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Venngage Case Study Creator

Captivate your clients by highlighting your company's solutions, and get valuable insights to improve your business strategy with Venngage's case study templates.

case study software tools

Create a case study report that looks compelling and converts leads without any design experience. Showcase real success stories and challenges that your products and services helped to solve. Join over 40,000 businesses in using Venngage as a marketing solution.

Design from one of our case study templates

Choose from hundreds of case study templates. see all case study templates, design professional case studies for meetings, and negotiations.

case study software tools

Create your own case studies to share compelling success stories. Showcase products, strategies, and tactics that had made your clients grow. You don't need any design experience! All of our case study template designs are created in-house by professional designers.

Design professional case studies for meetings, and negotiations

You don't need to be a designer to create a professional-looking case study infographic, or in-depth, multi-page reports. Pick from our library of easy-to-edit case study templates.

Design professional case studies for meetings, and negotiations

Get access to high-quality stock photos and choose from over 40,000+ icons and illustrations to use. Venngage also offers a wide variety of chart and data visualization widgets that you can customize.

Design professional case studies for meetings, and negotiations

Want to incorporate your brand's identity? We've got you. My Brand Kit feature lets you upload your company logos, fonts, and colors. Perfect to stand out in your presentation!

Design professional case studies for meetings, and negotiations

Get your team involved when creating case studies. Real-time collaboration allows you to provide feedback and apply changes creating a great design in minutes.

How to create a case study in 5 easy steps:

How to create a case study in 5 easy steps:

Showcase your challenges to elevate your brand with ease

case study software tools

Customizable Templates

No design experience? No problem! Our stunning template designs will make your data analysis look great without even trying.

case study software tools

User-Friendly Editor

Easily visualize and present complex case study examples with Venngage editor. Use our Smart features to quickly add or remove shapes, lines, and branches with a single click.

Access Stunning Photography

Access Stunning Photography

A case study report is more engaging and impressive when you use Venngage's library of 3 million stock photos. Professional and royalty-free.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

With Venngage's free case study creator, you can add data collected from a Google Sheet or CSV, and the chart automatically populates the data.

case study software tools

24/7 Customer Support

Experiencing issues? Have questions about using a feature or need advice? Our support team is available around the clock.

My Brand Kit

My Brand Kit

Build your brand through consistency. My Brand Kit lets you incorporate your branding into every asset you design in Venngage.

Customize Venngage's Case Study Templates

Customize Venngage's Case Study Templates

  • Choose your favorite design from the templates library. We have an extended gallery of layouts you can work on. Just organize your qualitative and quantitative data, add customizable graphs, icons and images, set your brand identity, and start creating a comprehensive case study report.
  • Use illustrations, icons and photos: Case studies ought to be visually engaging and inviting. That's why Venngage lets you access 40K+ icons and beautiful illustrations, impressive stock photos, and customizable charts and graphs.
  • Create branded content without any design help: Branded case studies help your brand really stand out. They're an excellent form of lead generation and branding building. Showcase your expertise and real-life success stories that will win over your readers.

Collaborate with team members and stakeholders in real-time

  • Replace online meetings, email threads, chats, or messages by simply clicking "Share" from the editor to send a private link to your peers.
  • Share your designs, so people can work together and make adjustments to achieve the perfect showcase for your strategies.
  • Work better together. Provide feedback, share expertise, and have insights for a perfect process mapping design.

Collaborate with team members and stakeholders in real-time

Download and share your case study design with a click

  • Download your document as a PDF or Interactive PDF (to use hyperlinking).
  • To print your document, apply print bleeds in the editor and then download it as a PDF.
  • Share your completed design using a share link - no need to download a single thing.

Great features that make your report stand out

  • My Brand Kit lets you instantly apply your branding to any template design, saving you hours of time and effort.
  • Access Pixabay, Pexels, and other libraries for impressive stock photos from around the world - for free.
  • Hundreds of font options and styles to suit your design preferences. You can also request fonts we don't have to maintain your brand look.

Great features that make your report stand out

How do I sign up for Venngage's case study creator?

To start using Venngage's free case study creator, sign up for free using your email, Facebook or Gmail account. Once you create an account you can choose which template to get started with and start editing in the online editor.

How do I write a case study?

The easiest way to write a case study is to get started with a template. This provides you with a pre-set cover page and table of contents; a variety of page layouts to work with; and a picture of how to organize content, add designs and break up text. A case study is not a technical document that needs to be structured in a specific and formal way. You can get creative but focus on making your content clear and easy to understand.

What's an example of a case study?

Case studies, in business and marketing, are stories of success achieved through a product or service. The product can even be a strategy or framework that was pioneered by an industry thought leader. Many brands publish case studies on their website to share how their clients see tremendous value in using their products. The case study essentially chronicles the entire client journey from having a problem, to finding the solution, and the outcome of that solution.

Try Venngage's Case Study Creator today. Sign up for free!

case study software tools

Get started with our case study templates:

Business case study, content marketing case study, lead generation business case study, social media case study.


A I Case Study Creator That Converts

Stop killing engagements with static PDFs.

Build trust with smart AI interactive case studies that bring your user stories to life .

AI case study creator

Used by top product marketing teams

(With a +103% boost to reading time, and a +27% boost to conversion rate, it's no wonder.)

case study software tools

Use templates built for storytelling

Point our AI case study generator in the right direction it’ll do the rest - structure, design, even content.

How Storydoc AI case studies work

1. tell us what you need, tell our ai assistant what you'd like to make.

It will structure your case study, write your content, assign a design template for your industry or niche, and optimize for performance based on real-world data.

Once you're satisfied with your design and content you can send, share, or present with a click.

Keep anything you make forever.

case study creator AI template

2. AI design

Ai visual assistant.

Instantly generate any image you need to stylize your case study.

case study creator automated AI design

3. AI writing assistant

Provide your new business website and sit back as our AI pitch deck generator automatically applies your branding to the most appropriate design layout.

case study creator AI writing assistant

4. AI visual assistant

Case study AI image generator

5. Automatic analytics insights

Automatic analytics insights.

Get instant tracking for your case studies. Sit back and let our AI collect and deliver timely engagement insights directly to your mailbox.

Why waste your time setting up third-party analytic s, when you have it out-of-the-box?

AI case study generator how it works

Don't write a case study... Tell your users' story

Go from frustrating pdfs to memorable stories readers enjoy.

PDF case studies are unfit for human consumption .

Readers strongly dislike PDFs because they’re planned for print, not screens, they are disorientating and mobile un-friendly.

pdf case study

Tell interactive visual stories that stick

Use interactive multimedia content to turn boring PDFs into irresistible stories readers can interact with.

user story made with a

Convert users directly from your case studies

Enable readers to take the next step by adding a form, calendar, or live chat to your case study.


Give your readers a mobile experience they love

Our data shows that 32% of decks are opened on mobile (for prospecting decks it’s 47%).

Can you really afford to keep sending people PDF case studies?


Start contributing to revenue

(Or risk being considered part of the cost)


Longer reading time


Better conversion rate


More demos booked

Wanna make an irresistible case study? Storydoc it.



case study software tools

Storydoc is made for effective business storytelling

Use building blocks that chunk complex information into a memorable easy-to-follow storyline.


Easily personalize your case studies for ABM prospecting

Embed dynamic variables that pull in personalized information into any marketing or sales collateral used in ABM and outbound prospecting in general.

case study software tools

Easily automate mundane actions

Work smart instead of hard. Quickly integrate your CRM with Storydoc and see the magic happen.

  • Pull data from your CRM to customize mass personalized outbound campaigns
  • Push data from Storydoc to your CRM to get all the data about prospects’ activity on your decks directly in your native CRM

case study software tools

Get full visibility into your buyer's journey

Leverage our tracking to gain insights into your customers’ internal processes.

Get tips for your next step, and time your next outreach perfectly.

What is a case study creator?

A case study creator is an online tool that lets marketing managers professionals make high-conversion interactive case studies, makes them easily shareable, and reports back performance data.

Is Storydoc a free case study creator?

Storydoc AI case study generator offers a 14-day free trial. Check it out and see if it's right for you. We know based on hundreds of thousands of presentation sessions that your readers will love it. Every interactive case study you make during your trial is yours to keep forever, completely free!

For learning about our paid plans see our Pricing .

Can I trust Storydoc?

Yes, the Storydoc case study creator app is safe and secure. Your personal details are protected and encrypted.

We take your data security very seriously and process everything in accordance with strict security policies and best practices. Don’t take it from us, take it from Meta, Nice, and Yotpo that trust us enough to use Storydoc daily.

For more information see Our Story page , Terms and Conditions , and Privacy Policy .

Why Storydoc is more than just another AI case study generator?

Storydoc is more than an AI that makes case studies. Instant AI case studies are nice, but this trick gets old fast. Sure you make case studies faster than ever but what’s it to you? Will it perform? Will it stand out? Probably not.

The problem lies in the underlying PDF or webpage design. But Stoydoc does it differently. We generate content experiences that prospects actually enjoy with scrollitelling, multimedia, and in-document navigation.

Check out these examples.

What’s so great about AI-generated case studies?

An artificial intelligence case study reduces hours and even days of work for you and your marketing and design teams.

But there’s a catch - if you're using an AI PDF or webpage case study maker then you’re saving all that time for nothing. Because they offer nothing new, neither in story nor design.

No AI maker will make you a case study that moves the needle. But Storydoc will. Our AI makes more than case studies, we let you make stories that build credibility and trust.

What's the best way to get started?

The easiest way to start is to visit our case study templates page , pick a template you like, provide a few details, and see the magic happen - how Storydoc generates a case study from scratch with your branding, content structure, visuals, and all.

Inside the app, you can switch between templates, adjust your design with drag and drop interface, find ready-made slides for any use case, and generate or edit text and images with the help of our AI assistant.

How do I send or share Stroydoc case studies?

Storydocs work like web pages, every pitch deck you make comes with an individual link you can send and track.

When you’re done making a storydoc you just hit publish. Once published, Stroydoc case studies are instantly available for viewing in any browser.

To send the case study to anyone just click the Share button and grab the link.

How do I send or share Stroydoc presentations?

Storydocs work like web pages, every presentation you make comes with an individual link you can send and track.

When you’re done making a storydoc you just hit publish. Once published, Stroydoc presentations are instantly available for viewing in any browser.

To send the presentation to anyone just click the Share button and grab the link.

Viewing the presentation is much like you would an interactive webpage and much more engaging than a static PowerPoint or PDF.

Can I print Stroydoc case studies?

Yes, but right now we only provide this service for Pro and Enterprise paying customers.

That said, this option will be available soon as a feature for all Storydoc users from within the editor.

Keep in mind that a printed storydoc loses all its interactivity, which gives it its charm and ability to get high engagement.

Your readers want a story not a case study We'll help you give them what they want

Vector illustration for the article The Tools You Need to Create Professional Case Studies

The Tools You Need to Create Professional Case Studies

Julian lumpkin.

case study software tools

  • April 27, 2020
  • Creating Case Studies

Creating a Case Study takes a lot of work, but the right Case Study tools will make your job easier. Read on to learn more about our top Case Study tool suggestions.

Recommended Case Study Tools

Adobe indesign for layout design.

Great Case Studies need great design . Adobe InDesign is a robust desktop publishing and typesetting program used frequently for creating professional layouts for both print and the web. Using this industry-standard software means it’ll be easier to share the files and collaborate with others.

Zoom for Interview Recording

You must record and transcribe your interview. Recording the interview via Zoom will free you up from taking notes and allow you to focus on the conversation while still capturing every word.

Rev for Transcription

After the call, send your recording to Rev for a written transcription that you can refer back to at any time. This will make it easier to write your Case Study, and you’ll have the details documented for future use.

Upwork/Toptal/Communo for Hiring Writers, Editors, and Designers

The final version of your Case Study will be used as a marketing and selling tool, so you want it to look and read the best it possibly can. Recognize the weaknesses in your Case Study, and don’t hesitate to spend some money for extra help from an experienced writer, editor, or designer on Upwork, Toptal, or Communo.

We here at SuccessKit have a process to create an entire Case Study for you from start to finish. We have all the Case Study tools and the perfect team in place to handle every step of the process. Sign up, onboard with Julian, and put your feet up while we take care of all the rest.

Visit us at SuccessKit.io to learn more.

case study software tools

Julian has focused his career on B2B sales and sales management, specifically bringing new technologies to market. After years as an elite sales rep, he began leading teams, specifically focused on coaching sales reps on how to be direct, credible, and respected throughout the sales process. Julian conceived of and designed SuccessKit when running an 18 person sales-team at Axial, a b2b startup, as a way to help sales reps have better conversations by utilizing customer success examples and other content more effectively.

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Luke Komiskey Founder and Managing Director, DataDrive

“I love working with the SuccessKit team because they make it really easy for me to focus on my business while they produce Case Studies that drive our brand forward.”

Have a question? Reach out to us directly.

Case Study Summarizer #1 — Free Summaries!

Have you ever thought of how many case studies must a student in medicine or business read in their lifetime? Tens, hundreds, or even thousands! As practice shows, the case study’s content is jam-packed with information and broad descriptions that are unnecessary when conducting a review or simply reading the literature.

We offer a Case Study Summarizer to scan any paper in seconds! You will get some valuable insights about our tool that can help with the most extended case studies in a short time! Moreover, we discuss the definition of the case study, its structure, and its main elements. Let’s begin!

  • 🧰 How to Use the Tool?

📋 What Is the Case Study Summarizer?

🧩 case study elements & structure, 🧑‍🏫 how to summarize a case study.

  • ✅ 5 Tool’s Benefits

🖇️ References

🧰 how to use the case summarizer.

Our free case study summarizer is so easy to use! Follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Enter the text . Paste the text of the case study in the appropriate field of the tool. Ensure that it does not exceed 15,000 characters.
  • Adjust settings . You can choose the number of sentences you want in your summary and decide whether to highlight keywords.
  • Press the button . Just click the button, and the results will not keep you waiting!
  • Copy the result . Your summary will appear in just a few seconds! All you need to do is just copy it in one click.

Do you still have concerns about using our case study summarizer? Then check out its incredible features:

A case study is typically presented as a report, separated into sections with headings and subheadings. It must contain a description of the issue, an explanation of the relevance of the case, and an analysis with conclusions. It ends with implications and recommendations on how to address the issue.

What Is a Case Study?

A case study is a detailed investigation of one person, group, or event. It aims to learn as much as possible about an individual or a group to generalize the findings on other similar cases. The case study can be employed in various fields, including psychology , medicine , social work, etc.

Here are some case study topics from different professional spheres:

  • Medicine : Analysis of the medical and occupational records of a non-smoking individual with lung cancer.
  • Business : The decision of Warren Buffett to acquire Precision Castparts Corporation and why that acquisition was a mistake.
  • Psychology : The case of Bertha Pappenheim , who suffered from hysteria and contributed to the development of talk therapy to treat mental illness.

Case Study Elements

There are 8 essential elements in any case study. Check the table below to learn more details about each component.

Summarizing is a fundamental skill for everyone since it allows you to distinguish essential information and effectively communicate it to others. In the following paragraphs, we will share a case study summary tutorial.

Executive Summary Case Study

An executive summary is a detailed overview of a report. It saves readers time by summarizing the essential points of the study. It is frequently written to be shared with people who may not have time to read the complete report, for example, CEOs or department heads.

Although the format may vary, the primary elements of an executive summary are as follows:

  • An opening statement and some background information .
  • The purpose of the report.
  • Methodology.
  • Summarized and justified recommendations.

How Long Is an Executive Summary?

Your executive summary’s length will vary depending on the text it summarizes. Typically, it takes 10-15% of the full report’s length . Therefore, an executive summary can range from 1 paragraph to 10 pages.

Case Study Summary Guide

Take these 5 steps to write a compelling case study summary:

Step 1 – Read the entire study

Before writing the summary, carefully read the research study from beginning to end.

Step 2 – Highlight the major points

As you read, make notes and underline significant facts, relevant conclusions, and suggested actions.

Step 3 – Divide the document into main sections

Determine what each part of the report is about, and summarize each in a few sentences. You can use the executive summary structure mentioned above to guide your writing.

Step 4 – Be concise

Do not write more than 10% of the length of the original document.

Step 5 – Proofread your summary

Reread your case study summary to ensure it makes sense as an independent piece of writing. Set it aside for a while and look at it with fresh eyes to notice any incoherence and redundant or lacking details.

✒️️ Case Study Summary Example

We have prepared an example of a case study summary for you to see how everything works in practice!

Here is the full report: Akron’s Children’s Hospital: Case Study .

Now, check its summarized version:

Akron Children’s Hospital is a leading pediatric hospital in Northeastern Ohio that faces competition and needs to differentiate itself to attract more patients. To gain insight into the decision-making process of patients' parents, the hospital hired a team of researchers led by Marcus Thomas LLC to conduct business and market analysis.

An observational study was conducted to collect consumer data, including perceptions of the hospital and the criteria used to select it. The problem was that a highly competitive medical industry in Northeastern Ohio resulted in reduced patient volume and financial losses at Akron Children’s Hospital.

The proposed solution was to rethink the hospital’s operations and marketing approach to differentiate it from the competitors and attract more patients. Furthermore, the treatment of certain groups of children had to be improved by increasing the number of specializations available at the hospital.

The organization was recommended to develop an efficient marketing strategy, enhance service delivery, and implement highly innovative medical technologies and procedures.

✅ 5 Benefits of the Case Summarizer You Should Consider

Still in doubt whether our case study summary tool is worth using? Check out its benefits:

  • It is time-saving . The online tool is perfect for students in medicine or psychology since it allows for consuming a lot of information in a short time.
  • It is easy to use . The interface of our case summarizer is so simple to navigate that even a child can handle it.
  • It is unlimited . Try our online summarizer as many times as you need. There are no limitations!
  • It is free . You can summarize a case study online in a few minutes without spending money. Such a considerable benefit for prudent students!
  • It is accurate . The case summary generator uses essential keywords and phrases to isolate only the most relevant information.
  • Executive Summary | USC Libraries
  • Case Studies | Carnegie Mellon University
  • Writing a Case Study | Monash University
  • Guidelines for Writing a Summary | Hunter College
  • Executive Summaries | Colorado State University

How to write a case study — examples, templates, and tools

case study software tools

It’s a marketer’s job to communicate the effectiveness of a product or service to potential and current customers to convince them to buy and keep business moving. One of the best methods for doing this is to share success stories that are relatable to prospects and customers based on their pain points, experiences, and overall needs.

That’s where case studies come in. Case studies are an essential part of a content marketing plan. These in-depth stories of customer experiences are some of the most effective at demonstrating the value of a product or service. Yet many marketers don’t use them, whether because of their regimented formats or the process of customer involvement and approval.

A case study is a powerful tool for showcasing your hard work and the success your customer achieved. But writing a great case study can be difficult if you’ve never done it before or if it’s been a while. This guide will show you how to write an effective case study and provide real-world examples and templates that will keep readers engaged and support your business.

In this article, you’ll learn:

What is a case study?

How to write a case study, case study templates, case study examples, case study tools.

A case study is the detailed story of a customer’s experience with a product or service that demonstrates their success and often includes measurable outcomes. Case studies are used in a range of fields and for various reasons, from business to academic research. They’re especially impactful in marketing as brands work to convince and convert consumers with relatable, real-world stories of actual customer experiences.

The best case studies tell the story of a customer’s success, including the steps they took, the results they achieved, and the support they received from a brand along the way. To write a great case study, you need to:

  • Celebrate the customer and make them — not a product or service — the star of the story.
  • Craft the story with specific audiences or target segments in mind so that the story of one customer will be viewed as relatable and actionable for another customer.
  • Write copy that is easy to read and engaging so that readers will gain the insights and messages intended.
  • Follow a standardized format that includes all of the essentials a potential customer would find interesting and useful.
  • Support all of the claims for success made in the story with data in the forms of hard numbers and customer statements.

Case studies are a type of review but more in depth, aiming to show — rather than just tell — the positive experiences that customers have with a brand. Notably, 89% of consumers read reviews before deciding to buy, and 79% view case study content as part of their purchasing process. When it comes to B2B sales, 52% of buyers rank case studies as an important part of their evaluation process.

Telling a brand story through the experience of a tried-and-true customer matters. The story is relatable to potential new customers as they imagine themselves in the shoes of the company or individual featured in the case study. Showcasing previous customers can help new ones see themselves engaging with your brand in the ways that are most meaningful to them.

Besides sharing the perspective of another customer, case studies stand out from other content marketing forms because they are based on evidence. Whether pulling from client testimonials or data-driven results, case studies tend to have more impact on new business because the story contains information that is both objective (data) and subjective (customer experience) — and the brand doesn’t sound too self-promotional.

89% of consumers read reviews before buying, 79% view case studies, and 52% of B2B buyers prioritize case studies in the evaluation process.

Case studies are unique in that there’s a fairly standardized format for telling a customer’s story. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for creativity. It’s all about making sure that teams are clear on the goals for the case study — along with strategies for supporting content and channels — and understanding how the story fits within the framework of the company’s overall marketing goals.

Here are the basic steps to writing a good case study.

1. Identify your goal

Start by defining exactly who your case study will be designed to help. Case studies are about specific instances where a company works with a customer to achieve a goal. Identify which customers are likely to have these goals, as well as other needs the story should cover to appeal to them.

The answer is often found in one of the buyer personas that have been constructed as part of your larger marketing strategy. This can include anything from new leads generated by the marketing team to long-term customers that are being pressed for cross-sell opportunities. In all of these cases, demonstrating value through a relatable customer success story can be part of the solution to conversion.

2. Choose your client or subject

Who you highlight matters. Case studies tie brands together that might otherwise not cross paths. A writer will want to ensure that the highlighted customer aligns with their own company’s brand identity and offerings. Look for a customer with positive name recognition who has had great success with a product or service and is willing to be an advocate.

The client should also match up with the identified target audience. Whichever company or individual is selected should be a reflection of other potential customers who can see themselves in similar circumstances, having the same problems and possible solutions.

Some of the most compelling case studies feature customers who:

  • Switch from one product or service to another while naming competitors that missed the mark.
  • Experience measurable results that are relatable to others in a specific industry.
  • Represent well-known brands and recognizable names that are likely to compel action.
  • Advocate for a product or service as a champion and are well-versed in its advantages.

Whoever or whatever customer is selected, marketers must ensure they have the permission of the company involved before getting started. Some brands have strict review and approval procedures for any official marketing or promotional materials that include their name. Acquiring those approvals in advance will prevent any miscommunication or wasted effort if there is an issue with their legal or compliance teams.

3. Conduct research and compile data

Substantiating the claims made in a case study — either by the marketing team or customers themselves — adds validity to the story. To do this, include data and feedback from the client that defines what success looks like. This can be anything from demonstrating return on investment (ROI) to a specific metric the customer was striving to improve. Case studies should prove how an outcome was achieved and show tangible results that indicate to the customer that your solution is the right one.

This step could also include customer interviews. Make sure that the people being interviewed are key stakeholders in the purchase decision or deployment and use of the product or service that is being highlighted. Content writers should work off a set list of questions prepared in advance. It can be helpful to share these with the interviewees beforehand so they have time to consider and craft their responses. One of the best interview tactics to keep in mind is to ask questions where yes and no are not natural answers. This way, your subject will provide more open-ended responses that produce more meaningful content.

4. Choose the right format

There are a number of different ways to format a case study. Depending on what you hope to achieve, one style will be better than another. However, there are some common elements to include, such as:

  • An engaging headline
  • A subject and customer introduction
  • The unique challenge or challenges the customer faced
  • The solution the customer used to solve the problem
  • The results achieved
  • Data and statistics to back up claims of success
  • A strong call to action (CTA) to engage with the vendor

It’s also important to note that while case studies are traditionally written as stories, they don’t have to be in a written format. Some companies choose to get more creative with their case studies and produce multimedia content, depending on their audience and objectives. Case study formats can include traditional print stories, interactive web or social content, data-heavy infographics, professionally shot videos, podcasts, and more.

5. Write your case study

We’ll go into more detail later about how exactly to write a case study, including templates and examples. Generally speaking, though, there are a few things to keep in mind when writing your case study.

  • Be clear and concise. Readers want to get to the point of the story quickly and easily, and they’ll be looking to see themselves reflected in the story right from the start.
  • Provide a big picture. Always make sure to explain who the client is, their goals, and how they achieved success in a short introduction to engage the reader.
  • Construct a clear narrative. Stick to the story from the perspective of the customer and what they needed to solve instead of just listing product features or benefits.
  • Leverage graphics. Incorporating infographics, charts, and sidebars can be a more engaging and eye-catching way to share key statistics and data in readable ways.
  • Offer the right amount of detail. Most case studies are one or two pages with clear sections that a reader can skim to find the information most important to them.
  • Include data to support claims. Show real results — both facts and figures and customer quotes — to demonstrate credibility and prove the solution works.

6. Promote your story

Marketers have a number of options for distribution of a freshly minted case study. Many brands choose to publish case studies on their website and post them on social media. This can help support SEO and organic content strategies while also boosting company credibility and trust as visitors see that other businesses have used the product or service.

Marketers are always looking for quality content they can use for lead generation. Consider offering a case study as gated content behind a form on a landing page or as an offer in an email message. One great way to do this is to summarize the content and tease the full story available for download after the user takes an action.

Sales teams can also leverage case studies, so be sure they are aware that the assets exist once they’re published. Especially when it comes to larger B2B sales, companies often ask for examples of similar customer challenges that have been solved.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about case studies and what they should include, you may be wondering how to start creating great customer story content. Here are a couple of templates you can use to structure your case study.

Template 1 — Challenge-solution-result format

  • Start with an engaging title. This should be fewer than 70 characters long for SEO best practices. One of the best ways to approach the title is to include the customer’s name and a hint at the challenge they overcame in the end.
  • Create an introduction. Lead with an explanation as to who the customer is, the need they had, and the opportunity they found with a specific product or solution. Writers can also suggest the success the customer experienced with the solution they chose.
  • Present the challenge. This should be several paragraphs long and explain the problem the customer faced and the issues they were trying to solve. Details should tie into the company’s products and services naturally. This section needs to be the most relatable to the reader so they can picture themselves in a similar situation.
  • Share the solution. Explain which product or service offered was the ideal fit for the customer and why. Feel free to delve into their experience setting up, purchasing, and onboarding the solution.
  • Explain the results. Demonstrate the impact of the solution they chose by backing up their positive experience with data. Fill in with customer quotes and tangible, measurable results that show the effect of their choice.
  • Ask for action. Include a CTA at the end of the case study that invites readers to reach out for more information, try a demo, or learn more — to nurture them further in the marketing pipeline. What you ask of the reader should tie directly into the goals that were established for the case study in the first place.

Template 2 — Data-driven format

  • Start with an engaging title. Be sure to include a statistic or data point in the first 70 characters. Again, it’s best to include the customer’s name as part of the title.
  • Create an overview. Share the customer’s background and a short version of the challenge they faced. Present the reason a particular product or service was chosen, and feel free to include quotes from the customer about their selection process.
  • Present data point 1. Isolate the first metric that the customer used to define success and explain how the product or solution helped to achieve this goal. Provide data points and quotes to substantiate the claim that success was achieved.
  • Present data point 2. Isolate the second metric that the customer used to define success and explain what the product or solution did to achieve this goal. Provide data points and quotes to substantiate the claim that success was achieved.
  • Present data point 3. Isolate the final metric that the customer used to define success and explain what the product or solution did to achieve this goal. Provide data points and quotes to substantiate the claim that success was achieved.
  • Summarize the results. Reiterate the fact that the customer was able to achieve success thanks to a specific product or service. Include quotes and statements that reflect customer satisfaction and suggest they plan to continue using the solution.
  • Ask for action. Include a CTA at the end of the case study that asks readers to reach out for more information, try a demo, or learn more — to further nurture them in the marketing pipeline. Again, remember that this is where marketers can look to convert their content into action with the customer.

While templates are helpful, seeing a case study in action can also be a great way to learn. Here are some examples of how Adobe customers have experienced success.

Juniper Networks

One example is the Adobe and Juniper Networks case study , which puts the reader in the customer’s shoes. The beginning of the story quickly orients the reader so that they know exactly who the article is about and what they were trying to achieve. Solutions are outlined in a way that shows Adobe Experience Manager is the best choice and a natural fit for the customer. Along the way, quotes from the client are incorporated to help add validity to the statements. The results in the case study are conveyed with clear evidence of scale and volume using tangible data.

A Lenovo case study showing statistics, a pull quote and featured headshot, the headline "The customer is king.," and Adobe product links.

The story of Lenovo’s journey with Adobe is one that spans years of planning, implementation, and rollout. The Lenovo case study does a great job of consolidating all of this into a relatable journey that other enterprise organizations can see themselves taking, despite the project size. This case study also features descriptive headers and compelling visual elements that engage the reader and strengthen the content.

Tata Consulting

When it comes to using data to show customer results, this case study does an excellent job of conveying details and numbers in an easy-to-digest manner. Bullet points at the start break up the content while also helping the reader understand exactly what the case study will be about. Tata Consulting used Adobe to deliver elevated, engaging content experiences for a large telecommunications client of its own — an objective that’s relatable for a lot of companies.

Case studies are a vital tool for any marketing team as they enable you to demonstrate the value of your company’s products and services to others. They help marketers do their job and add credibility to a brand trying to promote its solutions by using the experiences and stories of real customers.

When you’re ready to get started with a case study:

  • Think about a few goals you’d like to accomplish with your content.
  • Make a list of successful clients that would be strong candidates for a case study.
  • Reach out to the client to get their approval and conduct an interview.
  • Gather the data to present an engaging and effective customer story.

Adobe can help

There are several Adobe products that can help you craft compelling case studies. Adobe Experience Platform helps you collect data and deliver great customer experiences across every channel. Once you’ve created your case studies, Experience Platform will help you deliver the right information to the right customer at the right time for maximum impact.

To learn more, watch the Adobe Experience Platform story .

Keep in mind that the best case studies are backed by data. That’s where Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Analytics come into play. With Real-Time CDP, you can gather the data you need to build a great case study and target specific customers to deliver the content to the right audience at the perfect moment.

Watch the Real-Time CDP overview video to learn more.

Finally, Adobe Analytics turns real-time data into real-time insights. It helps your business collect and synthesize data from multiple platforms to make more informed decisions and create the best case study possible.

Request a demo to learn more about Adobe Analytics.




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The Power of Case Studies: Unlocking Success Stories for Your Business

What is a case study.

Have you ever read a success story and thought, "Wow, I wish my business could achieve that kind of success"? Well, guess what? You're not alone. Many businesses and individuals alike are constantly searching for ways to replicate the success of others. And that's where case studies come in.

A case study is a detailed examination of a specific real-life situation or example that showcases how a business or individual achieved their goals. It highlights the challenges they faced, the strategies they used, and the results they achieved. In other words, it's like a roadmap to success that others can follow.

Why Should You Care About Case Studies?

So, why should you even bother with case studies? What's in it for you? Well, let me tell you – there are several benefits to using case studies for your business:

  • Credibility : A well-written case study can help establish your credibility and expertise in your industry. It shows potential clients or customers that you have a proven track record of success.
  • Trust : By showcasing real-life examples and results, case studies help build trust with your audience. They see that you've helped others just like them, which makes them more likely to trust you with their own needs.
  • Engagement : Case studies are engaging because they tell a story – and who doesn't love a good story? By sharing relatable experiences and emotions, case studies draw readers in and keep them interested.
  • Education : Case studies are an excellent way to educate your audience about your products or services. They provide practical examples of how your offerings can be used to solve real-world problems.
  • Lead Generation : By offering valuable insights and solutions through case studies, you can attract potential clients who are looking for answers to their own challenges. Overall, a well-written case study improves your ETA (Expertise, Trust, and Authority).

Tips for Writing a Great Case Study

Now that you know the benefits of case studies, you might be wondering how to write one that will truly resonate with your audience. Here are some tips to help you create a compelling case study:

  • Choose a relatable subject : Select a client or project that is representative of your target audience. This will make it easier for readers to see themselves in the case study and imagine how your solutions could work for them.
  • Tell a story : Start with an engaging introduction that sets the stage for the case study. Then, guide your readers through the challenges, strategies, and results in a clear and concise narrative.
  • Be specific : Include specific details about the challenges faced and the strategies used to overcome them. This will help readers understand exactly how your solutions can be applied in their own situations.
  • Use data : Whenever possible, back up your claims with data and statistics. This adds credibility to your case study and shows readers that your solutions are based on solid evidence.
  • Include quotes : Incorporate quotes from clients or other stakeholders to provide an authentic perspective on the experience. This adds depth to your case study and makes it more engaging for readers.
  • Optimize for seo : By incorporate your case study into your blog post using a blog post geneartor , you maximize maximize its visibility and reach. This will help improve the search engine rankings of your blog post and attract more organic traffic.

Generate the Perfect Case Study Every Time with Our Case Study Generator

Writing an effective case study can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be! With our Case Study Generator, you can create the perfect case study every single time – without breaking a sweat.

Our generator takes care of all the hard work for you by guiding you through each step of the process, ensuring that your case study is engaging, informative, and persuasive. So why wait? Give our Case Study Generator a try today and unlock the power of success stories for your business!

Example outputs

Generate engaging case studies effortlessly with our Case Study Generator

How XYZ Company Increased Their Organic Traffic by 50%

XYZ Company is a leading provider of software solutions for small businesses. They had been struggling to increase their organic traffic despite having a well-designed website and regularly publishing blog posts.

After conducting an SEO audit, we identified several areas where XYZ Company could improve their search engine rankings. We recommended the following strategies:

  • Conducting keyword research to identify high-value keywords that were relevant to their target audience
  • Optimizing on-page elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags
  • Improving site speed and mobile responsiveness
  • Building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in their industry

Within six months of implementing our recommendations, XYZ Company saw a 50% increase in organic traffic. Their website now ranks on the first page of Google for several high-value keywords, driving more leads and sales to their business.

How ABC Agency Helped a Local Restaurant Increase Their Online Visibility

A local restaurant was struggling to attract new customers through their online presence. Despite having a website and social media profiles, they weren't getting much engagement or visibility.

We conducted a comprehensive digital marketing audit and found several opportunities to improve the restaurant's online visibility. Our strategy included the following tactics:

  • Creating a content marketing plan to publish regular blog posts and social media updates
  • Optimizing the restaurant's website for local search with targeted keywords and location-based landing pages
  • Running paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to reach new audiences
  • Implementing email marketing campaigns to keep existing customers engaged and encourage repeat visits

Within three months of implementing our strategy, the restaurant saw a significant increase in online visibility and engagement. Their website traffic increased by 75%, and they saw a 50% increase in social media engagement. The restaurant also reported an increase in foot traffic, with many customers mentioning that they found the restaurant through their online presence.

How DEF Company Increased Their E-commerce Sales by 200%

DEF Company is an e-commerce retailer selling fashion accessories. They had been struggling to increase their sales despite having a wide range of products and competitive pricing.

We conducted a thorough analysis of DEF Company's website and identified several areas where they could improve their user experience and conversion rate. Our strategy included the following tactics:

  • Conducting customer research to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement
  • Redesigning the website to improve navigation and make it more visually appealing
  • Implementing a mobile-responsive design to cater to the growing number of mobile shoppers
  • Improving product descriptions and images to provide more information and enhance the shopping experience
  • Running targeted advertising campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Within six months of implementing our recommendations, DEF Company saw a 200% increase in e-commerce sales. Their website now ranks on the first page of Google for several high-value keywords, driving more leads and sales to their business.

What other amazing things can this template help you create?

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  • Is the generated content unique? Yes, our generator uses advanced techniques to ensure that the generated content is unique and original.
  • How long does it take to generate a case study? Our generator can generate a case study in just a few minutes, saving you time and effort.

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Software Testing Help From the Experts

Gain insights from Parasoft’s team of software quality experts with our industry viewpoints, technical guidance, and useful product resources. With over 30 years of automated testing tool development history, we help you improve software quality across every testing need and industry challenge.

Cox Automotive case study: Driving Down Defects With End-to-End Testing

Cox Automotive Drives Down Defects With End-to-End Testing

Image of five fighter jets flying above at sunrise.

Aerospace/Defense Company Deploys Parasoft to Support DevSecOps for Major DoD Initiative

Close up image of infusion pump medical devices with Smiths Medical logo overlay.

Smiths Medical Delivers Safe, High-Quality Medical Devices With Test-Driven Development

  • Agile/DevOps
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • API Security Testing/DAST
  • API Testing
  • C/C++ Testing
  • Code Coverage
  • Continuous Testing
  • Development Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Functional Safety
  • Healthcare and Insurance
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Java Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Medical Devices
  • Memory Debugging
  • Microservices
  • Public Sector
  • Regression Testing
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Runtime Analysis
  • Service Virtualization
  • Software Testing Best Practices
  • Static Analysis/SAST
  • Telecommunications
  • Test Data Management
  • Test Environment Management
  • Test Impact Analysis
  • Tool Qualification
  • Unit Testing
  • Verification and Validation

BCI logo in foreground in white with a front shot of a large pink pig piggy bank in a faded background.

BCI Cuts Software Testing Time in Half With Service Virtualization

The PSCU logo in white with a faded background of a pink piggy bank with coins dropping into it.

PSCU Accelerates Unit Test Generation by 100% With Simulated Test Environments

Image showing Northbridge, a Fairfax company logo in the foreground. In the background is an image of a handshake between technology partners.

Northbridge Financial Scales API Testing to Increase Productivity & Deliver ROI

Image showing the side profile of a human filled in with connectors and bright points to portray technology enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI).

AI-Driven Java Unit Testing Boosts Developer Productivity for Financial Firm

Image showing a closeup partial view of three fanned out credit cards

Simulation Simplifies Testing for Wealth Management Firm

In the foreground is WoodmenLife logo. Background is primarily a faded dark blue and shows faded images of a grayish blue checkmark inside a grayish blue circle.

WoodmenLife Redefines Testing to Reach Quality Goals

Image of a professional female banker dressed in a gray suit jacket going through a contract and smiling.

Large Retail & Commercial Bank Delivers Features 40% More Efficiently With Service Virtualization

Aerial view of airport runways

Federal Agency Fulfills Rigorous DO-178C Standard With Unified Automated Testing Solution

Logo for CAPITAL Services, an S sitting inside a larger C

CAPITAL Services Improves Software Security & Quality With Test Automation

Pforzheim University logo

Pforzheim University Relies on Automated Software Testing Solution for Computer Engineering Program

Graphic in a variety of blue hues showing a line graph and bar graph layered over wide arrows pointing up with IAR systems logo overlay.

Boosting Performance in Modern Development Workflows With IAR Build Tools for Linux

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Software development case studies​

We love to show off examples of web and mobile applications that we’ve developed for our clients. In addition to betting projects (in which we specialize), here you will also find applications from the financial, healthcare, IoT industries and additionally, some solutions for startups. Remember that not all of the software development case studies that we’ve completed are available on this page, some of them are confidential. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions.

All software development case studies

Below you will find all of our case studies. For a better navigation experience, use the filters by dividing them into industries, the scope of work, or the platform. Projects we have carried out in the past are still being developed. We put a lot of work into them and we are very proud of what we do. We’d love to speak with you, so please contact us if you have questions about these projects. If you want to implement your own idea, CrustLab is the partner to help you do it!

case study card BETFAN – Sportsbook Web & Mobile UI

BETFAN – Sportsbook Web & Mobile UI

Innovative sportsbook UI that transforms betting on web and mobile platforms into an exceptional experience. Delivered for one of the top legal bookmakers in Poland.

Gamehub case study card

Slot Games Aggregator

Industry-acclaimed one-stop software for online casino operators, now expanded with even more attractive gaming options.

White-label Casino Apps case study card

White-label Casino Apps for a Global Audience

Uncover the intricacies of cutting-edge custom casino mobile apps. Confronting considerable technical challenges, rigorous timelines, and strict regulatory constraints, we redefined industry standards.

white-label mobile sportsbook apps cs card

White-label Mobile Sportsbook Apps

The genesis of custom mobile sportsbook apps reshaping the US and Canadian iGaming landscape through customization and cross-state functionality.

Stay Strong case study card

STAY STRONG – A Next-level App Elevating Tennis Club Engagement

Discover how Fame Sport Club, a VIP-centric tennis and badminton hub in Krakow, harnessed cutting-edge technology to elevate player experiences and boost profitability.

flutter mobile app case study card image

AI-boosted Flutter mobile app supporting soccer clubs in training young soccer players

Cross-platform Flutter mobile app created for professional soccer clubs. AI-boosted Duolingo for young adepts of soccer and a complete back office for professional coaches.

sportech online betting platform card

BetMakers – the next generation online betting platform

Creation of a next generation multi-tenant Horse Racing betting system hosted by one of the biggest players in the betting industry.

tms virtual currency exchange office card

TMS Brokers – Online currency exchange office

Expansion of an online currency exchange office’s functionalities including dedicated panels for users, administrators, and traders.

pelvifly healthcare cross-platform mobile app card

PelviFly – Healthcare cross-platform mobile app development

Creation of a cross-platform mobile app for end-users and a custom web application for coaches and administrators. The system introduces the gaming experience into a professional medical treatment to start training pelvic floor muscles for women of all ages.

Tracking system case study card

Offender tracking system – an AI-supported IoT application for Public Safety

Development of the personal unit tracking system and native mobile applications to supervise and monitor their activity.

Leeroy case study card

Leeroy – A White-label Restaurant Management App

The transformation of a groundbreaking all-in-one platform designed to streamline restaurant management across Scandinavia.

fixed pool betting system card

Case study – fixed pool betting system

Improvements and refreshments to a fixed-pool betting system. Fixed performance bottlenecks, implemented several new technical solutions and custom features, improved the user experience, and added more business conversion points to the web application.

DreamPicks betting platform MVP design card

DreamPicks – Online sports betting platform MVP design

Complete design project of the MVP version for an online sports betting platform intended for the US market.

zowie mobile chatbot card

Zowie – a mobile chat widget SDK

Creation of the SDK for a mobile chat widget for Android, iOS, and Flutter.

soydigi web app mvp card

SoyDigi – business management as a service web app MVP

Creation of the web app MVP version of a business as a service application for a Polish-Columbian startup in the early stages of growth.

Pick24 case study card

Pick24 – social betting mobile apps development

Development of social betting iOS and Android mobile applications for simulated gambling.

WorkInn case study card image

WorkInn – Web application and recruitment marketplace for the HoReCa industry

A web application from the event and catering industry that connects event organizers and employees such as cooks, waiters, bartenders, and more.

Web Remote Job Board Smooth Remote card img

Smooth Remote – An AWS-based web remote job board

An extended AWS-based web remote job board with an admin panel, Content Management System, and payment integrations.

cdt content management system case study card

The Central House of Technology – Content Management System development

Development of a Content Management System to manage the knowledge base and integration with the cdt.pl web portal.

solver web e-learning platform card

Solver e-learning platform

Creation of an e-learning platform that targets two types of users: providers who offer services and audiences who want to learn.

iceo android app development case study card

ICEO – Android widget application

Development of Android widget application which allows the user to follow the cryptocurrency rates in real-time.

blnk iOS mobile app design case study card

BLNK – design of iOS mobile application

An iOS mobile application supporting the maintenance of healthy eyesight.

pretta iOS mobile app case study card

Pretta – A new level of project management

An iOS application designed to optimize project management processes.

Trusted by leading brands

There is no better recommendation than the opinion of a satisfied customer. See what founders and managers have to say about their cooperation with CrustLab.

logo sportech

CrustLab consistently adds value to our organization in many ways. We’ve received very positively feedback on the system CrustLab has delivered. Our customers regard it as an excellent product. Our experience working with them has far exceeded those of other vendors.

case study software tools

The team provided professional services that added value to the core functions of the business. They were fast and felt like our internal IT department, working during the night when we were deploying important features. That was fantastic, and I’m happy they’ve worked with me.

case study software tools

CrustLab’s implementation of our solutions has almost doubled our revenues. All aspects of cooperation were very good. I felt that we were treated as very important clients because we received a very high standard of service. The team delivered the results at the time and budget.

soydigi logo

We finished an MVP in 3 weeks. It was very valuable that CrustLab was able to evaluate the feasibility of our solution and estimated the effort and cost that was required to request the funding. CrustLab can be a business partner in addition to an excellent software development agency.

CrustLab successfully delivered a product that was able to maintain its performance despite some sudden surges in the site’s traffic. Thanks to their experience and ability to predict problems, we found solutions and built the project on time.

case study software tools

We take advantage of CrustLab’s experience in the field of payments, new functionalities, and user-friendly design. The development process itself ran smoothly and according to plan. It was important for us to complete the project on time, so I cannot imagine a better partner for this project.

case study software tools

We hired CrustLab to introduce several modifications to improve one of the Pocco Finance apps and integrate it with the new version of the SDK. The project was completed on time and in line with the planned budget. I strongly recommend CrustLab as a software partner.

case study software tools

This team is hungry, sharp, “on it” and very customer-focused. I had no idea that I could find such great help from the other side of the world – especially a firm that could understand our product requirements even though I’m not a tech product manager.

case study software tools

We are really satisfied with the cooperation with CrustLab. Very good technical skillset, good communication, and work done on time! After creating a customizable widget, we entrusted them with redefine of another application, and the results are splendid.

case study software tools

Our cooperation with CrustLab concerned body leasing. They offered us highly skilled and experienced Android developers. I am fully satisfied with the ease of contact, the speed of completing the formalities, but most of all of the man they recommended to us.

case study software tools

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Forms automation, cad/document creation/management, groupware / workflow, synchronous collaboration.


Software Development Case Study

  • Industry Financial
  • Company Enterprise software company
  • Tools & platforms Frontend: React, Redux, Redux-form, React-router, Redux-thunk, Styled-components, Webpack, Yarn. Backend: JDK8, Maven, Spring Framework, Google Guice, Objectify, Google Cloud Platform, Apache CXF, Velocity Tools: CodeceptJS using Page Object, Postman, WebDriverIO.

Case Study Software Development

Enterprise software company which provides consumer-facing, white-labelled SaaS solutions for managing personal and business finances to financial service providers. Company’s partners and clients include banks, credit unions, Fintech companies, and other specialty financial service providers.

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Free Case Study About Management Information System

Management information system.

Management Information Systems

- Accelerator titanium as an enterprise platform for developing applications running in mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers makes it easier to create these applications by using a single software code base. This subsequently speeds up the process of developing applications as it is not only easy but also fast to do so. The titanium framework also allows the development of native applications for apple and android devices by using a single code base for software development (Allen, 2010).

Good Case Study About Internet Service Management

Internet service management, good visual programming case study example.

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Williamson Case Study Example

Critique of the prioritizing process at d. d. williamson.

D.D Williamson is a leading corporation that provides caramel coloring as well as burnt sugar and natural colorings for the food and beverage industries (ddwcolor.com, 2013). The company is headquartered in Lousville, Kentucky and has nine coloring operations in five continents (ddwcolor.com, 2013). In 2004 the company embarked on a massive expansion plan and created 16 “critical projects” that needed to be organized, prioritized and selected all within a restrictive time period. The changes to prioritization of the projected selected less than five “Visual Impact Projects” (VIPs) which were to receive high-level focus and attention.

Business-Management Information Systems Case Study Example

Business-management information systems.

Q1: For a business like Evolution, the features which allow the company to create an effective database of its customers, easy access to data, and low price of software and high levels of automation would be attractive features which would be especially beneficial for them. Resource planning, based on past trends and patterns, is also possible which reduces the need for spending long hours in decision making processes and discussions.

Example Of Internal Social Networks Case Study

Case study on business processes questions.

Business processes are the set of interrelated tasks that comprise the development of an organization’s behavior in the attainment of business objectives. It is also related to the organization and coordination of business activities that are aimed at achieving set objectives. Business processes may comprise the creation and development of a new product in the market. Business processes may also involve processes that involve the development of a precise market plan. The manner of implementation of an organization’s business processes can be instrumental in the success of a business.

Changes in Technology Case Study Sample

Alfresco case study, how does alfresco support a mobile business environment.

Ans. The features which are offered by Alfresco support present business environment. Now

It is no longer required to carry presentation files inside drives instead it can be stored in a

Good black & decker international case study example, good how to evaluate mergers and acquisitions: microsoft acquisition of nokia devices case study example, 1-strategic rationale: what are the primary reasons for the acquisition, free case study on q4: information system combines information technology, people, and data to support, business- development strategies and the role of a business strategist, development of an information system case studies example, supporting os and nos case study, example of case study on chart 1, free managing innovation case study sample, sample case study on database development, evolution of protection for software in the us case study example, case study on the need for social capital, organization and knowledge management, good case study about on time delivery of projects within the it organization, executive summary, good software for a new company case study example, example of case study on graphical representation of the system.

Interface design and security

Example Of Case Study On New Payroll Application Architecture

(Study Program)

Case Study On Problem Definition

The new ERP system with the name, Inbound and Outbound Excellence system, was implemented. The reason to implement this system was to make the system of packing efficiently, generating automated labels and giving the instruction where to ship the goods. The software and hardware of printers are not compatible with this new IOE system. Other than this, incorrect time zone and errors in feeding the data into the system are causing the issues. The weight labels on the products are also causing problems. Because of these issues, Intel is losing many of its customers to the competitors.

Data Evaluation

Fasb treatment case studies example, marketing class: atlantic computer: a bundle of pricing option case study, the clarion school for boys, inc. milwaukee division: making information systems case study examples, company profile, free is the devil teaching spelling case study example, case study on regards, good case study about technology innovation management, good case study about mod3case capacity planning and performance modeling, mod3case capacity planning and performance modeling., mod1slp production scheduling & control case study example, lessons on erp modules case study examples, computer purchase feedback case studies examples, good case study about incident-response policy, incident response policy, good example of software development models case study, software engineering life cycle models.

In software engineering, a life cycle model is a framework that describes the activities that will be carried out during each phase of software development project. The discussion will focus on five software development models namely: the waterfall model, the spiral model, the v-shaped model, the iteration model, and the structured evolutionary prototyping model.

The Waterfall Model

Computer virus: impact, removal and control measures implementation case studies examples.

(Institution Name)


Fraudulent financial reporting case studies example, good case study about public key infrastructure, free green computing research case study sample, list of figures case studies example, ipv6 deployment case studies.

Figure 1: Graphical internet usage trend 9 Figure 2: IPv6 tunneling 11 Figure 3: Data routing 13 Figure 4: Internet protocol suite 15

In the midst of the number of IPv4 addresses almost entirely depleted, the realization of IPv6 has become a prime concern for many organizations. However, it is not possible to, immediately, change the whole thing over to IPv6 without a few transitions. This Paper takes a look at the ways that can be used to successfully transit to IPv6 from IPv4 among other deployment issues.

Section 1: IPv6 deployment strategy

Apple case study example, software development life cycle case study example.

<Student Name> <Name and Section # of course> <Instructor Name>

Software Development Life Cycles

Sample case study on microsoft, good problems encountered by the company case study example, background of the company, dollar general case study, babycenter.com case studies examples, it consultation for mr. green case study sample, it consultation for mr. green, good case study about software engineering, question 9.1.

Classical architecture refers to the period from the European history, covering through the rise of Greek Empire through to the foremost power cultural period until the collapse of the Roman Empire. This classical architecture is particularly referred to as Roman and Greek architecture mainly describing this ancient era of design architecture. Whereas software architecture in essence is distant from the concept of building and construction it is the process of computer systems engineering.


Free restview hospital case study example, roc mobile case study examples, free case study on big retailers can invest in technology that is able to address the following three.

- Types of technologies that can be used by big retailers to prevent identity thieves from buying merchandise.

The Final Assessment Case Study Example

Risk management study case study sample, samsung electronics company case study, history and growth, case study on apple, google and microsoft – business models and areas of strength, compare the business models and areas of strength of apple, google and microsoft, news analysis case study examples, the internet case study examples, case study on cloud computing provides businesses with benefits such as, chapter 5: case study- should businesses move to the cloud.

- What business benefits do cloud computing services provide? What problems do they solve?

Free Case Study On Revenue Recognition

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Case Study on Branching Scenarios

Upside Learning

NOVEMBER 22, 2023

In this case , it was about dealing with upset and emotional people under drastic circumstances. Let’s dive into a case study which uncovers the role of branching scenarios in shaping immersive learning experiences. The post Case Study on Branching Scenarios first appeared on The Upside Learning Blog.

case study software tools

Case Study 2: Branching Scenarios

With accolades and positive feedback affirming its efficacy, scenario-based learning stands as a powerful tool to maintain and activate crucial skills. The post Case Study 2: Branching Scenarios first appeared on The Upside Learning Blog.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

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Experiencing eLearning

Infopro Learning

  • Clark Quinn

article thumbnail

Case Study: Mini-scenarios

NOVEMBER 7, 2023

Eager to harness the full potential of this powerful learning tool in your L&D toolkit? The post Case Study : Mini-scenarios first appeared on The Upside Learning Blog. Look no further.

article thumbnail

How to Measure and Optimize eLearning ROI: Strategies, Tools, and Case Studies


NOVEMBER 27, 2023

In this blog post, we will explore the strategies, tools , and real-world case studies that can help you effectively measure and optimize eLearning ROI. Tools for measuring eLearning ROI To effectively measure eLearning ROI, consider using dedicated eLearning analytics and reporting tools .

article thumbnail

Supercharge legal employee onboarding with case study-based upskilling

CLO Magazine

OCTOBER 4, 2023

To address these challenges, our organization began implementing the use of case studies . By incorporating case studies into our L&D programs, we aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing employees with valuable hands-on experience and a more comprehensive understanding of their roles within the legal industry.

article thumbnail

Case study: Healing the talent gap with homemade talent and a skills-first economy

NOVEMBER 21, 2023

But Touhill nevertheless emphasizes how important a tool economic planning will be when it comes to closing the talent gap—hopeful the program will inspire other leaders to endorse talent-focused strategies for economic development. At least not yet. Outstanding local talent is right here in your community,” Cooper says. “It

article thumbnail

Case Study: The Impact of Technology Integration on Student Learning Outcomes

Learning Routes

SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

Technology and Education: The New Best Friends Technology has become a popular tool in the classrooms for making learning a more enhancing experience. Using computer and Internet-mediated tools has pushed the conventional boundaries of studying and learning experience. Children today are growing up in the world of the internet.

article thumbnail

Case study: How Lincoln Financial uses employee listening to strengthen their employee experience

OCTOBER 27, 2023

Looking to address employees’ desires for more career support following their 2020 Employee Engagement Survey, Lincoln Financial created “Get CAREER FIT,” a five-module bootcamp that has “development workouts” which includes career resources, tools and development advice from both internal and external viewpoints.

article thumbnail

[CASE STUDY] A Conversation With Newton


MARCH 22, 2023

For this reason, our first objective was to gain a better understanding of the “AI” tool : we must first understand how it is used and how it can be used. All in all, AI combined with VR can provide a powerful tool for enhancing educational experiences, making learning more engaging. It could have been Van Gogh.

article thumbnail

Case Studies: Successful Implementation of Generative AI in E-Learning

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023

In this blog, we examine case studies demonstrating the Successful Implementation of Generative AI in E-Learning and its impact on educational outcomes. Case Study : The Generative AI system at Khan Academy uses diagnostic tests to determine a student’s starting level of competency in a subject.

article thumbnail

Innovations in Teacher Professional Development: Case Studies and Effective Strategies

OCTOBER 5, 2023

Regular sessions, workshops or seminars should be conducted to familiarise teachers with new innovative tools in the market and how they can enhance the learning experience of students. www.learningroutes.in/ The post Innovations in Teacher Professional Development: Case Studies and Effective Strategies appeared first on Learning Routes.

article thumbnail

Case Study: Using templates to make eLearning development easier

B Online Learning

JULY 22, 2015

The email has arrived, the “BIG” project has been signed off, all systems are go, you just need to produce over a thousand screens of content before the grand unveiling and you have two months. B Online Learning recently went through this process when we were selected by NSW Health to be the sole developer for […].

article thumbnail

The email has arrived, the “BIG” project has been signed off, all systems are go, you just need to produce over a thousand screens of content before the grand unveiling.

article thumbnail

5 Elearning Case Studies

JULY 26, 2022

Take your training to the next level by reading up on some elearning case studies . The results of these studies speak for themselves, and they can also work for you and your teams. Below is a list of some elearning case studies that have seen increases in knowledge retention, participation rates, and completion rates. .

article thumbnail

Case Study: E-Learning Certification Program

Petra Mayer

FEBRUARY 14, 2023

Transcription: In this eLearning case study , I will cover a certification course project for a provider of software as a service. Lessons could be video based lessons, demos, case studies , or application exercises. Working with two authoring tools added complexity as well.

article thumbnail

Learning analytics examples: 5 case studies of data insights in action

Learning Pool

MAY 5, 2021

Case study 1: Measuring behavior change at InterContinental Hotels Group with xAPI. . Case study 2: City & Guilds use xAPI for predictive analytics and evidence-based recognition. . Case study 3: UniSuper uses xAPI to help build business resilience capability for better regulatory compliance . .

article thumbnail

Virtual Reality Training: Real-World Case Studies


DECEMBER 13, 2021

From transportation to medicine, companies are using VR as a tool for personnel to explore their job roles in a risk-free environment. This is especially the case for industries where hazardous physical conditions are the norm, such as construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas. Conclusion.

article thumbnail

Case Study: FinTalent

MARCH 19, 2019

Human Capital forensics are a powerful troubleshooting and evaluation tool , not yet leveraged by most organizations” . Click here to download a copy of this case study . The post Case Study : FinTalent appeared first on SmartUp. For example, the user analytic dashboard is easy to use and very powerful.

article thumbnail

Case study: Walmart embraces immersive learning

MARCH 23, 2021

based athletic training company that uses virtual reality as an immersion tool to give athletes a way to practice their craft off the field. The post Case study : Walmart embraces immersive learning appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. Armchair coach.

article thumbnail

xAPI Medical Case Studies

Web Courseworks

SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

It is definitely a great concept and will someday provide educators with the tools to do big data analytics and solve big problems. The post xAPI Medical Case Studies appeared first on Web Courseworks. First of all, Aaron Silvers deserves a lot of credit for the evangelizing and shepherding of the xAPI movement.

article thumbnail

Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges

DECEMBER 14, 2020

A case study of a global sportswear brand’s digital transformation odyssey, including details on why generic digital solutions simply wouldn’t work for their business model. We’ll explain why that is in a moment, in the first case study . Case Study #1: Global Sportswear Apparel and Lifestyle Brand.

article thumbnail

[Case Study] Using Photogrammetry to Immortalize a Historical Landmark

APRIL 27, 2022

This article will explore how this technology works, why it can become a powerful tool for educators, and how you can leverage it in your curriculum designs. Case study : Wing’s Noodle Factory. Does it require super fancy tools ? One free and open-source tool that can be used is Blender. What is Photogrammetry?

article thumbnail

Acronym Irony – Chatbot Case Study

Mobile Coach

AUGUST 20, 2020

Case Study – Al: The Acronym Lookup Bot. Make your workplace accessible for everyone with a tool that supports workers and the evolving language of business. The post Acronym Irony – Chatbot Case Study appeared first on Mobile Coach. Learn More.

article thumbnail

Case study: Training nurses in a pandemic

AUGUST 18, 2020

They were in New York and we were in Stockholm, so we used a lot of online collaboration tools to get it done,” Lexa said. The post Case study : Training nurses in a pandemic appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. So they relied on Mt. It’s hard to measure success in a crisis,” Adams added.

article thumbnail

Case study: When science meets luxury: How Burberry is reinventing leadership, powered by their past

JANUARY 27, 2023

Together, the global cohort of emerging executives discover science-backed ideas, tools and concepts through a series of live, digital and personalized learning experiences — to provide a consistent, impactful experience that could slip smoothly into the hectic schedules of the modern leader.

article thumbnail

Case study: PepsiCo leverages Minecraft for Lean Six Sigma training

FEBRUARY 16, 2021

Frustrated, Tapia started searching for immersion tools that might fill the training gap, when his 11-year-old son Alexander offered a suggestion. Minecraft wasn’t designed to be a corporate learning tool ,” Delaney says. “We Marco Rodriguez Tapia conducting a live Lean Six Sigma training prior to the pandemic.

article thumbnail

The ROI of Training – Part III – Case Studies

Jigsaw Interactive

JULY 7, 2022

Case Studies . Employee training case study : LinkedIn. Employee training case study : SaaS Provider. Working in small groups with customized content and learning tools so teams can solve problems, build outcomes and complete projects is critical to team growth. What’s the ROI of Training?

article thumbnail

SBL Research, Twine, LXD, Tools: ID Links 9/28/21

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

The study found no significant differences in perceived learning, flow, or enjoyment in the in-class and online settings. In effect, the self-paced elearning version of the case study had comparable results to the in-person version. Free tool for managing audio files with Twine and Harlowe. Audio in Twine. Knight Lab.

article thumbnail

isEazy examples: Prosegur Case Study

MARCH 9, 2021

As you already know, in our blog you’ll find a wide variety of content on e-learning courses and how to make the most of our tool . That’s why we’re presenting you with one of our most interesting case studies , our project with Prosegur. if the entire team receives high-quality training. Here we go!

article thumbnail

[Case Study] Learning Old English through a gamified experience

APRIL 13, 2022

The goal of this course was to give learners the tools they need to conduct their translations, analyze and interpret data, and, most importantly, understand the way Old English grammar was formed and how it influenced today’s English language. Resolution. The Importance of Emotions in Learning. 8 key elements of learner engagement.

article thumbnail

Case study: Counteracting the forgetting curve with reinforcement technology

FEBRUARY 6, 2023

We developed “foundational” e-learning and video content followed by bite-sized “reinforcement” tools and resources to be strategically released over time, and then cyclically retired. The post Case study : Counteracting the forgetting curve with reinforcement technology appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

article thumbnail

Case Study: Convert PPT to eLearning Interactive Course

Brilliant Teams

JUNE 12, 2023

Our strategy involves using industry-standard authoring tools and technologies that facilitate simple updates and modifications to course content. We also utilized various tools and software, including a well-managed team tracking tool and a project progress map, to manage the project effectively.

article thumbnail

Online Community Training Case Study

APRIL 18, 2012

Training conducted through online communities is an arduous task but worth mentioning the efforts taken by an organization with the use of Raptivity. Generally, organizations have discussions and announcements made on online communities but going a step further with training [.].

article thumbnail

Case study: How one learning approach at Warner Bros. Discovery delivered career value during a major transformation

MARCH 15, 2023

The data also showed that learner sentiments were positive, and that people were agreeable to using the tips and tools provided during the sessions. The post Case study : How one learning approach at Warner Bros.

article thumbnail

Convert From Flash to HTML5 Courses Case Study

Swift eLearning Services

An LMS can eliminate all sorts of complexities that faced during the traditional classroom method learning.

article thumbnail

Accessible eLearning Using Inclusive Design – A Case Study

Harbinger Interactive Learning

OCTOBER 4, 2022

In this blog post, we will look at an interesting case study on eLearning accessibility. This case involved the use of a high level of interactivities including simulation-based assessments for learners to successfully complete the courses. Design decisions to consider when creating accessible courses.

article thumbnail

Case Study – Custom eLearning Interactivities using Articulate Storyline 360

AUGUST 30, 2019

In this case study for eLearning, we would like to share one of our recent achievements. When we develop customized eLearning courses, we always make sure that client satisfaction is the ultimate success. As a…

article thumbnail

Training Strategies for the Insurance Workforce: Unlocking Success through Practical Approaches

JUNE 27, 2023

This shift emphasizes investing in employee training and development programs by equipping insurance companies with the tools they need to adapt to evolving industry requirements. Case studies provide practical examples for analysis and learning but may not always directly apply to every situation.

article thumbnail

How to Run a Massive Niche Virtual Summit with LifterLMS Fantastic Fungi Global Summit Case Study

MAY 22, 2022

Learn how to run a massive niche virtual summit with LifterLMS Fantastic Fungi Global Summit Case Study in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. The tool is just flexible. So, we’re open to whatever tools people want to use. Documentaries used to be a niche category of movies.

article thumbnail

Case Study – Flash to HTML5 Conversion: Converting Flash-based CBT Modules to HTML5 Courses

JUNE 19, 2023

In this case study , we will explore the process of converting an old Flash-based CBT module to HTML5, which we have worked on for one of our clients in the automobile industry. We used a combination of open-source and proprietary tools to convert the Flash courses to HTML5.

article thumbnail

eBook Launch: Scenario-Based Learning: The Ultimate Asset in Your L&D Toolkit

SEPTEMBER 21, 2023

When to Scenario While scenarios are a powerful tool for contextualized practice in learning, they may not always be the ideal solution. Scenario Acronyms: From MCQ to AI Explore various tools and approaches for implementing scenario-based learning.

article thumbnail

Nelnet Case Study: Mapping a Path to Employee Retention

JUNE 22, 2022

If I don’t know what I’m building, those resources and tools are just going to sit there.”. The company already had a clearly defined talent-acquisition strategy, a robust onboarding process and a strong sense of community, but Gemelke knew those attributes would go to waste without integrated, organization-wide support.

article thumbnail

Revolutionizing Software Training: A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Software Simulations e-learning Courses

JUNE 9, 2023

In this case study , we will explain how we developed a software simulations e-learning course for one of our clients. Development Phase Upon completion of the design phase, we commenced the development phase using Adobe Captivate, a widely used tool for e-learning development.

article thumbnail

Innovate Your Teaching: Converting PowerPoint into eLearning for Impactful Learning Experiences

OCTOBER 31, 2023

Tools and software recommendations for Converting PowerPoint into eLearning Converting PowerPoint into eLearning modules is a common starting point. To assist in this transition, we’ve compiled a list of recommended eLearning authoring tools to transform your static presentations into dynamic eLearning experiences.

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Coverity Static Analysis

The most trusted solution for finding code quality defects in large-scale, complex software

Coverity® provides comprehensive static analysis that empowers developers and security teams to deliver high-quality software that complies with security, functional safety, and industry standards.

Uncover complex defects

Find and fix code quality and security issues that span multiple files and libraries across even the largest codebases.

Ensure compliance

Track and prioritize the issues that matter to your business, with broad coverage for security and industry standards including OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25, MISRA, CERT C/C++/Java, etc.

Scan with confidence

Analyze applications of any size, even those with thousands of developers and tens of millions of lines of code.

Drive compliance with security and coding standards

Coverity makes it easy to track and manage compliance with the coding standards that matter to your business. Built-in reports provide insight into issue types and severity to help prioritize remediation efforts and track progress toward each standard across teams and projects.

•     MISRA •      AUTOSAR •      ISO 26262 •      PCI DSS •      CERT C/C++/Java

•      DISA STIG •      ISO/IEC TS 17961 •      OWASP Top 10 •      OWASP Mobile Top 10 •      CWE Top 25

language support

Broad and deep language support to improve code quality and security

Coverity provides comprehensive analysis for 22 programming languages, more than 200 frameworks, and many popular infrastructure-as-code platforms and file formats.

Learn more about Coverity  language support  and  CWE coverage.

Empower developers to build better code without slowing them down

The Code Sight™ IDE plugin extends Coverity analysis to the developer desktop, enabling them to find and fix quality and security defects as they code.

Fast and accurate incremental analysis runs in the background to minimize disruption, giving developers real-time results, including CWE information, remediation guidance, and relevant security training, directly within the IDE.

Automate within developer workflows

Integrate:  Find and fix defects without leaving your favorite tools, thanks to integrations into popular IDE, SCM, CI, and issue-tracking systems.

Automate:  Trigger scans on code commits and pull requests to uncover issues early, without impacting releases.

Scale:  Expand to cover your full portfolio of applications and the teams that support them.

Coverity is very effective, fast and supportable. The documentation is complete and clear, it helps a lot in code preparation and support processes."

Devops Engineer


The Forrester Wave™: Static Application Security Testing, Q3 2023

Synopsys is a Leader in the Forrester Wave for SAST

Forrester Wave Leader 2023 Static Application Security Testing

Looking for an integrated, cloud-based AST solution? Check out Polaris.

Polaris Software Integrity Platform ®  brings together the market-leading SAST and SCA engines that power Coverity ® and Black Duck ® into an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and highly scalable SaaS solution, optimized for the needs of modern DevSecOps.

Trusted analysis for complex software

Discover how Coverity customers reduce risk, ensure application resiliency, and rapidly deliver new functionality to market.

case study software tools

Bolsters its reputation with secure software

case study software tools

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case study software tools

Direct Edge

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Coverity static analysis datasheet.

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Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Application Security Testing

Synopsys Software Integrity Customer Stories | Eagle Investment

Eagle Investment

Ensuring software quality & security with Coverity

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case study software tools

Microsoft Ignite 2023: AI transformation and the technology driving change

Nov 15, 2023 | Frank X. Shaw - Chief Communications Officer, Microsoft

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Microsoft Ignite 2023 logo

As we reach the end of 2023, nearly every industry is undergoing a collective transformation – discovering entirely new ways of working due to AI advancements.

Microsoft Ignite is a showcase of the advances being developed to help customers, partners and developers achieve the total value of Microsoft’s technology and reshape the way work is done.

As we round out the year, there are strong signals of AI’s potential to transform work. Take our latest Work Trend Index . Eight months ago, we introduced Copilot for Microsoft 365 to reduce digital debt and increase productivity so people can focus on the work that is uniquely human. What everyone wants to know now is: Will Copilot really change work, and how? Our research, using a combination of surveys and experiments, shows the productivity gains are real:

  • 70% of Copilot users said they were more productive and 68% said it improved the quality of their work; 68% say it helped jumpstart the creative process.
  • Overall, users were 29% faster at specific tasks (searching, writing and summarizing).
  • Users caught up on a missed meeting nearly 4x faster.  
  • 64% of users said Copilot helps them spend less time processing email.
  • 87% of users said Copilot makes it easier to get started on a first draft.
  • 75% of users said Copilot “saves me time by finding whatever I need in my files.”
  • 77% of users said once they use Copilot, they don’t want to give it up.

Today, we will make about 100 news announcements that touch on multiple layers of an AI-forward strategy, from adoption to productivity to security. We’ll zoom in on a few key areas of impact below.

Rethinking cloud infrastructure Microsoft has led with groundbreaking advances like partnerships with OpenAI and the integration of ChatGPT capabilities into tools used to search, collaborate, work and learn. As we accelerate further into AI, Microsoft is rethinking cloud infrastructure to ensure optimization across every layer of the hardware and software stack.

At Ignite we are announcing new innovations across our datacenter fleet, including the latest AI optimized silicon from our industry partners and two new Microsoft-designed chips.

  • Microsoft Azure Maia, an AI Accelerator chip designed to run cloud-based training and inferencing for AI workloads such as OpenAI models, Bing, GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT.
  • Microsoft Azure Cobalt, a cloud-native chip based on Arm architecture optimized for performance, power efficiency and cost-effectiveness for general purpose workloads.
  • Additionally, we are announcing the general availability of Azure Boost , a system that makes storage and networking faster by moving those processes off the host servers onto purpose-built hardware and software.

Complementing our custom silicon, we are expanding partnerships with our silicon providers to provide infrastructure options for customers.

  • We’ll be adding AMD MI300X accelerated virtual machines (VMs) to Azure. The ND MI300 VMs are designed to accelerate the processing of AI workloads for high range AI model training and generative inferencing, and will feature AMD’s latest GPU, the AMD Instinct MI300X.
  • The preview of the new NC H100 v5 Virtual Machine Series built for NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, offering greater performance, reliability and efficiency for mid-range AI training and generative AI inferencing. We’re also announcing plans for the ND H200 v5 Virtual Machine Series, an AI-optimized VM featuring the upcoming NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPU.

Extending the Microsoft Copilot experience Over the past year we have continued to refine our vision for Microsoft Copilot, a set of tools that help people achieve more using AI. To go beyond individual productivity, we are extending Microsoft Copilot offerings across solutions to transform productivity and business processes for every role and function – from office workers and front-line workers to developers and IT professionals.

Microsoft is the Copilot company, and we believe in the future there will be a Copilot for everyone and for everything you do. Some of our Copilot-related announcements and updates include:

  • Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365: This month, Copilot for Microsoft 365 became generally available for enterprises. Already customers like Visa, BP, Honda and Pfizer and partners like Accenture, EY, KPMG, Kyndryl and PwC are using Copilot. We continue to bring new value, based on learnings from our Early Access Program and other research channels. The new Microsoft Copilot Dashboard shows customers how Copilot is impacting their organization – with insights like those found in our Work Trend Index. We’re introducing new personalization capabilities that help Copilot offer responses that are tailored to your unique preferences and role. To empower teamwork, new features for Copilot in Outlook help you prep for meetings, and during meetings, new whiteboarding and note-taking experiences for Copilot in Microsoft Teams keep everyone on the same page. And customers who need it can now use Copilot during a meeting without transcription retention. When you give Copilot a seat at the table, it goes beyond being your personal assistant to helping the entire team – check out the Microsoft 365 blog for updates across the suite including PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Viva and more.
  • Microsoft Copilot Studio: AI transformation begins by tapping into an organization’s unique data and workflows. Microsoft Copilot Studio is a low-code tool designed to customize Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 by integrating business-critical data and build custom copilots for internal or external use. Copilot Studio works with connectors, plugins and GPTs, allowing IT teams to steer Copilot to the best data sources for specific queries.
  • Microsoft Copilot for Service: The newest copilot to provide role-based support helps businesses accelerate their AI transformation of customer service. Copilot for Service includes Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 and helps extend existing contact centers with generative AI. In customer interactions, agents can ask Copilot for Service questions in natural language and receive relevant insights based on data sources from knowledge repositories, leading to faster and smarter resolutions.
  • Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides: Combining the power of generative AI and mixed reality, this copilot helps frontline workers complete complex tasks and resolve issues faster without disrupting workflow. Available first on HoloLens 2, the hands-free copilot will help service industry professionals use natural language and human gestures to offer interactive guidance through content and holograms overlaid on the equipment.
  • Microsoft Copilot for Azure: This is an AI companion for IT that simplifies day-to-day IT administration. More than just a tool, it is a unified chat experience that understands the user’s role and goals, and enhances the ability to design, operate and troubleshoot apps and infrastructure. Copilot for Azure helps IT teams gain new insights into their workloads, unlock untapped Azure functionality and orchestrate tasks across both cloud and edge.
  • Bringing Copilot to everyone : Our efforts to simplify the user experience and make Copilot more accessible to everyone starts with Bing, our leading experience for the web. Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise will now simply become Copilot. With these changes, when signed in with a Microsoft Entra ID, customers using Copilot in Bing, Edge and Windows will receive the benefit of commercial data protection. Over time, Microsoft will also expand the eligibility of Copilot with commercial data protection to even more Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) users at no additional cost. Copilot (formerly Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise) will be out of preview and become generally available starting Dec. 1. Learn more here .

Reinforcing the data and AI connection AI is only as good as the data that fuels it. That’s why Microsoft is committed to creating an integrated, simplified experience to connect your data to our AI tools .

Microsoft Fabric is part of that solution. Available now, Microsoft Fabric reshapes how teams work with data by bringing everyone together on a single, AI-powered platform that unifies all those data estates on an enterprise-grade data foundation.

Copilot in Microsoft Fabric also integrates with Microsoft Office and Teams to foster a data culture to scale the power of data value creation throughout the organization. We’ve made more than 100 feature updates since Build and expanded our ecosystem with industry leading partners , and have over 25,000 customers including Milliman, Zeiss, London Stock Exchange and EY using it today.

Unlocking more value for developers with Azure AI We continue to expand choice and flexibility in generative AI models to offer developers the most comprehensive selection. With Model-as-a-Service , a new feature in the model catalog we announced at Microsoft Build, pro developers will be able to easily integrate the latest AI models, such as Llama 2 from Meta and upcoming premium models from Mistral, and Jais from G42, as API endpoints to their applications. They can also customize these models with their own data without needing to worry about setting up and managing the GPU infrastructure, helping eliminate complexity.

With the preview of Azure AI Studio , there is now a unified and trusted platform to help organizations more easily explore, build, test and deploy AI apps – all in one place. With Azure AI Studio, you can build your own copilots, train your own, or ground other foundational and open models with data that you bring.

And Vector Search , a feature of Azure AI Search, is now generally available, so organizations can generate highly accurate experiences for every user in their generative AI applications.

The new GPT-3.5 Turbo model with a 16K token prompt length will be generally available and GPT-4 Turbo will be in public preview in Azure OpenAI Service at the end of November 2023. GPT-4 Turbo will enable customers to extend prompt length and bring even more control and efficiency to their generative AI applications.

GPT-4 Turbo with Vision is coming soon to preview and DALL · E 3 is now available in public preview in Azure OpenAI Service , helping fuel the next generation of enterprise solutions along with GPT-4, so organizations can pursue advanced functionalities with images. And when used with our Azure AI Vision service, GPT-4 Turbo with Vision even understands video for generating text outputs, furthering human creativity.

Enabling the responsible deployment of AI Microsoft leads the industry in the safe and responsible use of AI. The company has set the standard with an industry-leading commitment to defend and indemnify commercial customers from lawsuits for copyright infringement – the Copilot Copyright Commitment (CCC).

Today, Microsoft takes its commitment one step further by announcing the expansion of the CCC to customers using Azure OpenAI Service. The new benefit will be called the Customer Copyright Commitment. As part of this expansion, Microsoft has published new documentation to help Azure OpenAI Service customers implement technical measures to mitigate the risk of infringing content. Customers will need to comply with the documentation to take advantage of the benefit.

And Azure AI Content Safety is now generally available, helping organizations detect and mitigate harmful content and create better online experiences. Customers can use Azure AI Content Safety as a built-in-safety system within Azure OpenAI Service, for open-source models as part of their prompt engineering in Azure Machine Learning, or as a standalone API service.

Introducing new experiences in Windows to empower employees, IT and developers We continue to invest in and build Windows to empower people to navigate the platform shift to AI. We are thrilled to introduce new experiences in Windows 11 and Windows 365 for IT and employees that unlock new ways of working and make more AI accessible across any device. To further our mission of making Windows the home for developers and the best place for AI development, we announced a host of new AI and productivity tools for developers , including Windows AI Studio.

Announcing NVIDIA AI foundry service Aimed at helping enterprises and startups supercharge the development, tuning and deployment of their own custom AI models on Microsoft Azure, NVIDIA will announce their AI foundry service running on Azure. The NVIDIA AI foundry service pulls together three elements – a collection of NVIDIA AI Foundation models, NVIDIA NeMo framework and tools, and NVIDIA DGX Cloud AI supercomputing and services – that give enterprises an end-to-end solution for creating custom generative AI models. Businesses can then deploy their models with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software on Azure to power generative AI applications, including intelligent search, summarization and content generation.

Strengthening defenses in the era of AI The threat landscape has evolved dramatically in recent years, and at Microsoft Ignite we are introducing new technologies across Microsoft’s suite of security solutions to help defenders make the world a safer place.

Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender XDR (previously Microsoft 365 Defender) will be combined to create the industry’s first Unified Security Operations Platform, with embedded Security Copilot experiences. With built-in generative AI, it’s a single, powerful experience focused on protecting threats at machine speed and aiding defenders by simplifying the complexity of their environment.

Additionally, the expansion of Security Copilot embedded within Intune, Purview and Entra will help IT administrators, compliance units and identity teams simplify complex scenarios. In Entra, identity administrators can quickly troubleshoot identity access. In Purview, data security alerts deliver rich context to help resolve problems faster. In Intune, IT administrators can use “what if” analysis to keep business running while improving governance and compliance.

And that’s just a snapshot of what we’ll be announcing at Ignite. As a reminder, you can view keynote sessions from Satya Nadella, Rajesh Jha and Jared Spataro, Charlie Bell and Vasu Jakkal, and Scott Guthrie live or on-demand.

Plus, you can get more on all these announcements by exploring the Book of News , the official compendium of all today’s news, and the product blogs below.

Watch the keynotes and get all the latest photos, videos and more from Microsoft Ignite

The online event for Microsoft Ignite

With a systems approach to chips, Microsoft aims to tailor everything ‘from silicon to service’ to meet AI demand

Introducing new Copilot experiences to boost productivity and elevate customer experiences across the organization

Simplify IT management with Microsoft Copilot for Azure – save time and get answers fast

Introducing Microsoft Copilot Studio and new features in Copilot for Microsoft 365

Announcing general availability of vector search and semantic ranker in Azure AI Search

GPT-4 Turbo with Vision on Azure OpenAI Service 

How Azure AI Content Safety helps protect users from the classroom to the chatroom

Elevating the developer experience on Windows with new AI tools and productivity tools

Microsoft unveils expansion of AI for security and security for AI at Microsoft Ignite

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Title: analyze factors influencing drivers' cell phone online ride-hailing software using while driving: a case study in china.

Abstract: The road safety of traffic is greatly affected by the driving performance of online ride-hailing, which has become an increasingly popular travel option for many people. Little attention has been paid to the fact that the use of cell phone online ride-hailing software by drivers to accept orders while driving is one of the causes of traffic accidents involving online ride-hailing. This paper, adopting the extended theory of planned behavior, investigates the factors that factors influencing the behavior of Chinese online ride-hailing drivers cell phone ride-hailing software usage to accept orders while driving. Results showed that attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control have a significant and positive effect on behavioral intentions. Behavioral intention is most strongly influenced by attitude. There is no direct and significant impact of group norms on behavioral intention. Nonetheless, group norms exert a substantial and beneficial influence on attitude, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control. This study has discovered, through a mediating effect test, that attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control play a mediating and moderating role in the impact of group norm on behavioral intention. These findings can offer theoretical guidance to relevant departments in developing effective measures for promoting safe driving among online ride-hailing drivers.

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