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What Is a Case Study?

When you’re performing research as part of your job or for a school assignment, you’ll probably come across case studies that help you to learn more about the topic at hand. But what is a case study and why are they helpful? Read on to learn all about case studies.

Deep Dive into a Topic

At face value, a case study is a deep dive into a topic. Case studies can be found in many fields, particularly across the social sciences and medicine. When you conduct a case study, you create a body of research based on an inquiry and related data from analysis of a group, individual or controlled research environment.

As a researcher, you can benefit from the analysis of case studies similar to inquiries you’re currently studying. Researchers often rely on case studies to answer questions that basic information and standard diagnostics cannot address.

Study a Pattern

One of the main objectives of a case study is to find a pattern that answers whatever the initial inquiry seeks to find. This might be a question about why college students are prone to certain eating habits or what mental health problems afflict house fire survivors. The researcher then collects data, either through observation or data research, and starts connecting the dots to find underlying behaviors or impacts of the sample group’s behavior.

Gather Evidence

During the study period, the researcher gathers evidence to back the observed patterns and future claims that’ll be derived from the data. Since case studies are usually presented in the professional environment, it’s not enough to simply have a theory and observational notes to back up a claim. Instead, the researcher must provide evidence to support the body of study and the resulting conclusions.

Present Findings

As the study progresses, the researcher develops a solid case to present to peers or a governing body. Case study presentation is important because it legitimizes the body of research and opens the findings to a broader analysis that may end up drawing a conclusion that’s more true to the data than what one or two researchers might establish. The presentation might be formal or casual, depending on the case study itself.

Draw Conclusions

Once the body of research is established, it’s time to draw conclusions from the case study. As with all social sciences studies, conclusions from one researcher shouldn’t necessarily be taken as gospel, but they’re helpful for advancing the body of knowledge in a given field. For that purpose, they’re an invaluable way of gathering new material and presenting ideas that others in the field can learn from and expand upon.


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Why Every Marketer Should Utilize Free email Trackers in Their Campaigns

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it’s essential for marketers to track the success of their campaigns. One powerful tool that can help them achieve this is an email tracker. Email trackers allow marketers to gain valuable insights into their email campaigns, helping them make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies for better results. In this article, we will explore why every marketer should utilize free email trackers in their campaigns.

Understanding Email Engagement

One of the key benefits of using an email tracker is gaining a deeper understanding of email engagement. With a free email tracker, marketers can track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. These metrics provide valuable insights into how recipients are engaging with the emails sent by marketers.

For example, by tracking open rates, marketers can determine which subject lines are most effective at capturing recipients’ attention. They can also analyze click-through rates to identify which links within the emails are generating the most interest from recipients. By understanding these engagement metrics, marketers can refine their email content and design to better resonate with their target audience.

Monitoring Email Deliverability

Another crucial aspect of successful email marketing is ensuring that emails are delivered to recipients’ inboxes and not marked as spam or blocked by filters. Free email trackers often include features that allow marketers to monitor deliverability rates.

By tracking deliverability metrics, such as bounce rates and spam complaints, marketers can identify any issues that may be impacting their campaign’s performance negatively. For instance, if a high percentage of emails bounce back or receive spam complaints, it may indicate problems with the sender’s reputation or list quality.

Personalizing Email Campaigns

Personalization is a powerful strategy in digital marketing because it allows brands to connect with customers on a more individual level. Free email trackers provide valuable data that can help marketers personalize their campaigns effectively.

For instance, by tracking recipient behavior, such as click patterns or the time spent on specific sections of an email, marketers can gain insights into individual preferences and interests. This information enables them to tailor future emails based on their audience’s unique preferences, increasing the chances of engagement and conversions.

A/B Testing and Optimization

A free email tracker also enables marketers to conduct A/B testing and optimize their campaigns for better results. A/B testing involves creating two versions of an email with slight variations and sending them to different segments of the audience. By tracking which version performs better in terms of open rates or click-through rates, marketers can identify the most effective elements to incorporate into their future campaigns.

Additionally, a free email tracker provides valuable data that helps marketers optimize various aspects of their campaigns. For example, they can analyze the best time to send emails based on open rates or experiment with different subject lines to improve open rates.

In conclusion, utilizing free email trackers is crucial for every marketer looking to maximize the success of their campaigns. By understanding email engagement metrics, monitoring deliverability rates, personalizing campaigns, and conducting A/B testing and optimization, marketers can make data-driven decisions that lead to improved results. With the wealth of insights provided by these tools, it’s clear why every marketer should take advantage of free email trackers in their campaigns.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


case study online marketing campaign

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Five successful digital marketing case studies that brought good results

  • 1. Lays- #SmileDekeDekho 
  • 2. Burger King
  • 5. Times of India

Digital marketing is a vast platform that offers a wide range of opportunities to those who know how to make use of them. It makes it easier for the brands to connect with their audience and consumers and also helps their consumers understand their brands better by clicking with them emotionally. Emotions and feelings bind both of them in a relationship that is honest and adds loyalty to the brand value. 

Following are five of the successful digital marketing case studies that brought about good results and positive impact among the audience. We hope that you are able to learn more with the help of these digital marketing case studies.

1. Lays- #SmileDekeDekho  

Case Summary:

Lay’s is a potato chips initiative from the parent company PepsiCo that initiated the ‘Smile Deke Dekho campaign’ in October 2019. The unique selling proposal was that the brand promoted the message of how a simple smile can connect different individuals universally and simultaneously convey the emotions and the mood effortlessly through each flavour and packet of chips. The uniqueness of the initiative was engaging the influencers on various social platforms in advertising the brand for them. Not only that Lay’s customised more than 350 curated packs for the Influencers.

Resulting reverberation-

  • A feeling of personalised and customised product that is uniquely curated just for the customers
  • It is a way to connect with the consumers individually and vice versa. The campaign reinstated the power of a single smile and the power of positivity it brings. 
  • The campaign accelerated the use of social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram by asking the consumers to pose a smile with their packets of Lays.

Burger King is legendary when it comes to establishing their digital footprints in the space of digital marketing. Their digital campaign in the US made a pure genius marketing strategy. The constant competition among the two brand rivals, Burger King and Mc Donald’s, often caused a ripple in the waters of digital marketing space. Most brands wish to incorporate the use of the latest technologies into their marketing strategies and make optimum use of the technology. Since these are usually novice and new, some mistakes follow. 

Burger King is one such brand that does love to play with the technologies to create a marketing experience that its consumers least expect it to. Such is a marketing strategy that is weaved with voice-enabled devices. This digital campaign stressed on featuring the catchphrase of google’s voice-activated tools, “Ok, Google, what is the Whopper burger?”. And as a result, any home device that is nearer and able to hear the prompt would enable itself and read up the famous whopper burger by Burger King.

Resulting Reverberation-

  • The aim to introduce the consumers with the brand and its product, The Whopper burger became a viral success.
  • Even if the campaign wasn’t entirely a success, it did set a tone for the other brands that could not be replicated.

Zomato is yet another digital food giant that could not escape but master the world of digital marketing. The brand is known to be winning hearts on social media, all due credits to its mastery in digital marketing space. Its tweets, for example, have been consistently promoting customers to brand and vice versa engagement.

  • A highly interactive digital marketing platform that influences and motivates people to join the Zomato community of foodies
  • Incorporating memes and current issues have made the brand’s presence on digital media, quite remarkable and prominent.

The brand Nikon launched a campaign ‘I am..’ intending to take the audiences 2

back on a nostalgic trip that is a fresh breath of air in itself. It encourages the

audience to indulge in joyful clicking than merely click pictures. Not only that, the commercial shows an array of instances like ‘I am The White Shark’ where a father captures the sight of his toddler playing with foam. The brand promotes capturing the little moments of life in a way, telling the audience to live, not merely exist.

  • Help consumers and customers connect themselves with the brand.
  • Create memorable moments and inspire and promote a sense of achievement

Times of India is a daily newspaper brand that is known in every household in India. But sadly it has been seen as a struggling newspaper daily having more robust digital news platforms emerge. The new digital marketing campaign by the Times of India has been raking up emotions attached to the print newspapers in every household. 

The campaign that was run was named as #NewspaperMornings. It was narrated in the voice of famous lyricist Gulzar, to the audience in the form of a short film that also featured his poem. The film conveys the message that the brand wants to reinstate in the hearts of its consumers, “Some relationships never change”. The film weaves an emotional aspect of the presence of newspapers in our lives, with the morning cup of chai, the thirst for a piece of new and unknown information as well as to be a part of the intense debate.  

The lyrics like “ Bina akbhar ke, chai subah ki adhoori lagti hain…na din chadhta hain poora, na poori aankh khulti hain ”, set forth the ball of nostalgia moving. 

  • The campaign film collected 22 million views and above in a matter of a week over the social and digital platforms where it was shared.

This brings us to the end of the blog on successful digital marketing case studies that brought good results. This is how you or your brand can leverage digital marketing to create waves in the market today. If you wish to learn more about how to build successful brand campaigns and learn the basics of digital marketing as well, join post-graduate certificate in digital marketing by Great Learning  and upskill today!

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Digital Marketing Case Studies That Brought Amazing Results

Category: Case Study blogs Digital Marketing

Date: October 9, 2023

Digital Marketing Case Studies That Brought Amazing Results

Reading effective digital marketing case studies is one of the best practices to gain inspiration from other businesses. It helps you learn more about how digital marketers, including our team offering comprehensive digital marketing services , actively reacted to get results for unique situations.

Case studies provide in-depth knowledge about the uncommon situations faced by digital marketers, steps they took to overcome, and the end-results obtained.

As you can learn more from the other marketer’s mistakes, going through case studies will never become vain. You can avoid mistakes in your digital marketing activities and also take similar approaches to the issues you are facing.

In this article, we have covered a wide range of case studies under different aspects of digital marketing, that includes content marketing , social media marketing, SEO , PPC , and much more.

Let’s take a look.

Best Digital Marketing Case Studies for You

Here, we have listed the best digital marketing case studies that reveal the works of expert digital marketers.

Content Marketing Case Studies

Here, we have curated the best content marketing case studies that really worked well and brought amazing results.

a. On-site Retargeting

Digital Marketing Casestudies(OptiMonk) - ColorWhistle

iSpionage faced a problem in retargeting the readers from their referral blog website to their main website. To fix this, the site placed an on-site retargeting popup on their blog posts.

This made them increase their blog referral traffic by 58% and received up to 5.47% Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Moreover, 4,144+ popup impressions were generated, more than 227+ people were redirected to the main site. To learn more about the case study, click here .

Takeaway – By implementing an on-site retargeting technique, you can educate visitors about your services, create awareness regarding your offers, and drive traffic to your content.

b. Trending Topics

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Seo Travel) - ColorWhistle

Lawrence of Morocco gained coverage from the Game of Thrones buzz by designing and promoting a map that listed all the filming locations found in the Game of Thrones series. Click here to learn more about the case study.

This brought over 11,300+ visits to the website and outlets in top-tier publications like Washington Post, Mashable, Business Insider, and many more.

Takeaway – By making the best use of trending topics that have gained a massive outreach across the world, you can easily achieve more traction for your brand.

c. Trifecta Content Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Optimist) - ColorWhistle

College Raptor proved that it is possible to scale a startup from 0 organic traffic to 100,000 visitors per month within a year using the trifecta content marketing strategy . If you are curious to learn more about this case study, click here .

Takeaway – Content that falls under three categories that include evergreen, social viral, and link building will support you in dominating your SEO rankings. The number of backlinks and media outlets can be increased with the usage of public data and viral content.

d. User Acquisition Content

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Fractl) - ColorWhistle

Fractl’s dating app Sapio leveraged user acquisition efforts that led to a 3,072% spike in weekly app installs in just 5 weeks. Click here , if you like to learn more about the case study.

Takeaway – Understanding your target audience and publishing personalized content at the right time through powerful influencers will add value to your content.

Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Below, we have lined up the best social media marketing case studies.

a. Usage of #Hashtags

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Whizsky) - ColorWhistle

Vogue India launched a social awareness initiative regarding the empowerment of women. They created a two-and-a-half-minute video with 99 high-profile women and hashtag #MyChoice. It went viral on the internet that attracted 2M+ views in two days. Click here to learn more about the case study.

Takeaway – Effective usage of catchy hashtags on your social media posts with popular influencers can boost your social media awareness.

Digital Marketing Casestudies( - ColorWhistle

Tinkham Veale University Center has innovatively built social media walls with keyword-rich content and user-designated #hashtags. It encouraged a number of attendees from all over the world for participating in the events. If you like to learn more about the case study, click here .

Takeaway – Curating your conferences, workshops, etc with the venue details on powerful social media walls is a super promotional point for your events among the aspirants.

c. Social Media Campaigns

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Digitas) - ColorWhistle

AstraZeneca has taken an initiative called #LVNGWith exclusively for connecting lung cancer attacked people with their loved ones. People were invited to leave their answers on Facebook and Instagram for this question – How will you spend your #GiftedDay? Click here to learn more about the case study.

#GiftedDay is such an amazing social media content series that earned half a million views in less than 24 hours, increased 500% of shares, doubled their number of followers and over 1,500+ people newly joined the LVNG With community and many more.

Takeaway – Successful social media campaigns are helpful in creating awareness among the audience and connecting people from all over the globe.

SEO Case Studies

Here, we have consolidated the best SEO case studies that established a stunning presence on the relevant search results.

a. 6-Step SEO Process

Digital Marketing Casestudies(robbierichards) - ColorWhistle

UAV Coach was striving to gain traction in the competitive organic search results.

Robbie Richard’s 6-step SEO process supported the UAV Coach to outrank global brands like Mashable, climb to better rankings on Google, generate over 152,732+ visits, drive 11,065% of recurring organic traffic in 6 months, and get many other perks. Curious to learn more about the case study, then click here .

Takeaway – Upgrading existing content with SEO strategies will generate long-term exposure, build authority in your industry, capture quality leads, and eventually convert them into valuable customers.

b. E-commerce Transactions

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Search Logistics) - ColorWhistle

Search Logistics assisted a furniture-seller who had a website that was hit by Google penalty and lacked in keyword-optimization techniques. SearchLogistics redesigned the website, built the domain authority through link building, managed the site structure issues, and many more. Click here to learn about a detailed explanation of the case study.

Within 6 months, they were able to experience the positive impacts on the website like a 122.27% increase in organic traffic, a 336% in e-commerce transactions, a 369% in revenue, etc.

Takeaway – Redesign your business website , create quality content, and build effective links to enhance your visibility on the results page for relevant search queries.

c. SEO Achievements at Affordable Budget

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Explosure Ninja) - ColorWhistle

Exposure Ninja supported an accountancy firm that followed a basic online marketing approach. It helped in redesigning the website, researching relevant keywords, optimizing the blog content, etc. To read the detailed case study, click here .

These effective SEO practices resulted in a 293% increase in leads, a 156% in site visitors, and a 31% in requesting for consultation.

Takeaway – With smart SEO tactics , it is easy to make a mark in the SEO search results at a shoe-string budget.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Case Studies

Below, we have broken down the best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) case studies that worked effectively.

a. Adwords’ Quality Score

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Seperia) - ColorWhistle

A large number of well-established firms and ad creative regulations have reduced the quality score of InterTrader in AdWords. It negatively affected the average ad positions, impressions on search results, and Cost-Per-Click.

Seperia supported InterTrader in maintaining Adwords’ quality score. This resulted in improving the CTR by 0.81%, average position by 6.1%, and quality score average by 3.3%. Click here to learn more about this case study.

Takeaway – Smart implementation of excellent PPC strategies can bring optimal results like great exposure, numerous CTRs, high average position, low Cost-Per-Click (CPC), etc for your PPC advertising campaign.

b. Revenue Generator

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Click consultant) - ColorWhistle

Truprint/Snapfish wanted to improve the overall performance of its PPC advertising activities. Being a premier Google partner Click Consult could whitelist Truprint for a range of exclusive Google beta features.

It brought exceptional results in increasing the revenue by 355%. Also, there was a reduction in the disruption activities of the newly revamped website. To elaborately learn about the technologies used for running this successful PPC campaign, click here .

Takeaway – By focussing on Google Shopping Campaign, Bing Shopping, dynamic remarketing, and many other tactics, you can easily get returns on your PPC investment.

c. Quality Leads

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Click consultant) - ColorWhistle

One of the clients of Spinutech was mindful of driving quality leads and high revenue to its website through PPC advertising campaigns.

With the effective use of AdWords, Spinutech could bring amazing results to its client’s website at the end of four-months campaign optimization. It increased the total number of branded leads by 85.71% and decreased the overall Cost-Per-Click (CPC) by 45.02%. Click here to learn more about the study.

Takeaway – By making the best use of high-search volume keywords, it is possible to reduce the CPCs and target the right audience who are interested in your products and services.

Video Marketing Case Studies

Here, we have curated the best video marketing campaigns that really worked in impressing the right viewers.

a. Social Message

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Strategies) - ColorWhistle

Canadian Tire’s advertisement video portrays a small Canadian boy seated in a wheelchair who was encouraged by another small kid to play basketball games. This advertisement about wheels turned out to be one of the viral marketing videos in 2017. To learn more about the case study, click here .

Takeaway – When your brand message is associated with a social cause, it turns out to be a psychological motivator that urges viewers to follow your brand. It evokes strong feelings in viewers at the same time conveys the brand message.

b. Impressive Content

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Unruly) - ColorWhistle

Android’s Friends Furever video campaign depicts featuring clips of unlikely animals playing and enjoying together.

According to Unruly, a video ad tech company this impressive video was shared more than 6.4 million times and gained the specialization of the most-shared video in 2015. If you like to learn a detailed explanation of the case study, click here .

Takeaway – With eye-catchy video content, it is easy to promote memorable brand messages to the desired audience.

c. Power of Influencers

Digital Marketing Casestudies (Hubspot) - ColorWhistle created an excellent video marketing campaign that incorporated speeches of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg about the importance of learning coding languages.

This video marketing campaign bought more traction to the website. Click here to take a look at the detailed explanation of the case study.

Takeaway – With the help of popular influencers, you can spread your brand message in an even more steadfast manner.

Voice Search Case Studies

Below, we have lined up the best voice search case studies.

a. Mobile Voice Search

Typing search queries can be cumbersome, error-prone, and even dangerous in some usage scenarios. Users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices when doing web searches.

In November 2008 Google introduced Google Mobile App (GMA) for iPhone that included a search by voice feature. GMA search by voice extended the paradigm of multi-modal voice search from searching for businesses on maps to searching the entire World Wide Web (WWW). To learn more about the case study, click here .

Takeaway  – By integrating mobile voice search, you can effectively provide the best user experience to your target audience.

b. Webpage Content Curation

Digital Marketing Casestudies(Jaywing) - ColorWhistle

Anglian Home Improvements had answers for three different FAQs curated on the same page at a single URL. This did not provide the best user experience and affected Google rankings too.

Epiphany Search supported Anglian Home Improvements by listing the FAQs on different pages with optimized content that best suits featured snippets.

As a result of this voice search strategy, the website marked significant visibility on voice search queries by driving 13 inquiries per month. Click here to learn more about the case study.

Takeaway  – Based on the high search volume keywords, you have to create quality content. This helps search engines to easily recognize your content and display it before your target audience.

Digital Marketing Case Studies – FAQ

Why are Digital Marketing Case Studies Important?

Digital Marketing Case studies are more important to analyze the previous patterns of strategies that businesses adopted to get results. At times, we would also get a glimpse of what did not work in the first place.

How to write a Digital Marketing Case Study?

Writing a Digital Marketing Case Study is much different than any other normal case studies.

  • First, identify the scenario you wish to document (A success or a Learning in this case)
  • Use a story telling method to make it readable
  • Identify the pain points and key strategies followed
  • Highlight the result including the timeframe to achieve (This will help the peer community to understand the timeframe)
  • Suggest the alternate strategies you had in mind if they are relevant

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Over to You

Digital marketing case studies are useful for you in making the right marketing decisions. If you like to learn about the performance of a digital marketer, case studies will greatly help you!

Are you looking for a professional digital marketing service provider? At ColorWhistle , our expert digital marketers can help you with tailor-based digital marketing services that best match your business objectives.

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Did we miss any interesting digital marketing case studies? Comment your thoughts in the box below. We are glad to hear back from you.

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9 Successful Digital Marketing Case Studies That Boosted Growth

Finding the right digital marketing agency isn’t easy. But the digital marketing case studies they showcase on their site can offer invaluable insights for businesses looking to hire an agency.

Not only will you get a better idea of what they’re capable of, but you’ll better understand the impact of specific strategies and campaigns that the digital marketers used, too.

In this post, we’ll cover nine of our latest digital marketing case studies to dive deep into real-world scenarios in which we walk through the successes, challenges, and ROI that our clients experienced.

case study online marketing campaign

Their expertise has helped Nextiva grow its brand and overall business

Overview of Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

In the competitive online world, digital marketing will engage your customers to drive business growth. That said, there are a number of marketing strategies that will accomplish your goals while making your ROI.

Here are the top strategies that should be added to every digital marketing campaign to drive measurable results.

Understanding Customer Behavior

When you understand your audience’s wants and needs, it can lead to an exceptional user experience.

In a survey, 94% of respondents  stated that a positive experience  made them purchase from the same brand again:


But these positive experiences vary, depending on what the customer is looking for.

There are four types of customer behaviors:

  • Habitual buying behavior : Customers usually buy the same products from the same brand.
  • Variety-seeking behavior : Consumers usually buy alternatives to products to achieve the same satisfaction.
  • Complex buying behavior : When customers invest in high-value items or services that aren’t frequently purchased.
  • Dissonance-reducing buying behavior : When a consumer is engaged in research but isn’t finding many options.

These behaviors vary depending on the level of involvement, products and industry, and competition between brands.

Creating Relevant High-Quality Content

53% of companies are improving the quality of their content  – and for a good reason:


Content guides users down the sales funnel , educating them about your industry, what you sell, and why it solves their problems. The best type of content answers questions and keeps users engaged, all without sounding too promotional.

Popular examples of useful content include:

  • Landing pages
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Case studies (such as this one)

Creating content for all sales funnel stages  is the best course of action. For example, blog posts are popular for the awareness phrase, while a lead about to make a purchase may want to read your product white paper first.


Social Media for Relationship Building

4.9 billion people use social media worldwide , so it’s obvious that your customers are on various social platforms.

However, customers no longer want to be bombarded by various promotional posts and ads – they want to build relationships with brands. Businesses should consider the customer experience  when creating social marketing strategies. And there are many ways for brands to meet this demand.

  • Social listening  is an exceptional way to satisfy customer demands while collecting first-party data. Various social listening tools track mentions, hashtags, and other branded terms so you’ll always know how customers feel about your company and products.
  • 40%-60% of customers  are also using social media as a support channel . Brands should always keep up with their DMs, mentions, and reviews.
  • And don’t forget about personalization  on social media. 89% of marketers see a good ROI and 40% enjoy higher revenue when using personalization in their campaigns :


In addition to offering exceptional social media  customer service, going live and interacting with customers is another way to improve your personalization strategy.

Targeting Your Ideal Audience with Paid Advertising

Paid advertising offers many benefits. For example:

  • The average paid ad campaign  generates a 200% ROI!
  • Paid advertising promotes your brand, increasing brand awareness and visibility.
  • And since 65% of SMBs and medium-sized businesses have a paid ad campaign , investing in advertising ensures you keep up with the competition.

Because paid advertising is so effective, you can use PPC strategies on Google  and most social media platforms.

Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

Since 53% of website traffic comes from organic search engine results , it’s still integral to optimize your website for SEO:


Remember to:

  • Always perform on-page tactics, such as using keywords in page titles, URL slugs, and headings.
  • Keep an updated blog and optimize your content  for high-ranking keywords.
  • Run regular SEO audits  to ensure no technical issues are decreasing your performance on SERPs.

Expected Results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs  are quantifiable indicators that prove your progress in your marketing campaign. Marketers can also measure KPIs to plan future campaigns, improve existing strategies, and create a basis for decision-making.

Here are the most vital KPIs for marketing:

  • Traffic growth : Measures the increase of website visitors over a specific timeframe.
  • Conversion rates : Metric that represents the percentage of website visitors who bought a product or responded to your CTA.
  • Customer engagement : Measures how customers interact with your brand, i.e., how long they spend on your website per session.
  • Revenue increase : How much money your business made in a certain period. Businesses often compare revenue increases over past periods.

Calculating ROI for Different Digital Marketing Channels

Before starting your marketing campaign, it’s essential to calculate ROI for different marketing channels to ensure that you don’t overspend. Every marketing channel  comes with various strategies to calculate ROI.

Here’s a snapshot of each.

SEO Campaign ROI

Since SEO consists of multiple tactics, marketers should calculate ROI for all strategies. This can include any investments, such as tools and the personnel you hire or outsource to complete these tactics.

SEO ROI also varies by industry. All businesses can use a tool like Google Analytics to measure revenue  from organic searches:


Certain industries, notably e-commerce companies, should also measure sales from organic search traffic. Other businesses can create a sales funnel and track conversions with each phase (for example, the percentage of leads who entered the awareness phase and who made purchases).

Once you have these figures, you can subtract the revenue you made from SEO from your investments.

AdWords Campaign ROI

To calculate AdWords ROI, Google  suggests taking the revenue you generated from your campaign and subtracting it from your costs, then dividing that figure again by the costs. That formula looks like this: ROI = (Revenue – Cost of goods sold) / Cost of goods sold.


While tracking AdWords conversions and purchases are the best ways to calculate paid ad ROI, your chosen method depends on your goals. Consider other goals, such as downloading a white paper or signing up for a free trial.

Social Media Marketing ROI

Social media marketing can be part of many strategies, such as a lead generation campaign . Some brands may also use social media to improve their brand awareness. This is why calculating your social media ROI depends on your goals.

You’ll first need to collect data on your campaign, such as engagements, impressions, and clicks. Compare these results against any expenses to run your campaign, such as advertising costs and any wages or rates you paid for staff members or freelancers.

Content Marketing ROI

Since content marketing involves many blog posts, videos, infographics, and other forms of content, many marketers calculate their ROI based on the total investments in a given time period.

Use this formula to calculate your content marketing ROI:

formula to calculate content marketing ROI

In this figure, you’ll add your overhead costs to get the investments, and you’ll find the return by adding your sales numbers. By subtracting and dividing the return by the investment and multiplying that figure by 100, you’ll get a percentage.

9 Successful Digital Marketing Agency Case Studies

Now that you know what exactly goes into a marketing strategy, let’s take a look at nine of our digital marketing case studies that showcase these strategies while taking you through the challenge, strategy and execution.

Paid Search

This case study is of a client that is an AI-powered workplace communications platform. They reached out to Single Grain to launch a paid social and search strategy for their digital marketing campaign.


The client had low brand awareness and didn’t have a paid ad strategy in their digital marketing campaign before seeking our services. The company desired to build user demand with a social and search advertising strategy. They desired a full-funnel strategy, targeting leads at every stage of the buying process.

We created a comprehensive paid strategy for search engines. We also used LinkedIn  to establish our client as a leader in their niche to increase organic traffic.

For the paid search strategy, we targeted brand traffic, high-intent brand interest, and competitor searches. We took first-party data from LinkedIn to align the ads  with their target audience, experimenting with different ads to match user intent.

We also used their LinkedIn page to establish the client as a leader in their niche. This helped to grow customer lists, improve their digital marketing efforts, and grow website traffic.

The client experienced a 24% increase in lead submissions. LinkedIn is their main touchpoint for Tier 1 and 2 leads, and search is the driving force behind closing high-value accounts. We achieved these results while reducing costs by 16% and maintaining a CPA of -32%.

In only three months after paid search and LinkedIn campaign launch, the client achieved a 24% increase in conversions.

SEO: Gump’s

Gump’s San Francisco is a specialty goods store selling various home decor and jewelry items. After having a successful previous year, they sought help from Single Grain in March 2022 to advance the previous year’s sales with various digital marketing tactics.


Gump’s doesn’t have many challenges as far as digital marketing is concerned. They had successful sales in 2021 and set goals to surpass these revenue records.

We used cross-selling and digital marketing to retain existing customers while utilizing Google Search and Shopping to attract new customers.

We invested in paid ads  across various channels while expanding its Google Search and Shopping strategy. We optimized Gump’s product listings for the home decor category, ensuring that we targeted their audience.

Gump’s surpassed their 2021 sales goals. Their year-over-year sales are increasing by 92%, solely attributed to marketing. This led to a 79% increase in overall revenue. They achieved an over 40% increase in web traffic, a 79% increase in total orders, 104% Google ROI in the home decor category, and a 32% return customer rate.

By optimizing Gump’s product listings  for home decor categories, we improved their ROAS by 104% – nearly double the amount of spend.

By targeting the home decor category on Google and retargeting existing customers, we conquered Gump’s 2022 sales goals with digital marketing and drove sales and revenue growth.

Programmatic Ads: Hestan Culinary

Hestan Culinary sells high-quality pots, pans, and other cookware that’s backed by Michelin-star chefs. After seeing sales drop, they needed an effective revenue growth digital marketing solution that also improved their ROAS.


Hestan Culinary sells chef-grade cookware. While this is great for professionals, it doesn’t target the casual cooking enthusiast or those trying to cook more at home. Hestan Culinary’s products come with a longer buyer’s digital marketing journey, which posed a problem when they started seeing sales drop.

Hestan Culinary needed to drive sales growth while improving its ROAS. This is why we expanded to programmatic ads with a full-funnel digital marketing approach. We used StackAdapt to reach a qualified audience, using different tactics to nurture them down the sales funnel .

Through the programmatic advertising StackAdapt strategy, we implemented catalog and native feed units for a stronger-performing ad campaign. By targeting qualified audience members immediately, Hestan Culinary improved its ROAS while increasing conversions.

After the first month of the campaign, Hestan Culinary achieved a 218% increase in conversions and a ROAS that went from 1.91 to 9.20. We sustained these metrics for over 45 days after the launch, and Hestan Culinary achieved more revenue.

Hestan Culinary not only achieved more conversions and revenue, but programmatic advertising  improved its full-funnel digital marketing strategy.

Landing Page and LinkedIn Marketing: Learning A-Z

Learning A-Z sells science and literacy blended learning products to students at Pe K-6 grades. We helped them with two strategies: landing page testing…


…and purchasing licenses by targeting school administrators on LinkedIn:


Learning A-Z’s original landing page had far too many external links and CTAs, which very likely confused customers. They were also looking to increase sales for licenses on LinkedIn.

First, we redesigned their existing landing page. We focused on simplifying their design so as not to deter customers away from their products and services.

To increase license sales, we used LinkedIn’s Job Title Targeting  function to find school administrators and used digital marketing to target these consumers.

For the landing page, we created 1-2 CTAs driving conversions per page. We used one of two buttons for these CTAs: “Free Trial” or “Order Now.”

For the licenses, we used LinkedIn’s tools to write specific job titles that narrowed down the list of candidates to those with K-5 grade school administration roles.

The redesigned landing page resulted in 73% more “Order Now” clicks, 42% more “Free Trial” clicks, and 125% more conversions.

By targeting K-5 school administrators on LinkedIn, Learning A-Z achieved 462 new users, notably one free trial, four new purchases, positive website metrics, and 12 sample downloads. However, our LinkedIn efforts resulted in a high CPA, so we turned our attention to Facebook Admin. Since then, Learning A-Z has achieved a 5.47 ROAS.

Learning A-Z’s simplified landing page resulted in more conversions. While they had some success on LinkedIn in increasing licenses, Facebook Admin resulted in a better ROAS.

Social Media and E-Commerce: LockNLube

LockNLube sells various greasing products and parts for cars. Single Grain helped them with various digital marketing strategies: optimizing for Amazon and eBay:


…along with developing a media strategy with a heavy emphasis on TikTok ads:


LockNLube wanted to optimize its product listings for Amazon. Since they were heading into their peak season, they wanted to increase top-of-funnel awareness with various digital marketing strategies.

LockNLube was also struggling with eBay’s new marketing tool, Promoted Listings Advanced. However, there were few bidding controls.

We gave LockNLube’s Amazon  digital marketing strategy a complete makeover, rewriting their titles and descriptions. We also scaled Amazon ad  spending.

For eBay , we used keyword bidding to make up for what eBay’s Promoted Listings Advanced tool lacked.

For TikTok , we took LockNLube’s previous creatives and re-optimized them for TikTok.

In addition to these standout cases, we created a complete media strategy for LockNLube, adding new digital platforms to their campaign. These included YouTube ads, demand-side-platforms (DSP), IG/FB Shopping, Walmart ads, top-of-funnel marketing, SMS marketing, relaunched branding and store pages, and Performance Max campaigns.

For Amazon , we implemented A+ digital marketing content for their Amazon product listings, A/B testing all images and content.

For eBay , we took top-performing keywords from Amazon and Google to begin their eBay campaign. We also added competitor keywords to the campaign. To test the success, we separated all keywords into three groups: Brand, Nonbrand, and Competitor. We observed these keywords to see which keywords were converting.

For TikTok , we redid the creatives to make them more creative and entertaining. In addition to the advertising and marketing campaigns we added to their overall media strategy, we also implemented “frequently bought together” features.

Re-optimizing LockNLube’s Amazon  page resulted in 54% revenue growth year over year while also maintaining ROAS. Optimizing their content led to over 100% increases in sessions and an increased 24.7% conversion rate.

For eBay , there are 21% more clicks, 74% more impressions, and 12%, with ROAS increased at 110%.

For TikTok , their engagement rate and CTR were fantastic while keeping CPCs and CPMs low. Since we didn’t achieve as good of a ROAS from direct response, we came to the conclusion that TikTok is better as an upper-channel digital marketing tactic.

From Q1 2019 to Q3 2022, LockNLube saw an overall revenue increase. We launched eight new channels, which resulted in a 42% increase in AOV, a 68% increase in paid traffic, and an 18% increase in the average YOY customer return rate.


We drove revenue for LockNLube thanks to the launch of eight new digital marketing channels and re-optimizing their existing Amazon, eBay, and TikTok strategies.

Google Ads: Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee sells high-quality coffee and tea, sourcing the best beans and leaves. They reached out to Single Grain to improve their Google Ads strategy.


Peet’s Coffee has excellent brand awareness and digital marketing campaigns but had very little presence on Google Ads. Even though they saw a return from their existing strategy, growth was still stagnant.

We focused on Google Ads and optimized their campaign for different types of keywords, as well as revamped the ad copy.

We  bid on high-ROI keywords , such as branded and product name terms. We rewrote the ad copy to fit the landing pages better and focus on the UVP of the product. We also tested non-branded keywords, scaling them to improve their ROI.

Peet’s Coffee saw a 455% increase in revenue and 676% more orders, all with a 158% increase in ROAS and a reduced 72% cost per order. This was thanks to our efforts aligning searcher intent with ad copy.

Revamping Peet’s Google Ads strategy resulted in huge sales growth while improving ROAS.

PPC: Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce is an entrepreneur who reached success by selling handmade pottery and glassware. He approached Single Grain to improve his ROAS on his paid search campaign.


Simon Pearce’s ROAS was declining YoY from January 2022 to January 2023. Not only that, but CPC was up by 168%.

We realized the rising CPC was directly affecting Simon Pearce’s ROAS. To cut back on costs, we created a manual bidding strategy and scrapped the previous automated bidding campaign.

Even though branded digital marketing keywords are some of the most affordable, Simon Pearce was spending more than he was getting in return on these search terms. We experimented with manual bidding and doing away with their previous automated strategy to try and improve the ROAS.

Early digital marketing results were extremely strong. By manually bidding on keywords and watching spend, we decreased his CPC by 60% and improved their ROAS by 135%. These tactics didn’t compromise impressions; Simon Pearce achieved a 60% CTR and a 17% increase in impression share.

Using manual bidding on Google Ads improved ROAS for Simon Pearce.

SEO: The Mom Project

The Mom Project (TMP) is a recruiter that connects talented women to companies and job opportunities. They reached out to Single Grain to decrease their costs per lead in their digital marketing campaign.


While The Mom Project had a digital marketing search campaign, it was failing to capture total search demand. They needed a solution to decrease their costs per lead while better targeting their audience.

Single Grain revamped TMP’s search copy to target a qualified audience better. We also separated the job titles into different audience signals, giving Google a better idea of the audience we were trying to target. We used Performance Max to find qualified clicks.

The digital marketing audience signals we created for the strategy were Custom Segments (keywords related to hiring intent), Interests (audience members who connected with TMP based on interests and demographics), and Your Data (people who previously interacted with TMP).

From here, we were able to redo customer lists, assess lead quality, use location targeting and bid adjustments, and create ad schedules. Performance Max leveraged automation to find qualified clicks on display, search, video, discover, and Gmail, lowering costs.

By using Performance Max, we achieved a lower CPA and CPC, down 51.3% and 91.2%, respectively. Performance Max also helped us use this data to target TOFU audiences.

By using Performance Max, we were able to improve TOFU digital marketing search demand and improve CPA for The Mom Project.

Pixel and Google Tag Manager: Inkbox, Airbnb and Spearmint Love

This digital marketing case study targets remarketing  for three brands: Inkbox, Airbnb, and Spearmint Love. We collected data on revenue and conversions from these brands to determine the impact of our remarketing campaign.


  • Inkbox  is a temporary tattoo company that wanted to retarget marketing leads on Reddit, hoping it would lower their CPA.
  • Property rental giant Airbnb  used Google to improve vendor collection, prevent bottlenecks between operations and marketing, avoid unnecessary tagging replication, and minimize snippet size.
  • Kids clothing and accessories company Spearmint Love  used Facebook to retarget moms.
  • For Inkbox’s  social marketing retargeting, we used a Reddit Pixel that captured a larger audience and tracked conversions.
  • For Airbnb , we implemented Google Tag Manager  and built a data layer.
  • For Spearmint Love , we added Facebook Pixel to automate audience targeting, simplified ad creation and targeting, and tracked ROAS.
  • For Inkbox , the Reddit Pixel helped us understand Inkbox’s Reddit audience, so we were able to customize messaging and creatives to target their consumers. This helped return customers to the sales funnel.
  • For Airbnb , Google Tag Manager launched new programs, tools, and vendors quicker. It also cut tag deployment to hours (was previously at days).
  • For Spearmint Love , we integrated Facebook Pixel with their BigCommerce platform, which boosted their business and resulted in more hires from within.
  • For Inkbox , we helped them achieve 1.5x higher CTRs and lowered CPAs by 86%.
  • For Airbnb , we helped them achieve an 8% increase in website speed, more optimizations, accurate data collection, and a better ROI.
  • For Spearmint Love , we helped them achieve a 38x ROAS, with 14.6x of that figure return going toward Facebook. Their advertising success also led to a 12x YoY growth in revenue.

By enacting a remarketing strategy for Inkbox, Airbnb, and Spearmint Love, we helped these brands achieve more CTRs and revenue growth on various social media platforms with improved ROAS, CPAs, and ROI.

Common Themes and Insights

While all of these digital marketing case studies are different, there are many parallels between these brands:

Many of these brands executed their own advertising strategy but were struggling to improve their ROAS on their own.

Because of higher CPCs, this made achieving an ad return even more difficult.

Single Grain’s digital marketers had to think outside the box for these clients, using strategies such as manual bidding and relying on unconventional social media platforms such as Reddit.

Some of these platforms, such as eBay, lacked essential advertising marketing strategies with their own tools, so we implemented additional strategies to increase impressions and CTRs.

Final Recommendations

Here are our overall final recommendations:

  • While many businesses can handle an ad strategy DIY, trusting a digital marketing agency like Single Grain will result in the most conversions and the best ROAS.
  • Use different tools, such as Performance Max and Pixel, to better entice your target audience.
  • While advanced advertising technology such as programmatic ads can increase conversions, manual tactics, such as bidding, can still keep costs down.
  • Less is more, especially when it comes to ad copy and landing page design.
  • Diversifying your channels and targeting specific audiences on those platforms is the real revenue driver for TOFU targeting.
  • Don’t overlook the power of remarketing to an existing audience.

Because of the complex world of digital marketing, even the biggest companies may need help with their campaigns. That’s why they hired professional digital marketers.

While all these case studies are different, they have one thing in common: We increased impressions and revenue while improving ROAS.

By diversifying their platforms, adding new channels, and revamping existing strategies, our digital marketers helped these brands increase web traffic, sales, and return customer rates.

Seeking help from a professional is also a smart idea when creating a new ad strategy, especially if you have low brand awareness and don’t know your target audience. This way, you know you can convert leads while achieving exceptional ROAS.

If you’re ready to level up your business, Single Grain’s digital marketing experts can help with paid ads, SEO, content marketing and more! 👇

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I hope you are getting a lot of value out of this blog post.

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28 Case Study Examples Every Marketer Should See

Caroline Forsey

Published: March 08, 2023

Putting together a compelling case study is one of the most powerful strategies for showcasing your product and attracting future customers. But it's not easy to create case studies that your audience can’t wait to read.

marketer reviewing case study examples

In this post, we’ll go over the definition of a case study and the best examples to inspire you.

Download Now: 3 Free Case Study Templates

What is a case study?

A case study is a detailed story of something your company did. It includes a beginning — often discussing a conflict, an explanation of what happened next, and a resolution that explains how the company solved or improved on something.

A case study proves how your product has helped other companies by demonstrating real-life results. Not only that, but marketing case studies with solutions typically contain quotes from the customer. This means that they’re not just ads where you praise your own product. Rather, other companies are praising your company — and there’s no stronger marketing material than a verbal recommendation or testimonial. A great case study is also filled with research and stats to back up points made about a project's results.

There are myriad ways to use case studies in your marketing strategy . From featuring them on your website to including them in a sales presentation, a case study is a strong, persuasive tool that shows customers why they should work with you — straight from another customer. Writing one from scratch is hard, though, which is why we’ve created a collection of case study templates for you to get started.

Fill out the form below to access the free case study templates.

case study online marketing campaign

Free Case Study Templates

Showcase your company's success using these three free case study templates.

  • Data-Driven Case Study Template
  • Product-Specific Case Study Template
  • General Case Study Template

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

There’s no better way to generate more leads than by writing case studies . But without case study examples to draw inspiration from, it can be difficult to write impactful studies that convince visitors to submit a form.

Marketing Case Study Examples

To help you create an attractive and high-converting case study, we've put together a list of some of our favorites. This list includes famous case studies in marketing, technology, and business.

These studies can show you how to frame your company offers in a way that is both meaningful and useful to your audience. So, take a look, and let these examples inspire your next brilliant case study design.

These marketing case studies with solutions show the value proposition of each product. They also show how each company benefited in both the short and long term using quantitative data. In other words, you don’t get just nice statements, like "This company helped us a lot." You see actual change within the firm through numbers and figures.

You can put your learnings into action with HubSpot's Free Case Study Templates . Available as custom designs and text-based documents, you can upload these templates to your CMS or send them to prospects as you see fit.

case study template

1. " How Handled Scaled from Zero to 121 Locations with the Help of HubSpot ," by HubSpot

Case study examples: Handled and HubSpot

What's interesting about this case study is the way it leads with the customer. That reflects a major HubSpot cornerstone, which is to always solve for the customer first. The copy leads with a brief description of why the CEO of Handled founded the company and why he thought Handled could benefit from adopting a CRM. The case study also opens up with one key data point about Handled’s success using HubSpot, namely that it grew to 121 locations.

Notice that this case study uses mixed media. Yes, there is a short video, but it's elaborated upon in the other text on the page. So while your case studies can use one or the other, don't be afraid to combine written copy with visuals to emphasize the project's success.

Key Learnings from the HubSpot Case Study Example

  • Give the case study a personal touch by focusing on the CEO rather than the company itself.
  • Use multimedia to engage website visitors as they read the case study.

2. " The Whole Package ," by IDEO

Case study examples: IDEO and H&M

Here's a design company that knows how to lead with simplicity in its case studies. As soon as the visitor arrives at the page, they’re greeted with a big, bold photo and the title of the case study — which just so happens to summarize how IDEO helped its client. It summarizes the case study in three snippets: The challenge, the impact, and the outcome.

Immediately, IDEO communicates its impact — the company partnered with H&M to remove plastic from its packaging — but it doesn't stop there. As the user scrolls down, the challenge, impact, and progress are elaborated upon with comprehensive (but not overwhelming) copy that outlines what that process looked like, replete with quotes and intriguing visuals.

Key Learnings from the IDEO Case Study Example

  • Split up the takeaways of your case studies into bite-sized sections.
  • Always use visuals and images to enrich the case study experience, especially if it’s a comprehensive case study.

3. " Rozum Robotics intensifies its PR game with Awario ," by Awario

Case study example from Awario

In this case study, Awario greets the user with a summary straight away — so if you’re feeling up to reading the entire case study, you can scan the snapshot and understand how the company serves its customers. The case study then includes jump links to several sections, such as "Company Profile," "Rozum Robotics' Pains," "Challenge," "Solution," and "Results and Improvements."

The sparse copy and prominent headings show that you don’t need a lot of elaborate information to show the value of your products and services. Like the other case study examples on this list, it includes visuals and quotes to demonstrate the effectiveness of the company’s efforts. The case study ends with a bulleted list that shows the results.

Key Learnings from the Awario Robotics Case Study Example

  • Create a table of contents to make your case study easier to navigate.
  • Include a bulleted list of the results you achieved for your client.

4. " Chevrolet DTU ," by Carol H. Williams

Case study examples: Carol H. Williams and Chevrolet DTU

If you’ve worked with a company that’s well-known, use only the name in the title — like Carol H. Williams, one of the nation’s top advertising agencies, does here. The "DTU," stands for "Discover the Unexpected." It generates interest because you want to find out what the initials mean.

They keep your interest in this case study by using a mixture of headings, images, and videos to describe the challenges, objectives, and solutions of the project. The case study closes with a summary of the key achievements that Chevrolet’s DTU Journalism Fellows reached during the project.

Key Learnings from the Carol H. Williams Case Study Example

  • If you’ve worked with a big brand before, consider only using the name in the title — just enough to pique interest.
  • Use a mixture of headings and subheadings to guide users through the case study.

5. " How Fractl Earned Links from 931 Unique Domains for in a Single Year ," by Fractl

Case study example from Fractl

Fractl uses both text and graphic design in their case study to immerse the viewer in a more interesting user experience. For instance, as you scroll, you'll see the results are illustrated in an infographic-design form as well as the text itself.

Further down the page, they use icons like a heart and a circle to illustrate their pitch angles, and graphs to showcase their results. Rather than writing which publications have mentioned during Fractl’s campaign, they incorporated the media outlets’ icons for further visual diversity.

Key Learnings from the Fractl Case Study Example

  • Let pictures speak for you by incorporating graphs, logos, and icons all throughout the case study.
  • Start the case study by right away stating the key results, like Fractl does, instead of putting the results all the way at the bottom.

6. " The Met ," by Fantasy

Case study example from Fantasy

What's the best way to showcase the responsiveness and user interface of a website? Probably by diving right into it with a series of simple showcases— which is exactly what Fantasy does on their case study page for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They keep the page simple and clean, inviting you to review their redesign of the Met’s website feature-by-feature.

Each section is simple, showing a single piece of the new website's interface so that users aren’t overwhelmed with information and can focus on what matters most.

If you're more interested in text, you can read the objective for each feature. Fantasy understands that, as a potential customer, this is all you need to know. Scrolling further, you're greeted with a simple "Contact Us" CTA.

Key Learnings from the Fantasy Case Study Example

  • You don’t have to write a ton of text to create a great case study. Focus on the solution you delivered itself.
  • Include a CTA at the bottom inviting visitors to contact you.

7. " Rovio: How Rovio Grew Into a Gaming Superpower ," by App Annie

Case study example from App Annie

If your client had a lot of positive things to say about you, take a note from App Annie’s Rovio case study and open up with a quote from your client. The case study also closes with a quote, so that the case study doesn’t seem like a promotion written by your marketing team but a story that’s taken straight from your client’s mouth. It includes a photo of a Rovio employee, too.

Another thing this example does well? It immediately includes a link to the product that Rovio used (namely, App Annie Intelligence) at the top of the case study. The case study closes with a call-to-action button prompting users to book a demo.

Key Learnings from the App Annie Case Study Example

  • Feature quotes from your client at the beginning and end of the case study.
  • Include a mention of the product right at the beginning and prompt users to learn more about the product.

8. " Embracing first-party data: 3 success stories from HubSpot ," by Think with Google

Case study examples: Think with Google and HubSpot

Google takes a different approach to text-focused case studies by choosing three different companies to highlight.

The case study is clean and easily scannable. It has sections for each company, with quotes and headers that clarify the way these three distinct stories connect. The simple format also uses colors and text that align with the Google brand.

Another differentiator is the focus on data. This case study is less than a thousand words, but it's packed with useful data points. Data-driven insights quickly and clearly show how the value of leveraging first-party data while prioritizing consumer privacy.

Case studies example: Data focus, Think with Google

Key Learnings from the Think with Google Case Study Example

  • A case study doesn’t need to be long or complex to be powerful.
  • Clear data points are a quick and effective way to prove value.

9. " In-Depth Performance Marketing Case Study ," by Switch

Case study example from Switch

Switch is an international marketing agency based in Malta that knocks it out of the park with this case study. Its biggest challenge is effectively communicating what it did for its client without ever revealing the client’s name. It also effectively keeps non-marketers in the loop by including a glossary of terms on page 4.

The PDF case study reads like a compelling research article, including titles like "In-Depth Performance Marketing Case Study," "Scenario," and "Approach," so that readers get a high-level overview of what the client needed and why they approached Switch. It also includes a different page for each strategy. For instance, if you’d only be interested in hiring Switch for optimizing your Facebook ads, you can skip to page 10 to see how they did it.

The PDF is fourteen pages long but features big fonts and plenty of white space, so viewers can easily skim it in only a few minutes.

Key Learnings from the Switch Case Study Example

  • If you want to go into specialized information, include a glossary of terms so that non-specialists can easily understand.
  • Close with a CTA page in your case study PDF and include contact information for prospective clients.

10. " Gila River ," by OH Partners

Case study example from OH Partners

Let pictures speak for you, like OH Partners did in this case study. While you’ll quickly come across a heading and some text when you land on this case study page, you’ll get the bulk of the case study through examples of actual work OH Partners did for its client. You will see OH Partners’ work in a billboard, magazine, and video. This communicates to website visitors that if they work with OH Partners, their business will be visible everywhere.

And like the other case studies here, it closes with a summary of what the firm achieved for its client in an eye-catching way.

Key Learnings from the OH Partners Case Study Example

  • Let the visuals speak by including examples of the actual work you did for your client — which is especially useful for branding and marketing agencies.
  • Always close out with your achievements and how they impacted your client.

11. " Facing a Hater ," by Digitas

Case study example from Digitas

Digitas' case study page for Sprite’s #ILOVEYOUHATER campaign keeps it brief while communicating the key facts of Digitas’ work for the popular soda brand. The page opens with an impactful image of a hundred people facing a single man. It turns out, that man is the biggest "bully" in Argentina, and the people facing him are those whom he’s bullied before.

Scrolling down, it's obvious that Digitas kept Sprite at the forefront of their strategy, but more than that, they used real people as their focal point. They leveraged the Twitter API to pull data from Tweets that people had actually tweeted to find the identity of the biggest "hater" in the country. That turned out to be @AguanteElCofler, a Twitter user who has since been suspended.

Key Learnings from the Digitas Case Study Example

  • If a video was part of your work for your client, be sure to include the most impactful screenshot as the heading.
  • Don’t be afraid to provide details on how you helped your client achieve their goals, including the tools you leveraged.

12. " Better Experiences for All ," by HermanMiller

Case study example from HermanMiller

HermanMiller sells sleek, utilitarian furniture with no frills and extreme functionality, and that ethos extends to its case study page for a hospital in Dubai.

What first attracted me to this case study was the beautiful video at the top and the clean user experience. User experience matters a lot in a case study. It determines whether users will keep reading or leave. Another notable aspect of this case study is that the video includes closed-captioning for greater accessibility, and users have the option of expanding the CC and searching through the text.

HermanMiller’s case study also offers an impressive amount of information packed in just a few short paragraphs for those wanting to understand the nuances of their strategy. It closes out with a quote from their client and, most importantly, the list of furniture products that the hospital purchased from the brand.

Key Learnings from the HermanMiller Case Study Example

  • Close out with a list of products that users can buy after reading the case study.
  • Include accessibility features such as closed captioning and night mode to make your case study more user-friendly.

13. " Capital One on AWS ," by Amazon

Case study example from Amazon AWS

Do you work continuously with your clients? Consider structuring your case study page like Amazon did in this stellar case study example. Instead of just featuring one article about Capital One and how it benefited from using AWS, Amazon features a series of articles that you can then access if you’re interested in reading more. It goes all the way back to 2016, all with different stories that feature Capital One’s achievements using AWS.

This may look unattainable for a small firm, but you don’t have to go to extreme measures and do it for every single one of your clients. You could choose the one you most wish to focus on and establish a contact both on your side and your client’s for coming up with the content. Check in every year and write a new piece. These don’t have to be long, either — five hundred to eight hundred words will do.

Key Learnings from the Amazon AWS Case Study Example

  • Write a new article each year featuring one of your clients, then include links to those articles in one big case study page.
  • Consider including external articles as well that emphasize your client’s success in their industry.

14. " HackReactor teaches the world to code #withAsana ," by Asana

Case study examples: Asana and HackReactor

While Asana's case study design looks text-heavy, there's a good reason. It reads like a creative story, told entirely from the customer's perspective.

For instance, Asana knows you won't trust its word alone on why this product is useful. So, they let Tony Phillips, HackReactor CEO, tell you instead: "We take in a lot of information. Our brains are awful at storage but very good at thinking; you really start to want some third party to store your information so you can do something with it."

Asana features frequent quotes from Phillips to break up the wall of text and humanize the case study. It reads like an in-depth interview and captivates the reader through creative storytelling. Even more, Asana includes in-depth detail about how HackReactor uses Asana. This includes how they build templates and workflows:

"There's a huge differentiator between Asana and other tools, and that’s the very easy API access. Even if Asana isn’t the perfect fit for a workflow, someone like me— a relatively mediocre software engineer—can add functionality via the API to build a custom solution that helps a team get more done."

Key Learnings from the Asana Example

  • Include quotes from your client throughout the case study.
  • Provide extensive detail on how your client worked with you or used your product.

15. " Rips Sewed, Brand Love Reaped ," by Amp Agency

Case study example from Amp Agency

Amp Agency's Patagonia marketing strategy aimed to appeal to a new audience through guerrilla marketing efforts and a coast-to-coast road trip. Their case study page effectively conveys a voyager theme, complete with real photos of Patagonia customers from across the U.S., and a map of the expedition. I liked Amp Agency's storytelling approach best. It captures viewers' attention from start to finish simply because it's an intriguing and unique approach to marketing.

Key Learnings from the Amp Agency Example

  • Open up with a summary that communicates who your client is and why they reached out to you.
  • Like in the other case study examples, you’ll want to close out with a quantitative list of your achievements.

16. " NetApp ," by Evisort

Case study examples: Evisort and NetApp

Evisort opens up its NetApp case study with an at-a-glance overview of the client. It’s imperative to always focus on the client in your case study — not on your amazing product and equally amazing team. By opening up with a snapshot of the client’s company, Evisort places the focus on the client.

This case study example checks all the boxes for a great case study that’s informative, thorough, and compelling. It includes quotes from the client and details about the challenges NetApp faced during the COVID pandemic. It closes out with a quote from the client and with a link to download the case study in PDF format, which is incredibly important if you want your case study to be accessible in a wider variety of formats.

Key Learnings from the Evisort Example

  • Place the focus immediately on your client by including a snapshot of their company.
  • Mention challenging eras, such as a pandemic or recession, to show how your company can help your client succeed even during difficult times.

17. " Copernicus Land Monitoring – CLC+ Core ," by Cloudflight

Case study example from Cloudflight

Including highly specialized information in your case study is an effective way to show prospects that you’re not just trying to get their business. You’re deep within their industry, too, and willing to learn everything you need to learn to create a solution that works specifically for them.

Cloudflight does a splendid job at that in its Copernicus Land Monitoring case study. While the information may be difficult to read at first glance, it will capture the interest of prospects who are in the environmental industry. It thus shows Cloudflight’s value as a partner much more effectively than a general case study would.

The page is comprehensive and ends with a compelling call-to-action — "Looking for a solution that automates, and enhances your Big Data system? Are you struggling with large datasets and accessibility? We would be happy to advise and support you!" The clean, whitespace-heavy page is an effective example of using a case study to capture future leads.

Key Learnings from the Cloudflight Case Study Example

  • Don’t be afraid to get technical in your explanation of what you did for your client.
  • Include a snapshot of the sales representative prospects should contact, especially if you have different sales reps for different industries, like Cloudflight does.

18. " Valvoline Increases Coupon Send Rate by 76% with Textel’s MMS Picture Texting ," by Textel

Case study example from Textel

If you’re targeting large enterprises with a long purchasing cycle, you’ll want to include a wealth of information in an easily transferable format. That’s what Textel does here in its PDF case study for Valvoline. It greets the user with an eye-catching headline that shows the value of using Textel. Valvoline saw a significant return on investment from using the platform.

Another smart decision in this case study is highlighting the client’s quote by putting it in green font and doing the same thing for the client’s results because it helps the reader quickly connect the two pieces of information. If you’re in a hurry, you can also take a look at the "At a Glance" column to get the key facts of the case study, starting with information about Valvoline.

Key Learnings from the Textel Case Study Example

  • Include your client’s ROI right in the title of the case study.
  • Add an "At a Glance" column to your case study PDF to make it easy to get insights without needing to read all the text.

19. " Hunt Club and Happeo — a tech-enabled love story ," by Happeo

Case study example from Happeo

In this blog-post-like case study, Happeo opens with a quote from the client, then dives into a compelling heading: "Technology at the forefront of Hunt Club's strategy." Say you’re investigating Happeo as a solution and consider your firm to be technology-driven. This approach would spark your curiosity about why the client chose to work with Happeo. It also effectively communicates the software’s value proposition without sounding like it’s coming from an in-house marketing team.

Every paragraph is a quote written from the customer’s perspective. Later down the page, the case study also dives into "the features that changed the game for Hunt Club," giving Happeo a chance to highlight some of the platform’s most salient features.

Key Learnings from the Happeo Case Study Example

  • Consider writing the entirety of the case study from the perspective of the customer.
  • Include a list of the features that convinced your client to go with you.

20. " Red Sox Season Campaign ," by CTP Boston

Case study example from CTP Boston

What's great about CTP's case study page for their Red Sox Season Campaign is their combination of video, images, and text. A video automatically begins playing when you visit the page, and as you scroll, you'll see more embedded videos of Red Sox players, a compilation of print ads, and social media images you can click to enlarge.

At the bottom, it says "Find out how we can do something similar for your brand." The page is clean, cohesive, and aesthetically pleasing. It invites viewers to appreciate the well-roundedness of CTP's campaign for Boston's beloved baseball team.

Key Learnings from the CTP Case Study Example

  • Include a video in the heading of the case study.
  • Close with a call-to-action that makes leads want to turn into prospects.

21. " Acoustic ," by Genuine

Case study example from Genuine

Sometimes, simple is key. Genuine's case study for Acoustic is straightforward and minimal, with just a few short paragraphs, including "Reimagining the B2B website experience," "Speaking to marketers 1:1," and "Inventing Together." After the core of the case study, we then see a quote from Acoustic’s CMO and the results Genuine achieved for the company.

The simplicity of the page allows the reader to focus on both the visual aspects and the copy. The page displays Genuine's brand personality while offering the viewer all the necessary information they need.

  • You don’t need to write a lot to create a great case study. Keep it simple.
  • Always include quantifiable data to illustrate the results you achieved for your client.

22. " Using Apptio Targetprocess Automated Rules in Wargaming ," by Apptio

Case study example from Apptio

Apptio’s case study for Wargaming summarizes three key pieces of information right at the beginning: The goals, the obstacles, and the results.

Readers then have the opportunity to continue reading — or they can walk away right then with the information they need. This case study also excels in keeping the human interest factor by formatting the information like an interview.

The piece is well-organized and uses compelling headers to keep the reader engaged. Despite its length, Apptio's case study is appealing enough to keep the viewer's attention. Every Apptio case study ends with a "recommendation for other companies" section, where the client can give advice for other companies that are looking for a similar solution but aren’t sure how to get started.

Key Learnings from the Apptio Case Study Example

  • Put your client in an advisory role by giving them the opportunity to give recommendations to other companies that are reading the case study.
  • Include the takeaways from the case study right at the beginning so prospects quickly get what they need.

23. " Airbnb + Zendesk: building a powerful solution together ," by Zendesk

Case study example from Zendesk

Zendesk's Airbnb case study reads like a blog post, and focuses equally on Zendesk and Airbnb, highlighting a true partnership between the companies. To captivate readers, it begins like this: "Halfway around the globe is a place to stay with your name on it. At least for a weekend."

The piece focuses on telling a good story and provides photographs of beautiful Airbnb locations. In a case study meant to highlight Zendesk's helpfulness, nothing could be more authentic than their decision to focus on Airbnb's service in such great detail.

Key Learnings from the Zendesk Case Study Example

  • Include images of your client’s offerings — not necessarily of the service or product you provided. Notice how Zendesk doesn’t include screenshots of its product.
  • Include a call-to-action right at the beginning of the case study. Zendesk gives you two options: to find a solution or start a trial.

24. " Biobot Customer Success Story: Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida ," by Biobot

Case study example from Biobot

Like some of the other top examples in this list, Biobot opens its case study with a quote from its client, which captures the value proposition of working with Biobot. It mentions the COVID pandemic and goes into detail about the challenges the client faced during this time.

This case study is structured more like a news article than a traditional case study. This format can work in more formal industries where decision-makers need to see in-depth information about the case. Be sure to test different methods and measure engagement .

Key Learnings from the Biobot Case Study Example

  • Mention environmental, public health, or economic emergencies and how you helped your client get past such difficult times.
  • Feel free to write the case study like a normal blog post, but be sure to test different methods to find the one that best works for you.

25. " Discovering Cost Savings With Efficient Decision Making ," by Gartner

Case study example from Gartner

You don't always need a ton of text or a video to convey your message — sometimes, you just need a few paragraphs and bullet points. Gartner does a fantastic job of quickly providing the fundamental statistics a potential customer would need to know, without boggling down their readers with dense paragraphs. The case study closes with a shaded box that summarizes the impact that Gartner had on its client. It includes a quote and a call-to-action to "Learn More."

Key Learnings from the Gartner Case Study Example

  • Feel free to keep the case study short.
  • Include a call-to-action at the bottom that takes the reader to a page that most relates to them.

26. " Bringing an Operator to the Game ," by Redapt

Case study example from Redapt

This case study example by Redapt is another great demonstration of the power of summarizing your case study’s takeaways right at the start of the study. Redapt includes three easy-to-scan columns: "The problem," "the solution," and "the outcome." But its most notable feature is a section titled "Moment of clarity," which shows why this particular project was difficult or challenging.

The section is shaded in green, making it impossible to miss. Redapt does the same thing for each case study. In the same way, you should highlight the "turning point" for both you and your client when you were working toward a solution.

Key Learnings from the Redapt Case Study Example

  • Highlight the turning point for both you and your client during the solution-seeking process.
  • Use the same structure (including the same headings) for your case studies to make them easy to scan and read.

27. " Virtual Call Center Sees 300% Boost In Contact Rate ," by Convoso

Case study example from Convoso

Convoso’s PDF case study for Digital Market Media immediately mentions the results that the client achieved and takes advantage of white space. On the second page, the case study presents more influential results. It’s colorful and engaging and closes with a spread that prompts readers to request a demo.

Key Learnings from the Convoso Case Study Example

  • List the results of your work right at the beginning of the case study.
  • Use color to differentiate your case study from others. Convoso’s example is one of the most colorful ones on this list.

28. " Ensuring quality of service during a pandemic ," by Ericsson

Case study example from Ericsson

Ericsson’s case study page for Orange Spain is an excellent example of using diverse written and visual media — such as videos, graphs, and quotes — to showcase the success a client experienced. Throughout the case study, Ericsson provides links to product and service pages users might find relevant as they’re reading the study.

For instance, under the heading "Preloaded with the power of automation," Ericsson mentions its Ericsson Operations Engine product, then links to that product page. It closes the case study with a link to another product page.

Key Learnings from the Ericsson Case Study Example

  • Link to product pages throughout the case study so that readers can learn more about the solution you offer.
  • Use multimedia to engage users as they read the case study.

Start creating your case study.

Now that you've got a great list of examples of case studies, think about a topic you'd like to write about that highlights your company or work you did with a customer.

A customer’s success story is the most persuasive marketing material you could ever create. With a strong portfolio of case studies, you can ensure prospects know why they should give you their business.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in August 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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  • 5 Unique Digital Marketing Case Studies that Every Marketing Enthusiast Should See

5 Unique Digital Marketing Case Studies that Every Business Professional Should See

Published on: July 15, 2021

person giving a presentation on a projector screen

Businesses often rely on digital marketing to increase their brand awareness and bring in new customers. However, if the marketing efforts aren't effective, they can turn into a waste of time and money. In many ways, effective digital marketing is a process of trial and error. For this reason, a digital marketing case study can be a valuable source of guidance for today's business students and professionals, enabling them to learn from the results of others rather than having to start their own trial-and-error process from the beginning. As a business administration degree student, understanding and evaluating real-world marketing tactics is key to developing a solid foundation for your business career. With that in mind, let's take a look at five unique digital marketing case studies that you can use to inspire new ideas and hone your own future digital advertising strategy.

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Case Study #1: Fanatics Boosts Traffic Through Content Marketing

When Fanatics—an e-commerce store focused on selling sports apparel and other sports-related products—decided that it needed to provide customers with more reasons to engage with the company website,  it turned to content marketing as a solution . Fanatics chose a three-pronged approach for their content marketing campaign, one that included timely sports articles meant to coincide with current sporting events, evergreen content related to various events throughout sports history, and articles that capitalize on new trends and developments in the world of sports as they happen.

This strategy of producing both evergreen and trending content enabled Fanatics to establish itself as a desirable news and entertainment resource for sports fans all over the country. Thanks almost entirely to their content marketing campaign, Fanatics saw a 1,100% increase in organic search engine traffic along with a 230% increase in the number of ranking keywords on their website. The company's content marketing efforts also enabled it to publish high-profile features on popular sites such as Yahoo Sports, The Score, and USA Today.

Case Study #2: Wholesaler Drives Visibility and Conversions with Social Media Marketing

Case study #3: amazon leverages crm to become e-commerce giant.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process of managing interactions with customers to facilitate beneficial outcomes. Much more than simple customer management, CRM uses data processing to divide customer lists into a wide range of segments and formulate various interactions designed to speak to the needs and desires of each specific segment. If you would like a case study of a company that has leveraged innovative CRM with outstanding results, you need not look any further than the e-commerce giant Amazon.

As one of the first companies to really leverage CRM to its full potential, Amazon developed a CRM strategy that takes into consideration every possible interaction that the company has with its customers—from the user interface of the Amazon website to customer service interactions to data mining used for targeted marketing emails. Through this emphasis on CRM, Amazon has managed to create one of the most customer-friendly experiences you will find in the e-commerce sphere—and the results of these efforts are obvious. In 2020 alone, Amazon was able to boast a staggering $386 billion in revenue.

Case Study #4: The American Egg Board Boosts Organic Traffic Through SEO

Case study #5: revecent increases conversion rate with holistic ppc campaign optimization.

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case study online marketing campaign

Top Digital Marketing Case Studies for Aspiring Digital Marketers

Top Digital Marketing Case Studies for Aspiring Digital Marketers

Digital marketing has become a new medium of endorsement for most companies because of its power to connect with the audience directly in a user-friendly manner. The companies have understood the influence of digital marketing on people. They’ve started doing worders by experimenting with marketing tools and strategies, helping them to reach the surface and compete with other firms efficiently. 

Because of the rise in digital marketing, global digital marketing tools have generated a market share of US$ 56.52 billion in 2021! You can imagine the number of companies opting for digital marketing to advertise their products and services. But if everybody is doing the same, wouldn’t it create monotony among corporations?

Well, some companies have strategized their digital marketing campaigns to have a massive influence on the audience. SEO case studies are another noteworthy factor which assists digital marketing in obtaining further boost.

In this article, we’ll explore various such campaigns through digital marketing case studies of leading companies that have blown the audience’s minds through their innovative digital marketing strategy. 

Ads of upGrad blog

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Dove is an American company that manufactures healthcare, beauty, and hair products for men and women. They have no age bar to use their product. Their products are suitable for everyone, from kids to old-age people. The company is famous for its thought-provoking campaigns that cannot be ignored.

Through its innovative approach, Dove aims to connect with their customers emotionally, highlighting an individual’s natural human flaws, which brands usually whitewash to align their products with the everchanging unrealistic beauty standards.

Other factors that set Dove apart from other competitive brands are – they deeply analyze the audience, their problems, and solution. Dove’s unconventional approach to promoting the ‘real’ you makes it a champ in its field. Their recent campaign, “ #stopthebeautytest ”, gave voice to the stories of thousands of women who have faced rejection due to their physical appearance. 

Marketers can learn how prioritizing a customer-centric approach while championing a good cause can lead to better audience engagement. Even with your digital marketing campaigns. Emotional connection is the key to an advertisement. Moreover, expanding your reach to all social media channels and using it as one of your USPs can attract more attention.  

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Another company that uses online marketing every step of the way is Burger King. They always find out a way to come into the spotlight. Their ads and innovative strategies always become a topic to discuss. Some of the elements that Burger King has incorporated into their digital marketing strategies are– remaking the company’s logo more creatively. They have also used a competitive advantage by putting slogans targeting competitors. 

One of their ads highlighted the drawbacks of using preservatives in products that McDonald’s was once accused of. It gained views and connected with the audience due to health and well-being. They believe in the strategy of highlighting the problem and fixing it. Moreover, Burger King implemented touchless technology during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This hints towards their activeness and preparedness in times of crisis. Other attractive components in their digital marketing are attention-seeking slogans, big quotes on billboards, hoardings, and collaboration with popular American TV shows such as Stranger Things’ collaboration– the upside down.  

A creative, informative, fresh, and consistent social media feed is what makes Burger King an actual king of its domain. Marketing personnel can take notes from BK to ensure consistency in their digital media projects and roll out fresh campaigns every once in a while. 

Slack is one of the most prominent business management tools designed specifically to assist team communication within organizations. It is one of the fastest-growing tech startups to reach a valuation of $1 billion. There is something about Slack that makes it stand out. And it’s not just about marketing; it’s about how many ways you can attract your customers’ attention. 

Slack is one of those companies that believe in traditional marketing strategy. They implemented word-of-mouth marketing by giving it a modern touch. The founder of Slack spread the word through Twitter and assembled customers with the help of social media. They also believed in the power of storytelling, which led to the company’s success.

Moreover, they innovatively used media, spreading their published media articles on social media platforms to converge the attention towards themselves. Another thing that Slack focused on was content marketing , where they ranked for keywords related to their 3rd party. This gained them a wide audience on their website. 

The takeaways for us from this case study are– to look for the authentic source of marketing tools and to work on building the effectiveness of your products instead of numerous features.

The Freemium plan was also one of their USPs. Attract the audience by providing them with products free of cost so they can understand your product better. Slack presented a fresh take on leveraging social media to promote services, and aspiring digital marketers can surely take notes from their SEO case studies ! 

Tesla is one of the biggest American automotive companies receiving audience attention worldwide. Tesla has always been in talks for numerous reasons. Amongst these, the main reason is its social media presence. Before discussing their online presence, let’s look at their product.

Tesla has successfully combined the four Ps– Product, Price, Place, and Promotion with marketing strategies. They have also incorporated solar power technology into their vehicles. Moreover, the quality of automobiles is also top-notch. Looking at their digital marketing, they have constantly engaged with customers. Tesla is known for its consistent online interaction with the audience. 

Using his massive popularity, Elon Musk has attracted attention by communicating with people and sharing memes on his official social media handles. Besides that, Tesla also creates buzz around the product, which is one of the most powerful elements of digital marketing.

Tesla’s digital marketing case study promotes amplified audience engagement, excellent customer support, authenticity, and little to no support from paid advertising. While a big chunk of marketing success came unknowingly to Tesla, thanks to its CEO, it still works as an example for marketing aspirants to learn how authenticity and customer engagement can reap exceptional results. 

Explore our Digital Marketing Courses & Articles in US

Sephora is one of the biggest beauty and lifestyle companies, with its wings present all over the world. When it comes to marketing, Sephora never fails to amaze the audience. Everything is being incorporated into digital marketing strategies, from dream collaborations to trendy marketing strategies.

To start with, Sephora displays products from celebrities such as Selena Gomez (Rare Beauty) and Rihanna (Fenty Beauty). These collaborations have gathered a number of audiences to their platform. They have also partnered with micro and macro social media influencers from different ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and colors, which has garnered much attention.

Another thing they’ve focused on is social media marketing; Sephora is present on almost every social media platform and has millions of followers. They have also launched a Black Beauty campaign to embrace black tradition, highlighting the stories of black women. This has not only gained attention but has also connected with the audience on an emotional level. 

The takeaway from Sephora is to cater to the target audience correctly. They have precisely defined their target audience and products related to them. Following the trends and extending immaculate services based on the same is bound to bring you positive results in terms of both customer engagement and sales. 

Zappos is one of the biggest footwear e-commerce companies in America. The company has extensively focused on customer-centric approaches, leading them toward great success. Zappos has entirely focused on online business, which is why e-commerce has become one of its USPs. 

Zappos has used social media innovatively to gather the audience’s attention. For instance, their presence on Twitter is commendable. They entertain their customers by sharing memes on their official social media platforms, which is a rapidly growing form of social media engagement with millennial and Gen Z customers. This not only increases Zappos’ social engagement but eventually drives sales and cements itself as a frequently shared name among people. 

Zappos teaches us how to be productive and think from a customer’s perspective. Focusing on one thing at a time and building upon your foundation is one of the great ways to achieve success. Engaging with the audience and using wit also gains the attention of various audiences, which is unconventional but a frequent social media tactic today. 

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Home » blog » An iconic digital marketing case study – Coca Cola

An iconic digital marketing case study – Coca Cola

case study online marketing campaign

In 1892, a sweetened soft drink was invented. A century later, it becomes the number-one-selling beverage in the world. From its humble beginnings in Atlanta as a tonic for ailments, it evolves into the voice of every generation. 

That is the story of the Coca-Cola company in a nutshell. A cultural institution not just in America but in over 200 countries, the brand has seen it all — fierce competition, economic recessions, technological advancements and even wars. Yet, it continues to stand tall like a colossal monument that is untouched by time. 

Today, the world drinks more than 1.9 billion cokes a day. What is the secret behind this highly successful mega brand? A succession of powerful and versatile marketing strategies that have dazzled the world into buying more bottles. In fact, many universities and marketing courses find Coca-Cola to be the perfect example of a digital marketing case study . 

The brains behind that company have reinvented the brand several times now. They manage to stay relevant, trendy and youthful. Not bad for a company that is over 130 years old!

They have captured a large audience of Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials.

And now, in the times of social media and instant gratification, Coca-Cola continues to forge ahead, winning over Generation Z. They have seamlessly merged their digital and traditional marketing plans. They tap into the mindset of the people seamlessly. The company adapts to changing trends and wows people with witty, thoughtful and eye-catching digital marketing campaigns.

Let’s delve into the marketing case study of Coca-Cola to discover some of its incredible ideas and insightful campaigns. 

4 Times Coca-Cola Became A Perfect Digital Marketing Case Study 

Digital marketing case study #1 Coke happiness machine 

The happiness machine was a killer interactive campaign that saw Coca-Cola win over audiences in several countries. The plan was simple yet inventive. In 2009, they set up Coke vending machines in select places such as college campuses. However, these machines were not ordinary. People had to interact with them to get their Coke drink or even win special prizes.

In Singapore, students hugged the machine to get their prize. Koreans danced for their Cokes, while Swedish students found themselves singing Christmas carols. It was silly yet effective. What makes this campaign such a brilliant digital marketing case study ?

All participants were recorded, and videos were uploaded to social media platforms such as youtube and Facebook. These videos went viral immediately. Millions of hits, clicks, views and shares were registered. Everyone was talking about Coca-Cola’s videos. It was a masterstroke from the company that caught global attention. 

Did you know you could learn such innovative digital marketing strategies in our PG Digital Marketing course?

Digital marketing case study #2 Share a Coke 

Would you like to see your name printed on a Coca-Cola bottle? Who wouldn’t? This was another visionary idea by the company’s marketing geniuses. In 2011, they printed common first names on the bottles, along with titles like mom, dad, sis, bestie, etc. The campaign started in Australia and New Zealand and soon spread to other countries. It was an instant hit. Throngs of people visited different vending machines and supermarkets to find a bottle with their name on it. Others would buy bottles for friends and family members. This campaign went digital as well. You could send a virtual bottle to anyone through social media outlets like Facebook. People put up photos of the bottles with their names on them with the hashtag #shareacoke. They could also suggest more names to print on the bottle on Coca-Cola’s online pages. In 2014, there were over 125,000 social media references to the award-winning campaign in June and July. ‘Share a Coke’ also started trending on the Google search engine. It led to a massive spike of over 800 per cent hits on Coca-Cola’s Facebook page. This was the perfect example of offline and online marketing working seamlessly together, making it a much-talked-about digital marketing case study.

Digital marketing case study #3 London Olympics

Back in 2012, the Coca-Cola company was determined to be in the spotlight during the London Olympics. There was a lot of competition among brands to be visible in a very crowded advertising space. Coca-Cola launched the ‘Move to the beat’ campaign, which had a music video featuring five aspiring Olympians from various fields. Here’s why this is a brilliant digital marketing case study . The campaign was distributed through a documentary, TV ads and several online apps. The video’s popularity spread like wildfire. There were more than 25 million video views across desktop and mobile. Coke became a highly visible and talked-about brand during the Olympics. Over one and a half million people subscribed to the company’s Facebook page, and the Twitter handle got more than 20,000 new followers. Millions of web impressions added to the massive amount of attention generated.

Digital marketing case study #4 Super Bowl 2012

In America, Super Bowl commercials are a widely viewed event known for setting high standards for creativity and innovation. Coca-Cola rose to the challenge. They launched an ad with two polar bears supporting different football teams. The bears would react to the football game as it happened. Viewers could put up questions for the bears and then post photos or videos of the answers on social media. The bears would engage in real-time, pulling out their phones to reply. It was a clever campaign, making it an outstanding digital marketing case study . All of the events with the bears were streamed on Coke’s website, multiple social media channels and even ad banners on TV. During the Super Bowl game, over 600,000 viewers watched the live footage of the polar bears. While 9 million people clicked on the videos across all digital platforms.

case study online marketing campaign

How To Learn From Coca-Cola’s Digital Marketing Case Studies 

If you want to recreate Coke’s successful strategies, here’s how you can start:

  • Get your big idea in place 

Before you start rolling out your campaign, you need a clear, strong idea first. It has to fit in with your brand’s personality, appeal to your target audience and work across all digital marketing platforms. Once the idea is in place, you can start working on different mediums and outlets. In Coke’s digital marketing case study , we can see the big ideas were ‘Share a Coke’ and ‘Coke Happiness Machine’. Once you crack the concept, you can move on to creating a multi-faceted digital campaign. 

  • Form a plan of action 

Your campaign needs a chain of events to unfold that maximises the impact. While you may not have Coke’s marketing budget, you can still work with what you have. Create a step-by-step plan. Chalk out the various execution techniques and strategies. Ensure you have backups and enough room for modifications if needed. If you look at Coca-Cola’s digital marketing case study , they started the Happiness Machine campaign in Australia, and then slowly launched it in other countries. They used the internet to spread awareness, so other nations were eager to participate. They also used social media effectively to generate interest. Ensure you have a mix of online channels and platforms as a part of your marketing plan. 

Excited to learn more such innovative marketing strategies but don’t know how?

  • Create the campaign products 

Whether you create one commercial or a series of videos, put in the time and effort to see your idea come to life. If you want your campaign to go viral like in Coke’s digital marketing case study , you need a high-quality product that is unique and pathbreaking, no matter the budget limitations. 

  • Be innovative 

Coca-Cola’s digital marketing case studies showed us how the company used social media to its fullest potential. You need to find a way to be a part of the online conversation. Whether in the form of posts or retweets or shares. This is a very important part of the digital marketing process and helps your product go viral quickly.

About Proschool’s PGCM Course In Digital Marketing 

Has learning about Coke’s digital marketing case studies got you excited about joining this industry? Proschool can help you achieve your dream. Proschool’s well-acclaimed post-graduate certificate in management can make you a highly proficient digital marketing specialist. The syllabus is taught by experienced marketing experts who use active learning methods to help students master the subjects. 

More features of the course:

  • The PGCM is a one-year program 
  • The curriculum is designed as a perfect blend of industry knowledge and practical application
  • Students learn by working with real-life digital marketing case studies 
  • There are coaching centres available in most major cities in India 
  • You can also opt for online classes
  • The subjects include business statistics, SEO, SEM, data analysis in Excel, marketing management, etc.
  • The course teaches through platforms such as Google Analytics, LinkTree and Facebook Ads
  • Your certification is AICTE-approved and AIMA-backed 
  • You also get an NSDC certificate 
  • The placement program helps you improve your interview presentation and resume-writing skills

In conclusion 

Coca-Cola has managed to stay relevant through carefully orchestrated and skilfully designed campaigns that appeal to its target audience. The company is on its way to becoming a 100 billion-dollar brand, and it is clear that digital marketing will play a tremendous role in its future success. Hopefully, you feel inspired by Coke’s iconic digital marketing case studies and are motivated to create your own strategies that will make a similar impact. 

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