultaneously, and to succeed requires self-discipline and the ability to prioritize tasks based on deadlines.

They must schedule time for research, fact-checking, planning, writing, and editing while considering problems that might disrupt or slow workflow, such as writer’s block. 

Overall, good time management skills results in delivering content on time, consistent publishing content, and high-quality content rich in research and free from mistakes.

Using TestGorilla’s skills and traits tests, you can formulate an assessment to discover applicants competent in content writing, ensuring the best talent for your creative team. Below are some tests to consider when making a custom assessment for your candidates.

SEO copywriting

Having a content writer on the team who’s also proficient in copywriting can be a bonus if you have a variety of writing projects. But this test is also ideal for identifying skilled online content writers who can optimize content to bring more traffic to your website and convert visitors into paying customers. 

The SEO Copywriting test evaluates a candidate’s understanding of SEO best practices and how to help website pages rank on search engine results pages. It addresses their ability to perform keyword research, implement keywords effectively, and use on-page and offsite SEO.

Content strategy 

The Content Strategy test will help you discover candidates who can resonate with your audience and grow traffic to your website through quality content. It focuses on content for conversion, measuring performance, and increasing the findability and distribution of content. 

Candidates who do well in this test can nurture the entire customer journey to drive results for your business. It assures you they can take a strategic approach to content, effectively optimize content, and master language for the right audience.

You can use this test to find your next head of content, content strategist, or content marketing manager.

Branding strategy 

You can use the Branding Strategy test to elevate your brand strategy and refine your company’s identity. While this test mainly targets brand marketers and strategists, content writers play a pivotal role in helping you define, position, and develop your brand because they create the content to build brand awareness and establish your voice.

Technical SEO

The Technical SEO test is another way to review candidates' skills in SEO, but it takes a more thorough approach to help you find experts. It tests the analytical and technical aspects of SEO, including backlinks, URL structure, and performance tracking. It also covers their ability to use Google tools and algorithms to boost search engine results.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best word processors for content writers, and you can test candidates' proficiency with the Google Docs test . It assesses their knowledge of core functions, such as editing and formatting text, sharing documents, collaborating, and inserting elements like images, charts, and tables.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is another popular software for content writers. Offer candidates the Microsoft Word test and check if they can use the software independently to format documents, collaborate with others, and include elements like images, graphs, and footnotes to present valuable information within their writing.

WordPress administration

If you want your future content writer to upload content through WordPress, implement the WordPress Administration test . It will tell you if a candidate can create content, edit pages, add images and videos, include links to internal and external pages, and show the basics of using a WordPress site efficiently.


The Communication test establishes if a candidate can communicate effectively using verbal and written language and active listening skills. It covers using and interpreting written communication to understand and deliver messages politely and professionally.

Will your future employee deliver on time? Use the Time Management test to see how they handle prioritization and planning before executing work in time to meet deadlines. It assesses how they review their work, communicate with others, and adapt to manage their workflow for the best outcomes.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about assessing content writer skills below.

What is the difference between a content writer skills test and an assessment? 

A content writer skills test is a single test. In contrast, an assessment comprises up to five tests to generate substantial insights and a more thorough overview of a candidate's potential to excel. 

For example, combining the Communication, Creativity, Computer Literacy, and SEO Copywriting tests will assess diverse skills to help you make the right hire. 

Do I prioritize hard skills or transferable skills when hiring content writers?

You can benefit from hiring candidates with hard and transferable skills because they will need them to thrive in this field. Hard skills like writing proficiency and research are non-negotiable because they meet the job’s goal of producing clear and factually correct content. 

Soft skills like communication and time management are equally important since they ensure the writer can convey messages and meet deadlines.

What skills do content writers need to create SEO-friendly content?

Writers need a solid understanding of SEO best practices and strong research skills to produce SEO-friendly content . 

They must implement core practices such as keyword research, keyword placement, using headings and subheadings, writing unique titles, and using internal linking. 

Writing high-quality content for the target audience is also pivotal for ranking higher in search engine results and increasing time spent on your company’s website. 

How can content writers show expertise in different industries through their writing?

Content writers can show expertise about various topics without being an expert. They can do this using their excellent research skills to delve deep into the industry, learning about current news, challenges, and trends. 

They must consider market-specific terminology in their writing to reach the correct audience, delivering quality content in a language they can connect with and understand. 

Are credentials important when hiring a content writer?

Reviewing candidate credentials can assist you in the process of finding your next content writer because it provides information about their education and training. 

However, practical experience, writing samples, and a portfolio of written work can be more accurate because they show the skills the writer posesses. To further determine a content writer’s abilities, you can use skills-based hiring to discover those with the essential abilities for the job.

We’ve covered several tests that can assist you in finding a talented content writer. But aside from pinpointing skills, there are a few other ways TestGorilla can help you find and hire the best content specialists for your company. These include:

Ranking candidates: Instead of weighing up several candidates' strengths and weaknesses without guidance or statistical information, you can use our ranking feature to make faster decisions. After candidates complete the assessments, you can see their results as a percentage, enabling you to review results quickly and make decisions.

Fair assessments: TestGorilla evaluates applicants based solely on their skills and relevant traits for the job through various tests. You don’t have to worry about unconscious bias when making final decisions. You can rely purely on the assessment results.

Custom questions: Our tests cover multiple skills and personality traits, but sometimes you might require a more specific method to find the perfect hire. On these occasions, you can use the custom question feature to implement your questions concerning the particular responsibilities of the role.

Removing the guesswork: An applicant might have a shiny resume, impressive credentials, and professional etiquette in the interview. But without assessing their skills, you might be left guessing what they can and can’t do. Can they juggle projects and work to tight deadlines? Can they adapt to write about different topics? With TestGorilla, you can find these answers in the initial recruitment stages. 

Companies need employees with exceptional content writing skills to create blog posts, copywriting, service pages, press releases, social media captions, and any other writing tasks necessary for your company’s content strategy. The content you publish online is delicate and requires a trained individual who can handle the responsibility. Our tests formulated by industry experts can help you discover that candidate.

Are you ready to find a candidate with content writer skills that can develop your tone of voice, educate and inspire your customers, and drive your business forward?

Get started with TestGorilla’s free plan today. This starter plan grants you immediate access to 10 skills tests (including all personality tests), and a choice of question styles, including multiple-choice and essay-style questions.

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Dyninno Group improves candidate screening rate and increases recruitment productivity by 400% using TestGorilla

Dyninno Group improves recruitment productivity by 400% using TestGorilla

To address its increased recruitment needs and influx of applicants for roles that include customer support and leadership, Dyninno Group implemented TestGorilla. See how the Dyninno Group of companies improved candidate screening and recruitment productivity by 400%.

Hire the best candidates with TestGorilla.

Create pre-employment assessments in minutes to screen candidates, save time, and hire the best talent.

content writing exam questions

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content writing exam questions

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This checklist covers key features you should look for when choosing a skills testing platform

content writing exam questions

Onboarding checklist

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content writing exam questions

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content writing exam questions

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content writing exam questions

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content writing exam questions

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content writing exam questions

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content writing exam questions

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Learn how Sukhi decreased time spent reviewing resumes by 83%!

content writing exam questions

12 pre-employment testing hacks

Hire more efficiently with these hacks that 99% of recruiters aren't using.

content writing exam questions

The benefits of diversity

Make a business case for diversity and inclusion initiatives with this data.

content writing exam questions

Content Writing Skills MCQ Questions Answers

The finest location to learn content writing abilities is Quizack. We provide content writing mcq with answers of the highest caliber and with relevant information to help you hone your article-writing abilities. In order to help you become a better content writer, we also provide a number of additional materials, such as advice and tactics. To start honing your content writing talents, visit Quizack for the most important content writing questions right away!

Content Writing Skills multiple choice questions List

1. __________ economic problems were largely caused by running up enormous deficits.

2. At the end of the movie, the jury __________ the defendant "not guilty."

3. After one goose sounds the alarm, the __________ take to the air.

4. BestBoats is a startup with the following inventory of products: Type of boat Product name Yacht Series Y Amanda is assigned the task to create copies for the webpages of the BestBoats.com website. The copies should attract visitors searching for buying Yachts and provide information about the same. Which of the following is the best way in which Amanda can create the copies for the webpages, so that the web pages rank higher in the organic search results? Page Title Meta Description Paragraph Heading on Page A BestBoats Series Y by BestBoats Buy the BestBoats Series Y by BestBoats - Best quality assured. BestBoats Series Y B Buy Boats - BestBoats Series Y by BestBoats Buy Boats - Best Quality Boats from BestBoats. Series Y by BestBoats is the dream Yacht you have been waiting for. Boats from BestBoats: Series Y C Yachts from BestBoats - Best Quality, Best Deals on Yachts, Highest Rated Yachts Yachts from BestBoats. Yacht Series Y by BestBoats is the dream Yacht you have been waiting for. Yachts from BestBoats - BestBoats Series Y

5. Given below are five sets of words each containing a correct spelling and an incorrect spelling of the words. Select those sets which have been arranged in the order Incorrect Spelling / Correct Spelling.

6. Two of the sentences given below have some mistakes. Select those sentences.

7. Select the sentence(s) that is/are grammatically INCORRECT.

8. Read the following text and point out why it does NOT make for an effective reading. Techniques for increasing eBay sales You have been selling merchandise on eBay for quite a while now but haven't managed to pull in the kind of sales you were expecting? Here are some smart yet simple methods to enhance your sales. Choose a decent name and logo for your business and create a Website where you give all the information a buyer could need. Next, create your own eBay store as having your own eBay store has many advantages, like you can have a longer listing duration as compared to a buy-it-now or auction-style listing and you can list every single item that forms part of your inventory. When you are selling on eBay, you are competing not only with the other sellers on eBay, but also with those selling on other Websites and the conventional on-site sellers. Pricing is thus very crucial. Try and determine a price that will make buyers feel happy and won't leave you feeling like you were not doing business, but charity. Offer as many payment and delivery options as you can, such as PayPal, which is a trusted and very popular mode of payment and is sure to get you a bigger number of customers than you have been getting so far.

9. Select the words which have been INCORRECTLY spelled.

10. Which statement is correct with regard to the images within a webpage?

11. This question contains three incomplete sentences numbered, I, II and III, and each of these sentences has two options to fill in their blanks. Identify the correct option for each sentence, and using the numbers denoting those options, select the answer that represents all the three correct options. I. The president, together with his wife, _______________ (1. greets / 2. greet) the guests cordially. II. Fifty dollars _______________ (1. is / 2. are) the price of that cell-phone. III. Every one of those girls _______________ (1. study / 2. studies) in my school.

12. Which statement regarding Search Engine Optimization is/are true?

13. Which is among the search engine optimization best practices'?

14. A short introductory statement or passage in a published work, such as a book, is called a:

15. Consider the following sentence. I have been busy in preparing for my final examination. If you are asked to correct this sentence, which of the options given below will you choose?

16. Which search operators lists web pages that are similar to the web page (URL) specified by you?

17. From among the four sentences given below, identify the sentences which contain words confused with other words because of similarity in pronunciation or meaning.

18. Identify the correct sentence construction from the following list of sentences.

19. Which sentence constructions are INCORRECT?

20. Fill in the blanks with the correct pair of words. Carl managed to ____________ the situation with his wit and tact even as everyone waited with ____________ breath to know the final outcome of the meeting between the rivals.

21. Select the correct sentence from among the following.

22. Complete the following sentence The _______________ was a few meters away from the doctor's clinic.

23. Which would you use if you want to search a query on multiple search engines simultaneously?

24. What things should you bear in mind when writing something?

25. Complete the following sentence with the correct answer option. Look at _______________ in that mirror!

26. Consider the following sentences and select the appropriate answer from the options given thereafter. Sentence 1: You look so different from what you did a year ago! What have you done? Sentence 2: You look so different than what you did a year ago! What have you done?

27. Do you need Wikipedia's permission to reuse textual content contained on that website?

28. Which is/are important component/s of formatting?

29. What results will Google generate for you if you type inurl:content writer in the search box?

30. Consider the three sentences given below and identify the reason why they are not good sentences. I. It is very unusual to find someone who has never told a deliberate lie on purpose. II. I will revert back to you very soon. III. You must first finish this task before you go.

31. Which statement is INCORRECT with regard to searching for information on a certain product on the internet?

32. A word which means the same as 'Clever' is spelled as:

33. Fill in the blanks with the correct pair of words. He was _______________ of the fact that he had made a major mistake by not heeding his _______________.

34. Could you be guilty of copyright infringement for writing a review, commentary or summary of a copyright protected work (along with giving due credits to the copyright holder for his work) without the permission of the copyright holder?

35. Complete the following sentence with the correct combination of words. He is a _________ writer who writes under a _________ name.

36. At what point in time does the copyright for original website content originate?

37. Which sentence is grammatically INCORRECT?

38. Which act constitute copyright infringement?

39. Searching for the phrase 'Research Techniques Test' (within quotes) in the Google search box will yield:

40. Google displays up to _____ characters of the title tag of a webpage.

41. What are some of the ways to make an article effective?

42. To come before is to _________, whereas to come after is to _________.

43. What is Anchor Text?

44. Complete the following sentence with the correct combination of words. Our lawyers have informed us that while the new tax laws will not __________ our business directly, they may have an adverse _________ on the spending power of our customers.

45. Do you have to use a copyright notation on all copies of your content for the web?

46. Which is true in the context of Search Engine Optimization?

47. Complete the sentence below with an appropriate word. He _________ the books on the table and went out to play immediately.

48. Copying a few lines from one of Shakespeare's works without giving credit to him would be considered:

49. Complete the following sentences with the correct pair of words. I. I wanted to give her a _______________ of my mind but stopped myself from doing so. II. _______________ of mind is not a luxury, but a basic necessity of human beings.

50. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct set of words from the options below. The _________ was _________ for his unfair _________ of the book.

51. At what places in the sentence given below should commas be used? Mark Twain's novels she believes stand the test of time.

52. Which word has/have been spelled correctly?

53. Complete the following sentence . The better an emulsifier is, the longer the oil and the water take to _______________.

54. What does the term Keyword Prominence refer to?

55. What happens if you type the words Certification -Networking in the Google search box?

56. Which statement about the following copyright notation are true? 'Copyright 2008 Mathew S. Johnson.'

57. Writing materials like pens, papers, envelopes are collectively called _________. Something standing still is _________.

58. What is the best style of writing for online content?

59. In the context of copyright, the phrase 'exclusive right' means that:

60. Searching for '2010 OR 2011' (without quotes) in Google will show result pages that:

61. What kind of writing style will you use for describing a university application process meant to be read by the student applicants and/or their parents?

62. In the image given above, you are given three incomplete sentences in Column I and three missing words in Column II. Identify the sentence/s which has/have been correctly matched with the missing word/s in Column II.

63. Identify the misspelled word in the list below.

64. Fill in the blank with the correct spelling of the missing word. Announcing a huge annual profit, the businessman said he was _________ to his staff as well as his customers for his success.

65. Given below are some examples of sentences that must be avoided in formal writing. I. All's fair in love and war. II. It's not rocket science. III. I'm not gonna talk to that guy again. IV. Oh, he's such a cool dude! Select the answer options that correctly describe these sentences.

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What skills a content writer should have?

A content writer should be able to:

  • Write clear and concise copy.
  • Engage the reader with interesting and thought-provoking content.
  • Research topics thoroughly.
  • Stay up-to-date with current trends.
  • Edit and proofread their work.
  • Use social media to promote their work.
  • Understand SEO principles.

Quizack has the best collection of content writing mcq questions so you will enhance your knowledge by practicing these questions and pass your examination easily. 

How do I start content writing skills?

Firstly, they know how to capture their audience's attention. They understand how to write headlines and opening sentences that will make people want to read more.

Secondly, they know how to keep readers engaged. They use strong storytelling techniques and interesting facts and figures to keep people reading until the very end.

Finally, they know how to promote their work. They understand the importance of SEO and social media, and they use these tools to get their work seen by as many people as possible. If you want learn more about this topic then stay with Quizack where you will be provided with the utmost selection of content writing mcqs. 

What are the 4 pillars of content writing?

  • Keep it simple.
  • Write for your audience.
  • Write catchy headlines.
  • Use images and videos sparingly.

Quizack is a great resource for providing the best creative content writing mcq questions and answers for good preparation for test assessments or interviews. 

What is content writing with example?

Content writing is the art of creating content that is compelling, interesting, and useful. For example, a content writer might create a blog post about how to choose the perfect Christmas tree. 

Content writers must have a strong understanding of their audience and what type of style will resonate with them. They also need to be able to research topics and find information that is both accurate and interesting. Quizack also provides you with the best selection of  content writing skills mcq questions and answers pdf for you to download onto your devices so you can easily study about this topic. 

Is content writing a skill or talent?

Content writing is definitely a skill! Just like any other skill, it can be learned and perfected with practice. Of course, some people may have a natural talent for writing, but even those people will need to learn the basics of good writing before they can create truly great content. All the students or job seekers may assess themselves by practicing Quizack's most beneficial  content writing test . in this way, they will sharpen their knowledge. 

Evaluate your skill level in just 10 minutes with QUIZACK smart test system.

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content writing exam questions

Content Writing Test

iMocha's Content writing skills test is the most preffered skills assessment test for recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate content writting skills. Content writing test is useful for hiring Content Writer. The test can reduce hiring time by 45%.

content writing exam questions

Content Writing Skills Assessment Test

Content writing is an inextricable part of online or web marketing. Web Content writer must provide high-quality content for websites in the form of blogs, articles, Info-graphics, etc. for the targeted group of audience. For writing the content, the copywriter or content writer must have strong English communication and writing skills.The content writer interview test enables employers to identify & hire copywriters by evaluating the working skills and job readiness of candidates.

For this reason, an emphasis is laid upon evaluating the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience rather than theoretical knowledge. Content writing test assists hiring managers and recruiters in evaluating the candidate’s creative, diversified and theme focused copywriting skills as per industry standards. Our content writing skills test is designed by our subject matter experts (SMEs) to assess & hire copywriters or content writers.

content writing exam questions

Test Summary

The process of hiring an excellent content writer will be done through our writing skills assessment tests. Our hiring analytics will be generated instantly which gives you a detailed analysis of the content writer test results. This will surely help you make better hiring decisions and predict candidate and employee success. The copywriter interview test contains a combination of application and theory questions that helps you to evaluate written as well as practical skills of candidates.

The Content writing test may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Descriptive, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, AI-LogicBox (Pseudo-Coding Platform), Coding Simulations, True or False Questions, etc.

Copywriting test is designed considering EEOC guidelines, It will help you assess & hire diverse talent without any bias.

  • Content Writer
  • Copy Writer
  • Web Content Developer

content writing exam questions

Logical Deduction

Statement & conclusion, selecting words and correcting the words.

content writing exam questions

Setting the difficulty level of the test

content writing exam questions

Combining multiple skills into one test

Adding your own questions to the test, requesting a tailor-made test.

Data Science Aptitude Test

Technical Writer Test

Quantitative Analyst

Pre-employment English Test(Advanced)

Office Clerk Test

Business Analyst Aptitude Test

popular features

Trending Assessments


Content Writing Test for Hiring Candidates with Great Content Writing Skills

A content writing test is a skills assessment test designed to help recruiters assess the content writing skills of candidates. The content writing skills test helps organizations ensure that their job candidates and existing employees have the requisite knowledge to perform their jobs efficiently.


Ready to Use

Experience Level

Difficulty level, test duration, total questions.

85 Questions

Relevant Job Roles

Technical content writer (across industries), Web content writer (across industries), Content writer for products/ services (across industries)

Scores Reported

About This Test

Skills & Subskills

Customize This Test

Assessment Features

Inside This Content Writing Test

Skilled content writers specialize in writing content/descriptions related to products/services/ideas for websites, magazines, catalogs, etc. They act as a company’s brand evangelist and help organizations reach and get new customers/clients spread awareness about their brand, and direct people to their website and social networking pages. The content writing skills tests help the hiring managers to gauge the depth and breadth of candidates' working skills, technical skills, and job readiness. These pre-employment tests help recruiters in many ways, including finding a suitable candidate hassle-free and making unbiased hiring decisions. Consequently, they lessen the administrative burden of conducting assessments at scale.  

These assessments will help employers and recruiters find the best-fit candidates. In addition, they can conduct evaluations in a secure, controlled environment with features such as webcam proctoring, limited system access, and window violation. The automated content writing test includes a writing simulator that automatically evaluates and grades a candidate’s content piece based on grammar, vocabulary and other nuances of the language.

This test has been designed to assess if a candidate can:

  • Translate complex information into easy-to-understand language
  • Use aids such as graphs, charts, images, etc. creatively to make information easy to comprehend/remember
  • Follow and create detailed instructions to produce accurate content

Content writing forms the cornerstone of digital marketing. Whether aimed at B2C or B2B audiences, content creation is a rigorous process filled with challenges galore. Content writers need to weave words into powerful sentences that resonate with as many readers as possible. They are responsible for creating informative content for websites through articles, blogs, web pages, infographics, presentations, etc., for the predefined audience.  

However, writing and communication ability are must-haves for the content writer or copywriter. The content writing test enables recruiters to hire the best wordsmiths by assessing their skills and aptitude for the job. It considers sub-competencies, such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing skills, etc. In addition, the content writing skills test gives a detailed analysis of the cognitive abilities to predict a candidate's job success.

If a writer produces high-quality content, it is bound to enthrall, spellbind, and build a substantial connection with the reader, thus heightening audience anticipation in an online marketing universe. Moreover, a skilled content writer can tell stories that may form the audience's association with the idea, product or services being discussed by the writer. For that reason, finding and onboarding the pre-eminent content writers has been an arduous task for employers seeking the best talent for their organizations. Therefore, the online content writer assessment test comes in handy in helping the recruiter, providing them with the most workable way of evaluating a person's writing skills, ability in vocabulary and creativity.

Content writing tests can be used during the screening stages to find early on the best talent. These tests can help decide whether an individual has the skills and competencies to be more effective at their work as a content writer. The content writing test topics aim to find whether the candidate understands the nuances of the language, including their writing proficiency, grammatical prowess, and ability to simplify information appropriately for the intended audience. Candidates who score higher on the content writing test are expected to produce top-notch content that strikes a chord with the target audience.

Added assessment parameters  

Generating grammatically apt content is crucial, but one should also assess candidates on several other skills. For example, an accomplished content writer would have gained proficiency in all communication formats, whether written, spoken, or logical reasoning. The content writing skills test can help employers with evaluating the candidate's aptitude in the following aspects as well:

  • Is the content compelling enough for readers to take the desired action?  
  • Can the candidate simplify the complex concept in easy, concise words?  
  • Is the work of the candidate theme-based, diverse, and creative?  
  • What research technique does the candidate employ?  
  • Is the candidate detail-oriented?  
  • How comprehensively does the candidate provide information through graphs, charts, infographics, etc.?  


This Content Writing Test is a part of following Skills Libraries

Corporate communication skills assessment, content writing test competency framework.

Get a detailed look inside the test

Content Writing Test Competencies Under Scanner

Competencies:, attention to detail.

The following subskills are assessed in this section -Image-based and String-based Questions.

Abstract Reasoning

The test helps to assess the abstract reasoning skills of candidates using the questions based on Abstract Reasoning - JC Raven.

Reading Comprehension Skills

The test helps to assess the candidates’ reading comprehension skills using the most suitable question.

Subskills covered in this section are - Fill in The Blank – Grammar, Sentence Correction, Sentence Completion, Spot the Error, Tenses, Articles, Vocabulary, and Writing Skills.

The following subskills are assessed in this section - Fill in The Blank - Vocab, Analogy, Antonyms, Sentence Equivalence, Synonyms, Homophones, and Idioms and Phrases.

Writing Skills

The test helps to assess the writing skills of candidates using questions based on essay writing.

Customize This Content Writer Assessment Test

Flexible customization options to suit your needs

Set difficulty level of test

Choose easy, medium or hard questions from our skill libraries to assess candidates of different experience levels.

Combine multiple skills into one test

Add multiple skills in a single test to create an effective assessment. Assess multiple skills together.

Add your own questions to the test

Add, edit or bulk upload your own coding questions, MCQ, whiteboarding questions & more.

Request a tailor-made test

Get a tailored assessment created with the help of our subject matter experts to ensure effective screening.

The Mercer | Mettl Content Writing Skills Test Advantage

Our robust platform empowers you to assess, interview, analyze test-takers.

  • Cutting Edge proctoring capabilities
  • Coding Simulators Designed By Developers
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Robust Data security
  • 20+ Languages in 80+ countries

content writing exam questions

The Mercer | Mettl Edge

  • Industry Leading 24/7 Support
  • State of the art examination platform
  • Inbuilt Cutting Edge AI-Driven Proctoring
  • Simulators designed by developers
  • Tests Tailored to Your business needs
  • Support for 20+ Languages in 80+ Countries Globally

Content Writer Test Can Be Setup in 4 Steps

Step 1: add test.

Add this test your tests

Step 2: Share link

Share test link from your tests

Step 3: Test View

Candidate take the test

Step 4: Insightful Report

You get their tests report

Our Customers Vouch for Our Quality and Service

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Assess & develop leadership competencies to future-proof your business

content writing exam questions

Mercer | Mettl's End-to-End Campus Hiring Strategy

Select graduates from top-notch universities with a smart campus strategy

content writing exam questions

AI-Powered English Proficiency Assessment Tool

Intelligent Technology That Evaluates Candidates On Nuances Of Speech

content writing exam questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. can we benchmark candidates based on our internal sample set.

We can do so selectively. Please write to us about your request; we will be glad to assist.

2. How do I test a content writer?

Shortlisting candidates for content writer roles based on CVs alone can be difficult, mainly if many candidates have similar experience levels. Although portfolios speak volumes about a candidate's work style, it is still challenging to predict who will be the ideal candidate when performing at work.  

With the content writer assessment test, you can evaluate candidates based on the competencies needed for a content writer role/position, such as orientation to detail, writing ability, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills, etc. All the test-takers will face the same assessment, presenting you with an in-depth analysis of each candidate's test results and allowing you to understand their strengths and areas of improvement. Those who score high on the test can progress to the following evaluation stage, while those who fare poorly can be screened out.

3. What can be the topics for the content writing test?

Some coveted traits that differentiate good writers from average ones are meticulousness in the detail of their prose, agility, and turnout time in generating insightful, creative copy. To ensure that you are onboarding nothing but great content writers, you should consider administering a content writing skills test for potential candidates. However, listed below are some points that can help define the topics for the content writing test:

  • Writing cues

You can assign candidates a sample task similar to the type of content you expect. It could be around 300-500 words approximately. Ensure that they follow the specified guidelines to observe their responses based on the writing prompts set by you. For example, if quotes from any sources need to be integrated into the desired content piece, it would be best to include some quotes in your sample prompt that candidates are expected to use in their answers.

  • Research skills

Good writers perform thorough research before presenting their ideas in the form of words. So, giving them a task that checks their web research skills would be best. For example, you can give them six to seven questions that they should answer based on their general online research. You will understand the candidate's approach and the sources they refer to while responding.

  • Nuances of writing

You can analyze the precision with which the candidates present the work by giving them a sample piece of writing for editing. That way, you can gain insights into the candidate's understanding of common writing errors and elements to consider or omit while creating the content.

  • Appealing headlines

Writing appealing headlines is a must-have skill for content writers. So, you could assess your candidates by providing them with six to seven long, unexciting headlines and assign them the task of rewriting them. You can also include sample headlines for the test-takers to familiarize them with the task. By assessing their headline writing skills, you can figure out how well they can create attention-worthy headlines in a limited time.

  • Word insertion (Fill in the blanks)

Some candidates might find it hard to distinguish between "you're" and "your." Hence, a fill-in-the-blank test can be used to understand if a candidate commits such basic errors. For example, you can give the candidates five to ten sentences having a pair of commonly confusing words to be filled in two blank spaces. Individuals who insert the right word in the suitable space will receive a score for every correct answer.

You can use these techniques mentioned above to select topics for your content writing tests to assess the candidates' job performance and work readiness.

4. Can we customize the content writing test report to include some specific analysis?

We have customized content writing skills test reports in the past on a client-to-client basis. Please write to us with the request, and we would be glad to work out a solution for you. 

content writing exam questions

What makes effective test questions and answers for assessments?

What instructors and administrators need to know

There are many forms of test questions, each with their own strengths when it comes to upholding learning objectives. Some types of questions are efficient and measure breadth of student knowledge whereas other types of questions offer more opportunities to gain insights into higher order thinking. Let's take a deeper look at what makes test questions effective.

Christine Lee

Understanding the meaning and function of summative assessment helps clarify its role within education as a critical component of bridging teaching and learning. In this post, we take a closer look at summative assessment’s qualities with the end goal of ensuring that summative assessment supports learning and informs teaching.

content writing exam questions

Choosing a balance of assessment formats that enable feedback loops and learning insights is not a light task. Let's examine different forms of assessment to help teachers make thoughtful decisions when it comes to how we evaluate our students.

content writing exam questions

Dive into the differences between test validity and reliability and how they can affect student learning outcomes and a program's overall success.

Thoughtful test questions and answers can help create an effective assessment, one that accurately measures student knowledge. When test questions are crafted with learning objectives in mind, they help foster study habits, influence knowledge retention, and prepare students for eventual summative assessments. Furthermore, when students feel an assessment is fair and relevant, they are less likely to engage in academic misconduct.

Assessment is the intersection at which instructors can provide feedback to guide students but also where instructors gain insights into student learning . In many cases, this feedback exchange can solidify student-teacher relationships and influence learning outcomes. With effective assessments, students can feel seen and supported. And instructors have the information they need to further learning. Thoughtful decisions about test questions and formats can make a difference in this data exchange.

There are many forms of test questions, each with their own strengths when it comes to upholding learning objectives. Some types of questions are efficient and measure breadth of student knowledge whereas other types of questions offer more opportunities to gain insights into higher order thinking.

Some of the most common question types and the roles of each in the realm of assessment are:

  • Multiple-choice
  • Extended matching sets
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Short answer
  • Long answer / essay

To that end, this blog post will cover the above question types and then dive into methodology to bolster exam design.

What sets this question type apart?

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) have the ability to test a wide swath of knowledge in a short amount of time; this characteristic, plus the fact that MCQs enable faster grading and uphold objective scoring , make them a very popular standardized exam format.

That said, there are many critics of MCQs, some going so far as to say “multiple-choice tests are not catalysts for learning” and that “they incite the bad habit of teaching to tests” (Ramirez, 2013). Multiple research articles, too, indicate multiple-choice questions may result in surface-level study habits . However, they can still be leveraged for effective assessment when utilized appropriately. Multiple-choice questions can be paired with other question types to provide a complementary assessment or they can themselves be designed to test deeper conceptual understanding.

There are examples of how this question type can be useful in testing reading comprehension and practical knowledge of learned principles. In response to criticism surrounding the inclusion of multiple-choice questions on the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), The Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center at Touro College cites the “case file” format of a 1983 performance test in California , a multiple-choice exam paired with documents typical of a legal case file. Successful completion of this exam did not rely on rote memorization of rules. Rather, this exam used a series of multiple-choice questions to assess the application of relevant theories and practices to true-to-life scenarios presented in the mock case file.

Those considering the value of multiple-choice questions should also keep in mind any summative assessments that lie ahead for students, beyond the scope of a single course. In a recent webinar on the subject of multiple response type questions in nursing programs, Assistant Professor Cheryl Frutchey noted that many of her students at Oklahoma City University’s School of Nursing have been reporting that 70-75% of NCLEX questions are now the “select all that apply” format. In weighing the benefits of a particular question type in determining student success, field-related insights like these may help tip the scale.

A true/false question asks the exam-taker to judge a statement’s validity. Rather than calling upon powers of memorization, the exam-taker ideally demonstrates their command of verbal knowledge and a working knowledge of a given subject by converting abstract principles to a specific application .

That said, the nature of true/false questions makes it so that even when guessing, the test-taker has a fifty-percent chance of getting the correct answer.

The multiple-true-false question is an adaptation of the true-false question that incorporates (and improves upon) elements of the multiple-choice question type, requiring the test-taker to consider all answer options in relation to a given question stem. This hybrid question type differs from “select all that apply” in asking the test-taker to identify both correct and incorrect statements rather than just the “true” ones, shedding light on incorrect or incomplete understandings .

For both true/false and multiple-choice question types, opportunity for feedback is severely limited.

Particularly helpful for the usual format of clinical assessments in nursing exams, this item type provides a series of individual questions and a longer list of possible answers for the test-taker to choose from. By design, extended matching set questions prioritize an understanding of the question stems before a correct selection can be made, making it difficult to quickly eliminate incorrect answers from the list .

With an extended list of answers to accompany perhaps only a handful of question stems, this question type encourages the test-taker to process information within each question before parsing relevant answers from the provided list , emphasizing a deeper subject mastery than simple memorization can provide.

A known benefit of free response question types like fill-in-the-blank is the decreased possibility of guessing the correct answer. Since the exam-taker must provide an answer that fits contextually within the provided question stem, fill-in-the-blank questions are more likely to exercise language skills.

In a recent study composed of 134 final-year undergraduate dental students at the University of Peradeniya, 90% found fill-in-the-blank questions more challenging than the same question in multiple-choice format, and only 19% reported encountering fill-in-the-blank questions during their time in the program. By withholding answer choices that lead to quick answer recall, fill-in-the-blank questions can effectively gauge an exam-taker’s understanding. Though, as revealed above, the prevalence and/or feasibility of this item type may vary from program to program. And again, feedback is minimal with this type of question.

Short-answer questions are valuable for measuring a test-taker’s understanding of a subject beyond simple recall. Preparing for an assessment with this question type promotes study habits that reinforce comprehension over memorization , thus increasing the likelihood that the test-taker will retain this knowledge.

For example: After using ExamSoft to convert their assessment format from multiple-choice to short-answer questions, the Donald & Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell conducted a survey to measure student attitudes about the switch. Sixty-four percent of the 274 students surveyed thought that short-answer questions better equipped them for a clinical setting. By exercising abilities in critical thinking, reasoning, and communication, the free-response format of this question type allows the cultivation of skills necessary for the workplace.

Long answer or essay questions allow individual students to formulate their unique ideas and responses to demonstrate their understanding of a concept. This question is one that can most easily measure higher-order thinking and depth of knowledge, though at the same time, it may not cover a wide range of said knowledge.

Marking essay questions can be a time burden on instructors; additionally, long answers involve some measure of subjective scoring. They may also measure writing skills as well as subject-specific knowledge.

Beyond building assessments using all of these common question types, ExamSoft users can:

  • Supplement individual questions with audio, video, or image attachments
  • Create “hotspot” questions for exam-takers to select an area of an image as an answer
  • Tag questions with categories, including learning objectives and accreditation criteria. Additionally, ExamSoft offers robust item analysis.
  • Explore various question types offered by ExamSoft , such as bowtie, matrix, and drag-and-drop.

With Gradescope , instructors can:

  • Accommodate a variety of question types with audio, video, or image attachments
  • Utilize item analysis to measure exam design effectiveness, particularly for multiple-choice questions
  • Grade question by question with answer groups and AI-assisted grading instead of student-by-student to promote more objective scoring
  • Use Dynamic Rubrics to ensure students receive detailed insight into how points were awarded or deducted. Dynamic Rubrics also allow for flexibility to adjust grading criteria midstream to account for later accommodations for all students.

Examplify, ExamSoft’s test-taking application, offers several built-in exam tools for test-takers to use, including:

  • Highlighter and notepad
  • Programmable spreadsheet
  • Scientific and graphing calculators

Gradescope accommodates a variety of assignment types and enables:

  • Grading of paper-based exams, bubble sheets, and homework
  • Programming assignments (graded automatically or manually)
  • Creation of online assignments that students answer right on Gradescope

Assessment is a crucial part of education, no matter the subject or level. Assessments are tools to measure how much a student has learned, though with the right post-exam data, they can be so much more, including assessments themselves being a learning opportunity. But not all assessments are created equal ; a poorly written exam or exam item may skew results, giving instructors a false sense of student learning.

Effective exam items provide an accurate demonstration of what students know, and they also support fair and equitable testing. To get the most out of your assessments, it’s important to write well-constructed exam items with every student in mind and then test item efficacy.

There are two general categories of exam items: objective items and subjective items . Objective test items have a clear correct answer; item types can include multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank items. Subjective items, on the other hand, may have a range of correct answers. Answers to subjective questions often involve persuasive/defensible arguments or present various options for in-depth discernment. Test items like these usually come in the form of long answers, essays, or performance-based evaluations.

According to the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University , “There is no single best type of exam question: the important thing is that the questions reflect your learning objectives.” It is the educator’s place to determine whether a subjective or objective test item will better align with their learning objectives.

If you want students to explain the symbolism in a literary text, subjective-based questions like short answers and essays are usually best. Objective test items are great if you want to make sure your students can recall facts or choose the best argument to support a thesis. If you want your students to match medical terms to their definitions? A matching task, which is an objective item, may be your best bet. No matter the subject, it is imperative to ensure the question types serve the intended learning objectives.

As you consider exam items, and whether you’re going to use objective or subjective items, it’s important to keep cognitive complexity in mind. Bloom’ s Taxonomy can help with planning not only curriculum but assessment . Bloom’s consists of six levels of cognitive understanding. From the lowest to highest order, these are:

As you move up the ladder from recall to creation, there is a gradual shift from objective to subjective exam items. If students are new to the concepts you’re teaching, it’s often best to focus on the initial three levels with objective items and set an appropriate knowledge foundation. As students progress through a course or program, you can start to assess the top three levels of cognition with subjective exam items to determine higher-order thinking or capability. While some courses may span testing student factual recall to synthesizing and creating their own ideas, many introductory classes may only pertain to parts of Bloom’s Taxonomy. More advanced courses, like graduate seminars, may target the higher order categories like analyze, evaluate, and create.

You might assess students’ grasp of the “remember” level with a multiple-choice question about the date of a significant period in history. Whereas testing students’ skills in “evaluation” may look like a persuasive essay prompting students to argue and support their stance on a topic with no one correct position such as interpretation of metaphors in written works.

As exam creators, we may sometimes write an item that is difficult for students to understand. After writing an item, ask yourself if the question or statement could be written more clearly. Are there double negatives? Have you used passive voice construction? Are you attempting to teach the concept in the question stem itself? Often, the more concise the item is, the better. If possible, do not use absolutes such as “never” and “always.” We’re writing questions, not riddles; it is best practice to test the students’ knowledge, not how well they read. The point is to focus on student knowledge acquisition and effectively convey the point of the question.

Avoid idioms and colloquialisms that may not be clear to international students. Questions containing regional references demonstrate bias. Also consider references that may exclude historically marginalized groups. For instance, an item that refers to a regional sport may not be as clear to these groups as a sport with international reach. Another example is the infamous critique of the SAT question referring to “regattas.” This term, which might be familiar to one certain socioeconomic group and completely unfamiliar to others, is simultaneously not a measure of aptitude.

Using psychometrics , specific and widely accepted statistical measures of exam data, you can test the reliability of your exam and items. One way to measure exam reliability through psychometrics is the item Difficulty Index, or p-value. Simply put, what percentage of exam-takers answered a specific question correctly?

If the p-value is low, the item may be too difficult. If the p-value is high, the item may be too easy. However, this data point alone is not a strong measure of reliability and should be used in context with other psychometric measures. If your difficult question has a high Discrimination Index and Point Biserial values, you can more confidently say that only the higher-order thinkers answered correctly, while the lower-performers did not. A high corresponding Point Biserial value also tells you that generally, students performing well on this item, albeit difficult, performed well on the overall exam. When psychometrics are used together, you are able to gain a solid holistic picture of item performance and whether your question was well written.

Psychometric analysis measures include:

  • Difficulty (p-value)
  • Discrimination Index
  • Upper and Lower Difficulty Indexes
  • Point Biserial Correlation Coefficient
  • Kuder-Richardson Formula 20

The above strategies for writing and optimizing exam items is by no means exhaustive, but considering these as you create your exams will improve your questions immensely. By delivering assessments with a data-driven digital exam platform, instructors, exam creators, and programs can use the results of carefully created exams to improve learning outcomes, teaching strategies, retention rates, and more.

Testing content writers just got easy.

Workello is a skills assessment platform helping content teams test and hire the top 1% of their content writing candidates.

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Identify your strongest content writing candidates with a pre-hire skills assessment. Skills tests predict post-hire performance more than CV, education, and work history.

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Content Teams ❤️ Workello

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About the content writing test

The content writer test is designed to balance comprehensiveness with the test completion rate. This test will assess: factual correctness, how well the writer covers the topic, grammar and fluff (which should be non-existent), as well as reading comprehension skills and attention to detail. Employers using Workello will have access to content writing test samples, including interview questions for the content writer.

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Content Writer

Photo of Workello co-founder Gordana Sretenovic o background

Battle-tested writing skill test

Gordana sretenovic, workello co-founder and director of content ops.

I’ve designed this writing ability assessment after testing and interviewing over 3,500 candidates with my team. We hired hundreds of content writers for our agency and helped over a 100 companies review 30,000 portfolios and thousands of writing assessments. Workello’s automated skills testing software is battle-tested to help you set up your Job Ad in 30 seconds. How? My team wrote content writing test topics for you! 

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Increase your skills assessment completion rate with a candidate experience designed to keep your highest performing content writing candidates engaged and invested in taking your writing test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Writing skills assessment test is designed to help you assess candidate potential during a pre-hire process. It helps employers get a better sense of writers’ capabilities and help identify where candidate may need additional help or training. The written assessment test evaluates grammar, research skills, style, use of in-content CTAs and basic use of on-page SEO such as internal linking and anchor text writing.

Yes! Test for a content writer is created to respect the time of candidates, increasing test submission rates. Candidates are asked to write a 400 to 500 word writing sample which will help employers spend less time evaluating the written test assessment.

As soon as you sign up for Workello, you will have access to this test. The assessment template is pre-written and ready for you to use. All you need to do is make minor changes to reflect your brand and topics that you would like to cover. Inviting candidates to this test is done with 1-click.

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Workello test

Yes! You can browse our test library to find the best content writer test for you. Our tests include use cases for:

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Yes, absolutely! You can make any changes to our templates OR create your own test from scratch.

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  • Content Writer Test

Content writer tests can be used during the recruitment process to assess candidates on the essential skills and competencies for a content writer role, to help hiring teams identify the most suitable candidate.

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  • What is a content writer test?

A content writer test can be used as a means of assessing whether a candidate has the skills and expertise to perform effectively as a content writer. The test is typically used in the screening stages of the hiring process, to identify early on the most promising candidates.

The test uses a series of multiple-choice questions specifically written to assess candidates in key areas, including their understanding of basic writing skills like punctuation and grammar, and their ability to present information effectively for the target audience.

Candidates that achieve a high score on the content writer test have demonstrated they may have the skills and expertise to produce effective content that communicates and engages with customers.

Jump to a section on this page:

Why should you use a content writer test for recruiting, how our test assesses content writer skills, content writer test faqs, about the content writer test.

A content writer plans, produces, and edits informative web content for a business, usually for marketing purposes.

A content writer must be able to vary their writing style according to the target audience. They often need a sound understanding of SEO, to enhance their copy for maximum exposure on the web. Content writers must have good writing skills and an eye for detail, to ensure they produce high-quality content that is free from errors.

The content writer test assesses candidates on these skills, to ensure you advance the most suitable candidates to the next stage of selection.

Shortlisting content writer candidates based on resumes and applications alone can be challenging, especially if many candidates state a similar level of experience. Portfolios count for a lot, but it can still be difficult to decipher who will be the strongest candidate in practice without further scrutiny.

With Neuroworx's content writer test, you can assess candidates on the essential skills and expertise required for a content writer position, such as writing skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of SEO.

All candidates will face the same test, providing you with a set of straightforward results that allows you to compare each candidate based on their strengths and weaknesses. Those who perform well on the test can be advanced to the next round, while those who underperformed are removed.

The content writer test could be useful for the following roles:

  • Copy Editor
  • Communications Officer
  • Content Manager
  • Content Marketer

More Job Knowledge Tests

  • Django Developer Test
  • Java Developer Test
  • Human Resources Test
  • Marketing Assistant Test
  • Sales Associate Test
  • Social Media Test
  • Technical Support Test
  • Customer Service Test
  • Public Relations Test
  • Receptionist Test
  • Backend Developer Test

View a sample report

Results for the Content Writer Test along with other assessments the candidate takes will be compiled to produce a candidate report.

The report is automatically generated and available both online and as a downloadable pdf so they can be shared with other team members and employees alike.

Neuroworx Sample Report

Candidates will need to answer a range of questions that measure industry-specific technical skills where applicable (e.g. Microsoft Word ), soft skills (e.g. time management ), aptitude (e.g. error checking ) and relevant personality dimensions (e.g. creativity). The results present a holistic view of how well suited each candidate is for the job at hand, using a data-driven approach.

The format varies by type of question, including multiple-choice for aptitude and technical skills, situational judgement for soft skills and agreement on a Likert scale for the personality dimensions. This approach ensures candidates are being assessed in an accurate and fair manner, and that results reflect the true underlying qualities of each candidate.

The characteristics, abilities and knowledge necessary to be a content writer were identified using the US Department of Labor's comprehensive O*NET database. O*NET is the leading source of occupational information that is constantly updated by collecting data from employees in specific job roles.

During the development process, test questions were rigorously analysed to maximise reliability and validity in line with industry best practices. They were created by our team of I/O psychologists and psychometricians – who collaborated with subject-matter-experts – and field-tested with a representative sample of job applicants who have varying experience, just like you might find in a talent pool.

Each test is reviewed by a panel of individuals representing diverse backgrounds to check for any sensitivity, fairness, face validity and accessibility issues. This ensures each candidate has a fair chance of demonstrating their true level of expertise.

Our content writer test is monitored to ensure it is up-to-date and optimised for performance.

Predictor of job success

Neuroworx provides evidence-based recommendations for tests to use for over 750 jobs. Our recommendation engine leverages data from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA).

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All our Content Writer tests are written by accredited psychologists and fully validated.

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We offer Content Writer tests for all levels so you can assess all roles within your organisation.

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Our full array of candidate performance metrics will provide actionable data on each of your candidates.

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Simple, easy-to-use candidate comparison reports mean you don’t need to be a psychologist to interpret them.


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Provides all the data and high-level metrics we need to make fast hiring decisions. Neuroworx has been particularly helpful in scaling our operations since we moved to remote working.

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Focusing on data reduced the subjective decision making from our hiring process and allowed us to reduce bias and make better hiring decisions.

Izzie, Head of HR, iZettle, Sweden

We used Neuroworx as part of our Finance Graduate Scheme recruitment and it was just what we needed – really simple to send candidates the link to complete and clear to see how they all compared. And great value for money!

Christina, HR Director, Cancer Research, UK

Curated by our team of experts

content writing exam questions

Scientifically validated by psychometric specialists

  • Our team of assessment experts is made up of I/O psychologists, psychometricians, and subject matter experts who work closely together to ensure each test is accurate and reliable.
  • Our subject matter experts are rigorously vetted and typically have several years of experience working in their industries and hold advanced credentials.

Important skills for a content writer include:

  • Solid understanding of SEO
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to adapt style
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Strong research skills

Other useful tests you may want to consider for a content writer include an SEO test , social media test , or software skills tests such as Microsoft Word or Google Analytics . With Neuroworx, you can customise your assessment package to best suit your hiring needs.

Neuroworx operates on a monthly or annual subscription basis. We have several plans to suit your hiring needs, which you can check out here . Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to discuss a custom plan.

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ACT Test Scores: Understanding Your Scores

Learn what goes into your composite score, how to use it, and more.

Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to your ACT scores? Don't worry, because today we're going to break down ACT scores and help you understand what they mean for your college application process. Whether you've just received your scores or are still preparing for the test, this page will equip you with the knowledge to understand your ACT scores.  

How are ACT scores calculated?

You’ve answered the questions and we’ve scored the results. Here’s how:

  • First we counted the number of questions on each test that you answered correctly. We did not deduct any points for incorrect answers. (There is no penalty for guessing.) 
  • Then we converted your raw scores (number of correct answers on each test) to "scale scores." Scale scores have the same meaning for all the different forms of the ACT® test, no matter which date a test was taken. 
  • Your Composite score and each test score (English, mathematics, reading, science) range from 1 (low) to 36 (high). The Composite score is the average of your four test scores, rounded to the nearest whole number. Fractions less than one-half are rounded down; fractions one-half or more are rounded up. 
  • Each reporting category includes the total number of questions in that category, the total number of questions in that category you answered correctly, and the percentage of questions correct. ACT reporting categories are aligned with ACT College and Career Readiness Standards and other standards that target college and career readiness. 

See below for sample score reports: 

  • Sample Student Score Report (PDF)   
  • Sample High School Score Report (PDF)  

For explanations of the different sections of your ACT score report and how you can use it to make decisions about college and beyond, download this FREE eBook . 

How Do Tests, Questions, and Reporting Categories Relate to One Another?

Score reports help students get the most from their test results

Users wishing to drill down further into what their scores mean can directly reference Reporting Category information found in their score reports. Reporting Category results are directly tied to ACT’s College and Career Readiness Standards.

Additional information regarding Reporting Categories can be found in the ACT Technical Manual (PDF) .

What Is a Good ACT Score?

During your college application process having an ACT score can help you realize your dream of going to college. It is important to keep in mind that a "good" ACT score can vary greatly from person to person depending on their individual goals and college preferences. But scoring at or above the average ACT score for the college you are applying to gives you a good chance of being accepted. 

The standard for what is considered a "good" ACT score will differ based on the selectivity and academic rigor of the colleges you have in mind. Are you aiming for admission into highly competitive Ivy League schools, or are you considering smaller, more specialized institutions?  

Different colleges have varying average ACT score ranges. While some universities may look for students with scores in the 30s, others may consider scores in the mid-20s as competitive. For example, the average ACT score for admitted students at Harvard University is 34 compared to the average ACT score of 23 for admitted students at University of Massachusetts Boston.  

To get a clear understanding of what score you should aim for, research the average ACT scores of the schools you're interested in. College websites and admissions resources will often provide this information, allowing you to gauge where you stand and set a realistic target. 

What are National Ranks?

Your national ranks tell you how your scores compare to those earned by recent high school graduates who took the ACT. Your national ranks appear on your score report under “US Rank”. 

ACT Test Score Ranges

Understanding ACT score ranges and what they mean is crucial in evaluating your performance and determining where you stand in comparison to other test-takers.   Each section has a test score range of 1-36:  

  • Below Average Score Range: 1-16
  • Average Score Range: 17-24
  • Above Average Score Range: 25-36

Let's put these score ranges into context:

A low score in any section, falling within the range of 1-16, indicates that there is room for improvement. Don't worry if you find yourself in this range initially; it simply means there are areas you can focus on to boost your performance.

An average score, ranging from 17-24, suggests that you are performing at an expected level. This is a solid range to be in, showcasing your competency in the subject matter. However, if you have dreams of attending highly competitive schools, aiming for a score above this range would be beneficial.

An above-average score, ranging from 25-36, demonstrates exceptional performance. If you find yourself in this range, congratulations! Your score demonstrates to colleges and universities that you’re prepared for rigorous coursework, potentially opening doors to more opportunities and scholarships.

Remember, these score ranges are not set in stone. Your target score may vary based on your college aspirations and personal goals. While it's great to aim for an above-average score, it's also important to set realistic expectations and focus on improving your weaknesses.

Ultimately, ACT score ranges provide a useful framework for evaluating your performance and setting targets. They help you evaluate where you stand in relation to other test-takers and guide you in making informed decisions about your academic future.

So, whether you find yourself in the below average, average, or above-average range, remember that your ACT score is just one piece of the puzzle. It's your determination, work ethic, and dedication that will truly define your journey towards success.

What is the lowest ACT score college will accept?

In general, the lowest ACT score that colleges will accept varies from institution to institution. However, most colleges have a minimum requirement of 18 or 20 on the ACT. While this is the baseline, it's worth noting that colleges consider a range of factors beyond just test scores, such as GPA, extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation.     While there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, a “good” ACT score is generally considered to be above the national average, which was 19.8 as of 2022. However, keep in mind that top-tier colleges and universities tend to have higher expectations, often looking for ACT scores in the 27-32 range or higher.     Colleges consider a range of ACT scores when making admissions decisions, giving students some flexibility. Commonly, students with scores in the range of 20-23 are still considered competitive at many mid-tier colleges. For more selective schools, a score in the 24-28 range will increase your chances of admission. However, for highly selective institutions, aiming for an ACT score above 30 can significantly enhance your application. While ACT scores do play a role in the admissions process, it's essential to remember that they are just one aspect considered by colleges. Admissions committees also look at your high school transcript, extracurricular activities, essays, and other factors to assess your overall potential as a student. Don't worry if your ACT score falls slightly below the average;, a well-rounded application can still open doors. 

Standards and Benchmarks

For College and Career Readiness

The Benchmarks are scores on the ACT subject-area tests that represent the level of achievement required for students to have a 50% chance of obtaining a B or higher or about a 75% chance of obtaining a C or higher in corresponding credit-bearing first-year college courses. These college courses include English composition, college algebra, introductory social science courses, and biology. Based on a sample of 214 institutions and more than 230,000 students from across the United States, the Benchmarks are median course placement values for these institutions and as such represent a typical set of expectations.  

Taking the ACT with writing will provide additional scores to you and the schools to which you have ACT report scores. Find more information about how the writing test is scored .

Scoring for the Writing Test

Taking the ACT with writing will provide additional scores to you and the schools to which you have ACT report scores. Find more information about how the writing test is scored . 

ACT / SAT Concordance

ACT and the College Board have completed a concordance study that is designed to examine the relationship between scores on the ACT test and the SAT. These concordance tables do not equate scores, but rather provide a tool for finding comparable scores.

Make Sense of Your Scores

Understanding what ACT scores colleges accept and what they consider "good" is a valuable piece of information for any aspiring college student. Keep in mind that each college has its own set of requirements, and what might be considered acceptable at one institution may be different elsewhere. Therefore, it is important to aim for a score that reflects your abilities and showcases your potential. Remember that your overall application tells a more comprehensive story than just your test score. 

See below for more information on how to use your ACT results: 

  • Using Your ACT Results 2022-2023 (PDF)
  • Cómo utilizar tus resultados del examen ACT 2022-23 (PDF)

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Top 30 Content Writer Interview Questions & Answers

Vidhi Shukla

If the world of words entices you, a career in content writing can be apt for you. It won’t be wrong to say that content is the king in the modern world. Across industries like technology, finance, media, retail, and recruitment, content writers are high in demand as businesses have moved past the traditional way of promoting their products. They need content writers to write compelling copy to market their product at a much lesser cost. 

If you want to pursue a content writer job, you have to be skilled in keyword analysis, and communication, and have a good command of the language. This sounds like you? If the answer is yes and you are preparing to appear for your dream job, we can help you with content writer interview questions and answers. 

Explore the essential list of 30 interview questions and answers ideal for both freshers and experienced content writer candidates. These meticulously crafted questions are your key to acing content writing job interviews in diverse organizations. Prior to your interview panel discussion, delve into these interview questions to thoroughly prepare for the upcoming job interview.

Content Writer Interview Questions You Must Know

1. define content writing..

Content writing is an inventive procedure that is used in Internet marketing wherein a content writer is assigned to write down exclusive and relevant articles or blogs for different websites.

The point of content writing is to constrain a lot of readers to the site since each site has a various target audience, and they need much pertinent content to draw traffic towards their business.

2. How can you improve your writing skills and grammar?

You can improve your writing skills and grammar through various forms:

Write every day and get it proofread by a senior writer

Learning the fundamentals of Punctuation and Grammar

Daily reading is a must to improve writing and grammar skills

Attend webinars about improving content skills 

3. How can you apply SEO best practices to your writing?

The use of SEO top practices is fundamental if you want your company's content to be published online, so you want to hire a content marketing writer who understands and knows how to do SEO and do it fine.

4. Name some content development tools you’re familiar with.

Some of the content development tools are:

Google Trends: It provides the writer with a plan about the most recent trends of the topic.

Canva: Canva is used by the writer to generate the images connected to the subject and also for creating infographics.

Copyscape: Writers use Copyscape to ensure plagiarism.

Portent’s content idea generator: This tool helps the content writer to make catchy headlines that give new attention to the content. 

5. Tell me some proofreading techniques.

Some of the proofreading techniques are:

Cross-checking the figure in the article

It is better to take a printout and do the proofreading rather than on a laptop and then read it out loud so that ears can listen to what the writer is speaking.

Punctuation mistakes are the most common mistakes. Checking the punctuation is necessary. 

6. How can you make your content SEO-friendly?

You can make your content SEO-friendly through various methods:

Content must be plagiarism-free

Embrace the external and internal links in the article

There has to be no mistake in the content

Use appropriate keywords in the article etc. 

7. What are some various forms of writing?

Some various forms of writing are:


Technical Content

Company Website

Social Media Promotion

Product Review 

8. How do you decide what subject or topic to write on?

Some methods that can help you to discover new topics are:

Researching keywords and related keywords

Analyzing conversations on social media sites

Keeping trail of blogs and articles from subject matter experts, commentator critics, etc.

Identifying the target audience & their requirements. 

9. How do you manage deadlines in content writing?

Ways to manage deadlines in content writing are:

Calculate the time for each target and start researching an article having a close deadline.

Then I put the timelines of each of the projects in my task list.

Then I plan back according to the deadline date, editing and reframing the content, first outline and research

Get the entire week's content work as per the requirements set. 

10. How can we determine the tone of content writing?

When writing the content for a specific subject or topic what matters in the tone of writing is not what you are writing but how you are writing.

11. What formats are you comfortable writing in?

It’s important to make sure you’re receiving the right tool for the job. If you’re looking for someone to write video scripts, you may not want a writer who’s mainly interested in writing listicles.

12. What content management systems have you used?

Depending on your content needs, you might be looking for a writer who can post content straight on your site. In these cases, you want a writer who knows their way around a main content management system like Magento or WordPress.

13. Explain the difference between content and copy.

A copy is material you'd find in a catalogue, while content is what you'd find in a newsletter. A copy is sales leaning while content is value-oriented.

14. How to check if your content has performed well or not?

To check the performance of my content:

I will go on Facebook to verify how many have shared my article

I will access Google Analytics after some days to inspect the number of page views

I will search on the Google search engine with the keywords that I have added for optimization and examine if it ranks on page 1 or not

Using the Twitter counter, I check the number of tweets that cite this post.

15. What is keyword research in content writing?

Keyword research is a hunt of those keywords that people go into the search engine to get superior ranking in the search engines. It is used to classify the content which is on the web page.

16. Name some different types of content writing.

Some different types of content writing are:

Branding content

Technical content


Digital marketing content

Website content

17. How do you use keywords in your writing?

Using the right keywords, and in the proper place, incorrect frequencies is a complicated task. Using the key phrase just like that is not permitted in Content Writing. The enclosure should always be organic, semantically and grammatically correct.

18. How do you research the target audience?

Knowing your target audience is vital in Content Writing because the writing style varies considerably depending on the target audience. To know my target audience, I collect the data from my clients or the person who assigned me the project. Based on this data, I run my online analytics and research.

19. State the difference between a blog and an article.

An article is more like information on reports and the quality and language of an article are formal and unfriendly. Whereas, a blog is private and informal, and frequently includes the writer’s own opinions.

Read More: 20 SEO Interview Questions and Answers 2023

20. What are some of the skills that should be mandatory for a content writer?

A content writer should have skills such as Good flexibility in content topics, superior attention to Search Engine Optimization skills, and focus on content words, good aptitude to give their work within timeline skills.

21. What are the different types of genres?

The different types of genres are:

22. According to you what approach should be for social media content writing?

For Social Media, the content should be small, eye-catching, and useful. The appearance should be top-notch, striking, and in a way that focuses on the major points of your content directly. The language can be more relaxed than blogs or websites so that the readers feel a bond.

23. Tell me the important steps that you take to optimize your content for SEO.

A content writer should take important steps:

URL: The division of the URL that appears after the domain name should be constructed in a useful way. It should contain the main information about the content.

Meta Data: It is the small passage of the content that shows on search engines, below the URL and website information. Eye-catching metadata helps in receiving the most number of organic traffic.

Internal and External Link: Good Content should contain enough internal and external links depending on the size of the article.

24. What do you need to know about a project before you start writing?

Good content writers should start by solving queries and doing research. He or she must know the target audience and the goals of the particular project. Moreover, before starting to write the content, they should also look for other competitors about how they are writing and what is the concept behind it.

25. Are you happy with the profession you choose as your career?

Yes. I am happy because I get to research multiple topics as it’s the demand of my profession that results in my constant learning and development. 

26. What are the major differences you know between content and copy?

Content refers to an article or blog published in a general way and completely different. These types of write-ups do not promote the business or product of the organization but offer complete information about the subject.

Whereas copy is different and directly relates to the marketing concept and promotes the business and products in every possible way. So, at one point, both are essential for meeting the expectations of business and making good outputs.

27. Tell me about the various types of writing.

There are basically four types of writing:

Descriptive writing

Narrative writing

Expository writing

Persuasive writing

28. Brief me about “white papers”?

White paper refers to an authoritative document and report intended to inform the reader and organization properly about technical information. It conveys the multifaceted terms into simpler ones that can be understood. 

29. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The type of interview questions needs to be answered carefully. You can mention your strong points by saying innovation, creativity, organic SEO writing, teamwork, consistency, and many other relevant things.

In defining weakness, always remember to answer in a way that represents positive, or you can say like areas where you find that you require improvement for better productivity.

30. How would you ensure the credibility of the content you will publish?

I will collect the data from the pool of resources like magazines, books, journals, published research papers, and other informative websites, which can help me, achieve the goals and meet the organization’s expectations.

Tips For Content Writer Interview

If you are preparing for a content writer interview, we will share five tips that will help you stand out in front of your employer. 

1. Research About The Company 

It’s important to research the company and understand its products, services, and the tone of its external and internal communication before you appear for the interview. 

2. Showcase Your Writing Portfolio

Bring a well-organized and diverse portfolio of your writing samples. Choose pieces that demonstrate your versatility as a writer and align with the type of content the company produces. Highlight any relevant industry-specific work.

3. Demonstrate SEO Knowledge

Many content writing roles involve creating content that ranks well in search engines. Showcase your understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles. Discuss how you incorporate keywords, optimize meta descriptions, and understand the importance of user intent in your writing.

4. Discuss Your Writing Process

Be prepared to explain your writing process. Discuss how you research, outline, draft, edit, and proofread your content. Emphasize your attention to detail and your ability to meet deadlines.

5. Answer Behavioral Questions Thoughtfully

Expect questions about your past experiences and how you handled various writing challenges. Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to structure your responses. Be specific about the tasks you've undertaken, the actions you've taken, and the positive results you've achieved. 

We hope this comprehensive guide on content interview questions and tips can help you crack your dream job. In a nutshell, the content writer is an incredible career option for those who are wordsmiths and are research-oriented individuals. If you think this is you, register with Shine for free and apply for relevant content writing jobs.   

FAQs on Content Interview Questions

Q1 what's the importance of seo in content writing interviews.

SEO knowledge is crucial because it shows your ability to create content that ranks well in search engines, driving organic traffic.

Q2 What software or tools should I be proficient in as a content writer?

Proficiency in tools like content management systems (e.g., WordPress), keyword research tools (e.g., SEMrush), and grammar checkers (e.g., Grammarly) can be beneficial.

Q3 How do I demonstrate my writing versatility during the interview?

Share examples of diverse content types (blogs, articles, product descriptions, etc.) and discuss how you adapt your writing style to suit different audiences and purposes.

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Vidhi Shukla

Vidhi Shukla as a content writer has an exploration of words and phrases in which relying on and writing for it is more enhancing capabilities and skills she holds in towards the work. She loves to re...

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30 Content Writer Interview Questions and Answers

Common Content Writer interview questions, how to answer them, and example answers from a certified career coach.

content writing exam questions

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but as a content writer, you know that well-crafted text can paint vivid images in readers’ minds and leave a lasting impression. Your talent for weaving stories and conveying information has brought you to the doorstep of your dream job. Now, it’s time to put those exceptional writing skills to use and ace the interview.

In this competitive world of content creation, employers are looking for candidates who not only have a way with words but also possess the ability to adapt their voice, conduct thorough research, and meet tight deadlines. To help you showcase your unique talents and impress your potential employer, we’ve curated a list of common content writer interview questions along with tips on how to answer them effectively and confidently.

1. What types of content have you written in the past, and for which industries?

The variety of content and industries you’ve worked with speaks to your versatility as a content writer. Employers are interested in understanding your experience and how well you can adapt your writing style to various formats and target audiences. Showcasing your ability to write for different industries also demonstrates your research skills and your ability to grasp new concepts quickly.

Example: “Throughout my career as a content writer, I have written various types of content for multiple industries. My experience includes creating blog posts, articles, social media copy, email newsletters, and website copy. I’ve also worked on long-form content such as whitepapers, e-books, and case studies.

The industries I have primarily focused on include technology, healthcare, finance, and marketing. In the technology sector, I’ve covered topics like software development, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies like AI and IoT. For healthcare, I’ve written about medical advancements, patient care, and health insurance. In finance, my work has spanned personal finance, investment strategies, and fintech trends. Lastly, in the marketing industry, I’ve created content around digital marketing strategies, SEO, and social media best practices. This diverse experience allows me to adapt quickly to new subjects and create engaging content tailored to different target audiences.”

2. Can you provide examples of your published work?

Showcasing your published work is key to demonstrating your experience and expertise as a content writer. By providing examples of your writing, you allow potential employers to assess the quality, style, and versatility of your work, as well as your ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. This helps them determine if your skills and writing style align with their organization’s needs and brand voice.

Example: “Certainly! I have a diverse portfolio of published work that showcases my writing skills and versatility across various topics. One example is an article I wrote for [Publication Name] titled “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future Job Market.” In this piece, I explored how AI technology is shaping industries and what it means for job seekers in the coming years.

Another example is a series of blog posts I created for [Company Name], where I covered topics related to digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, social media advertising, and content creation. These articles aimed to provide actionable insights for small business owners looking to improve their online presence.

I’d be happy to share links to these pieces and additional samples from my portfolio upon request or you can visit my personal website at [YourWebsite.com] to view more examples of my work. This will give you a better understanding of my writing style, research capabilities, and adaptability to different subjects and formats.”

3. How do you ensure that your writing is engaging and relevant to the target audience?

Content writing isn’t just about putting words to paper (or screen); it’s about crafting engaging and meaningful experiences for readers. Interviewers want to see that you have a strong understanding of your target audience, their interests, and their needs. They also want to know that you can create content that resonates with readers and keeps them hooked. Demonstrating your ability to do this effectively shows that you’re capable of producing content that will not only inform but also drive results for the organization.

Example: “To ensure my writing is engaging and relevant to the target audience, I start by conducting thorough research on the topic and understanding the demographics of the intended readers. This helps me tailor my content to their interests, preferences, and level of expertise. I also pay close attention to the tone and style that resonates with the audience, whether it’s casual, professional, or somewhere in between.

Another key aspect is structuring the content effectively, using headings, subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make it easily digestible and visually appealing. Additionally, I incorporate storytelling elements and real-life examples when appropriate, as they help create a connection with the reader and make complex concepts more relatable. Finally, I always proofread and revise my work multiple times to ensure clarity, coherence, and grammatical accuracy, which contributes to an overall engaging and enjoyable reading experience.”

4. Describe your research process when preparing to write a new piece of content.

Content creation is more than just putting words on paper or a screen. It requires a deep understanding of the subject matter and often involves gathering and synthesizing information from multiple sources. By asking this question, interviewers want to gauge your ability to conduct thorough research, identify reliable sources, and effectively use that information to create high-quality, engaging content that serves a specific purpose.

Example: “When preparing to write a new piece of content, I begin my research process by first understanding the target audience and the objective of the article. This helps me tailor my research to gather information that will be most relevant and engaging for the readers.

I then start with a broad search on the topic using reputable sources such as industry publications, academic journals, and authoritative websites. This allows me to gain an overview of the subject matter and identify key points or trends. Once I have a solid foundation, I narrow down my focus and dive deeper into specific aspects of the topic. During this stage, I look for case studies, expert opinions, and real-life examples to support my arguments and provide valuable insights.

Throughout the research process, I take detailed notes and organize them in a logical structure, which later serves as the outline for my article. This approach ensures that the final piece is well-researched, accurate, and provides value to the reader while aligning with the overall business goals.”

5. How do you handle writer’s block or tight deadlines?

Creativity is an essential part of a content writer’s job, but sometimes the well of inspiration can run dry, or the pressure of deadlines can make it difficult to produce high-quality work. Interviewers want to know if you have strategies in place to overcome these obstacles, ensuring you can consistently deliver engaging content even under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Example: “When faced with writer’s block or tight deadlines, I employ a few strategies to overcome these challenges and maintain productivity. First, I break down the task into smaller, manageable sections, which helps me focus on one aspect at a time and reduces the pressure of completing the entire piece in one go. This approach allows me to make steady progress while maintaining quality.

If I’m experiencing writer’s block, I find it helpful to step away from my work for a short period and engage in an activity that clears my mind, such as taking a walk or doing a quick workout. This brief mental break often sparks new ideas and perspectives when I return to writing. Additionally, I keep a running list of potential topics and angles to explore, which can serve as inspiration during moments of creative stagnation.

For tight deadlines, effective time management is essential. I prioritize tasks based on their urgency and allocate sufficient time for research, drafting, editing, and proofreading. If necessary, I communicate proactively with my team or supervisor about any concerns regarding the deadline, ensuring that expectations are aligned and support is available if needed. These strategies have consistently helped me deliver high-quality content under various circumstances throughout my career.”

6. Are you familiar with SEO best practices? If so, how do you incorporate them into your writing?

Your future employer wants to know if you’re aware of how search engine optimization (SEO) can impact the visibility and reach of their content. By incorporating SEO best practices into your writing, you can help drive organic traffic to the company’s website, boost search engine rankings, and ultimately contribute to the overall success of their digital marketing efforts. Demonstrating your knowledge in this area shows that you’re not only a talented writer, but also a strategic thinker who can create content that serves a specific purpose in the digital landscape.

Example: “Yes, I am familiar with SEO best practices and understand the importance of incorporating them into my writing to improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. When creating content, I start by conducting keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to identify relevant keywords and phrases that have high search volume and low competition. This helps me understand what topics are in demand and how users are searching for information related to those topics.

Once I have identified the target keywords, I strategically incorporate them into various elements of the content, such as the title, headings, meta description, and throughout the body text. However, I always prioritize readability and user experience over keyword density, ensuring that the content flows naturally and provides value to the reader. Additionally, I focus on creating well-structured, engaging, and informative content that encourages readers to spend more time on the page and share it with others, which can positively impact search engine rankings. In summary, my approach to SEO is a balance between optimizing for search engines and providing valuable content for the audience.”

7. Do you have experience using content management systems (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal?

Familiarity with content management systems is essential for a content writer, as it demonstrates your ability to effectively create, edit, and publish content on various platforms. Interviewers ask this question to ensure that you have the technical skills required to manage the company’s content efficiently and navigate the tools they use to maintain their website or blog. This experience can also indicate that you are adaptable and able to learn new systems quickly, which is valuable in the ever-evolving world of content creation.

Example: “Yes, I have extensive experience using content management systems, particularly WordPress. In my previous role as a content writer for an online publication, I was responsible for creating and publishing articles directly on the website using WordPress. This involved formatting text, adding images, embedding videos, and optimizing content for SEO purposes.

I am also familiar with Drupal, having used it in a freelance project where I contributed to updating and maintaining a client’s website. While my experience with Drupal is not as extensive as with WordPress, I am comfortable navigating its interface and can quickly adapt to new CMS platforms when needed. My familiarity with these systems allows me to efficiently manage and publish content while ensuring consistency and quality across various digital channels.”

8. Have you ever had to rewrite or edit someone else’s work? If so, how did you approach it?

Collaboration and the ability to give and receive feedback are essential skills in the world of content creation. By asking this question, interviewers want to gauge your experience in working with others’ writing, your approach to editing, and how you handle potentially sensitive situations. They’re looking for someone who can not only improve the content but also maintain positive relationships with team members during the process.

Example: “Yes, I have had to rewrite and edit other people’s work on several occasions. When approaching this task, my primary focus is to maintain the original author’s voice and intent while improving clarity, grammar, and overall structure.

I start by reading through the entire piece to understand its purpose and main ideas. Then, I make notes of any areas that need improvement or clarification. While editing, I pay close attention to sentence structure, word choice, and tone, ensuring that the content remains engaging and easy to read. If necessary, I reorganize sections for better flow and coherence.

Throughout the process, I maintain open communication with the original author, discussing any significant changes and seeking their input when needed. This collaborative approach ensures that the final product aligns with both the author’s vision and the quality standards required for publication.”

9. What tools do you use to check for grammar, spelling, and readability issues in your writing?

Assessing your familiarity with writing tools helps interviewers gauge your commitment to producing high-quality content. By using grammar, spelling, and readability tools, you showcase your dedication to delivering polished work that is easy to understand and free of errors—crucial for any content writer role. This question also reveals your resourcefulness and ability to adapt to different platforms and technologies.

Example: “To ensure my writing is polished and free of errors, I utilize a combination of tools and techniques. For grammar and spelling checks, I rely on Grammarly as it provides real-time suggestions for improvements and helps me catch any mistakes that might have slipped through during the initial writing process. Additionally, I use Hemingway Editor to analyze readability, sentence structure, and passive voice usage, which allows me to make necessary adjustments for clarity and conciseness.

Apart from these tools, I also believe in the importance of manual proofreading. After completing a piece, I take a short break before revisiting it with fresh eyes to identify any inconsistencies or areas that need improvement. This multi-layered approach ensures that my work maintains high-quality standards and effectively communicates the intended message to the target audience.”

10. How do you stay up-to-date on industry trends and news related to the topics you write about?

Staying current with industry trends and news is essential for a content writer to produce relevant, engaging, and informative articles. Interviewers ask this question to gauge your ability to consistently produce high-quality content that resonates with readers, showcases your expertise, and adds value to the company’s brand, ultimately driving traffic and conversions. It also demonstrates your commitment to self-improvement and your adaptability in a constantly evolving field.

Example: “To stay up-to-date on industry trends and news, I follow a combination of online resources, social media platforms, and networking. First, I subscribe to relevant newsletters, blogs, and publications that provide insights into the latest developments in my writing niches. This helps me gather valuable information from thought leaders and experts in those fields.

Furthermore, I actively participate in professional groups and forums on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, where members share articles, discuss emerging trends, and exchange ideas. These interactions not only keep me informed but also help me build connections with other professionals who can offer unique perspectives and experiences.

Staying current on industry trends is essential for producing high-quality content that resonates with readers and provides them with valuable information. It allows me to create engaging pieces that reflect the latest advancements and discussions within the field, ultimately helping clients achieve their content goals.”

11. Can you describe your typical workflow for creating a new piece of content from start to finish?

Content creation is a multi-step process that requires organization, creativity, and attention to detail. Interviewers want to ensure that you have a solid understanding of this process and can manage your time effectively. They’re also interested in learning about your research skills, writing techniques, and editing abilities that contribute to producing high-quality content. By sharing your workflow, you demonstrate your ability to take a project from concept to completion while meeting deadlines and maintaining consistency in tone and style.

Example: “When I begin a new piece of content, the first step is to thoroughly research and understand the topic. This involves gathering information from reliable sources, identifying key points, and understanding the target audience’s needs and preferences. Once I have a solid foundation, I create an outline that organizes the main ideas and supporting details in a logical flow.

With the outline as my guide, I start writing the draft, focusing on creating engaging and informative content while maintaining a consistent tone and style tailored to the target audience. Throughout the writing process, I ensure that the content aligns with the client’s objectives and any specific guidelines provided.

After completing the initial draft, I take a break before revisiting it for editing and proofreading. During this stage, I refine the language, eliminate redundancies, and check for grammatical errors or inconsistencies. Finally, I run the content through plagiarism detection software to ensure originality and submit the polished piece to the client or editor for review.”

12. Have you ever worked with an editorial calendar? If so, how did you manage your workload and deadlines?

Time management and organizational skills are key components of a successful content writer’s toolkit. By asking this question, interviewers want to gauge your experience with planning and adhering to a content schedule, which often involves multiple projects, deadlines, and collaboration with team members. They’re interested in understanding how you approach these challenges and ensure that your work remains consistent and of high quality, even under pressure.

Example: “Yes, I have worked with editorial calendars in my previous roles as a content writer. To manage my workload and deadlines effectively, I developed a systematic approach that allowed me to stay organized and prioritize tasks.

I started by familiarizing myself with the calendar and understanding the requirements for each piece of content, including word count, target audience, and key messaging points. Then, I created a personal work schedule outlining when I would research, write, edit, and submit each article. This helped me allocate sufficient time for each task and avoid last-minute rushes.

To ensure I stayed on track, I used project management tools like Trello or Asana to create boards for each assignment, breaking them down into smaller tasks with individual deadlines. This made it easier to monitor my progress and make adjustments if needed. Additionally, I communicated regularly with my editor to provide updates on my work and address any concerns or changes in priorities. This proactive approach enabled me to consistently meet deadlines while maintaining high-quality output.”

13. What strategies do you use to make complex information more accessible and understandable for readers?

The ability to break down complex information and present it in an easily digestible way is a vital skill for a content writer. Interviewers ask this question to gauge your ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences and ensure that the content you create can be understood and appreciated by readers with varying levels of familiarity with the subject matter. This also demonstrates your critical thinking skills and your ability to adapt and create content that aligns with the target audience’s needs.

Example: “When dealing with complex information, my primary goal is to make it digestible and engaging for readers. One strategy I employ is breaking down the information into smaller, more manageable pieces. This can be achieved through the use of subheadings, bullet points, or numbered lists, which help guide the reader through the content in a structured manner.

Another technique I utilize is incorporating analogies or real-life examples that relate to the topic at hand. These comparisons allow readers to connect unfamiliar concepts with something they already understand, making the information easier to grasp. Additionally, I focus on maintaining a clear and concise writing style, avoiding jargon and overly technical language whenever possible. If specialized terms are necessary, I ensure they are properly defined and explained within the context of the piece. Ultimately, these strategies work together to create content that effectively communicates complex ideas while keeping the reader engaged and informed.”

14. Do you have any experience with social media marketing or writing copy for advertisements?

Content creators are often expected to have a versatile skill set, and social media marketing and ad copywriting are popular ways for companies to engage with their audience. Your experience in these areas demonstrates your adaptability and ability to create content that resonates with various audiences. It also showcases your understanding of different writing styles and platforms, which is valuable in today’s digital landscape.

Example: “Yes, I have experience in both social media marketing and writing copy for advertisements. In my previous role as a content writer at XYZ Agency, I was responsible for creating engaging social media content for our clients across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This involved researching the target audience, crafting compelling captions, selecting appropriate hashtags, and working closely with the design team to create visually appealing graphics.

Furthermore, I also wrote copy for digital advertisements, including Google Ads and sponsored posts on social media. My approach to ad copywriting focused on understanding the client’s unique selling points, identifying their target audience’s pain points, and presenting the product or service as an effective solution. Through A/B testing and analyzing performance metrics, I continuously refined my copywriting skills to optimize engagement and conversion rates. This hands-on experience has equipped me with the ability to create persuasive and impactful content that resonates with diverse audiences and supports overall marketing objectives.”

15. How do you measure the success of your content?

Success in content writing is often about engagement and achieving specific goals. Interviewers ask this question to understand your mindset when it comes to evaluating the impact of your writing. They want to see that you’re not only focused on crafting well-written pieces but also on ensuring your content resonates with the target audience and drives desired actions, whether that’s sharing, commenting, generating leads, or increasing sales.

Example: “As a content writer, I measure the success of my content through a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics. Quantitatively, I track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as page views, time spent on the page, bounce rate, social media shares, and conversion rates. These metrics provide valuable insights into how well the content is resonating with the target audience and whether it’s driving desired actions.

Qualitatively, I pay close attention to user feedback in the form of comments, reviews, or direct messages from readers. This helps me understand their thoughts and opinions about the content, which can be invaluable for refining future pieces. Additionally, I collaborate with other team members, such as editors and marketing specialists, to gather their perspectives on the content’s effectiveness in meeting overall business goals. Balancing both quantitative and qualitative measures allows me to continuously improve my writing and create content that truly engages and benefits our audience.”

16. Are you comfortable working independently or as part of a team?

Flexibility and adaptability are highly valued in the world of content writing. Sometimes, projects require collaboration with editors, designers, or other writers, while other times you may be working independently to meet tight deadlines. By asking this question, interviewers want to gauge your ability to thrive in both scenarios and ensure you can contribute effectively in a variety of work environments.

Example: “I am comfortable working in both independent and team settings, as I believe adaptability is essential for a content writer. When working independently, I can efficiently manage my time, conduct research, and produce high-quality content that meets the project requirements. This allows me to take ownership of my work and ensure it aligns with the client’s expectations.

On the other hand, collaborating within a team offers valuable opportunities for brainstorming, sharing ideas, and receiving feedback from colleagues. Working together helps us create more engaging and well-rounded content by leveraging each team member’s unique strengths and perspectives. Ultimately, I enjoy the balance between autonomy and collaboration, as it enables me to grow professionally and contribute effectively to the success of any project.”

17. Have you ever had to interview subject matter experts or conduct primary research for your articles?

The ability to gather information directly from experts or conduct primary research is a valuable skill for a content writer. It demonstrates that you’re capable of going beyond basic internet research to create well-informed, accurate, and engaging content. Additionally, it shows that you’re able to communicate effectively with a variety of sources and synthesize complex information into reader-friendly content. Interviewers ask this question to gauge your experience and adaptability in writing high-quality, informative pieces.

Example: “Yes, I have had the opportunity to interview subject matter experts and conduct primary research for several articles in my previous role as a content writer. One notable project involved writing an article on the impact of artificial intelligence on the healthcare industry. To gather accurate information and insights, I reached out to professionals working at the intersection of AI and healthcare, including researchers, data scientists, and medical practitioners.

I prepared a list of relevant questions beforehand, focusing on their experiences, challenges, and predictions for the future of AI in healthcare. During the interviews, I took detailed notes and recorded the conversations with their permission. This allowed me to accurately capture their perspectives and quote them directly in the article. Additionally, I conducted primary research by reviewing recent studies, whitepapers, and reports related to the topic to ensure that my article was well-informed and up-to-date.

The combination of expert opinions and primary research not only added credibility to the article but also provided readers with valuable insights from industry professionals. This approach helped me create engaging and informative content that resonated with our target audience.”

18. What style guides are you familiar with, and how do you ensure consistency in your writing?

As a content writer, your ability to adapt to various style guides and maintain consistent writing is essential for producing quality work that meets the needs of different clients and projects. Interviewers ask this question to assess your familiarity with common style guides (such as AP, Chicago, or MLA) and your ability to apply their rules effectively to ensure a polished, professional, and cohesive final product.

Example: “I am familiar with several style guides, including the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook, Modern Language Association (MLA), and American Psychological Association (APA). Each guide has its unique set of rules and guidelines for formatting, punctuation, grammar, and citation. When working on a project, I first identify which style guide is most appropriate or required by the client.

To ensure consistency in my writing, I keep a digital copy of the relevant style guide handy for quick reference. Additionally, I create a customized checklist for each project that highlights key points from the chosen style guide, such as specific terminology, abbreviations, or capitalization rules. This helps me maintain uniformity throughout the content and makes it easier to review and edit my work before submission.”

19. How do you handle constructive criticism or feedback on your work?

Criticism and feedback are simply part of the creative process. As a content writer, you’ll be working closely with editors, clients, and perhaps other team members, all of whom might have opinions on your work. The ability to accept constructive criticism and use it to improve your writing is essential to succeed in this field. Interviewers want to know if you’re open to feedback, can adapt to different styles or requirements, and ultimately, if you’re a team player who’s willing to learn and grow.

Example: “As a content writer, I understand that constructive criticism and feedback are essential for growth and improvement. When I receive feedback on my work, I approach it with an open mind and focus on understanding the specific areas where changes or improvements are needed. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from others’ perspectives and expertise, as it helps me refine my writing skills and adapt to different styles and requirements.

To make the most of the feedback, I actively engage in discussions with the person providing the critique, asking questions to clarify any points that may be unclear and seeking suggestions for alternative approaches if necessary. This collaborative process not only allows me to address concerns effectively but also fosters strong working relationships with colleagues and clients. Ultimately, embracing constructive criticism enables me to deliver high-quality content that meets the expectations of my audience and aligns with the goals of the project.”

20. Can you discuss your experience with long-form content, such as whitepapers or e-books?

Diving into the realm of long-form content demonstrates your ability to research, organize, and craft comprehensive pieces that provide valuable information to readers. As a content writer, your versatility in handling various content types is essential, and showcasing your experience with whitepapers or e-books allows interviewers to gauge your skill in producing in-depth, engaging, and well-structured content that aligns with the company’s goals and target audience.

Example: “Certainly, I have had the opportunity to work on several long-form content projects in my previous roles. One notable example was when I was tasked with creating a whitepaper for a client in the financial technology industry. The goal of this project was to provide an in-depth analysis of emerging trends and their impact on the market. To accomplish this, I conducted extensive research, interviewed subject matter experts, and analyzed relevant data.

Another instance involved developing an e-book for a health and wellness company that aimed to educate readers about various aspects of nutrition and fitness. This project required me to collaborate closely with the company’s team of nutritionists and personal trainers to ensure accuracy and relevance. In both cases, my focus was on presenting complex information in a clear, engaging, and well-structured manner, ultimately providing valuable insights to the target audience while reinforcing the brand’s authority in their respective industries.”

21. Have you ever created multimedia content, such as infographics or videos?

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and businesses are always looking for ways to diversify their content to engage with diverse audiences. By asking this question, interviewers want to gauge your versatility and creativity as a content writer. They’re interested in knowing if you can go beyond text-based content and adapt to emerging trends, ultimately contributing to the company’s content strategy in multiple formats.

Example: “Yes, I have experience creating multimedia content in addition to my writing skills. In a previous role as a content writer for an online marketing agency, I was responsible for developing various types of content to support our clients’ campaigns.

One project involved creating infographics to visually represent complex data and make it more accessible to the target audience. I collaborated with graphic designers to develop the visual elements while ensuring that the information presented was accurate and engaging. This required me to research the topic thoroughly, distill key points, and present them in a concise manner suitable for an infographic format.

Another project involved producing short explainer videos for a client’s website. I worked closely with the video production team to write scripts, provide input on visuals, and ensure that the final product effectively communicated the intended message. These experiences allowed me to expand my skillset beyond traditional written content and gain valuable insights into how different formats can complement each other to create a comprehensive content strategy.”

22. Are you familiar with any project management tools, like Trello or Asana?

Familiarity with project management tools showcases your ability to keep track of multiple assignments, meet deadlines, and collaborate with team members. As a content writer, you may be working on various projects simultaneously, and using these tools can help you organize your workload and communicate with other team members more efficiently.

Example: “Yes, I am familiar with both Trello and Asana as project management tools. In my previous role as a content writer for an online publication, we used Trello to manage our editorial calendar and track the progress of articles from ideation to publication. I found it helpful in visualizing the workflow and collaborating with editors and other writers on tasks, deadlines, and feedback.

I have also had experience using Asana while working on a freelance project where the client preferred this tool for managing their content pipeline. Asana’s features allowed me to easily organize tasks, set priorities, and communicate with team members regarding updates or changes. Both platforms have been valuable in streamlining processes and ensuring efficient collaboration within content teams.”

23. How do you approach writing for different formats, such as blog posts, newsletters, and social media updates?

Versatility is key when it comes to content writing, and interviewers want to assess your ability to adapt your writing style and tone to various platforms. Showcasing your understanding of the nuances and best practices for different formats not only demonstrates your flexibility as a writer but also highlights your awareness of the unique goals and audience expectations for each type of content.

Example: “When writing for different formats, I first consider the target audience and platform-specific requirements. For blog posts, I focus on creating engaging, informative content with a clear structure that includes headings, subheadings, and bullet points to make it easily scannable. I also pay attention to SEO best practices to ensure the content is discoverable by search engines.

For newsletters, I aim to create concise, relevant content that highlights important updates or news while maintaining a consistent brand voice. I prioritize information hierarchy, ensuring that the most critical details are presented upfront, followed by supporting information. Additionally, I incorporate strong calls-to-action to encourage reader engagement.

When crafting social media updates, I focus on brevity and visual appeal. I use an informal tone that resonates with the platform’s users and include eye-catching images or graphics to capture their attention. Hashtags and mentions are strategically used to increase visibility and foster interaction within the community. In all cases, understanding the unique characteristics of each format helps me tailor my writing approach to effectively communicate the intended message.”

24. What is your process for incorporating keywords and phrases into your content without sacrificing readability?

Content writers are often tasked with creating engaging and informative content while also optimizing it for search engines. Interviewers ask this question to ensure you understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and can strike the right balance between incorporating keywords and maintaining a natural, reader-friendly flow. Demonstrating your ability to write content that is both SEO-friendly and enjoyable to read will show that you can help the company reach its online visibility goals.

Example: “When incorporating keywords and phrases into my content, I prioritize readability by ensuring that they are integrated naturally within the context. First, I conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant terms for the target audience and topic. Then, as I outline the article or blog post, I strategically place these keywords in sections where they fit organically, such as headings, subheadings, and throughout the body text.

To maintain readability, I avoid overstuffing the content with keywords and focus on using them in a way that adds value to the reader’s experience. This may involve using synonyms or long-tail variations of the main keyword to create a more engaging and informative piece. Ultimately, my goal is to strike a balance between optimizing the content for search engines while still providing valuable information that resonates with readers.”

25. Have you ever worked with a style guide or brand voice guidelines? If so, how did you ensure consistency across all content?

Content needs to be cohesive and consistent to effectively represent a company’s brand and messaging. Interviewers ask this question to gauge your experience and ability to adapt your writing style to specific guidelines. They want to know you can maintain a consistent voice and tone across various content types, aligning with the company’s image and values, while also ensuring that the target audience finds the content engaging and relevant.

Example: “Yes, I have worked with style guides and brand voice guidelines in my previous role as a content writer for an e-commerce company. To ensure consistency across all content, I would start by thoroughly familiarizing myself with the guide, paying close attention to specific requirements such as tone, language, formatting, and any unique elements that define the brand’s identity.

Once I had a solid understanding of the guidelines, I made it a habit to refer back to them while creating content, ensuring that each piece adhered to the established standards. Additionally, I developed a checklist based on the style guide which I used during the editing process to confirm that every aspect of the content aligned with the brand voice. This systematic approach allowed me to maintain consistency throughout all written materials, reinforcing the brand’s image and message effectively.”

26. Do you have experience collaborating with graphic designers or other creative professionals to create visually appealing content?

Collaboration is key when crafting engaging and visually appealing content. By asking this question, interviewers want to know if you can effectively work alongside other creative professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, or videographers. This demonstrates your ability to be a team player, share ideas, and create content that is both well-written and visually compelling, ultimately leading to a more successful final product.

Example: “Yes, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with graphic designers and other creative professionals on several projects. In my previous role as a content writer for an online magazine, I worked closely with our in-house design team to create visually appealing articles that complemented the written content.

During this process, we would brainstorm ideas together, discussing how visuals could enhance the reader’s experience and convey the message more effectively. Once the initial concepts were developed, I provided feedback on the designs, ensuring they aligned with the tone and style of the article. This collaborative approach allowed us to produce engaging and cohesive content that resonated well with our audience.

Working alongside creative professionals has not only improved the quality of my work but also broadened my understanding of visual storytelling. It has taught me the importance of considering different perspectives and leveraging each team member’s expertise to create compelling content that appeals to diverse audiences.”

27. Can you provide an example of a time when you had to adapt your writing style to fit a specific audience or platform?

Understanding your audience is key to successful communication, particularly in the world of content writing. By asking this question, interviewers want to gauge your ability to recognize the needs and preferences of a target group and adjust your writing style accordingly. This demonstrates your versatility and awareness of the nuances involved in creating engaging, effective content for various platforms and demographics.

Example: “Certainly, I once worked on a project where the client was launching a new product targeted at young professionals. They wanted to create engaging content for their website and social media platforms that would resonate with this demographic. To adapt my writing style, I first conducted research on the interests and preferences of young professionals, as well as analyzed popular trends in language and tone used by successful brands targeting the same audience.

With this information, I crafted content using a more casual and conversational tone, incorporating relevant industry jargon and pop culture references to establish a connection with the target audience. Additionally, I tailored the content length and format to suit each platform – shorter, punchier pieces for social media, and longer, more informative articles for the website. The result was an increase in engagement across all channels, demonstrating the effectiveness of adapting my writing style to fit the specific audience and platform.”

28. Are you comfortable working on multiple projects simultaneously? How do you prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively?

Juggling multiple projects and deadlines is a reality in the world of content creation. Interviewers want to ensure you can maintain a high level of productivity and quality while working on various assignments. Demonstrating your ability to prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively will help them gauge your adaptability and organizational skills, which are essential for thriving in fast-paced work environments.

Example: “Yes, I am comfortable working on multiple projects simultaneously. In fact, as a content writer, it’s often necessary to juggle various assignments with different deadlines and requirements. To prioritize tasks and manage my time effectively, I employ a combination of organizational tools and strategies.

I start by creating a detailed list of all the projects I’m currently working on, including their respective deadlines and any specific guidelines or client preferences. Then, I use a project management tool to visualize my workload and set milestones for each assignment. This helps me allocate sufficient time for research, writing, editing, and proofreading while ensuring that I meet all deadlines.

To stay focused and maintain productivity, I break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable chunks and tackle them one at a time. Additionally, I set aside dedicated blocks of time for each project, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the subject matter without distractions. This approach has proven effective in managing multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining high-quality output and meeting deadlines consistently.”

29. Describe a situation where you received negative feedback on your work. How did you handle it, and what did you learn from the experience?

Constructive criticism and being open to feedback are essential for growth in any creative field, including content writing. By asking about your experience with negative feedback, the interviewer wants to gauge your ability to adapt, learn, and improve, as well as your resilience and professionalism when facing challenges. This question helps them determine whether you can take feedback in stride and use it to enhance your work, ultimately contributing to the company’s success.

Example: “I recall a situation where I submitted an article to my editor, and they provided negative feedback on the structure and flow of the piece. They pointed out that it lacked coherence and didn’t engage the reader effectively. Instead of taking it personally, I saw this as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

I carefully reviewed their comments and sought clarification on specific points to ensure I fully understood their perspective. Then, I reworked the article by restructuring the content, focusing on creating a more engaging narrative and incorporating smoother transitions between sections. After resubmitting the revised version, my editor was pleased with the improvements and published the article.

From this experience, I learned the importance of being open to constructive criticism and using it as a tool for professional development. It also reinforced the value of clear communication and collaboration with editors to produce high-quality content that meets both the readers’ needs and the publication’s standards.”

30. Why are you interested in this particular content writer position, and what unique skills or experiences can you bring to our team?

This question helps the interviewer gauge your enthusiasm and motivation for the position, as well as assess your understanding of the company’s needs and values. Your answer should demonstrate that you’ve done your research on the organization and its content requirements. Additionally, it allows you to showcase your unique skills or experiences that make you a strong fit for the team, helping the interviewer envision how you’d contribute to the company’s goals and grow within the role.

Example: “I am particularly interested in this content writer position because your company focuses on topics that align with my passions and expertise, such as technology and sustainability. I believe that writing about subjects I’m genuinely enthusiastic about allows me to create more engaging and informative content for the readers.

As for my unique skills and experiences, I have a strong background in both journalism and digital marketing. This combination has allowed me to develop a keen eye for storytelling while understanding the importance of SEO and audience targeting. My ability to adapt my writing style to different platforms and formats ensures that the content I produce resonates with diverse audiences and effectively communicates the intended message. Additionally, my experience working under tight deadlines has honed my time management skills, enabling me to consistently deliver high-quality work within the required timeframe.”

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29 Frequently Asked Content Writer Interview Questions And Answers

Content Writing is quite a popular career choice today. If you are planning to appear for an interview of a Content Writer, this blog is what you need to read. Below is a list of typical Content Writer Interview questions and answers for your next big interview.

1. What do you do to research the target audience?

Although this question is more pertinent for content marketing/Strategy profile, it is also a must for content writers to have basic knowledge about target audience analysis. You can use the following answer as a framework, around which you can add more elements.

Possible answer :

As a content writer, it is important for me to identify the target consumer and understand his/her personality, preferences, and needs. For this purpose, I take assistance from analysts and review the data provided by them. I also often take insights from the Sales/customer-service teams and once in a while interact directly with the customers.

2. What do you think are the essential components of a good web content?

There may be many aspects to a good content piece, but here we will discuss some of the indispensable elements that must be imbibed in every web content work and is essential for all content writers to know:

  • Usefulness : Web content should be written in a way which caters to 'what the reader wants'. This has a profound effect on reader engagement and how a blog or article gets ranked on the search engine.
  • Engagement : Many elements, for example, content structure, proper headlines, images & videos, info-graphics, etc. can make for an engaging read.
  • Call to action : Most online content is written with a marketing objective. Therefore, it is important for a content writer to know how to drive call to action
  • Credibility : The information being used in a blog or an online article must be from a legitimate source. Not maintaining credibility can have a terrible effect on an organization’s reputation.
  • Originality : Plagiarism can harm a company’s reputation and also negatively affect the performance of the content on a search engine.

3. How will you go about creating a content strategy for a client/brand?

Different agencies/organizations have different ways of approaching their content strategy. For the purpose of a content writing interview, you can narrate the following process which is simple and smart:

  • Step 1 – Define the marketing objectives
  • Step 2 – Identify audience (their personality, behaviour, demographics etc.)
  • Step 3 – Define how the client/brand should be perceived by the audience (Positioning)
  • Step 4 – Brainstorm ideas (Creating the topic/subject pool, creating a keyword list, etc.)
  • Step 5 – Map a rollout plan

4. How do you decide what topic/subject to write on?

Coming up with new topics is always challenging for content writers. Some methods by which I discover new topics are: Identifying the target audience & their needs Researching keywords and associate keywords Analysing conversations on social media Analysing conversations of competitors Keeping track of blogs and article from subject matter experts, commentators, critics, etc.

5. How do you decide the tone of the content?

This is an important question that does not get due attention but can go a long way in creating a good impression on the interviewer. Here are a few factors that must be considered for deciding the tone of the content:

Brand personality : The characteristics of a brand are the foremost guidelines around which the content strategy is developed. The tone of the content must align itself to the content strategy as well as the larger brand strategy.

Audience profile : Who the audience is and how the brand wants to be seen by the target audience are important questions that help a content writer decide the style and tone of writing.

Channel : The style of writing on a social media forum like Twitter is very different from when you are writing a blog or an article. However irrespective of the channel, content must be consistent with brand attributes.

6. How do you integrate SEO into your content?

When an interviewer asks this question, he/she does not expect you to be an expert in the subject. For answering this question you need to have basic knowledge about how the Google algorithm and On-Page SEO functions. Here are some basics of on-page SEO techniques that content writers are expected to know:

  • Keyword density : Keywords help search engines find out what your content is all about. The keyword density should be maintained between 2 to 5 percent.
  • Meta Tags : Meta tags also help in describing a page’s content but they are not a part of the text. You can see them only in the page’s code.
  • Body Tags : H1, H2, H3, H4 tags are used to describe the importance of a heading within an online content.
  • Alt Tags : Alt-tags are used to describe the attributes of an image.
  • URL Structure : Using small URLs, along with keyword & location makes the URL more search engine friendly.
  • Internal/External linking : The quality of internal & external links also has a profound effect on the performance of web content. Quality linking leads to better content engagement.

7. How do you ensure the credibility of the information?

This question is asked to ensure that you do your research properly before writing about a subject and that the information that you quote in your blog, article, etc. come from credible sources.

I personally prefer to gather information about a subject from popular journals, and published researches and reports from credible news organizations, magazines, etc.

8. What content management systems are you familiar with?

Ad agencies and content management firms often look for people who are technically sound and are capable of posting content directly onto a site. Even though as a content writer your writing skills and creativity are paramount, your knowledge about CMS systems like Wordpress and Magento is also very important.

I am very well acquainted with CMS systems like Wordpress and Joomla. I have worked on these systems in the past and find these very useful for various content management activities.

9. How do you plan and schedule your work?

The purpose of planning and scheduling content work is to produce an optimal quantity of work without compromising on the quality of the content. Here are a few simple steps which can help you schedule your content, and you can also narrate the same if this question is asked in an interview.

  • Step 1 – Understand content strategy and marketing goals
  • Step 2 – Create a subject/topic pool
  • Step 3 – Determine the frequency of publications
  • Step 4 – Prepare a calendar mentioning which topic is to be published on what date, along with related activities to be performed (promoting strategy, frequency, etc.)
  • Step 5 – Draw a workflow (researching the topic, creating a draft, writing, proofreading, and publishing)
I like to follow a step by step approach ( refer to the above steps ) to do the planning and scheduling of content. I feel content calendars are very useful when it comes to staying organised and consistent, and streamlining the projects. I prefer to create a content calendar using Google Sheets, Trello, or explore the ready-to-use online content calendars.

10. How do you analyse the performance of content?

How one defines a successful content may vary depending on the target audience and the marketing objectives. However, some common ways of judging the performance of online content are: Search Engine result page Traffic & repeat traffic Engagement – Likes, shares, comments, etc Call to action – Inquiries, leads, sales, etc.

12. Once content is published, how do you promote it?

Even though you are a content writer, your employer expects you to contribute to the outreach efforts of the organization in some way. You can contribute to this effort by:

  • Sharing the blog/article through social media
  • Asking your co-workers to share the blogs/articles
  • Reaching out to influencers & industry colleagues for their opinion on the blog

13. What is the difference between blog and article?

Articles are a more traditional & formal form of writing. They are meant to inform the reader about a subject using facts, events, analysis, and research. A blog may or may not include elements of an article but is written in an informal and personal fashion. It generally includes the opinion of the writer.

14. And what is the difference between content and copy?

Both content and the copy can be used for achieving marketing objectives, but while content (blogs, articles, etc.) is used to give a narration about a subject, a copy is used to inform, position, publicise, and sell a product or service.

15. Tell us something that is unique about your writing style?

The answer to this question requires quite a bit of soul-searching and depends on what you think about yourself as a content writer. Here are a few references that can help you.

Possible Answer 1:

As a content writer, I always attempt to write in a way which motivates the reader for a call to action . For this purpose, I research deeply about the audience persona and also use new and innovative ways of structuring the content.

Possible Answer 2:

I use smart & simple language in my writing which informs the reader about the subject and also keeps him/her engaged in the content.

16. What is your proofreading process?

I prefer to use some simple techniques for proofreading the content. Read loudly Check the content on a hardcopy Read backwards Check homonyms Check paragraph structures Use spell-check Use softwares like Grammarly , Hemingway , etc.

17. How do you keep yourself motivated in the midst of cumbersome and repetitive work?

This question is quite tricky and can test the intellect of the candidate. Here is an answer that can help you make a good impression.

Possible Answer :

As a writer, I am quite innovative and often experiment with styles and formats. Therefore, despite the work being repetitive and cumbersome, innovation helps me remain motivated.

18. What book are you reading currently?

If you are a content writer, it is assumed that you are also an avid reader. In answering this question you can share your choice in blogs & also demonstrate your taste in literature.

Content writing HR interview questions and answers

Let us look at some of the common HR interview questions for content writer's profile.

19. Why do you want to be a content writer? Or why did you choose content writing as a profession?

Possible answer 1: (for fresher).

I believe my inclination towards content writing is quite organic and is rooted in my insatiable appetite for reading. My reading habit has acquainted me to many different writing styles and has also helped me understand some of the nuances of web content writing. With some help & guidance, I think, I will be able to hone my skills and make a career in content writing.

Possible Answer 2: (For experienced)

Being a person who is creatively oriented, writing gives me an opportunity to use my imagination and express myself creatively. And over the years, I have also developed skill sets that are essential for web content writing. My creativity enables me to develop content that is relevant & engaging, while my experience helps me maintain the integrity of the brand or product about which I write.

20. What do you enjoy most about content writing?

I have always been intrigued by the craft of writing content, and find it quite amazing how a bland and uninteresting subject can be brought to life by putting the content in a proper structure and using the correct words.
The thing that I enjoy about content writing the most is that it gives me an opportunity to learn and write about different topics and subjects. Apart from that, there is an endless scope for innovations when it comes to writing styles, formats, tones, etc.

21. What do you know about our company/agency?

To make a good impression you can share your thoughts about the company’s brand personality, and how your writing can add value to the brand. If you are giving an interview in an ad agency or a content marketing firm, then you must know who their clients are. You can add the following statements to give more substance to your answers.

Possible Answer 1: (For company/brand)

I appreciate the brand’s personality and attributes ( talk about brand's missions and client base ). I think that my writing style aligns very well with the motives of the brand, and this will help me express the brand’s voice in a useful and engaging manner.

Possible Answer 2: (For Ad agency / content marketing firm)

The array of clients that the agency is working with is vibrant and eclectic, and it would be a great learning experience for me to write for such a diverse set of clients.

22. What are your ambitions as a content writer?

Possible answer 1: (for experienced candidates).

Having been working in this field for a while, I have honed my writing skills and have managed to deliver on client's expectations. But at this stage, I want to learn more about analytics and content strategy, so that in due time I am well prepared for a senior content management or strategy role.

Possible Answer 2: (For freshers)

In five years, I see myself as a writer who is well versed in different styles of writing and has the ability to produce content that is engaging, useful and of the highest quality.

23. Why did you leave your last job?

Possible answer 1: (if you were let go).

The creative outlook of my previous employer was completely different from my own creative thinking and writing style, which made it difficult for us to work together. Here, however, I think my writing style will be more aligned with the company’s creative philosophy.

Possible Answer 2: (If you left voluntarily)

As a content writer, I needed to explore the horizon and find an opportunity where I could write in many different tones and styles. Although I learned a lot in my previous job, the scope for creativity and innovation was not sufficient.

24. What would you say are your strengths as a content writer?

For this question, you will need to look within yourself and try to gauge your strengths. You can, however, use the following examples as a reference:

My strength as a content writer is adaptability. Having the skills to use many styles and tones gives me the ability to shift between multiple formats (blogs, articles, white papers, etc.) with ease.
Before I start writing a blog or an article, I conduct a thorough research about its subject. The proper research adds substance to a blog/article and also gives it a sense of authenticity. I also often experiment with new and innovative writing styles, which helps me drive engagement.

25. What type of writing are you most comfortable with?

When a question like this is asked, it is best to avoid getting caught on the wrong foot. If your content writing experience is limited, there is no harm in accepting that. If, for example, you only have blogging experience and the interviewer expects you to know article and white paper writing, you can say that you are a quick learner and will be able to gather the know-how with some guidance. It is most likely that they will ask you to write a sample article to test your skill level.

I have a lot of experience in blog writing. In fact, being an avid reader, I am acquainted with other forms of writing as well. With some guidance and practice, I am sure I’ll be able to meet your writing requirements.

26. How do you manage feedback and criticism?

The purpose of this question is to test your attitude toward feedback and criticism. In answering this question, you need to indicate that although you are confident about your writing, you are not stubborn. Show that you are flexible and willing to make changes and modifications, wherever necessary.

To err is human, and I too have faltered at times in interpreting a client /company’s briefings and/or expectations. However, maintaining a cordial relationship with the clients as well as with my seniors helps me discuss and resolve the gaps without any fear or distress.

27. Do you have a good work ethic?

With this question, the interviewer is judging if you are disciplined and structured in your work. To answer this question, you must communicate your ability to maintain your work schedule without compromising on the quality of the content being produced.

Possible Answer : 1 (For fresher)

I am quite disciplined as a person, and I believe in doing my work in a planned and organized manner. A well thought out plan and discipline in execution is the foundation of high-quality content writing.

Possible Answer : 2 (For Experienced candidates)

In my X years of content writing experience, I have rarely missed a deadline. Barring extraordinary circumstances, I am usually able to stick to my writing schedule without compromising on quality.

28. Do you perform better as a part of a team or do you prefer to work separately?

This question tests your adaptability as a co-worker. To answer this question, you should give the impression that you are comfortable working with a team but can also manage the work with minimal support.

Possible Answer : 1 (For Fresher)

As a fresher, working with a team would help me learn and orient myself to the company’s/brand’s / Agency’s objectives. However, being a quick learner, I think I will soon be able to handle work independently.

Possible Answer : 2 (For experienced candidates)

I am quite comfortable in both circumstances. In my previous job, I have worked on individual assignments as well as team projects.

29. Do you have any questions for us?

  • What are the most important KRAs for a content writer in the company?
  • Will I be working independently or as a part of a team?
  • What content management system/software does the company use?
  • What kind of analytics and SEO support does the firm provide?
  • Will there be any training or an orientation exercise before the commencement of work?
  • Can you tell me more about the work schedules?

Content writing interview tips

Follow these tips for your content writing interview.

Know yourself : In interviews for creative jobs such as this, it is easy to get carried away and promise more than what you can deliver. It is very important that you are self-aware of your skill-sets and your current level of competence.

Keep your portfolio handy : Always carry Your Content Writer Resume of your writing work to interviews. If you think your work is good, then talk the interviewer into seeing your portfolio, even if he/she doesn’t ask for it.

Be technically aware : Content writers these days are expected to have basic know-how about content management technology. You should learn the basics of Google algorithm, search engine optimization, and content management systems like Wordpress, Magento, etc.

Do your homework : Before you go for the interview, learn more about the company/agency, the kind of work they are doing (especially on the content front), and gather information about their competitors.

Be innovative : Creative agencies are always on the lookout for fresh ideas. If you are innovative in your approach to writing, you always have a better chance of cracking the job.

Best of luck!

Further suggested reading: How to build a career in content marketing?

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Content Writing Skills MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Content Writing Skills MCQs. We encourage you to test your Content Writing Skills knowledge by answering these 60+ multiple-choice questions provided below. Simply scroll down to begin!

Given below are some examples of sentences that must be avoided in formal writing.

I. All's fair in love and war.

II. It's not rocket science.

III. I'm not gonna talk to that guy again.

IV. Oh, he's such a cool dude!

Select the answer options that correctly describe these sentences.

A.   I and II are cliches.

B.   III and IV employ slang words.

C.   I and III contain oxymorons.

D.   II and IV are colloquialisms.

Fill in the blank with the correct spelling of the missing word.

Announcing a huge annual profit, the businessman said he was _________ to his staff as well as his customers for his success.

A.   grateful

B.   greatful

C.   greatfull

D.   gratefull

Identify the misspelled word in the list below.

A.   Mischievous

B.   Occurence

C.   Caribbean

D.   Yacht

In the image given above, you are given three incomplete sentences in Column I and three missing words in Column II. Identify the sentence/s which has/have been correctly matched with the missing word/s in Column II.

A.   1-i

B.   2-ii

C.   3-iii

D.   All of the above

What kind of writing style will you use for describing a university application process meant to be read by the student applicants and/or their parents?

A.   Use italics for the parents and bold text for the students or vice versa.

B.   Use your normal writing style.

C.   Use a style suited for the parents, as they are more important.

D.   Use a style suited for the students, as they are more important.

E.   Use a style that will be read by both the students and the parents equally successfully.

Searching for "2010 OR 2011" (without quotes) in Google will show result pages that:

A.   Show both the years.

B.   Show either of the two years.

C.   Show pages with the search term "2010 OR 2011".

D.   Shows either 2010 or 2011, or both 2010 and 2011.

In the context of copyright, the phrase "exclusive right" means that:

A.   the copyright holder is free to exercise the bundle of rights that come with the ownership of the copyright.

B.   no one other than the copyright holder can use the work without the holder's authorization under any circumstances.

C.   Both a and b.

D.   Neither a nor b.

What is the best style of writing for online content?

A.   Formal style

B.   Conversational style

C.   A mix of formal and conversational style

D.   Depends on the target audience

Writing materials like pens, papers, envelopes are collectively called _________. Something standing still is _________.

A.   Stationery / Stationary

B.   Stationary / Stationery

C.   Stationery / Stationery

D.   Stationary / Stationary

Which of the following statements about the following copyright notation are true?

"Copyright 2008 Mathew S. Johnson."

A.   2008 indicates the year for which the copyright is valid.

B.   2008 indicates the year of first publication.

C.   Mathew S. Johnson is the author of the content, even though he may not hold the copyright.

D.   Mathew S. Johnson is the copyright holder.

What happens if you type the words Certification -Networking in the Google search box?

A.   Google shows web pages that contain the word Certification and also those that contain the word Networking.

B.   Google shows all the web pages containing the words Certification and Networking.

C.   Google shows all the web pages in which the words Certification and Networking appear together.

D.   Google shows web pages that contain the word Certification, but do not contain the word Networking.

What does the term Keyword Prominence refer to?

A.   It refers to the fact that choosing high traffic keywords leads to the best return on investment.

B.   It refers to the importance attached to getting the right keyword density.

C.   It refers to the fact that the keywords placed in important parts of a webpage are given priority by the search engines.

D.   It refers to the fact that the keywords in bold font are given priority by the search engines.

Complete the following sentence .

The better an emulsifier is, the longer the oil and the water take to _______________.

A.   seperate

B.   separate

C.   separete

D.   seperete

Which of the following words has/have been spelled correctly?

A.   Excercise

B.   Millenium

C.   Irresistable

D.   Priviledge

E.   All the words have been spelled correctly.

F.   None of the words have been spelled correctly.

At what places in the sentence given below should commas be used?

Mark Twain's novels she believes stand the test of time.

A.   There should be a comma after believes.

B.   There should be a comma after novels and another one after believes.

C.   There should be a comma after novels.

D.   No commas are required.

Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct set of words from the options below.

The _________ was _________ for his unfair _________ of the book.

A.   critique/critiqued/critique

B.   critique/criticized/critic

C.   critic/criticized/critic

D.   critic/criticized/critique

Complete the following sentences with the correct pair of words.

I. I wanted to give her a _______________ of my mind but stopped myself from doing so.

II. _______________ of mind is not a luxury, but a basic necessity of human beings.

A.   piece...peace

B.   peace...piece

C.   piece...piece

D.   peace...peace

Copying a few lines from one of Shakespeare's works without giving credit to him would be considered:

A.   Copyright violation

B.   Plagiarism

C.   Theft

D.   Piracy

Complete the sentence below with an appropriate word.

He _________ the books on the table and went out to play immediately.

A.   Lied

B.   Layed

C.   Laid

D.   Lay

Which of the following is true in the context of Search Engine Optimization?

A.   It is preferable to optimize one web page for only one keyword.

B.   A keyword density of 15-20 % is regarded as optimum.

C.   The title of a web page should be at least 10 words long.

D.   It is best to concentrate the keywords in the middle of the web page.

Do you have to use a copyright notation on all copies of your content for the web?

A.   No. A copyright notation is no longer an absolute necessity of the Copyright Act.

B.   Yes. The copyright notation is necessary to protect the content.

C.   No. As long as the website has a general copyright notation, it is not required to be placed below all content.

Complete the following sentence with the correct combination of words.

Our lawyers have informed us that while the new tax laws will not __________ our business directly, they may have an adverse _________ on the spending power of our customers.

A.   effect / affect

B.   affect / affect

C.   effect / effect

D.   affect / effect

What is Anchor Text?

A.   It is the main body of text on a particular webpage.

B.   It is the text within the left or top panel of a webpage.

C.   It is the visible text that is hyperlinked to another page.

D.   It is the most prominent text on the page that the search engines use to assign a title to the page.

To come before is to _________, whereas to come after is to _________.

A.   Preceed / Succeed

B.   Precede / Secede

C.   Preceed / Seceede

D.   Precede / Succeed

What are some of the ways to make an article effective?

A.   Write long articles. The longer an article, the more informative it is.

B.   Provide a catchy title, preferably containing a keyword.

C.   Break the rules of grammar.

D.   Write short and crisp sentences and stick to the point.

Google displays up to _____ characters of the title tag of a webpage.

A.   56

B.   66

C.   70

D.   80

Searching for the phrase "Research Techniques Test" (within quotes) in the Google search box will yield:

A.   Results excluding pages which have the phrase Research Techniques Test in the webpages.

B.   Results including pages which contain exactly the same phrase, i.e., Research Techniques Test.

C.   Results including pages which have the words Research, Techniques and Test in any order.

D.   Results including pages which have the words Research, Techniques and Test marked in bold.

Which of the following acts constitutes copyright infringement?

A.   Reproducing facts or ideas.

B.   Reproducing a work which is in the public domain.

C.   Reproducing copyrighted material for "fair use".

D.   Reproducing copyrighted material on a free website.

Which of the following sentences are grammatically INCORRECT?

A.   The organizers are expecting less participants this time.

B.   Users need to login to submit their comments.

C.   Ricky is one of those people who loves eating out with the family.

D.   A very unique thing about the kids in this class is that they were all born on the same date!

At what point in time does the copyright for original website content originate?

A.   When the author displays the copyright sign below the content or website.

B.   At the time the work is created.

C.   When the work is registered with the copyright and trademark office.

D.   When the work goes online.

He is a _________ writer who writes under a _________ name.

A.   fictional; fictional

B.   fictitious; fiction

C.   fiction; fictitious

D.   fiction; fiction

Could you be guilty of copyright infringement for writing a review, commentary or summary of a copyright protected work (along with giving due credits to the copyright holder for his work) without the permission of the copyright holder?

A.   Yes

B.   No

Fill in the blanks with the correct pair of words.

He was _______________ of the fact that he had made a major mistake by not heeding his _______________.

A.   conscience...conscience

B.   conscience...conscious

C.   conscious...conscious

D.   conscious...conscience

 A word which means the same as "Clever" is spelled as:

A.   Ingenius

B.   Ingeneous

C.   Ingenious

D.   Ingineous

Which of the following statements is INCORRECT with regard to searching for information on a certain product on the internet?

A.   The information available on the official website of the product manufacturer is the most reliable source.

B.   The information available on forums and blogs centered around the product may or may not be reliable.

C.   The information provided in the first link on Google search result page is the most reliable source of information related to the product.

D.   The information available on a website which offers to sell the product online may or may not be reliable.

Consider the three sentences given below and identify the reason why they are not good sentences.

I. It is very unusual to find someone who has never told a deliberate lie on purpose.

II. I will revert back to you very soon.

III. You must first finish this task before you go.

A.   Use of more words than needed.

B.   Lack of clarity of meaning.

C.   Pretentious writing style.

What results will Google generate for you if you type inurl:content writer in the search box?

A.   It will show web pages containing the word "content" in the URL, and the word "writer" in the URL or anywhere else in the document.

B.   It will show web pages containing the words "content writer" in the URL.

C.   It will show web pages containing the words "content writer" in the title.

D.   It will show web pages containing the words "content writer" in the links to the page.

Which of the following is/are important component/s of formatting?

A.   Font size

B.   Font type

C.   Size of paragraphs

D.   Use of headings and sub-headings

E.   a and b

F.   c and d

G.   a, b, c and d

Do you need Wikipedia's permission to reuse textual content contained on that website?

A.   Yes. Failing to obtain such permission will amount to copyright infringement.

B.   No. However, the reproduced material must conform to the licensing agreements under which Wikipedia's content is licensed.

C.   Wikipedia is silent on this issue, so it is hard to say if the permission is needed or not.

Consider the following sentences and select the appropriate answer from the options given thereafter.

Sentence 1: You look so different from what you did a year ago! What have you done?

Sentence 2: You look so different than what you did a year ago! What have you done?

A.   Sentence 1 is correct, but Sentence 2 is not.

B.   Sentence 1 is incorrect, but Sentence 2 is correct.

C.   Both sentences are correct.

D.   Both sentences are incorrect.

Complete the following sentence with the correct answer option.

Look at _______________ in that mirror!

A.   you

B.   our

C.   you're

D.   yourself

What things should you bear in mind when writing something?

A.   Your target audience.

B.   Your purpose for writing.

C.   The message you want to convey.

D.   a and b

E.   b and c

F.   a, b and c

Which of the following would you use if you want to search a query on multiple search engines simultaneously?

A.   A mega search engine

B.   A specialty search engine

C.   A meta search engine

D.   The deep Web

Complete the following sentence

The _______________ was a few meters away from the doctor's clinic.

A.   cemetery

B.   cemetary

C.   cemetarey

D.   cemetry

Select the correct sentence from among the following.

A.   The person sitting besides the young boy is his father.

B.   She looked all around the place to ensure nobody was watching her.

C.   People have been observing this ritual since ages. It is unlikely they will abandon it so easily.

D.   The hall was jam-packed with people and yet things were so quite it seemed there was not a soul inside.

Carl managed to ____________ the situation with his wit and tact even as everyone waited with ____________ breath to know the final outcome of the meeting between the rivals.

A.   diffuse...baited

B.   defuse...bated

C.   diffuse...bated

D.   defuse...baited

Which of the following sentence constructions are INCORRECT?

A.   They had rarely ever been seen talking to each other before that day.

B.   Me and my sister went for a movie last night.

C.   At the age of ten, Jack's parents sent him to a boarding school.

Identify the correct sentence construction from the following list of sentences.

A.   The trapped miners families feared for the safety of their loved ones.

B.   He was very anxious about his mother's health, which was deteriorating with each passing day.

C.   Having slept through the day, the night didn't seem to pass.

D.   If they would have gone to the party, they would have had a lot of fun.

From among the four sentences given below, identify the sentences which contain words confused with other words because of similarity in pronunciation or meaning.

A.   Skin lightning creams are extremely popular in Asia.

B.   The conservation scientist emphasized the need for everyone to be economic with their use of water.

C.   The chairman of the company spoke with great clarity and succeeded in making everyone see the rationale behind his controversial decisions.

D.   Can you please prepare a breakdown of the report, Sue?

Which of the following search operators lists web pages that are similar to the web page (URL) specified by you?

A.   similar:URL

B.   related:URL

C.   like:URL

D.   site:URL

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TEST PLAN: What is, How to Create (with Example)

Thomas Hamilton

A Test Plan is a detailed document that describes the test strategy, objectives, schedule, estimation, deliverables, and resources required to perform testing for a software product. Test Plan helps us determine the effort needed to validate the quality of the application under test. The test plan serves as a blueprint to conduct software testing activities as a defined process, which is minutely monitored and controlled by the test manager.

As per ISTQB definition: “Test Plan is A document describing the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended test activities.”

Let’s start with following Test Plan example/scenario: In a meeting, you want to discuss the Test Plan with the team members, but they are not interested – .

Test Plan

In such case, what will you do? Select your answer as following figure

Test Plan

What is the Importance of Test Plan?

Making Test Plan document has multiple benefits

  • Help people outside the test team such as developers, business managers, customers understand the details of testing.
  • Test Plan guides our thinking. It is like a rule book, which needs to be followed.
  • Important aspects like test estimation, test scope, Test Strategy are documented in Test Plan, so it can be reviewed by Management Team and re-used for other projects.

How to write a Test Plan

You already know that making a Test Plan is the most important task of Test Management Process. Follow the seven steps below to create a test plan as per IEEE 829

  • Analyze the product
  • Design the Test Strategy
  • Define the Test Objectives
  • Define Test Criteria
  • Resource Planning
  • Plan Test Environment
  • Schedule & Estimation
  • Determine Test Deliverables

How to write a Test Plan

Step 1) Analyze the product

How can you test a product without any information about it? The answer is Impossible. You must learn a product thoroughly before testing it.

The product under test is Guru99 banking website. You should research clients and the end users to know their needs and expectations from the application

  • Who will use the website?
  • What is it used for?
  • How will it work?
  • What are software/ hardware the product uses?

You can use the following approach to analyze the site

How to write a Test Plan

Now let’s apply above knowledge to a real product: Analyze the banking website http://demo.guru99.com/V4 .

You should take a look around this website and also review product documentation . Review of product documentation helps you to understand all the features of the website as well as how to use it. If you are unclear on any items, you might interview customer, developer, designer to get more information.

Step 2) Develop Test Strategy

Test Strategy is a critical step in making a Test Plan in Software Testing. A Test Strategy document, is a high-level document, which is usually developed by Test Manager. This document defines:

  • The project’s testing objectives and the means to achieve them
  • Determines testing effort and costs

Back to your project, you need to develop Test Strategy for testing that banking website. You should follow steps below

Develop Test Strategy

Step 2.1) Define Scope of Testing

Before the start of any test activity, scope of the testing should be known. You must think hard about it.

  • The components of the system to be tested (hardware, software, middleware, etc.) are defined as “ in scope “
  • The components of the system that will not be tested also need to be clearly defined as being “ out of scope .”

Defining the scope of your testing project is very important for all stakeholders. A precise scope helps you

  • Give everyone a confidence & accurate information of the testing you are doing
  • All project members will have a clear understanding about what is tested and what is not

How do you determine scope your project?

To determine scope, you must –

  • Precise customer requirement
  • Project Budget
  • Product Specification
  • Skills & talent of your test team

Now should clearly define the “in scope” and “out of scope” of the testing.

  • As the software requirement specs , the project Guru99 Bank only focus on testing all the functions and external interface of website Guru99 Bank ( in scope testing)
  • Nonfunctional testing such as stress , performance or logical database currently will not be tested. ( out of scope)

Problem Scenario

The customer wants you to test his API. But the project budget does not permit to do so. In such a case what will you do?

Well, in such case you need to convince the customer that Api Testing is extra work and will consume significant resources. Give him data supporting your facts. Tell him if Api Testing is included in-scope the budget will increase by XYZ amount.

The customer agrees and accordingly the new scopes, out of scope items are

  • In-scope items: Functional Testing , Api Testing
  • Out of scope items: Database Testing , hardware & any other external interfaces

Step 2.2) Identify Testing Type

A Testing Type is a standard test procedure that gives an expected test outcome.

Each testing type is formulated to identify a specific type of product bugs. But, all Testing Types are aimed at achieving one common goal “ Early detection of all the defects before releasing the product to the customer”

The commonly used testing types are described as following figure

Identify Testing Type

There are tons of Testing Types for testing software product. Your team cannot have enough efforts to handle all kind of testing. As Test Manager, you must set priority of the Testing Types

  • Which Testing Types should be focused for web application testing?
  • Which Testing Types should be ignored for saving cost?

Step 2.3) Document Risk & Issues

Risk is future’s uncertain event with a probability of occurrence and a potential for loss. When the risk actually happens, it becomes the ‘ issue’.

In the article Risk Analysis and Solution , you have already learned about the ‘Risk’ analysis in detail and identified potential risks in the project.

In the QA Test Plan, you will document those risks

Step 2.4) Create Test Logistics

In Test Logistics, the Test Manager should answer the following questions:

Who will test?

When will the test occur?

You may not know exact names of the tester who will test, but the type of tester can be defined.

To select the right member for specified task, you have to consider if his skill is qualified for the task or not, also estimate the project budget. Selecting wrong member for the task may cause the project to fail or delay .

Person having the following skills is most ideal for performing software testing:

  • Ability to understand customers point of view
  • Strong desire for quality
  • Attention to detail
  • Good cooperation

In your project, the member who will take in charge for the test execution is the tester. Base on the project budget, you can choose in-source or outsource member as the tester.

Test activities must be matched with associated development activities.

You will start to test when you have all required items shown in following figure

Test Occur

Step 3) Define Test Objective

Test Objective is the overall goal and achievement of the test execution. The objective of the testing is finding as many software defects as possible; ensure that the software under test is bug free before release.

To define the test objectives, you should do 2 following steps

  • List all the software features (functionality, performance, GUI…) which may need to test.
  • Define the target or the goal of the test based on above features

Let’s apply these steps to find the test objective of your Guru99 Bank testing project

You can choose the ‘ TOP-DOWN’ method to find the website’s features which may need to test. In this method, you break down the application under test to component and sub-component .

In the previous topic, you have already analyzed the requirement specs and walk through the website, so you can create a Mind-Map to find the website features as following

Define Test Objective

This figure shows all the features which the Guru99 website may have.

Based on above features, you can define the Test Objective of the project Guru99 as following

  • Check that whether website Guru99 functionality (Account, Deposit…) is working as expected without any error or bugs in real business environment
  • Check that the external interface of the website such as UI is working as expected and & meet the customer need
  • Verify the usability of the website. Are those functionalities convenient for user or not?

Step 4) Define Test Criteria

Test Criteria is a standard or rule on which a test procedure or test judgment can be based. There’re 2 types of test criteria as following

Suspension Criteria

Specify the critical suspension criteria for a test. If the suspension criteria are met during testing, the active test cycle will be suspended until the criteria are resolved .

Test Plan Example: If your team members report that there are 40% of test cases failed, you should suspend testing until the development team fixes all the failed cases.

Define Test Criteria

Exit Criteria

It specifies the criteria that denote a successful completion of a test phase. The exit criteria are the targeted results of the test and are necessary before proceeding to the next phase of development. Example: 95% of all critical test cases must pass.

Some methods of defining exit criteria are by specifying a targeted run rate and pass rate .

  • Run rate is ratio between number test cases executed/total test cases of test specification. For example, the test specification has total 120 TCs, but the tester only executed 100 TCs, So the run rate is 100/120 = 0.83 (83%)
  • Pass rate is ratio between numbers test cases passed / test cases executed . For example, in above 100 TCs executed, there’re 80 TCs that passed, so the pass rate is 80/100 = 0.8 (80%)

This data can be retrieved in Test Metric documents.

  • Run rate is mandatory to be 100% unless a clear reason is given.
  • Pass rate is dependent on project scope, but achieving high pass rate is a goal.

Test Plan Example: Your Team has already done the test executions. They report the test result to you, and they want you to confirm the Exit Criteria.

Define Test Criteria

In above case, the Run rate is mandatory is 100%, but the test team only completed 90% of test cases. It means the Run rate is not satisfied, so do NOT confirm the Exit Criteria

Step 5) Resource Planning

Resource plan is a detailed summary of all types of resources required to complete project task. Resource could be human, equipment and materials needed to complete a project

The resource planning is important factor of the test planning because helps in determining the number of resources (employee, equipment…) to be used for the project. Therefore, the Test Manager can make the correct schedule & estimation for the project.

This section represents the recommended resources for your project.

Human Resource

The following table represents various members in your project team

System Resource

For testing, a web application, you should plan the resources as following tables:

Step 6) Plan Test Environment

What is the test environment.

A testing environment is a setup of software and hardware on which the testing team is going to execute test cases. The test environment consists of real business and user environment, as well as physical environments, such as server, front end running environment.

How to setup the Test Environment

Back to your project, how do you set up test environment for this banking website?

To finish this task, you need a strong cooperation between Test Team and Development Team

Plan Test Environment

You should ask the developer some questions to understand the web application under test clearly . Here’re some recommended questions. Of course, you can ask the other questions if you need.

  • What is the maximum user connection which this website can handle at the same time?
  • What are hardware/software requirements to install this website?
  • Does the user’s computer need any particular setting to browse the website?

Following figure describes the test environment of the banking website http://demo.guru99.com/V4

Plan Test Environment

Step 7) Schedule & Estimation

In the article Test estimation , you already used some techniques to estimate the effort to complete the project. Now you should include that estimation as well as the schedule to the Test Planning

In the Test Estimation phase, suppose you break out the whole project into small tasks and add the estimation for each task as below

Then you create the schedule to complete these tasks.

Making schedule is a common term in project management. By creating a solid schedule in the Test Planning, the Test Manager can use it as tool for monitoring the project progress, control the cost overruns.

To create the project schedule, the Test Manager needs several types of input as below:

  • Employee and project deadline : The working days, the project deadline, resource availability are the factors which affected to the schedule
  • Project estimation : Base on the estimation, the Test Manager knows how long it takes to complete the project. So he can make the appropriate project schedule
  • Project Risk : Understanding the risk helps Test Manager add enough extra time to the project schedule to deal with the risks

Let’s practice with an example:

Suppose the boss wants to complete the project Guru99 in one month, you already estimated the effort for each tasks in Test Estimation. You can create the schedule as below

Schedule & Estimation

Step 8) Test Deliverables

Test Deliverables is a list of all the documents, tools and other components that has to be developed and maintained in support of the testing effort.

There are different test deliverables at every phase of the software development lifecycle .

Test Deliverables

Test deliverables are provided before testing phase.

  • Test plans document.
  • Test cases documents
  • Test Design specifications.

Test deliverables are provided during the testing

  • Test Scripts
  • Simulators.
  • Test Traceability Matrix
  • Error logs and execution logs.

Test deliverables are provided after the testing cycles is over.

  • Test Results/reports
  • Defect Report
  • Installation/ Test procedures guidelines
  • Release notes

Download a sample Test Plan Template

Download the sample system test plan of website Guru99 Bank

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Course - isse research topics and academic writing - dt8806, course-details-portlet, dt8806 - isse research topics and academic writing, examination arrangement.

Examination arrangement: Work Grade: Passed / Not Passed

Course content

The course introduces new PhD candidates to research traditions in the ISSE group. Course participants will learn how to write academic papers in research areas relevant to ISSE. In this way, the course will give a general introduction to topics, methods, and communities within ISSE's research areas. How to give and receive academic feedback, research grant application writing, and how to pursue a future career through the PhD will also be covered.

Learning outcome

Knowledge: The candidate will acquire knowledge of: -Academic writing as genre and process. -Basics of applying for grants. • Skills: The candidate will acquire skills on: -Organizing the writing process. -Formulating research questions. -Crafting an argument. -Reviewing a domain. -Effective use of presentation devices (tables, figures, pictures, graphs). -Being a reviewer of other scholars' work. • General competence: -Overview of research topics within ISSE. -General overview of career trajectories after PhD.

Learning methods and activities

Seminars, self-study, individual assignments, and workshops. Students will write an academic paper that is submitted for peer review and revised based on the review as part of the course. This paper will form the basis for a research grant proposal draft.

Further on evaluation

Retake of the course will require new participation/deliverables in all activities.

Recommended previous knowledge

MSc in computer science, information systems or software engineering.

Required previous knowledge

DT8111 Empirical research methods in IT and digitalization. The two courses can be taken in parallel.

Course materials

Relevant papers and book chapters.

Version: 1 Credits:  7.5 SP Study level: Doctoral degree level

Term no.: 1 Teaching semester:  SPRING 2024

Language of instruction: English

Location: Trondheim

  • Computer and Information Science
  • Kshitij Kshitij
  • Thomas Østerlie

Department with academic responsibility Department of Computer Science


Examination arrangement: work.

  • * The location (room) for a written examination is published 3 days before examination date. If more than one room is listed, you will find your room at Studentweb.

For more information regarding registration for examination and examination procedures, see "Innsida - Exams"

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